The Extensive Health Benefits of Methylene Blue

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Posted by Mohamed Sabri (Yemen) on 03/01/2018


I really need methylene blue since I have a genetic disorder(Methemoglobinemia)

But I cant seem to find a way to purchase it because it is not available to buy in my country.

Is there any way you can help me with that. Thanks

Replied by G Smothers

You want USP Pharmaceutical grade, not pet/industrial grade. I get mine from Amazon.

Where to Buy
Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/08/2009

Heavy Metal Detox: There is a company that produces Methylene BLUE that also produces a product called Rid Metal for eliminating heavy metals in aquariums. I emailed to ask how toxic (if at all) their products are to people, and asked for ingredient lists. The 4 ounce bottle of Methylene BLUE says it is a 2.303 percent solution, and adds that it is zinc free, but it doesn't say what other chemicals are in it. The bottle cautions that it "is toxic to plants and is harmful to biological filtration, preventing nitrification and resulting in a rapid rise in ammonia and/or nitrite levels.

Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin)

The response to the inquiry is (truncated): "For use in aquarium and ornamental pond keeping the K----- products Methylene Blue and Rid-Metals are safe to use by humans who follow the printed instructions in the proper use of these products.

K----- Rid-Metals is a water conditioner that eliminates heavy metals in the water. It does not eliminate heavy metals in the fish. Therefore, as a water conditioner, Rid-Metals is meant as a preventative to eliminate heavy metals before they can become a problem to fish and aquatic invertebrates.

Where to Buy
Posted by Daisy (NY, NY) on 01/15/2009

Where can I purchase methylene blue? Where did you find the information about this? I cannot find a previous post from Ted on this. I did find that you can buy this without a prescription. Thanks.

Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin)

The Kordon brand Methylene BLUE concentration from the pet store here is 2.303%. The product's Website says:

Contains zinc free, chloride salt of Methylene Blue. Provided as a 2.303% water solution."

Is this the correct product?

Replied by Donna
(South Carolina)

I was looking for a very pure MB solution - not one found at at aquatic store - which are supposedly loaded with arsenic and other impurities So I found a supplier today here in the USA and would like to include her email answers on the purity of their product. EC, hope this is OK.

Debbie replied
May 17,10:24pm

We always vet products with independent testing. Here's the test result for the current batch of methylene blue:

It's over 100% when it's more pure than the reference sample from Sigma Aldrich. The actual purity is probably between 99-100%.

Debbie Boykin
[email protected]

Donna C replied
May 17,10:11pm
Thank you, Debbie!

Yes, I do have one more question - can you tell me the percentage of purity of the powder you use to make it?


Debbie replied
May 17,10:04pm

Thanks for reaching out.

Our 10 mg/mL solution is 1% methylene blue.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to assist!



Donna C sent a message
May 16,5:08pm

Message Body:

I am interested in your meth. blue. Can you tell me what % your solution is....specifically, I am looking for a 1% solution.

Thank you!



How do I get some of this product? I get it from my homeopathic and wanted to check prices.

Where to Buy: Austria

Posted by George (Vienna) on 05/25/2014

Can anyone recommend any places where I can buy pharmaceutical grade Methylene blue (not for aquariums)? Thx, George

Replied by Dee
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

In Romania, at any pharmacy!!

Replied by Janet

George, in fish aquarium supply stores. Janet

Where to Buy: Canada

Posted by Ab (Castleton, Ontario) on 03/16/2009

Does anyone know of a Canadian source for methylene blue? I've searched aquarium and science supply websites, but can't find anyone willing to ship to Canada.

Also: my husband has used both glutathione (intravenous and also as an inhalant) and low-dose naltrexone (not at the same time) for Parkinson's. Each was very effective for about a year.

Replied by Flora
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Script Pharmacy Calgary Alberta and they make it to.01% if you ask.

b a

i asked at script and they said they don't carry it.


You probably have your supply source issue resolved by now but I do recall another Canadian unable to purchase there was able to order from the U.K. Try the U.K. Amazon version for names of suppliers and order from them.

Where to Buy: UK

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Posted by Sunflowergirl37 (United Kingdom) on 08/02/2016


I am trying to find a top quality Methylene blue product for my mum. Can anyone recommend one and give some guidelines and maybe other products to take with it etc

Replied by Janet

Methylene blue is from an aquarium supply shop or online. That is how I buy ours.

Ted here on earthclinic says that to balance and treat fish and tanks it must be high quality and effective. I have found this to be true. Janet

Replied by Teri
(Dallas Tx)

Do NOT use aquarium use methylene blue. This has metals and toxins. It isn't meant for human consumption and can make you sick. Only use pharmaceutical grade methylene blue. And only if it has a lab purity test with it. Find it on Amazon or other online seller.

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