Health Benefits of Honey

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 04/13/2011

Here is an article I found in a British newspaper today, maybe of interest to some people? By the way, I am still searching for more people who tried Manuka Honey for dry eyes (in the eye). I would love to know what they think....... I am a bit afraid to try although I have already bought the honey.

Posted by Ommanipadmeom (Nashville, Tn) on 02/15/2011

Try Watercress Tea and Olive oil for STD's Miracle Healing foods of the Bible--its a book with alot of helpful remedies that ppl tend to suffer with

Posted by Honey (Midway City, Ca) on 01/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entire thread! Everyone's input and advice and expertise were very informative and non-critical or judgmental. I love how you are all here to help each other. KUDOS to Richard, Lisa, T, Dr. Shaheen, Ivory Coast AND Janie D!

This thread has made me want to throw out any and all products made with artificial sweeteners and or refined sugar and only use Raw Organic Honey for everything! I believe Honey is Liquid Gold, Serum from God, Nature's Miracle Elixir. I also believe that the old adage, "An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away" is true! Thus, the many healthy benefits of ACV! Apples have to be the ultimate fruit in the Garden of Eden!

I want to suggest to Janie D, or reiterate what Richard and one other said about the pollens and antigens from allergens that honey bees are exposed to.

Raw Organic Honey works like a vaccine. It exposes the body to a small amount of the allergen which is too small to cause a reaction to the individual whom has a particular allergy to that pollen. (There are significantly fewer spores in the honey, compared to sniffing a flower or plant directly.)

The cause of your itching could be that the particular honey that you are eating has significantly higher amounts of the particular trigger that you are allergic to. However, this reaction of severe itching is a rather severe reaction to an allergy and I would definitely suggest getting tested by an allergist.

The test is fairly simple. You go in to the office, lie on your stomach and the Practitioner will write approximately 60 numbers on your back. They will then drop a single drop of each different plant based reactor on your back and slightly scratch your skin. (This is more of a tickle than a prick, since they do not have to break the skin for it to react. ) They also put a control drop in a separate area on your back, which will definitely positively react with your skin. They will wait 20 minutes and come back to see which number reacts and that is what you are allergic to! I guarantee it will be the plant that was visited by the honey bees that produced the organic honey that you are reacting to! Problem solved.

Solution, DO NOT GIVE UP HONEY! Find another brand of Organic Honey, or stick to Raw honey. The only difference is Organic honey must be produced, processed and packaged in a way that follows the regulations for organic guidelines. Natural honey is produced using traditional methods. Both are good.

Raw honey is the best, it has not been pasteurized, filtered or heated. Pasteurization is Americas way of making the Honey 'pretty & smooth' by overheating it. Thus, removing the honey's natural capability to crystallize (which is not a bad thing, meaning, crystallized honey is GOOD! ) Pasteurization also removes many of the natural enzymes, antibodies and antigens that honey is known for it's positive benefits. America has a weird thing with ruining natural foods, like milk, oats, wheat, flour, sugar, etc. by over-processing it.

Just try raw, natural, organic, (even crystallized) honey. To make it pour better, heat the 'glass jar' that it should come in, in hot water. (NOT MICROWAVE! )


~Erin, a Honey advocate!

Posted by Hopefully Helpful (Pv, Az) on 09/12/2010

I had much improvement with my allergies with local honey, UNTIL I got to the mesquite one. I was so allergic to the pollens that are out during that season, that I was also very allergic to the honey. It caused my whole family abdominal issues, and miserable low grade fevers. We switched back to the other seasons' honey production, and were fine. After much prayer and consideration, we started doing NAET. This has helped us much more with the allergies - especially ones that the honey couldn't help with, such as dust mites, other foods, etc. Honey is still great though, and I would recommend people do both! Also, cutting out the refined sugar made a huge difference as well. I hope this helps!

