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Raw Honey Sources

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 06/20/2018
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I was in a Ross clothing store yesterday. They usually have a section of random and assorted food products. Perhaps things that were overstocks or discontinued. I found some raw honey, in glass jars, from Germany. It was $7 for a 17 ounce jar.

You never know where you might find a quality product. It pays to just take notice.

I used the honey today. My 7 year old ripped his toenail off in a bike accident and had pain and a wound.

After an overnight plantain poultice, I am using a drop of iodine plus a smear of honey on a bandage to promote healing and prevent infection.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tim
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Thanks to Mama to Many posted here.

Some additional info - here is the simple way to check the natural honey: you need to drop honey on paper and set it on fire. Natural product does not burn unlike honey "boosted" with sugar syrup.

Replied by Anon

I just tried this and the paper burned but the honey did not. It did blacken at the edges before I put the fire out. Thanks for the tip!

Royal Bee Jelly

Posted by Wayseeker (Motown, Ca/ Usa) on 10/26/2012
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Got so excited by all that royal bee jelly can do! Lowers cholesterol, balances blood sugar, helps block toxins in the liver, protects against radiation, and on & on.

So I called around to local beekeepers, and am trying to buy some fresh. It can be mailed on ice-- expensively, online-- but I just know I can find it locally, because there are lots of bees and blossoms here. It should fun to look at the bee boxes too!

I'm gonna do the same thing with seeking local leche, too. --T.

Sinus Congestion

Posted by Merle (Hillsboro, Oregon) on 12/23/2007
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I have been struggling with a ongoing sinus congestion causing severe headaches on waking and thick drainage down the back of my throat for almost 3 months. I had been taking over the counter remedies but had resigned myself to a trip to the doctor for something stronger to knock out what I believed to be a low level sinus infection; it wasn't clearing up and today was worse than ever when I woke up. I remembered reading about honey and cinnamon remedy for "something" so thought I would look to see if there were something for sinus problems. On your site I found a remedy - 1/4t cinnamon with 1Tbl honey. Well, I tried it and within 15 minutes I could feel the pressure lightening, the drainage becoming thinner and less - I feel wonderful! I am not often moved to write a comment, but I just can't keep this one to myself - Thank you so much! Merle


Posted by Gina (Gulf Coast, AL) on 10/09/2008
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i have been using honey on my skin and my skin is really glowing and looks tighter. I just have been putting a thin layer of honey on my skin, letting it sit for however long I have time and wash it off.

Posted by Jaki (Southwest, New Mexico) on 11/12/2007
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Nearly a year ago a friend told me she only uses honey to wash her face. I tried it, and it's wonderful. I had been using a very expensive cleanser, but now I pat 1 tablespoon of honey over face, throat, and upper chest, let it sit while I brush my teeth, and rinse it off in the shower. My skin looks years younger, and buying local honey is better in so many ways than commercial, chemical-laden cleansers. It also seems to banish break outs within 24 hours.

Posted by Djuana (Brooklyn, NY) on 01/23/2007
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Honey cures for acne and irritated skin on the face. My face is clear now.

Posted by Kabita (Kolkata and West Bengal) on 04/25/2006
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I take honey -- it makes my skin glow. Your site is really very helpful to the people like me who always want to make the skin more radiant by intaking home made substances. THANK U.

Stomach Pain

Posted by Vikas on 09/30/2006
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I had severe pain in lower abdomen, and inspite of several medical tests nothing was being detected from past 3 months i was just having pain killers and someone told me about honey cure and i searched net and luckily came across your article. It cured my pain completely , and now i feel quite energetic n healthy.. thanks for publishing such a rich natural treatment.

Replied by Sherry
longview, Washington
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I was having painful burning cramps during my monthly cycle. Honey made the pain stop. I took a tablespoon of it. The honey I had on hand is Clover Honey. I am going to try natural raw honey to see howe I react to that. I may try it on my face too. I have dry skin and I am always looking for a better way to clean my face.


