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Posted by Stacia (Okeechobee, FL) on 08/29/2007

Jennifer from Springtown, TX might want to try honey on the horse's open wound. Helps keep infections at bay.

Posted by Jen (Bedford, NH) on 11/13/2006

After several months dealing with a painful abscess on my bottom, I was desperate. I'd had it opened and drained by a surgeon, and had to have it packed every day for weeks. I took antibiotics, which gave me a massive allergic reaction. It was not healing. Finally the opening the surgeon had made became too small to insert the packing gauze, and I just set a gauze square on the outside. It flared up again almost imediately. While looking for any alternative to "modern" medicine, I first tried a sliced red beet. It did seem to draw out some pus, but it was still not healing. Then, I read a large study that had been posted on the internet dealing with the curative effects of honey vs. standard medical therapies. The results were so dramatic, I had to try it. within five days, the abscess has fully drained! No more pus is coming out, it has NOT swollen up again, and doesn't hurt anymore. I used organic honey on a gauze square, and will continue to do so until it is fully closed and healed. I am also going to start trying it internally for acid reflux (just diagnosed), as I cannot take the prescribed pills (excruciating abdominal/colon spasms!). Thanks for a wonderful website!

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