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| Modified on May 15, 2022
Borax Book
Posted by Narinder (United kingdom ) on 08/18/2021

I have recently discovered your invaluable site and I'm so grateful to have found it. I'm looking for a hard copy (preferably a book) on how to use borax for cleaning/laundry/washing hair/healing the body etc. Does a book exist and where can I get it from. I'm preferring a physical copy to keep and use.

Thank you.

EC: HI Narinder, 

We don't know of any books on borax. However, you can certainly find .pdfs on the internet with information that you can print, such as Walter Last's article on borax. You can also print pages and posts from Earth Clinic!

Posted by Art (California) on 02/07/2021 1299 posts

Hi EddiE,

The US and Turkey are the largest producers of borax in the world. Perhaps it will be cheaper to have it shipped from Turkey since it is much closer to Spain. Here is one possible link to give you an idea:



Posted by Frank (Graz, Austria) on 08/18/2021 6 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Many of my sources from ebay are gone but one source in Vienna is always here. There I order at ones 4kg.


The shop will ship to the following countries: AT, DE, BE, LU, NL, DK, PL, SK, CZ, HU, SI, RO, FR, GB, HR, IT, EE, FI, IE, LV, LT, PT, SE, ES, BG, CH, LI, NO, MC
If you would like to have a delivery to a country that is not listed here, please contact us.

In such cases, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]

Posted by Jos (Portugal) on 02/08/2021

You can buy here:


It's from Portugal but sends to Spain.

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/21/2018

Ylva, in Europe most countries have "chemical stores" that sell mainly paints etc. But some include very many basic chemicals. I ask for "sodium tetraborate".

Posted by NaturalHuman (Portugal) on 05/15/2022
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I think if you are in Spain or Portugal you can order from Https://www.saudeherbal.shop/ They deliver rapidely

Borax Book
Posted by Frank (Graz, Austria) on 08/21/2021 6 posts

Hi when you search onto amazon.de or .com you will find a lot of books to pay. On the side https://die-insel.online/video/play/1431/tausendsassa-borax-mehr-als-nur-ein-wundermittel-bei-knochen-und-gelenkschm/ from the user hiehf03rj039quq90rqj you will find in german language some infos about borax and that magnesium is very important too. You may translate it via https://www.deepl.com/Translator.

I have also read the pdf's from walter last, you find it at

https://duckduckgo.com/?q=walter+last+borax&t=opera&ia=web Walter.Last.How.the.Arthritis.Cure.has.been.Stopped.pdf



You will also find some infos on


kind regards frank

Posted by EddiE (Alicante) on 02/07/2021

Would love to try Borax, but unable to get it here in Spain. If it ships from the USA, the P&P is so more than the price of the Borax. Any suggestions?

Posted by Ylva (Sweden) on 09/20/2018

Hi, do you know wher I can get borax, I live in sweden and it is not avaible on uk.amazon. or can you show me a brand on uk.amazon that is right sort? Lots of love from ylva

Posted by Ritario (Torrevieja, Spain) on 10/16/2016

Hi, having read the use of Borax re: Lupus, I went along to my local farmacia, explained that I wanted 'pure', the pharmacist checked out the availability and informed me that yes he could order it. I collected it and checked out the information on the label. Though bought in Spain, it was supplied by France and the information is as follows:-

Sodium Borato

  • pH solution 9.4
  • Sulfatos <= 50 ppm
  • Arsenico < 5 ppm
  • Calcio <=100 ppm
  • Metales pesados <= 25 ppm
  • Amonio <= 10 ppm
  • Valoracion (Acido Base) 100.3%

I am rather nervous of the above information and have spent hours researching if what I have bought is 'normal'.

I would be very grateful if 'Ted' or any other knowledgeable person could offer me some guidence as to the safety or normality of my purchase.

I only found Earth Clinic recently but am very impressed. Thanks at least for spending the time to read my post.

Posted by Katie (Boston) on 10/20/2016

As long as its only ingredient is Sodium Tetraborate, you should be fine. I use 20 Mule Team and it does not have a chemical breakdown printed on the box like your does, but I assume it's the same product.