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Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 09/03/2010

Most honey on the market is 20% - 80% water.. Government says okay to label bottle 100% honey. Found one that must be 95% honey.. Taste is delicious.. Wow simply the best

Posted by Aries (Greenville, Sc) on 08/15/2010

To the lady talking about local honey and some side efects such as diarrea (sp). Honey is God's gift to man - remember the land of milk and honey and that the Israelites lived on manna (bread) and honey for 40 years. Honey is also an immediate appetite supressant, as well as a natural upset stomach suppresant. It also is a natural cleanse throughout your digestive system through the small intestines and large intestines. If you have been having stomach cramps/nausea/constipation, honey is excellent to relieve that. When it cleans the colon, it is ridding your body of all kinds of collected garbage in there. I have IBS, and I need the liquid produced to have a normal stool. Remember to also eat your vegetables and fruits with some protein to produce the results you want. Good luck to you! Honey and apple cider vinegar have saved my life! BTW: Apple cider vinegar (1 TBLS) midday has been the only thing to lower my tricylerides and my chloresterol is perfect now. Statin drugs and Lipitor did nothing for me. Aries:)

Posted by Isabelle (Garden Grove, Ca Usa) on 07/26/2010

Hello! I hope that you can avoid cataract surgery. Here is what I know: B2 (riboflavin), large amount: 2 to 3 times 100 mg per day. (urine gets yellow it is normal because the body doesn't use all but we don't know how much it really need; everybody is different) is helping for cataract as per Adele Davis, but a multi B must be taken too for balance of B. Also Similasan's 'cataract care' from Switzerland are homeopathic drops 800 240 9780 in the U. S. Also beside fish and carots, lutein zeaxanthin and bilberry are well known supplements for eyes. Good luck!

Posted by Judy (Kansas City, Mo, Usa) on 07/25/2010

I am wanting to try the raw honey in my eyes but all of the raw honey that I look at is unfiltered, and I don't think the small pieces of wax would feel good in eyes. I would like to see if it will help my cataracts before I have surgery.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Joyjoy (Queens, Ny) on 05/12/2010

I would like to see the pictures of your sister's foot. Thank You.

Where to Buy: Mumbai
Posted by Alex (Mumbai, India) on 03/28/2010

We need a "Where to buy raw unheated honey" page. I have read many times that raw honey is not the same as unheated honey. Raw means unpasteurized and without additive but they still heat up the honey to allow better filtering of it so that they can put a label saying pure honey on the bottle. This procedure reduces the healing properties of the honey by destroying enzymes and making the honey more dangerous for blood sugar level swings. Unheated specifies it hasn't been tempered with at all. I know raw unheated honey is quite easily available in the USA but I have been all over Mumbai and can't seem to find any. Honey in general is badly labeled in India. Lots honey is labeled pure but all of them give me blood sugar level swings. Only Hymalaya honey does not. I have contacted this company and they have confirmed that they do not pasteurize their honey but they do eat it up to 50 Celsius in order to filter it. If anyone can tell me of a brand, a shop or a farmer in the area selling raw unheated honey please do tell me. I'm also looking for raw unpasteurized dairy by the way. Thanks

Chicken Pox Blisters
Posted by New To All This (Los Angeles, Ca) on 03/27/2010

To add to my last comment about honey for winter eczema:

It started to get cold early last fall, so I used raw honey on the back of my hands for several nights. Then it got warm again, and when the cold returned, my hands had the roughness I'd experienced in the past. So I applied cheap grocery store honey on the backs of my hands during the daytime for several days. After that I had no problems with roughness or bleeding during the rest of the winter.

I don't know if this means cheap honey is better, but I am taking it to mean it isn't worse. (And maybe a humidifier wouldn't be as sticky.)

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Posted by Bippie (Ashland, Ky.) on 03/13/2010

What are you calling a dose?

