MSM Side Effects and How to Avoid Them!


Posted by Wayne (Ladner, BC Canada) on 03/13/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

MSM is incredible... it cleared up my asthma...fixed my shoulder...helps my wifes allergies..she doesn't have to take antihystamines..... BUT ...... i started developing a red rash on my face...... red blotchy and itchy as the dickens...i stopped taking it for a week and then...the rash went away...i needed a fix on sunday as i had a heavy day so i took some more and this is thursday and i still have the rash worse then before it went away.......

i was taking two or three teaspoons a day...

I have not given up hope on it..i want to stop for maybe a month and then start gradually on it does cause insomnia if you take it in the gives you great energy..i believe because you are getting a full lung full of oxygen because it clears out the bronchial passages........but that is only my theory as i suffer from asthma and this stuff really helps you breathe clearer...if feels like you are getting your money's worth for each breath you take...

i am interested in that term..i forget what they called it..but the idea of the msm flushing out the toxins..........i have been doing some reading on that and was contemplating doing the Hydrogen peroxide cleanse... and retry the msm..

i am a believer in the benefits of msm...but just to get rid of the side effects that people have.........
great page......keep the faith

Sore Gums

Posted by Emily (San Francisco, CA) on 02/14/2015
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Better But With Side Effects

Are sore gums a side effect of MSM detox? I have been noticing that my gums are sore since starting MSM.

Replied by Mk

Sore gums is due to vitamin C deficiency.. you may have already had a slight deficiency and the MSM made it worse. As you detox, you are also losing nutrients. I would stop taking the MSM, get an organic whole food form of Vitamin C, not ascorbic acid, and start on it for about a month before taking msm again. I would take no less than 2,000 mg daily and break it up as much as possible.

Urine Retention

Posted by William (Colorado) on 07/27/2013
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Seeking information and assistance on the following:

I started on MSM several months ago hoping to alleviate a trigger finger and thumb condition. I took it in the morning along with fruit and high quality Kefir that I make myself.

After some two months the trigger problem finger diminished, however one day after an increased dose of the msm I developed an inability to urinate. I stopped the MSM and Kefir and the dysuria condition abated. When I resumed the MSM and Kefir it came back. I've done this three times so I believe I have established the connection.

Now that I've been off the MSM a few weeks the trigger finger has shown up again. Please share your thoughts with me. William

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

One time I couldn't go and had to drive to town to get some cranberry juice.... One cup and my urine was back to normal. Now I keep cranberry tabs and extra bottles of juice in the pantry, save an expensive trip to town during the night.... Love, Joy

Weight Gain, Fatigue, Emotional

Posted by Heathnut (Illinois) on 07/13/2018
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The Negative Side Effects of MSM​

I used MSM for several weeks. Though I was very pleased with having thicker, more lustrous hair, stronger nails, No arthritis pain and increased energy, I couldn't help but notice that I gained 14 pounds!! After continued use, I became an emotional mess, along with fatigue as opposed to energy. I stopped for a week and the weight is dropping. I want the beautiful, skin, hair and nails to continue. Is there a comparable supplement?