Impressive Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Side Effects

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Posted by Edith (Columbia, Maryland) on 01/03/2015
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Better But With Side Effects

Has anybody tried oil pulling for hormonal issues? I've been dealing with hormonal problems and gigantic uterine fibroids for years. I have too much estrogen or too little progesteron. Probably candida problem as well. I've been oil pulling for two month. I missed a day or two here and there, but not much. Started with extra virgin/virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil, then extra virgin olive oil, now coconut oil again. It definitely helps with my hormonal issues, and my fibroids, which is why I don't want to stop, but ever since I've started oil pulling, I've been having some serious flu-like symptoms. On and off, mostly on. Mainly sinus problems (that seem to be candida related) and bad fatigue. I'm pretty sure this is healing crisis, but how much longer is this supposed to last? It just would be easier not to give up knowing how much longer to hold on.

Replied by Timh
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Edith: It is obvious you need to do some additional detox remedies and cleanses. For starters ---ACV, Iodine, Turpentine, Borax, and herbs like Garlic and Oregano.

Replied by Edith

Thank you for your advice! I did one thorough colon-liver cleanse 2 months before starting oil pulling. I'm aware how amazing cleanses are, unfortunately I find them very time and money consuming. I'm already using apple cider vinegar and all kinds of herbs that are good for the sinuses and are antifungal. I'm also using colloidal silver nose spray and xylitol-grapefruit seed extract-saline nose spray to treat my sinus infection. Taking cayenne pepper capsules helps with the fatigue. I've just checked out turpentine and borax, never knew they were so beneficial. I knew about iodine, I just somehow never got to try it. I will give these a try, thank you for the tip!

Replied by Rosanne
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

Hey there Joanne! Now, I don't know your story except from what is posted, but removing your gallbladder is something worth reconsidering! I have friends and colleagues whose doctors have recommended removing their gallbladders for minor ailments - and I don't know why this is recommended! Your gallbladder stores bile for your body and is a very important component to your digestive system; we wouldn't have it if we didn't need it! Perhaps a gallstone cleanse is in order, at least as something to try before undergoing surgery. Best of luck.

Replied by Joyce
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Hello Jimmy, Hope that toothpaste you're washing your mouth with doesn't contain that neurotoxin sodium fluoride!

Replied by Kristin
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Oil Pulling: Response to Shirin from Singapore 2/29/08 post. Hi, Shirin, You may be having a healing episode / crisis. Ted or one of the other contributors would know better than I. My perspective as a physical therapist is that you may be working your mouth / jaw too hard while you are oil pulling.

'I recently began oil pulling, and I noticed my TMJ (jaw joint) problem flaring up at first. TMJ problems can result in all of the symptoms you described, including the neck pain. This is because the neck and face / jaw muscles are very closely related during the functions of chewing, talking, opening/closing mouth.

I realized that I was working the oil too hard and too fast in my mouth (20 minutes is a long time). When I slowed down and did smaller movements with the oil, it was better. I also had to start with a little less oil until my coordination improved to the point where I did not feel like I had to swallow.

Try the following the next time you oil pull:

1. sit with good posture in a firm chair (not hunched forward over computer, sink, or desk).
2. put a pillow on your lap to support your arms. This will allow your neck and shoulders to relax a bit.
3. Be mindful of what you are doing; are you clenching your teeth? are you pushing / thrusting your jaw forward or sideways? are you tensing your tongue a lot? are you frowning or shrugging your shoulders as you concentrate? These are all things to avoid.
4. Try to work slowly and keep your face and jaw as relaxed as possible while working the oil. Your cheeks should be doing most of the work. You could practice by moving air around in your mouth as if you were swishing oil. I have a tendency to clench my teeth, so I monitor that carefully.

I have stopped trying to "chew" the oil because I can't do it without aggravating the TMJ. I have also started taking mini-breaks of up to 5 seconds where I just let the oil rest in my mouth so my neck /jaw / face / scalp muscles can relax a bit.

