Where to Buy Borax in Australia

| Modified on Oct 18, 2021
Posted by Cher (Gold Coast, Queensland) on 06/18/2016

I'm wondering if the labeled Borax available here in Australia as a multi-purpose cleaner, stain remover & deodoriser is safe to ingest? It is made by "Bare Essentials", developed with "shannon lush" and marketed by Pascoe's, 13 Casino St, Welshpool, Western Australia 6106 - www.pascoes.com.au.

The label states it contains 990g/kg Borax and comes in a 500g container.

Is there anyone living in Australia, who has posted on this website that knows of, or has used, this particular product internally.

I would be most grateful for any responses.

Thanks, Cher

Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 12/07/2015

Hi, You can buy Harper's powdered borax at IGA; I did until I discovered I could get a 20kg. bag from Blants wellbeing and lifestyle, much cheaper even with freight. They are closed over Christmas New Year.

Posted by Ros (Adelaide, Australia) on 03/22/2015

In Australia, we have packages of borax in the clothes washing aisle. Not a large selection. Don't get the scented one.

Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 04/03/2014

Emanuel , try IGA that's where I bought mine

Posted by Emanuel (Melbourne, AU) on 04/03/2014

Hi guys, I search to find good quality Borax which is safe to take. I find only Glitz Green by Bunnings Melbourne from Pascoes 100% made in china. I don't trust this Product... Have you a tip where can I find borax in Melbourne. Kind regards emanuel

Posted by Merrin From Mundaring (Western Australia ) on 03/20/2014

Bare Essentials Borax 500g is available from Coles supermarkets in Australia. You'll find it in the cleaning aisle. I add a tiny bit to a drink every now and then.

Posted by Jolole (Tasmania, Australia) on 01/28/2014

I bought Borax today at Bunnings in the cleaning section. Borax hasn't been available for number of years but it might enjoy a comeback. According to the label it is imported from china, contains 100% borax and has no further additives.

Posted by Ashok (Melbourne) on 01/27/2014

Hi I bought it from coles in the clean aisle!

Posted by Anon (Victoria, Australia) on 12/16/2013

Borax / pure from Turkey can be purchased on ebay australia, good price, fast delivery

Posted by Stacy (Victoria Australia) on 07/26/2013

Hi... Great website.... I was hoping you coud tell me where to buy borax in australia... Many thanks, Stacy

Posted by Eddy (Perth, Western Australia) on 12/14/2012

I think Borax has been removed (banned?) from normal retails sales in Australia.

I was able to get a 25kg bag from an agricultural supplier ('Landmark') as it is used on farms for various purposes including as a fertilizer supplement. When they asked me what I used it for I just said to control ants (it clogs their digestive system and kills them very effectively).

They gave me an MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) which was very informative and I paid $28 for the bag.

No probs. The product was "Actibor 11", and it is over 99.9% pure borax decahydrate (11% Boron). There is also "Actibor 15" which is the Pentahydrate version (15% Boron).

This is the product. It is made in Malaysia: www.activemicrofert.com.my/products_agriculture_actibor11.html

Posted by Jolole (Beaconsfield, Tasmania) on 09/20/2012

Hi fellow Earthclinic readers. I would like to follow up on some older (2009-2010) entries about availability of Borax in Australia. I live in Tasmania and have searched IGA, Woolworth, Bunnings and some hardware store and no luck. Some staff knew exactly what I wanted but stores no longer sell. This could be because of Tasmania's isolation, could also be across the board in Australia. The only source I finally found was at a waste management firm in Melbourne that sells it for A$ 4 per kilo. I just ordered 2 kg and was told that product is pure and has no added chemicals or fillers, but could not obtain a chemical analysis. Does anyone know about or use this product? At present day what is the availability elsewhere in Australia. I am regularly in Melbourne and have friends in Adelaide, so if there is a better source could you pls let me know. Blessings of health to all readers.

