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Posted by Dannelle (Mckinney, Tx Usa) on 12/22/2012

Hello my name is Dannelle and I am looking to do additional research on fulvic acid. In searching via Internet I have found multiple times an allusion to further benefits of fulvic acid beyond physical regeneration. I have been using from a reputable source, and currently experiencing herx symptoms, and I am also having vivid/lucid dreams. I am looking for guidance to find resources to learn more about the propertities of fulvic acid in this regard, perhaps emotional and spiritual, that cannot be shared in a public forum. I thank you in advance. Sincerely, Dannelle

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Posted by Michael (Il) on 09/30/2014

I saw that u had vivid dreams I did too. But there is a reason for that. Many toxins limited our pineal glad our psychic gland. Flouride is put into everything and builds calcium in the pineal glad. When taking fulvic it pulls it out. Im not sure what other symptoms u had. But feeling like u have a cold is expected at first till ur body flushes all the toxins out. Shoot me a email back aceboogie711[at]gmail.com if u receive this

Fulvic Acid Side Effects
Posted by Dustin (Midvale, Ut) on 09/09/2012

I had the same reaction to it when I took the dose they say to take, I quit it for a while then started back up with only 1 drop a day for a few days then started upping it and it works amazingly.

Fulvic Acid Side Effects
Posted by Siri (Nyc) on 06/17/2015

I just started on Fulvic Acid. Purchased on Amazon, Optimally Organic brand 350x concentration. Recommended 4-7 drops 3 times a day, 1 drop diluted in 2oz water. Started 1-3 drops 1-2 times a day. The very second day I experienced more energy, and completed 1.5hr walk instead of normal 0.5 hr. I walk inside my apartment and very slow. Next 2-3 days were uneventful. Following night I suddenly started feeling as if I was coming down with flu, aches all over, pain in my guts, chills. Next morning I was feeling run down, but my guts were sort of OK, just lots of trips to the bathroom, it seemed that I was unloading lots of waste, I did not know I had.I eat very healthy and organic, so my elimination was always regular. By evening I had slight fever, but it was my guts that went crazy as if I had food poisoning-crumps, severe diarrhea, nausea. I don't know what to make out of this, but my guess it is xerx reaction.Unless I got food poisoning all of a sudden. No Fulvic acid today, the diarrhea persists, mostly mucus. Take 1 drop of each essential oil 3 times a day, peppermint, ginger, cardamom, carrot seed and oregano. Take internally in water. Have not slept in 3 days. Will post more later as my experience progresses. My health issues - POTS (dysautonomia), sever dizziness, severe insomnia.

Fulvic Acid Side Effects
Posted by Siri (Nyc) on 06/20/2015

Today was the first day my digestive symptoms subsided, so I took one drop midday. The dizziness kept me in bed all day yesterday and is not going away today. Took meclizine twice. The night before I had another episode of vertigo, terrifying, but not as violent as 3 months ago. I am taking Fulvic Acid to see if it will have any effect on my dysautonomia, dizziness, vertigo and insomnia. I have tried everything else under the sun and that includes mind body therapies of all kinds.

Fulvic Acid Side Effects
Posted by Siri (Nyc) on 06/26/2015

6/26 update. I gradually increased FA to 2 drops x 3 times a day and this morning took 3 drops. Had no issues until today.

I have fever again, 100.4, severe low back pain and what it feels like cyctitis. My urine is clear though, just burning sensation when pee and the low back pain is really bad. Have chills all over. Bode aches. Never had cystitis before.

Applied essential oils to my back, heat pad and took "no-spa" , drotaverine is another name. It is very safe for spasms, it is given to pregnant women in Eastern Europe. Not sold in the USA, but you may find it in the Easter European shops (in the US).

I want to mention that in the last 5-7 years I had fever only once when I got flu/cold. And it was the first time I had flu/cold in 5-7 years. So getting fever twice in the same month after I started on FA might have something to do with FA effect on my body. Good or bad, will see.

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Posted by Ginny (Provo, Utah) on 04/18/2012

For those people who want to know more about Humic Acids. It is a chain of humic, fulvic and ulmic molecules and comes from ancient deposts that are called humates or they are made at the roots of plants. The worldwide research on its benefits for plants, animals and humans is incredible! I have been using it on my plants and myselfs for 4 years now and will continue. Ginny

Where to Buy Info
Posted by Sarah (London, Uk) on 08/13/2011

After going round in circles like everyone else on this forum, reading loads of dodgy fulvic acid sellers' claims, I've finally decided on a way forward.

