Turmeric Side Effects

| Modified on Aug 23, 2023
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Turmeric has an excellent reputation as an herb, but for some it can cause side effects. Reported side effects of turmeric include fever, petechiae (broken capillariesnear the surface of the skin), pain in the liver, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach, heartburn, and insomnia. At least one Earth Clinic reader reported an increase in blood clots during menstruation. Another reader reportedacne breakouts from turmeric use.

Celeste in California experienced an unexpected side effect from making turmeric capsules. Sheaccidentally got turmeric in her eyes. This caused swelling and pain that lasted for a week! Please always be careful when handling herbs, lest you get them into an unintended place with unintended consequences!

Benign Side Effects of Turmeric

Turmeric is a beautifulbright orange color. It will stain skin and clothing! Do be careful when handling turmeric or applying it to the skin. Turmeric is also commonly used externally forskin issues in dogs. If the dog is an indoor dog, he may need to be contained to one room to avoid getting orange/yellow stains all over the house!

Avoiding Side Effects of Turmeric

With all herbs, until you know their effect on your own body, always start with less and increase your doseslowly, if needed! This will also help you to avoid a "Herxheimer Reaction," since Turmeric is a blood purifier. Taking a larger amount is more likely to cause a detox reaction.Do seek out high quality herbs from reputable sources. If you are taking turmeric internally, do drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.

Turmeric Side Effects are the Exception

While some do experience side effects, it is certainly the exception to the rule. For the amazing number of turmeric cures reported, they are a very few reported side effects. Turmeric has been reported to help readers with a huge variety of symptoms and conditions, including, cysts, tumors, and arthritis in pets, and boils, arthritis, MRSA, colds, diarrhea, stomach flu, fibroids, gum problems, and eczema in humans.

Please read on to see what side effects Earth Clinic readershave experienced. If you experience side effects, please let us know!

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3 User Reviews


Posted by Elvira (Barrie, Ontario, Canada) on 10/12/2011
0 out of 5 stars

I tried tumeric as suggested: 1 spoon in a glass of water on empty stomach. I had nothing else but trouble. Pain, upset stomach, heartburn. I did a bit of research and that's exactly what tumeric's side effects are. Good luck!

Posted by Steve (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 02/22/2009
0 out of 5 stars

my wife started taking tumeric by the powder for a boil and now has a 100 degree temperature along with being tired...is this a side effect of tumeric?

Replied by Keith
(Boston, MA)

She either has a virus, which just happened to appear at the same time, or she is having a Herxheimer reaction to the turmeric. Remember it is a blood tonic.

Posted by Sam (Atlantic City, NJ ) on 07/09/2008
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i drank turmeric powder 1 tsp in warm water 3xday & applying turmeric paste made with the powder & water at nite for 2 days then broke out with petechiae which is red spots caused by bleeding of superficial blood vessels!!! as a nurse i did more researach & found out turmeric can thin blood & therefore cause bleeding. you should alert people of this dangerous side effect...some people are on blood thinners & they can be harmed.