Posted by Mrsmarc (Shelton, Ct, USA) on 02/02/2013
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I get Sty's a couple of times a year. It's so annoying. I use [manuka honey] to get rid of them QUICK. It's good for soooo many things. I would never be without it. I'm sure any brand of 16 would do. As soon I feel a sty coming on (you know that pain you get when you blink), with a CLEAN finger or Q-tip, I just rub a bit into my lashes right where the pain is. I do this two to three times a day. The sty never comes full force and is gone completely within 3 days. Do your best to not get the honey into your eye because it really stings and your eye will water like crazy. Do yourself a favor and try this. If you catch the sty first thing, you will be so happy in a few days when you are sty-free!

Tooth Abscess

Posted by Jarrod (Fillmore, CA) on 01/18/2008
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Apparently, there are three types of sugar. Glucose, fructose and sucrose. Sucrose is the only kind of sugar which is detrimental to the strength of your teeth. The other two turn out to be good. They trap bacteria and do other good stuff. I don't know all of the technical, scientifical (I know it's not a word, but it should be) theory behind it all, but I have tried this remedy myself and it works! I had a sore tooth for months. I had to stop rinsing my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide because the pain was unbearable. I bought some local honey and started eating a lot (two tablespoons with my coffee in the morning and more here and there when I had the time. Up to probably 10 tablespoons a day. I like honey, so this was easy. I don't think you need that much though. I also chewed on some honey comb that was in the jar. Not sure if that helped either, but it was a good gum substitute. Anyway, my pain is completely gone now and I can rinse with hydrogen peroxide! God bless!


Posted by Sandy (sandhya) (Bangalore, Karnataka) on 08/17/2009
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I took a couple of teaspoons of raw honey in my mouth and kept swishing it around for 20 minutes (procedure same as oil pulling), and the spat it out and rinsed my mouth. Voila! Toothache gone immediately!!


Posted by Tom (Kane, Pa) on 10/31/2009
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I got an ulcer a few years back in the upper part of my stomach. The pain was so bad, it kept me awake at night. My doctor told me it was angina and that i was just getting old. I was 38! So I looked it up online and all the symptoms pointed to an ulcer. So, I looked up home remedies and found honey as one for ulcers. I made peanut butter and honey sandwiches for my lunches for a week. In one day I felt relief and in three days all symptoms were gone. During the past 3 years, I have felt the symptoms returning twice. Both times I drank honey right from the bottle, twice a day for 2 days, and it cleared right up. I use regular honey, you know the kind in the plastic squeeze bears, and it works for me. Thanks, earth clinic, love the site.

Where to Buy: Mumbai

Posted by Alex (Mumbai, India) on 03/28/2010

We need a "Where to buy raw unheated honey" page. I have read many times that raw honey is not the same as unheated honey. Raw means unpasteurized and without additive but they still heat up the honey to allow better filtering of it so that they can put a label saying pure honey on the bottle. This procedure reduces the healing properties of the honey by destroying enzymes and making the honey more dangerous for blood sugar level swings. Unheated specifies it hasn't been tempered with at all. I know raw unheated honey is quite easily available in the USA but I have been all over Mumbai and can't seem to find any. Honey in general is badly labeled in India. Lots honey is labeled pure but all of them give me blood sugar level swings. Only Hymalaya honey does not. I have contacted this company and they have confirmed that they do not pasteurize their honey but they do eat it up to 50 Celsius in order to filter it. If anyone can tell me of a brand, a shop or a farmer in the area selling raw unheated honey please do tell me. I'm also looking for raw unpasteurized dairy by the way. Thanks

Replied by Manish
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Did you fine any Brand or Shop for Raw UnHeated Honey ?


Posted by Brenda (Albertville, AL) on 01/24/2008
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i had surgery in Nov.,2007 to remove damaged breast tissue caused from a car accident. a couple weeks after surgery, I had what looked to be a blood blister. It proceeded to open up, drain and cause considerable pain and redness accross almost the entire breast. The cream the Dr. gave me seemed to keep the area too moist and it kept oozing. After talking and research I decided to try honey. The area which had started to look like a diabetic ulcer or bedsore, looked better the next morning , I continued to use about 1/4 tsp of raw honey on a cotton pad, I just placed it so the honey would be sure to get completely into the wound. It has been a little over a week and my Dr. was amazed at how well it is now healing.

Posted by Stacia (Okeechobee, FL) on 08/29/2007
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Jennifer from Springtown, TX might want to try honey on the horse's open wound. Helps keep infections at bay.