Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by El (Cairns, Australia) on 12/14/2011
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I have been taking only a couple of drops of 3% food grade peroxide on my tongue for about 2 weeks. I have noticed my vision is slightly blurry. Is this normal?

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by G (Anon, Ny) on 12/13/2011

Jen from Bozeman, Mt (or anyone else)... "blackstrap molasses which contains about 26% of your daily intake of copper per two tablespoons"... What brand(s) of blackstrap molasses has copper in it? I only found one with copper listed as an ingredient on the earthclinic list (8%)... Not available locally for me. Thanks in advance.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 12/13/2011

It sounds like you may need magnesium supplemented. The molasses has twice as much calcium as magnesium (you need it to be the other way around). If you are calcium deficient, the body will pull calcium from your bones (which is what causes arthritis). Maybe that is the pain you are experiencing. If you supplement with extra magnesium I am sure you will find the pain goes away.

Gray hair is caused by a copper deficiency.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 12/13/2011

Hi Billie, You can get your copper and other minerals tested best with a hair analysis. There are many websites you can go to that have great labs who will send you a kit, test it, and send you the results. It would be really good to get for you.

I don't think copper deficiency would be causing the problems though you may very well be deficient but as the problem arose when you took the BSM then I think it has to be an overload of some kind. It could be iron too as iron affects the skin and joints at toxic levels. Some people have a rare metabolic disease that causes iron toxicity with minimal amounts of iron. A hair analysis will give you your iron levels too. Good luck. Black strap molassas is so good for you that I can understand why you are concerned about not being able to take it. I hope you find your answers.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Billie (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/12/2011

Thanks for your replies guys..
The one I've got is the melrose blue label organic one.. How do I find out about my copper levels? ask for a blood test?

I'm taking a few supplements now and I just checked the only one with copper is a calcium/vit D one which has 1mg.. but I started this one a few months after I had the first signs..

Um...we have since moved house from the first signs.. But it also did it at this new house.. No copper pots.. No red meat... Mostly chicken and seafood..

I'm thinking im more likely to be copper deficient? I seem to be getting lots of new grey hairs recently..My iron levels are really low too..

It's so bizarre... I want to take it again for the high iron and copper... My hair is falling out and going grey.. Mind you I have just had a baby so it's shedding normally from that... I wasn't pregnant at the time of taking it.. it was a few months before and after.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 12/12/2011

Hi Billie, It is possible that you are having symptoms of copper toxicity or less likely copper deficiency. If you are taking copper supplements or eating a lot of foods that contain copper (meats, nuts, seeds, eggs, poultry, and grains) then when you take the blackstrap molasses which contains about 26% of your daily intake of copper per two tablespoons then you may be getting too much. Some plumbing also may contain copper pipes which makes your water contain copper as well. If you cook with copper pans that will affect your copper intake too. If you go to this website it explains things a little clearer.

Taken from the website:

1. Bones and connective tissue. Copper is required to fix calcium in the bones and to build and repair all connective tissue. This includes the tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, nails, arteries, veins and a few other tissues.

Imbalances can contribute to osteoporosis, bone spurs, and almost all conditions of the skin, hair and nails. Others symptoms related to connective tissue include most cardiovascular problems, tendon and ligament conditions, scoliosis, and other skeletal and structural imbalances as well.

-Imbalances can refer to copper deficiency or toxicity. You can look at the nutrients in Black Strap molassas and if you are taking additional supplements that contain the same nutrients then that is probably where your problem stems from. More is not always better especially when talking about vitamins and minerals.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Dud (From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa) on 12/11/2011

Billie from Melbourne, Australia;

Maybe you bought some new blackstrap molasses, and the new B.S.M. was grown with pesticides, which are now poisoning you.... try switching brands.... try to go organic, if you can find it.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Billie (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/10/2011

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me figure out why I have started reacting to the blackstrap molasses. I read about it last year and started to take it in a glass of warm water with ACV and manuka honey, it was great for about 3-4 months, I felt fantastic I pulled out about 20 grey hairs that had colour at the root... Life was wonderful ;-)

Then I started to react to it, my knuckles on the left index finger first get inflamed then the right, then the next finger and so on till all the joints on my fingers are inflamed and burning then they become so bad they crack open and weep... I stopped taking it and they got better... I tried it again last week and within 2 days I has the allergy started on the left finger.

