Top Health Benefits of MSM for Pain Relief, Skin and Lungs

Side Effects and Warnings
Posted by Lisa (Lafayette, La) on 09/27/2010
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Troy, I am sure everyone understands what detox is. But when your 48 yr old husband whom you love more than life itself wakes up in the middle of the night with a heart jumping out of control after taking msm for 2 days, detox is the last thing on your mind!!! My hubby had already made 2 trips to the ER with rapid heartbeat a couple years ago. These symptoms decreased to almost zero with the addition of magnesium, co-q-10 and L-carnitine to his daily diet, but is now truly down to zero after adding d-3, k-2, quercetin and milk thistle. Yay!! Then last night, he had another episode thing with the heart pounding. I also had severe head pain and EXCESSIVE thirst, even though I drink tons of water. We are stopping this msm after only 2 days. He doesn't need it bad enough to experience heart problems, and try to work through a "detox". I need HIM around more than he needs msm! To encourage someone to stay on something that is causing serious side effects is simply dangerous advise in my opinion! Arthritic and joint pain can be treated with Hyaluronic Acid, which is what we are doing. Husband just wanted to add the msm to see if the results would be even greater, so that's why we added it to our mix. Not anymore, though! I'm throwing out that big bag of white powder today!