Health Benefits of Honey

Posted by Jan (Northern VA) on 02/22/2006

2 TBSPS/day of Manuka honey for 3 weeks on toast, in green tea, etc, cured a Community-associated MRSA-- (started as an infected spider bite) A friend's teen had CA-MRSA for 3.5 months and was on several serious antibiotics, which caused organ damage and still she tested positive for MRSA. After taking 2 TBSPs/day of Manuka honey for 3 weeks, she tested negative! Her life is no longer in danger!

Posted by Gail (Powell, Wyoming) on 11/15/2005

I struggled with severe constipation for years, and it was getting worse. I tried many natural products and had always tried to stay away from harsh laxitives. I had a colonoscopy several months ago just to see if there was anything wrong. I did have 2 pre-cancerous polyps but no blockage. I had resorted to taking Golytely twice a day per my physician's recommendations, with poor results. (Golytely is used as a bowel prep!) My chiropractor said I should try honey, 2 teaspoons, three times a day. I thought, yeah, right! It works! (Do not give honey to babies, it can cause botulism in infants).

Posted by Bob (North Carolina)


Yes honey worked for me but--- I progressed through three sources of increasingly "raw" and minimally processed to totally unprocessed honey & honeycomb. Each time, I experienced allergic reactions and several days of mild vertigo, that could only be abated with large doses of pure powdered MSM. My third experience was with totally wildwood honey & comb that had never been heated, nor had the bees been fed any sugar water. In combination with organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother), I conquered and eliminated all of my allergies (yes I had allergy testing) and stopped taking all antihistamines.

Posted by Stacie (Galena, KS)

Honey has been a miracle cure for allergies in our family

Multiple Cures
Posted by Joni (Grafton, OH) on 10/06/2006

I cut myself while preparing dinner one night and found that I had very little Neosporin. I used what I had on the small cut and the next night did nothing. The day after that it was red and swollen, meaning a small infection, so I applied some honey to it before bed. The next morning the redness and swelling were gone. I applied more twice that day and by the next day it was completely healed. So now I use honey right away on any cut and it heals within a day or two at the most. Honey applied to a pimple makes it go away fairly quickly.

It is also great for BURNS. The other night we were burning some brush in the fire pit and being stupid I grabbed for a stick that wasn't in the fire, but instead grabbed a red-hot end of a burnt stick. OUCH. I ran to the house and put my fingers in ice water. I could tell I burned it deeply (the finger-pad of my forefinger) the other was small burn on the side of my thumb. Then I thought about what I had seen about burns and honey, so I put honey in a measuring cup and dipped my fingers in that. It took the pain right away, but it came back again quickly. So I alternated for an hour and a half between the ice water and honey. The next morning the blisters were unbelievably small and did not hurt AT ALL. In fact the burn felt less deep than it had the night before. Just the surrounding skin looked a little dry. The one on the thumb was completely healed. I have no doubt the forefinger would have been semi-serious if I had not applied the honey. Today (2 days later) you can barely see the blister, as it is flush with the skin and the skin all around the burn looks completely normal again. In fact I can see my fingerprint! I first found this website looking for honey cures and found a wealth of other things too. I love this place!

Posted by Djuana (Brooklyn, NY) on 01/23/2007

Honey cures for acne and irritated skin on the face. My face is clear now.

Posted by Chris (Knoxville, TN) on 11/14/2006

I tried the honey for a hangover after discovering your website by chance last week. I am not a heavy drinker but last night had a little too much red-wine. I woke up this morning with a slight hangover so I took two tbsp. of local raw honey I keep in my pantry; at first I had heartburn and a burning sensation in my throat but then after about an hour I felt much better. I hope to use this site for more often for insight on natural cures than taking the usual Tylenol or asprins I usually take for just too much of a good thing. Thanks for our Global friends who want to share natures remedies.

Posted by Rose (PA) on 11/25/2006

I burned my hand by taking a pan out of the oven and I had a keloid by the same area. Well, I apply it directly to both areas and cover with a bandage before bedtime every night and within a week or 2 I saw it disappear. I also applied it to my keloid scar after surgery. It does wonders. I thank God. God is good.

Stomach Pain
Posted by Vikas (USA) on 09/30/2006

I had severe pain in lower abdomen, and inspite of several medical tests nothing was being detected from past 3 months i was just having pain killers and someone told me about honey cure and i searched net and luckily came across your article. It cured my pain completely , and now i feel quite energetic n healthy.. thanks for publishing such a rich natural treatment.

Diaper Rash
Posted by Tanya (Bellingham, WA) on 02/18/2007

Raw Honey for diaper rashes: my grandfather used to raise honey bees, and sell the honey.My mother used the raw honey on diaper rashes. It was all that ever touched the bums of my three younger sisters. She had a small container of it in the diaper bag, and some q-tips to apply it. I love telling people about this. they don't believe me, but a few have tried it.