Crucially he recommends two competing brands, which are much cheaper than some of the other websites mentioned and also come from established healthcare companies with a notable absence of hysterical marketing: I find this very reassuring. Just tried a bit of Brand A - broke open the capsule and took the powder in water - and feel uplifted but not frenetic. Early days: I will give it a month or so and report back.

Where to Buy Info
Posted by Rob (Manhattan, Ny) on 08/21/2011

I've tried both the expensive liquid (Wairora) and powder (Zeoforce)..

It is hard to measure their effect but both seemed to help with brain fog, clarity... I experienced a slight cramping with the powder and both would give a slight headache from dehydration... important to drink lots of water taking it..

I won't buy the Wairora brand anymore because it is multi-level marketed which explains some of the aggressive selling tactics on the web... The Zeoforce is probably a better deal... It does seem to help when my system feels off or acidic... However I don't take it too often as I am waiting for more science to back it up... proceed with caution is probably the best advice on this...

Where to Buy: Internet
Posted by Pete (Austin, Tx) on 04/12/2012

I tried kelp4less humic & fulvic acid mix. I mix a liter of pure water to a teaspoon of mix and drink about 20 oz. a day.

My results so far is that I feel like it helps me hydrate when I'm thirsty. It counteracts acidity I noticed too. Also, when you feel run down for no reason, it seems to neutralize the toxins inside of you and makes you feel better. It's supposedly great for counteracting radiation.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Isabelle (Garden Grove, Ca Usa) on 07/30/2010

Hello everybody! I was researching on humic/fulvic trying to find a way to differentiate between all the product offer on the net. I did find a site selling to organic growers that keep it sale pitch moderate and give good explanations on the different sources and vocabulary of humus (ex: Terminology of Humus-related Materials Humus--product resulting from decay of organic matter. Contains both humic and non-humic material. Humin--the alkali-insoluble fraction of leonardite. (The usage of this term does not correspond exactly with the usage by other workers. ). Humic substances--(plural) the collective name for the acid radicals found in humic matter. Typically separated from humic matter by alkaline extraction. Humic acid--(singular) the acid radical found in humic matter which is soluble in alkali but insoluble in acid, methyl ethyl ketone, and methyl alcohol. Humate--the salts of humic acids, collectively, or the salts of humic acid specifically. (The usage must be determined from the context. )

Fulvic acid--the acid radical found in humic matter which is soluble in alkali, acid, methyl ethyl ketone, and methyl alcohol. Fulvates--the salts of fulvic acid. Leonardite--a soft brown coal-like deposit usually found in conjunction with deposits of lignite. Lignite--a type of soft coal. ) so humic is NOT soluble in acid but fulvic is. That important if we mix it with apple cider vinegar! And if you browse well the site you'll find pics of the different layers of soil in monuments valley and it seem that for legal purpose the same product is name differently in ca and or than the rest of the states. We don't have to buy from them but their site help with the understanding.

The site is bioag if ec allow the mention. If it was not for Ted's remedy I would have used it only for plants but now, I am going to get it for myself and for the pets. I hope this help someone. PEACE!

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Cally (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 03/06/2010

My search for fulvic acid was endless. It was very difficult to find which fulvic acid was the best. Could you please tell me where I cay buy a high quality fulvic acid. I would prefer it to be in Australia but in the end if the quality is good I am willing to buy it elsewhere as well. Thanks a lot.

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Posted by M (Mukilteo, Wa) on 02/23/2010

Humic acid and fulvic acid are substances that Ted values highly.

My question is of what ingredients are they composed and how sanitary is the production? I have never heard of them before and like to know these things. Thank you

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Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 02/22/2010

Hi Jen, Shilajit is completely safe and is highly revered in Aryuvedic medicine. It helps to re-mineralize the body and a host of many other benefits. It is to some, the ideal fulvic acid. It is safe to use it everyday and is very good for you. You can find lots of detailed information about it online. It is really coming to the forefront in the alternative medicine world.

Still, as with all things, I like to give my body a rest after a week or two of anything. So, for instance, if I am taking herbs, I'll go for a full week or maybe even two and then stop for a day or two before I return. That is a protocol embraced by many. That way the body does not become completely dependent upon something to stay healthy. Hope this helps you. Lisa

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Donna (Midland, Tx) on 01/21/2010

Someone please email me @ [email protected] the best fulvic acid product to use. The search is endless!