Posted by Philip (Melbourne, Vic Australia) on 09/30/2010

I use Sigma Borax powder 250 gram tube (blue/white label) which I obtain from the local chemist. It costs about $9.00.

Posted by Robert (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 08/07/2010

Hi All, I have been getting ready for taking Borax in Australia. First I was thinking of getting it from USA but delivery is over $60. I then followed your comments and got it from Bunnings. The problem is that Hovex Borax from Bunning has only 980g/kg of Borax the rest is other staff like deodorants etc. I then went to Woollies and got it as Bare Essentials Borax small container. Both products are made by Pascoes. I knew Hovex Borax has 98% of Borax and other chemicals which I would not like to drink but I did not know what Bare Essentials had so I asked the company to send me the Material Safety Data Sheet. I learned that Borax Bare Essentials is Chemical Formula:B4-O7. 2Na. 10H2-OChemical name/ingredient DISODIUM TETRABORATE DECAHYDRATE 100%. I then asked for Material Safety Data Sheet from the most popular Borax taken by most people in USA 20 MULE Team Borax and compared the ingredients etc. Chemical Formula:Na2B4O7·10H2O. Chemical name/synonyms:Sodium tetraborate decahydrate, disodium tetraborate decahydrate, borax decahydrate, Borax 10 Mol 99%. I was not terribly good at chemistry but it looks to me the same. I can only tell you this: Borax Bare Essentials is even better because contains 100% of Borax and 20 MULE has 99% of Borax and 1% of something they did not describe. Please be careful, after my experience with colonics with Myrrh I learned that taking things easy is important. I am also impatient due to the years of suffering but this time I took my time and it paid off. Good luck, I am drinking my first liter of water with borax today. After drinking lemon and BS for 3 weeks I also noticed that my skin is cleaner- less oil coming out etc. I think I will get there with this Candida.

Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Australia) on 06/07/2010

I get my borax from IGA the independant store, it was in a round plastic tub in the laundry aisle32 and is 99% borax, I have used it and it hasn't killed me. I'm wondering if the other 1% is just fillers, dust, and whatever comes with the borax when they abstract it. Hope this helps. Lily.

Posted by Ranni (Brisbane, Qld) on 01/26/2010

Borax is also available in Woolworths in Australia in the cleaners/disinfectant aisle. 500g tub for $4.00

Posted by Tweeksta (Perth, Western Australia) on 08/17/2009

i qouted the price for the borax wrong. it is actually a bit over $5.

Posted by Tweeksta (Perth, Western Australia) on 08/12/2009

hi tracey bunnings sells 1kg tubs of Hovex Borax in the laundry aisle where the cleaning products are 4 arnd $11. i jus stumbled across it 2 weeks ago at my local iga supermarket next to the bleach products. it costs abt same price as bunnings & so saves me having to go out of my way 2 get it next time

Posted by Victoria (Gold Coast, Australia) on 08/05/2009

Hi Tracey, You can actually buy Borax from Bunnings or any other hardware store. I have just started with both topical and internal treatment, and can already feel it working.

Posted by Linda (York County, Maine) on 06/08/2009

Hi Tracey, 20 Mule Team borax is what is sold in my part of 'the States'.....another post here stated the gentleman ordered it online; I find it in the grocery store in the detergent aisle.

Posted by Tracey (Rockhampton, Australia) on 06/08/2009

I have been reading about Rosecea and specifically Ted's Borax remedy and have been trowling the website. I have been suffering from this ailment since 1998 and have been using a steroid cream this whole time which doesn't cure but controls. Ted Thank you so much for you research and information as I have tried many different meaures over the years with only limited success and this is the first real sign of hope.

My question has been asked before by a Melbourne person but could not find the answer - as I live in Australia, what is the brand of BORAX/BORON that I purchase to safely use in your preparations. I am keen to start your remedy and eagerly await your reply.

Thank you again for a wonderful site...I too have recently started to reduce my flouride intact so will read more haevily on this topic. TS