General Feedback
Posted by Virginia (Albuquerque, NM) on 05/09/2007


Regarding giving honey to infants: RAW honey should not be given to infants as it may transmit INFANT BOTULISM. It is my understnding that after they are a year old, a child is no longer susceptible to problem. I doubt what is commonly given to infants in India is raw honey, but rather honey that has been properly heated or processed so that botulism is not a problem.

EC: We sent S's email to a dear friend of ours from India (who now lives in the USA) for another opinion. This was our friend's response:

"I remember that my mother was very surprised when I told her that infants should not be fed honey for the first year. In India, honey is given very routinely for the reasons that this person's email mentioned. On the other hand, in India, scientific research can be a little shady. Also, the value of life is less. One infant less due to an allergic reaction to honey counts for little, sadly. Also, infants here are different and are born with different immune systems. I don't think you should recommend honey for US infants.

I heard something really interesting from an Indian parent in the US the other day. She was saying that her child, with two biological Indian parents, had a host of allergies. This is apparently very common for children of Indian parents who are born in the US. It is surmised that these children inherit, through their birth, highly evolved immune systems that are used to battling a lot of germs. But in the US there are comparitively few diseases to combat with the result that these highly evolved immune systems have nothing to do. They then turn on themselves and create all sorts of allergies. Isn't that interesting?

But I don't think it would be wise for you to recommend honey. The consequences could be disastrous for that one infant who can't take it. "

General Feedback
Posted by S (Atlanta) on 02/19/2007

In the article about honey it has been mentioned multiple times that honey should not be given to infants since it can have a toxic reaction in them. I think that's untrue since in India, honey is the very first thing that we give kids after they are born. That is to enable them to excrete the first time without any problem. Also we feed the babies with honey quite often in their first year to soothe their upset tummies or to cure cough/cold. For very little infants (less than 4 months old), like everything else, honey is also given in very small portions...2 drops at a time and not more than 2 doses a day, and it really helps them. I think it's only a myth that honey affects infants. But I do agree that honey should not be heated or added to very hot liquids since it'll become toxic.

Posted by Heather (Ashville, NC) on 02/22/2007

It was recently suggested to me that I try the "Honey Therapy" for my severe allergies. Honey therapy being- RAW honey that is made locally with local bees. That being bees that take pollen from the same sources that I am apprently allergic too. I started this and two days later noticed a difference. While getting a SEVERE allergy attack, the same person suggested adding ACV apple cider vinegar to the honey. I mixed 3 oz. acv and 3 oz raw honey. Hard to drink, but then realized adding a bit of spring water helped the taste. I instantly got relief from my allergy symptoms, it lasts about 12 hours and then I repeat. Only drinking about 3 oz of the mix at a time. I am going to continue with this therapy and try some of the ACV/Honey/Baking soda mixtures for my acne and see how they work. I will repost to let everybody know how that and the acv/honey taken internally is working. Good luck to everybody. Am now a FIRM believer that God gave us what we need to cure what ails us.

Posted by Anonymous (Northern Cali, CA) on 04/07/2007

The honey cure did work to dry up my eczema blisters on my hands. Probably because of the potassium explained in the other entries. After it dries, the skin just turns dry, so I think it's best to use lotion or even better Aloe Vera onto the eczema area. If you are able to get the actual Aloe Vera plant, then cut off the skin and just rub the natural pulp onto your dry skin to heal faster. Alrighty, hope that helps. *Also, Does anybody know any cures or home remedies to get rid or fade away the ECZEMA SCARS? Thanks.

Posted by Peter (Paris, France) on 06/13/2007

I have been under treatment for years for Herpes Whitlow on my right hand, which occasionally manifests itself on my pallette and genitals. I have always tested negative for herpes 2, and assumed my outbreaks are weird manifestations. Doctors here have never seen this combination of symptoms. They were debilitating until I started self imumnizing my cat and pollen allergies with daily dose of different honeys, and cutting out practically all refined sugars in my diet. Whereas I would have an outbreak every twelve months on a maintenance dose of 500mg of Zelitrex daily (quadrupled during outbreaks) the last two outbreaks have been restricted to my finger and palette - a great improvement over previous ones. I feel the honey is helping my immune system suppress the virus, perhaps by keeping my immune system on alert all the time. I hvae upped my daily dosage of Zeleitrex to 15 mg, and would appreciate any comments from others who have found Honey a satisfactory paliative.

Itchy Skin
Posted by Em (Dunedin, New Zealand) on 06/23/2007

I was being driven crazy at midnight last night by an itching foot which, I think, is a side effect from a prescribed medication. I have tried so many remedies including those suggested by my doctor. Well, last night I came across your site and in desperation smeared my poor old foot with Manuka honey and lo and behold it stopped almost instantly ! The relief is exquisite so thank you for the great information. I will be passing it on. Kia ora. Em, New Zealand.

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