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Anna (Austin, Texas) on 01/03/2010 11 posts

I am interested in knowing what the best humic fulvic acid is. I have found some with just humic and just fulvic and some with both. Ted mentioned a powder form but all I can find is for animal use and fertilizer and you have to buy a ton of that at a time. Please send any info to Anna at [email protected]

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Ruselrones (New York, NY) on 06/19/2010

As per my knowledge Organically grown foods must have a humic soil base composed of degraded organic compounds and soil. Farmers who grow crops with chemical fertilizers and pesticides destroy the humus beds and microorganisms of the soil. A century ago, our farm lands boasted a foot of humic and Fulvic soil whereas today it is less than four inches. The amount of organically viable land fertile enough to produce nutritious and healthy foods diminishes each year as does the health of those eating the nutritionally deficient plants.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Alain (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 11/18/2009

I checked the fulvic acid page https://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/fulvic_acid.html

All the product names or web site addresses have been removed from the posts. I understand EC's policy of not advertising products. But humic acid powder is not easy to find like ACV or Vitamin C. It seems to be sold in agriculture as fertilizer. So I think this is a case where the removal of product/web site names is very unfortunate.

IMO I now think that this policy could be relaxed.



Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Cindy (Ch, Wi) on 01/04/2010

i would also like to know of a source to purchase this, i have not had any luck anywhere.thank you.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, USA) on 01/05/2010

Go to the Fulvic Acid Supplements link here on Earth Clinic, and read what Robert From Independence has to say, he gives you a big clue. Also if you know who Dr. Gabriel Cousens is, he also recommends this product. He sells it on his site, but you can order directly from the company. Peace, Rena.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Thomas Seay (Palo Alto, Ca) on 11/10/2010

Could someone please email me the name of a good place to buy Fulvic/Humic acid? Good= Good Quality AND Reasonable Price.
Thanks, Thomas

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Maria (Comox Valley, British Columbia) on 01/28/2011

Hi Wendy
I was reading up on fulvic acid and found your post. You've mentioned, that you found a raw food family in British Columbia selling it. I was wondering if you could pass the information onto me as I would really like to try out fulvic acid. It sounds so promising.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Louise (Temecula, Ca) on 11/03/2009

question... I too would like some info on which product to purchase here in the US. There are so many different companies, each with different ingredients, all claiming to be the one to get.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Jeff (Orland, Ca.) on 03/08/2011

Hi just wanted to share an amazing product it is called mineral force and contains up to 40% fulvic acid. It is distributed buy a company called nurtrilink in northern california.. This product contains 25 subtle energy patterns( sub atominc) and Zeolites.. I have to to say it it flipping amazing and has changed my life...

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 05/02/2012

Hi Betty... Humic acid, Fulvic acid and Humin are the natural constituents of the natural substance. Fulvic acid is derived from Humic acid in a man made separation process. So humic acid is the better, more natural form because it contains more active ingredients. Humic acid is exactly the same as humus fertilizer, except that it is found embedded as a layer in rock formations that are 75 million years old. The unique complex crystalline nature of humic acid, formed by natural enzyme action and thermodynamic influences, makes it the smallest molecule yet most complex natural organic elment which still has most researchers stumped as to its action on humans. Further differences between humic acid, fulvic acid and humin are:

Humic acids - the fraction of humic substances that is not soluble in water under acidic conditions (pH < 2) but is soluble at higher pH values. They can be extracted from soil by various reagents and which is insoluble in dilute acid. Humic acids are the major extractable component of soil humic substances. They are dark brown to black in color.

Fulvic acids - the fraction of humic substances that is soluble in water under all pH conditions. They remains in solution after removal of humic acid by acidification. Fulvic acids are light yellow to yellow-brown in color.

Humin - the fraction of humic substances that is not soluble in water at any pH value and in alkali. Humins are black in color.

For more information on Humic acid's benefits -- see this link:


Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Esben (Walkerton, Ontario) on 03/28/2018

From what I understand, fulvic acid should have no minerals in it.

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Debra (NSW) on 01/10/2022 54 posts


I am taking BOO too, it's an amazing product and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately now the company has closed down. I still have some left but looking for a new source of Humic and Fulvic acid. I love the black gold. How did you go with BOO?