Possible remedies if this is due to TMJ (jaw) irritation:
1. applications of moist heat up to 15 minutes, 3-4 times daily. It can be done as often as every hour if necessary for pain control, but no more than 15 minutes! I do not know if it is ok to do right after oil pulling from a toxin standpoint, however I usually have my patients use heat right after eating if their symptoms become aggravated. Sometimes cold compresses feel better. The idea is to get the muscles to relax and break that pain cycle. Breaking the pain cycle is important so that this does not become a long-term problem.
2. Use your fingers to do gentle massage (with or without oil. I do without because my skin is naturally oily), or, better yet, get someone to do it for you. The forehead, under the cheekbones, in front of the ears, the scalp (especially over and behind ears), and VERY VERY gently under the jawbone from the back near the ears out to under the chin. Gently pulling the ear lobes down and slightly outward is also helpful. When my TMJ is flared up, I find it easier to do the massage with one hand at a time because using 2 hands causes my neck/jaw/face muscles to tense further. I hope this helps. Kristin

Vitamin E Added

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Posted by Ll (Odessa, Tx) on 10/12/2010
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I have had an abcessed tooth for about two weeks now. I tried several of the cures on this site, and they all seemed to help a little. I decided finally to try the oil pulling this morning with sesame oil, after reading some of the theories here, I know they are basically sound, having studied pharmacy. I learned there that your mouth is easily one of the most bacteria-laden parts of your body. The stomach lining is porous, which is why alcohol is so quickly absorbed by the body: it simply goes straight through the stomach lining into the blood stream and throughout the body. If this is true of alcohol--which is a poison if not used in moderation--then it can easily be true of pretty much anything that goes into the stomach. And, of course, we swallow some saliva with everything we chew, so if there are bacteria hanging out in it, it could easily pass through the stomach lining and out into the blood stream, where it will swiftly be carried to the rest of the body. And--boom! --you have all the makings of a systemic infection (systemic is just pharmacy talk for anything affecting the whole body). Knowing from my studies and my own experience how great vitamin e is for so many things--you could call it a systemic vitamin, since it affects pretty much every part of the body when ingested--I thought, "What would happen if I added e oil to the sesame oil pull?"

(Honestly, you folks are all so obviously knowledgeable I was surprised to see no one had thought of it yet. This is some site, and I am impressed with a great deal of what I am reading! )

I used the one Tbls of sesame oil and added one capsule of 100 units vitamin e oil. Oh my God, that felt good on my gums! The longer I used it, the better my gums felt, until I had no pain at all by the end of the pull. I did have some pain coming back after, but I rinsed my mouth with some ACV and water (the baking soda I brushed with still had not got all the oil out of my mouth) and that cut the remaining oil and soothed my mouth enough that a little pain medication allowed me to sleep. I woke up a few hours later to find the swelling was significantly reduced. Will continue the oil pulls tomorrow--I think I will up the amount of vitamin e. I'd also be interested to know how it works for anyone else who decides to try it? Thanks guys: this site is great!

Replied by Zsaqwe
(Brownsville, Texas)

I just started with oil pulling. Thanks for the suggestion to add vitamin E. I am in. I will start and see what happens. Thanks

Walnut Oil

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Posted by Peggy (Ancorage, Alaska) on 09/13/2007
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I have been doing oil pulling for about one month and using cold pressed walnut oil. I went into the dentist for my semi annual cleaning and an exam. both the hygenist and the dentist commmented on how healthy my gums have become. My dentist said "whatever your doing it is working" In the past I have had a problem with bleeding gums--that is GONE.

Replied by Laverne
(Honolulu, Hi)

I tried walnut oil and it was pleasant enough (I thought the oil was going to be gross). I only used 2 tsp but could feel the difference in the mouth after I finished. My mouth felt clean and fresh and I couldn't wait to do it again. And 15 minutes goes by fast when I'm on the computer doing my OP business. I like this thing.

Replied by Laverne
(Honolulu, Hi)
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Just wanted to write on the progress with oil pulling. Started with walnut oil and within two days the black floaters in my eye disappeared! I had just visited my opthamologist who said it was just old age and nothing could be done about it. I can't wait to tell her about my OP experience. Skin problems also have nearly disappeared.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi, I would love to try oil pulling with walnut oil as well as I also suffer from eye floaters but I fear for one of my dental filling which doesn't seem to resist at least sunflower oil. Do you have any fillings?

Replied by Laverne
(Honolulu, Hi)

I had my amalgam fillings taken out 3 years ago so that has not been a worry for me.