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Posted by Dee (Taft, Tennessee) on 03/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I was suffering from anemia, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, horrible acid reflux, fatigue, heart palpitations,( I would have to go to the ER about once a week for injections to convert my heart) anxiety and obesity. My body was in such an awful condition. My mouth was cracked on both sides to the point I could not get a spoon in my mouth. I had became so frustrated with going to the doctor, trying at all these medicines and still feeling horrible. I spent so much money but was only getting worse. I had went for a week without eating from pain in my stomach. Laying in a bed ridden state I began to pray about 3:30 one morning. I remember praying and saying that if God didn't help me I was going to die. I remember asking God to lead me to something that would help me. I got up, staggered to the computer and typed, how to build your blood quickly. I was due a blood transfusion. I was directed to Earth Clinic and the healing properties of honey. With my legs weak and shaking I went to the cabinet, found a little bottle filled with the sweet golden honey.. I took a dose as I prayed, Lord. please help me.

That was Saturday morning at about 3:45. Saturday I took about 3 doses of the golden liquid. I went to bed Saturday night... I slept 11 hours. I felt instant relief in my stomach. Sunday I ate glazed ham, potato salad and buttermilk pie! I went into the hospital for a transfusion... my blood had increased from a 7.1 to a 7.5 in 72 hours! I was so happy that I put the honey on the corners of my mouth....24 hours later... no cracks! I am a believer! Honey works. I take it daily and I've also lost 20 pounds in a month. I am able to eat full meals now without any abdominal pain. The anxiety is gone, I've not had any heart palpitations. I feel stronger and my mind seems clear. I've been a nurse for over 20 years and I did NOT support the use of herbs or home remedies...until I had ran out of hope. Since I started taking the golden miracle, many of my family, friends and church family now take honey as well. My restless leg syndrome has completely stopped and I rest so well. All my symptoms have stopped!! I encourage you to try this. It's inexpensive and it taste wonderful however, before starting any home remedy or natural herbal supplement ...CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR!! EARTH CLINIC, you are an answer to my prayer.. thanks for being here.*smiling

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Posted by Ladut (Northern, Indiana) on 01/10/2010

Botulism is a concern when feeding infants honey because of the spores that may be present in the honey. These spores are harmless to adults, as they are in a dormant state, but infect infants by another method of action.

Being spores, however, means that they can survive cooking temperatures, and so boiling honey will do nothing to reduce this risk.

I also somewhat disagree with the statement that second generation Indians develop allergies due to a bored immune system. Your immunity is developed by oneself, through exposure to disease, not inherited from the parent (although genetics may play a role in the functional ability, the actual functioning is environmental). Industrialized nations have much higher levels of allergies anyway, regardless of where your parents came from, so it's more likely that the environmental toxins are just something that NO immune system is built to easily handle.

Posted by Terry (Big Lake, Maine) on 01/08/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Local Honey Cures Allergies

I have been taking local honey for years and just recently moved to the great state of Maine and have begun a regimen of local raw honey here.

I use to suffer from allergy problems most severely, I took most sugar out of my diet and replaced it with local honey. Not only am I allergy free, I do not get colds or flu- even as my children were growing up and bringing home all kinds of contagious ailments from school, social activities- folks could be around me dropping like flies from viruses, colds etc.(For many years I worked in an orthodontic office dealing mainly with children with all kinds of germs floating about) I did not succumb because I believe local honey boosted my immune system to the point of immunity from most common ailments. I am 47 years old and have not gone a day without consuming local honey- I cannot recall the last time I became ill with a cold or flu. I believe in this statement most whole heartedly-Local Honey cures allergies. (I do believe it should be local honey consumed and all the better- raw local honey.)Also- raw honey cures many skin ailments, slow healing sores covered with raw honey heal more speedily and have little scarring.

I should mention that I am a sustainable farmer, growing most of the food I eat- I do not have health insurance and have relied on natural aids to healing. I have had lacerations that should have required stitches heal up well before the physicians of today would recommend by using raw honey and epsom salt soakings. I am a firm believer in natural cures- not because of what ifs but because of what is...all that the earth naturally provides can cure most ailments. One last comment- I would not be without Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in my cupboard. It cures almost everything from headaches to sinusitis to dry skin.