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Posted by Vanessa (Cooiague, Ny) on 08/29/2020

I don't see any information on your website regarding Shilajit. I was looking for information regarding such. Thanks.

EC: We might have some information on the fulvic acid page, which is where we have put your post!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Bethany (TX) on 09/14/2021

Did you ever get a reply about the fulvic acid source from Proud Tulsan (Tulsa, Ok, Usa) on 01/17/2018? Was trying to decide if it was worth the effort to also ask him for his source.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Greg (WA) on 05/11/2021

Thanks for the great article in earth clinic. Can you tell us the brand name of the Fulvic Acid.? Thank you.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Raymond (Manila) on 01/03/2022

I firmly believe the original poster is using the supremefulvic brand. The description on how its extracted and source is similar to the faq section of the site.

I am using the same brand as well and it provided "immediate" relief to my reflux and eventually curing it.

It's how I knew mine is just not placebo.

I am continuing using it to see if there are other benefits

Multiple Cures
Posted by Sharon (Utah) on 10/26/2022

Hi Regina, I use Optimally Organic Fulvic Acid. I have had no problems with it and actually think it is helping me. It turns the distilled water golden color. I use 1-3 drops 2 X day in a qt. mason jar of water.

Hope that is helpful.


Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 06/18/2016

Hi Paul,

Could you post the name of the supplement you took with the fuvic acid? I see a couple with the word "miracle" in the description and would like to try what you used without wasting time and money to locate it.


If regular pasteurized milk is used to make milk kefir (as advised), do you think the bacteria formed in the kefir will kill the bad bacteria in the milk that comes from most cows, as you have posted, or should I use ultra pasteurized instead? Or is milk kefir even safe to drink?

Thank you.

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Paul (Usa) on 08/07/2016

Hi, Maria! If you will contact me at the email address above, I will tell you which fulvic acids product was the only one that produced the desired results I was seeking. As far as the 350X concentrate brand that you referred to, it didn't do anything for me. Thanks!

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Yvonne (Usa) on 11/07/2016

I really appreciate you sharing your experience and testing it the way you did. I'd also like to know which brand you used as I've been looking at several. I'll probably end up trying more than one brand with spaces of time in between.

Thanks for letting me know.

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Shelly (Texas) on 04/11/2017

What brand of Fulvic acid did Paul use to heal his hand condition?

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Elizabeth (Ohio) on 05/11/2017


I just read your post and I suffer from bad eczema on my hands as well. Is your email address the same as you posted? I would like to get the name of the manufacturer of the Fulvic Acid you are taking.

Thx Elizabeth

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Paula (Missouri) on 08/09/2017

Can you please reach out to Paul and ask which specific brand of fulvic acid he took that cured his chronic skin condition.
Thank you

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Kelly (Orem, Ut) on 08/10/2017

Would you please share what brand of fulvic acid helped you out so much?

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Sybil (L.a., Cal) on 09/11/2017

I, too, tried the 350x concentrated without success. What brand worked for you?

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Sandy A. (Usa) on 09/17/2017

Could you tell me the best Fulvic Acids to use, and where to get it. Thanks, Sandy

Chronic Skin Condition
Posted by Regina (Arizona) on 07/16/2021

Pretty please email me the name of the fulvic humic acid you used that outperformed optimally organic. Ty💛infinite blessings

Where to Buy: USA
Posted by Ed (Portland, Oregon) on 10/12/2016

Hi, The best resource I have found in the United States for really high quality Fulvic Acid is at www.earthpharmlabs.com

They have a free fulvic acid book download as well as other useful info. I've tried just about all of the different brands and this one is different. They process it to the Chinese standards of fulvic acid. In Chinese medicine they are very strict about standards for fulvic. The product must contain no minerals of any kind to be classified as true fulvic acid. There are many other criteria but that is the main one that I was interested in.

General Feedback
Posted by Ann (Brevard, N.c.) on 03/20/2013

I would like to know how important it is for the fulvic acid to be a glass container. I purchased from a U.S. Company, but it came in a heavy plastic bottle. Also, what is the usual amount to take in 8 oz. of non-chlorinated water? (I always start with a small doses to avoid any allergic reaction). Please email me with this info asap: rustic23 (at) hotmail [dot] com. Thanks sooo much!

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Posted by Kurt (El Monte) on 04/12/2016

Can fulvic acids be mixed with lemon juice?

