Essential Oil of Thyme for Laryngitis

| Modified on May 14, 2023
Thyme Essential Oil Steam
Posted by Emiliano (France, Alpes-maritimes) on 06/23/2011

laryngitis is spreading around the area where I live in, my throght is itchy and my voice coarse, I asked my father if he knew of any herbal remadies because I often get synusitus and I could feel the inflamation inching up my throght as I let it linger, I havent seen a doctor and havent taken any anti biotics, he told me to boil water, once boiled he put some thyme essencial oil in the pot of boiling water, put it on the table told me to put my head above it and to hold a towel on top to keep the fumes in... at first the mixture was toxic and unbreathable, but as I kept back underneeth the towel I got used to it and was able to breath it in. after ten to twenty minuts I stoped and apart from the synusus my throght does not ich and my voice is back, its now bein a half-hour since I took the remedy, I have not been properly diagnosed with larygitis but all the symptoms were there and now there not, this is by far the most effective thing I ve tried.