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Oil Pulling and Tooth Pain
Posted by Aq (Oakland, Ca) on 04/25/2013
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Hello, I am an extremely healthy 39 year old (I'm an acupuncturist and herbalist) with terrible gum recession (but no redness, swelling, or inflammation, and perfect hygiene). I had braces as a teenager, and my recession started shortly after. A month ago, I found out I had two deep pockets (one 7mm and one 8mm) and the periodontist scheduled me for surgery on May 24th. I'm trying to close the pockets and reverse the recession in order to avoid surgery and heal my gums. So, I started oil pulling (just under one month ago). 20 minutes twice per day. I also started brushing and flossing after each meal, instead of flossing only once per day and brushing 2-3 times per day.

After week 1, I started having some tooth pain, deep in the roots. After week 2, that pain got more severe. By week 3, I started feeling very upset... That something is wrong... I should not have 24/7 tooth pain for two weeks! I had never had that kind of tooth pain before. So I stopped oil pulling and went back to flossing only once per day and brushing twice per day (I am using Ecodent natural tooth powder), thinking maybe I was over-treating.

The pain is unrelentless. Although I have not oil pulled for 3 days, my teeth still hurt (the upper and lower front teeth). They have hurt pretty much constantly for two and a half weeks. Also, it seems like my recession is worse. This has me extremely upset, and depressed for the first time in my life.

Can you help explain what is happening? It feels that oil pulling has made my condition worse and caused unrelentless pain that I never had before.

By the way, I have one amalgam filling in a molar towards the back and one non-amalgam filling in a molar on the other side (I have had two cavities in my lifetime).

Thanks in advance for your insights.