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Posted by Lauren (Queens, Ny) on 03/13/2013

Hey EC... I so badly want to try fulvic acid after reading so much good reviews however, I am kinda worried cause why would we want to put stuff that contains bromine, fllouride, cadimum etc in our body when we hear how harmful substances are to humans? Just a thought..someone/anyone any explanation. Like I said I would really love to try this. Thank you guys...

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Posted by Loren (Queens) on 03/14/2013

Hi Bill... Thank you for all that information. One question though.. Is humic acid and fulvic acid the same? Thanks a million.

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/14/2013

Hi Loren... Humic acid is acid soluble whereas fulvic acid is not. It is really the fulvic acid that is most useful for the body. Humic acid is also useful for plants because the HA component can absorb many times its own weight in water -- and this is useful for plants needing water. Not so essential in humans because we have our own water regulation mechanisms. Fulvic acid is the one that has all the beneficial properties.

So, to just get only the fulvic acid component, Ted also recommends adding a tspn or two of ACV or ordinary vinegar to the HA/FA mixture, thus acidifying the mixture, which will therefore act to precipitate out and remove the Humic acid component, leaving just the more useful and beneficial Fulvic acid in solution.

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Posted by Loren (Queens) on 03/15/2013

Thanks, Bill!!!

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Posted by Hendor (Singapore) on 07/15/2013

Bill from San Fernando... I read your replied dated Mar 2013 that you bought the humic/fulvic acid from "the garden as granules"... may I check with you this "granules" is it for plant fertilizer usage?

There is another granules for animal veterinary usage under (Humintech.com by Ted). I check the web and found the CAS:68131-04-4.

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Posted by Hendor (Singapore) on 05/19/2017

Dear Sir,

Can Bill please tell me where he buys his fulvic acid? Thank you.

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Posted by Irina (Jamaica, Ny/usa) on 12/27/2012

Dear Earth clinic, I would like to reach Ted with couple of question about Humic acid and diet as well as other supplementation while taking it. thanks, Irina

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Posted by Shenica (Nj) on 02/04/2016

I'm so glad I found this post. I have been on Fulvic acid for about a week and I am also have cold symptoms and I'm experiencing very vivid dreams.

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Posted by Heather (Queensland Australia) on 07/13/2016

I was interested to read of others new to fulvic acid having vivid dreams. The first night the nightmares were horrific, but have been getting calmer. I find this interesting. I am only up to 3 drops daily.

Also concerned that even after filtering my tap water may contain some chloride. Will maybe invest in a water tank.

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Posted by Emre (Istanbul, Turkey) on 08/19/2012

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I live in Istanbul - Turkey and it's very difficult to find fulvic acid or pure Humic acid here. However, we have plenty of Leonardite, which is supposed to contain Humic acid. Has anyone tried this?

In addition, if I use the raw solid form of this substance, how should prepare the liquid form (weight per volume )?

Many thanks in advance for your answer. Emre

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Posted by Bahadir (Turkey) on 01/06/2015


try zetinistasyonu dot com for fulvic acid at turkey

Fulvic Acid Side Effects
Posted by Carol (New Jersey) on 02/28/2016

How come there are no answers to these questions. I would like to know about optimally organics also. I am taking it.

General Feedback
Posted by Linda (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 06/11/2012

OK, I have acquired the dry powdered Fulvic Acid and Granulated Humic Acid. I want to make an ingestable liquid formula out of them.

I am not worried about how "clean" or disinfected these dry things are (I am pretty sure I can figure that stuff out), I only need to know how much distilled water to blend them with.

I know Ted prefers the proportion of 30% Humic acid and 70% Fulvic Acid from his previous EC posts for those 2 ingredients (Forever Thank You, Ted :-)).

Does anyone know how much of this dry Humic/Fulvic blend should be added to say, 8 ounces of water?

Or conversely, if I have a dry measured teaspoon of 70% Fulvic Acid and 30% Humic powder/granules combined, how much water should be added to this to make the liquid solution?

And then- How much of the resultant liquid would typically be ingested?

Does anyone know the answer to this, or can anyone point me to an explanatory EC link which I might have missed somehow (been searching for this info for weeks:-/)?

Ted, do you have time to answer this, I hope? Or anybody else?

Thanks a million, and Thank You Earthclinic :-),


General Feedback
Posted by Nvrt (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 11/08/2012

Were you able to find an answer to this - please let me know - I am also curious about how much water needs to be added to say a teaspoon of the humic/fulvic mix.

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