I don't eat vegemite either anymore as I have the same above reaction.. I tried it again 1 month ago just a tiny it on my bread... The next day I woke up itching my finger which had become inflamed..

I'm allergic to GLUTEN and LACTOSE and I haven't ingested anything containing these for 12 yrs now ( I got diagnosed at 22)... My symptoms for these started when I was 18, 3 years after I had my tonsils removed, previously I had lived on penicilon and antibiotics ( I feel like the poison in my body from the food I ate came out through my tonsils and then after they were removed they came out in other ways). the symptoms were the same on the fingers, but I also suffered from hives and boils on the face and neck, asthma, eczema on my eyelids..

Has anyone got any thoughts why I'm reacting to BSM now?

I would really love to be able to take it again..

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Tristan (Brisbane, Australia) on 12/07/2011

Does anyone else get dry eyes from brushing with GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract). Please let me know. Thanks. Tristan.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Tristan (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) on 12/06/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I've been brushing with GSE, and it's great. But I get dry eyes when I do; I stop and my dry eyes get better. Has anyone else had this happen, also? I really would like to continue brushing with GSE.


Black Pepper
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 12/01/2011

Hi Katie, There is a remedy using black pepper for dry coughs, I don't know anyone who has used it though. BUT it is not in that amount, it is "chew 2-3 black peppercorns" and I would think that it was for an adult. I did a search and found it as one of many things for dry cough on the following site:

Plus even if you did the above you would think that it would be for a few days only. I would also think that it would surely cause more coughing for the child to be getting that amount. I believe no child should be made to take 3-4 teaspoons of pepper it also gives home remedies a bad name and yes it does make you wonder if there is more abuse going on. Have you asked where they got their info from, for this so called remedy, because they may be misinformed, but surely common sense should prevail. If they are doing it out of genuine ignorance then they would be open to other suggestions and to hearing that that is an excessive amout of pepper. All the best.

Black Pepper
Posted by Karen (Southport, Ct) on 11/30/2011

3-4 teaspoons is absolutely excessive and sounds like torture to me. Only 1/16th teaspoon would be the maximum amount I'd use on a child. There are plenty of other inexpensive home remedies for children with coughs! Doesn't sound good.

Black Pepper
Posted by Laura (Queens, Ny) on 11/30/2011

Hi Katie: What kind of a person would do this to a child? I can barely tolerate a pinch of blackpepper without choking much less four teaspoons. Someone needs to help this child. Just my take.

Black Pepper
Posted by Elsaeasterly (Elsewhere, Ca, Usa) on 11/30/2011

Check out this link:

Black Pepper
Posted by Katie (Indianapolis, Indiana, Usa) on 11/30/2011

I know of someone who has an 11 yr old girl who lives with them and she requires this child to ingest 3 to 4 heaping teaspoons of ground black pepper each day, I am thinking that this cannot be healthy, but the individual says it is a home remedy for a constant cough ( child sounds like they have croup ) Any posts or ideas of what actions if any I should take toward the child in questions health. I have thought of calling Child Protective Services, but am unable to find ANY internet info on that amount of black pepper ingestation.

Vanadium Sulfate
Posted by Anita1 (Central, Usa) on 11/20/2011

To Joyce from Dallas, Tx - if you want to lower your blood sugar - there are several natural ways you can do this without getting too much and hurting yourself. One way is cinnamon. They sell tablets of 1000 mg. now and you can take one with each meal to lower your blood sugar. I would not take more than that unless you were eating a large amount of carbs.

The second way is to use an herb called gymnemma. It is a great herb in that it helps restore your pancreas. You can also take two to three a day safely.

