MSM Side Effects: What You Need to Know Before You Take It

Anxiety, Insomnia
Posted by Cheryl (Philadelphia ) on 05/06/2017 2 posts

I have had insomnia for a long time. I currently had it under control when put on nature throid for Hashimoto's. I also take sleep mess which weren't really working before. Then I started MSm and started with 1 gram and increased by a gm/ day for 10 days. Fine until the 10th day when I started to become anxious and couldn't sleep and had a massive headache for 3 days. I cut back to 1gm and the headaches and anxiety went away but I still have the insomnia. Don't sleep at all for 2 nights and 3rd night sleep 3-4 hours. Thinking of stopping the MSm for a few days to see if it helps the sleep. I was using the MSm because I have chronic neck pain and some back pain and most recently injured my rotator cuff and want to avoid surgery.