The Last way you can lower your sugar naturally - besides exercise - is to eat a low carb - moderate protein diet.

BUT - the CAUTION is: Don't Over-do on the supplements. (You'll make yourself sicker) ~ AND - IF you are using Insulin - you Must keep tabs on your blood sugar - because these supplements will really bring your sugar DOWN pretty rapidly.

As for what you have now - you can drink hot lemonade two to three times a day for a couple of days and see if it will re-balance your body. It ususally works to clear you of anything that is upsetting your body. Do Not use Honey to sweeten it as it might cause you diarrhea. Good luck!

Vanadium Sulfate
Posted by Kitty (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/14/2011

Why on earth would you take 200 grams of anything? That's just crazy! I hope you got proper medical assistance for this?

Sometimes humans tend to think "well if a little is good, then I'll take a lot and that will be better" - well this is just not the case! Just because something is natural, doesn't mean it can't have serious side effects.

Sodium Nitrite
Posted by Peter (Lynnfield, Ma) on 11/13/2011
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Do not take sodium nitrite. it can kill you at it almost did me!

My mom has end stage renal disease with high bp and is diabetic. i came across this article and i took a very small dose 2mg of sodium nitrite to try it out before giving it to my mother. i took it at 4:30 am and i became delusional and psychotic in 1 hour time. my wife called 911 and in the emergency they administered methylene blue and this saved my life.

The doctor said that the sodium nitrite caused methemoglobenemia and my oxygen saturation was only 50% even with using a oxygen concentrator. i would have been dead in 3 hours or definitely brain dead if not for the emergency doctor. i am an educated guy. i am a dentist but still i got taken into this nonsense. it was also a very embarrassing situation. i hope this ted would try his remedies on himself before he posts these poisons as remedies as cures.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Warren (Kirkland, Washington) on 11/08/2011

After reading a book on Hydrogen Peroxide, I decided to do the protocol described in the book. I made it all the way to 25 drops of 35% food grade H2O2 in eight ounces of water three times a day, then tapered down to three drops three times a day, the recommended maintenance dosage. The only problem I experienced was the bad taste of H2O2. I got around it by popping a small mint into my mouth, and holding it under my tongue for about thirty seconds immediately after drinking the solution. There is one thing I suspect most folks are overlooking: You need to use non-chlorinated water, so that rules out tap water almost everywhere. The book says distilled water is preferred. Fortunately, I bought a distiller about three years ago. Filtered water might be OK, depending on the minerals in the water, there could be a chemical reaction with the H2O2 that is highly volatile. The protocol got rid of more than one new basal-cell carcinoma that had appeared shortly after a dermatologist performed a biopsy on the first skin cancer I'd ever had in 89 years. You read that right--89 years! It also got rid of a Candida yeast infection on my skin (between my anus and my tailbone) that had plagued me for about ten years, AND the bright-red rosacea on my cheeks that a dermatologist told me 26 years ago was incurable! Speaking of skin cancer, there is a topical cream that works very well--IF YOU FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS PRECISELY. It is known as BCE5. Go to Google, and you'll find a ton of information, both positive and negative. I suspect most people who complain about BCE5 failed to follow directions.

Raw Greens
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 10/30/2011

Hi Smiler7700, I don't think it is a rare as we tend to think, I think it is more that we don't talk about our bowel movements. I too used not to digest raw vegetables and cooked corn. Lettuce was the worst it would just float in the toilet bowl, 2-3 extra flushes to get rid of it. (Sorry folks about the graphics. ) I too agree that washing the veg is vital as even the chemical residue causes IBS symptoms for some. I took digestive enzymes for years to help. This enabled me to have salads but not twice a day only once a day, and only for 2-3 days in a row. I also found that all white products needed to be removed from my diet.

After being on ayurvedic remedies I now digest my food. The ones I believe that were of most benefit were: Ginger; Triphala; Tulsi; Neem. If you do a search for each one with the word digestion you will find some info about each of them. Triphala I found best taken after rising in am and also before bed. The others all taken with meals, 2 or 3 time a day, although the ginger with every meal. I have tried many different ways of eating and excluded things but it was the above remedies that changed it all for me. All the best.

Raw Greens
Posted by L (New York) on 10/25/2011

Hi Smiler, I have had a similar experience when eating raw vegetables in some restaurants. It does not always happen and it never happens at home. I think some restaurants do not properly wash the greens and I am particularly sensitive to the bacteria or preservatives that is left on them. So my policy has become to eat only cooked vegetables in restaurants and to wash the veggies well at home. It has been effective. I wish you good luck because raw vegetables are so good for us. Lee

Raw Greens
Posted by Smiler7700 (Southern, Nh, United States) on 10/25/2011

I also forgot to mention, I want to move toward a more plant-based diet, with less processed foods. So, I would hope to at least at some raw greens as part of this diet shift. But now, with smoothies, I don't put kale or any greens in a smoothie, just fruit and ice................ No dairy - I am also lactose intolerant. So, for someone who wants to venture into vegetarianism....... Having a greens intolerance and a lactose intolerance is not a good thing- it won't leave me with many options! Thanks.

Raw Greens
Posted by Smiler7700 (Manchester, Nh, United States) on 10/25/2011
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Hello, at about age 30, I began having severe gastrointestinal distress from eating lettuce on anything, even if there was lettuce snuck inside a sandwich or a burrito. It took me a while to isolate what was causing the problem. It happens with all raw green substances (all lettuce, romaine, alfalfa sprouts, anything raw and green). However, I can still eat celery & bell peppers. What occurs is......... I get these huge stabbing, painful cramps in my stomach/intestines that is the worst pain........ Then pretty soon thereafter, I get the worst diarrhea ever, painful, and it goes on for hours, until whatever green was in there is out. (Sorry to be so graphic, but it's awful........... ). Now, every time I look at raw greens, I shudder, and I'm very vigilant about making sure no one puts raw greens on anything of mine! I told a gastroenterologist about this, and I don't remember if he had a real "explanation" for it.

I do have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I don't remember if he said that this raw green intolerance is part of the IBS. However, I cannot find anyone else in which this happens. It seems very rare. And, I don't really know how to "cure" it. The gastroenterologist didn't really seem to help. Perhaps I should try a more naturopathic gastroenterologist? They could possibly recommend digestive enzymes? Because, the idea of me slowly introducing raw greens into my diet until I tolerate them........ It just frightens me, the pain is so bad when I eat them. But, I think I might have to "risk it" and plan to re-introduce myself to greens when I have a few days off of work, because it takes a lot out of me, I'm drained after these digestive attacks. Thank you for any input. I read on here a lot, but have never posted.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dapper (Vineland, Nj, Usa) on 10/24/2011
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I have acid reflux. I started taking 12% hydrogen peroxide food grade. I am currently taking 3/4 teaspoon in 32 ounces of water. This is the second time I am trying this. The first time I did this I got blisters in back of mouth and in throat. The same thing is happening again. I have had a burning mouth/throat for about ten years. When I take the hydrogen peroxide it seems to make my mouth burn more and then I get blisters. Is this caused by some infection that comes up from stomach? Should I continue with this? Will this subside as infection is attacked? Please give me some advice on this matter.

Thank-you, Dapper

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Tanya (Tasmania, Australia) on 10/18/2011
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Was wondering if anyone suffered vomiting from taking the ACV as well as the Bicarb soda? As I took both this morning and vomited I took them at two different times. Was wondering if it is normal as part of cleansing my bloated stomach. Many thanks.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Rhandi (Wichita, Kansas, Usa) on 10/14/2011
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I went through the complete hydrogen peroxide therapy regimen and have been on the maintenance dose for a few months. Has anybody had any problems with all-over body swelling while being on this therapy? I can hardly fit into my clothes, with no lifestyle/dietary changes. Very discouraging...

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Diane (Barstow, Ca Usa) on 10/07/2011
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This is in response to the lady who used HP--50/50 in her nebulizer machine & not the food grade either--the first time I read this I was having a hard time breathing that night from a cold and I have asthma & COPD so I tried what she suggested and I had to call an ambulance less than an hour later---it burned my lungs badly and I couldn't breathe--felt like I could get no air in my lungs--thought I was going to die--ambulance finally came and I was treated & ok now but don't believe everything other people have tried will work on you--in my case it had disastrous results!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Anne (London, Uk) on 09/29/2011

I take the ACV for my PMS, and it works so well. However, what I notice is that I get a mild constipation - has anyone experienced this? I think it may be the baking soda (I use 1/4 tsp for 2 tbsl) and don't really want to stop it if I don't have to because I can't handle my PMS. The ACV has so many benefits - my skin is gorgeous and I don't break out in hormonal spots, and it really helps with extra things like gas and bloating.

I take primrose oil in the last 5 days to assist ACV during my period and it does help with the anxiety enormously. It's a truly wonderful combination...

It's a tough call - and I don't want to ruin my tooth enamel by not putting in the baking soda.

Any ideas?

Oil Pulling and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Brad (Aurora, Colorado) on 09/22/2011
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Ted, I have tried OP 4 yrs ago and quit because after one month I suffered dramatic hair loss. I followed all directions to the T, I was a little bit down in the dumps and thought I could correct this situation my self, so I started taking food grade ( diluted of course ) Hydrogen Peroxide as per recomendations ( followed all directions ) and after a month my eyesight started to get very blurry and has gotten a little better but I now need to wear bifocals. I am just now feeling like asking some questions if I can change my situation for the better. Please help? Has some bacteria gotten dislodged and settled in my scalp and behind the eyes?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 09/15/2011

Janna, a good book to read is by Dr. Natasha McBride, called "The Gut & Psychology Syndrome". To heal the food allergies, you will need to heal their guts first and then gradually put back in those foods.

She has some youtube videos as well you can research. I would not be giving my children anything that I am not sure of the effects of. Fine to give it to yourself but not small children (my opinion anyway).

The author talks about starting with homemade chicken broths (which contains all of vitamins and minerals (and is gentle on the stomach) and then moving on to other things. Just purging their stomachs is not going to help - and you have to be careful about them losing too many electrolytes which can be dangerous.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Janna (Katy, Tx) on 09/15/2011

Hi my name is Janna and I'm greatly concerned about my children.

My children are 2 and 3 years old, that broke out in rashes on back above the buttocks. They both have severe food allergies to dairy, wheat, and sugar. (which this is how they break out when those foods are eaten). I'm trying to cleanse their bodies. Is it true this is a "die off" side effect, how long will this last? Also if I am feeling fatigued and yeast symptoms appearing after drinking 12 drops of h202, should I increase as to say it is cleansing the body? Thank you for any answers you have for our family. My hope is to cleanse, then build up with probiotics, and of course change diet to more of a plant based diet.

Thanks, Janna

Posted by Dianna (Austin, Usa) on 09/06/2011

in my experience ACV can make the skin more sensitive to sun. you can try using it diluted and washing it off before going outside. it takes to top layer of your skin off (the protective layer) and can also lead to sun burn if used daily in my experience. lemon and lime juice also do this. I always rinse it off with water before going out in the sun.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dodobrain (Na, Ct, Usa) on 08/25/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hi. I have been taking h202 for a little under a year. my eyebrow (related to spleen, kidney) doesn't hurt as much and I dont feel that thud of pain on my lower back where liver kidney is.

I did the 21 days up and then ramp down to 3 drops of 35% solution. currently I'm on maintenance where I take it but I stop over the weekend as Ted suggested to give a break.

However this month I noticed that sometimes I get tingling .. Like electricity shocks inside my body. Is this related to h202 or something else? I haven't changed my diet (except that I"m accumulating money to fix my back). I don't usually get this at all.

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