Thank you for this wonderful alternative site to RX's that cost an arm and a leg and often provide horrible side effects. To get to the root of any ailment, one should start naturally...

Take care-

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Posted by Cured (Niceville, Fl) on 12/02/2009

***If you could remove my post from yesterday please, I was a bit off but have found today the correct information.***

Honey is the only food on the planet that will not spoil or rot. It will do what some call turning to sugar. In reality honey is always honey. However, when left in a cool dark place for a long time it will do what I rather call "crystallizing". When this happens I loosen the lid, boil some water, and sit the honey container in the hot water, turn off the heat and let it liquefy. It is then as good as it ever was. Never boil honey or put it in a microwave. To do so will kill the enzymes in the honey.

EC: Done!

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Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA) on 12/01/2009

I would suggest not putting the honey in boiling water as you can destroy the precious enzymes (hopefully you have raw honey) and nutrients. Just gently warm it.

Posted by Tom (Kane, Pa) on 10/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I got an ulcer a few years back in the upper part of my stomach. The pain was so bad, it kept me awake at night. My doctor told me it was angina and that i was just getting old. I was 38! So I looked it up online and all the symptoms pointed to an ulcer. So, I looked up home remedies and found honey as one for ulcers. I made peanut butter and honey sandwiches for my lunches for a week. In one day I felt relief and in three days all symptoms were gone. During the past 3 years, I have felt the symptoms returning twice. Both times I drank honey right from the bottle, twice a day for 2 days, and it cleared right up. I use regular honey, you know the kind in the plastic squeeze bears, and it works for me. Thanks, earth clinic, love the site.

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Posted by Mirna (Quebradillas, Puerto Rico, United States) on 10/21/2009

Hello Maggie from Toronto, Canada. I have a question about your comment on WARNING Honey should be RAW to be Beneficial. Does Raw Honey have an expiration date?? Being on the island Honey in the RAW form is not readily available. But am able to find it, in all places, Marshall's, But the jars do not have expiration dates. I'm interested in using honey for home; body and soul:)

Thank you for your feed-back.

Mirna from Puerto Rico!

Chicken Pox Blisters
Posted by Tj (New York, Ny) on 09/22/2009

Yes, What you really need is a humidifier in your home during winter months to put some moisture back in the air...

Chicken Pox Blisters
Posted by New To All This (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/22/2009

My dermatologist told me the rough, red skin on my hands and tears at the knuckles I get in winter is eczema. Two years ago it was happening as usual, so I put ordinary supermarket honey on the back of my hands for three nights in a row. I didn't see any change, so I stopped using it, but two or three weeks later I noticed that the weather was as cold and dry as it is every winter (although our winters are very mild compared with most of the US), I hadn't been wearing gloves and yet the skin on my hands remained normal. I decided it had to be the honey, so I put on some more. Soon after that, the eczema returned. It didn't make sense to me that the honey would heal my hands the first time I used it and cause the problem to return when I used it again, but that's what seemed to have happened.

Last winter I slept with another ordinary brand of honey on the back of my hands for several nights, starting before signs of eczema appeared. I didn't reapply it and my hands did not not get rough all winter. However, over the winter, I found five or six small tears in the skin. My hands did get a little rough in early spring.

This winter I'm going to try raw honey and see if the effect is any different.

Chicken Pox Blisters

Chicken Pox Blisters
Posted by Teresa (Lehigh Acres, Fl) on 09/19/2009


Posted by Sandy (sandhya) (Bangalore, Karnataka) on 08/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I took a couple of teaspoons of raw honey in my mouth and kept swishing it around for 20 minutes (procedure same as oil pulling), and the spat it out and rinsed my mouth. Voila! Toothache gone immediately!!

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Posted by Raquel (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 07/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Honey - Stomach Ulcer, cuts, hair rinse.

After spending 6 very stressful weeks in the Dominican Republic helping to care for my sick mother, a few weeks after being back home I began having a lot of indigestion and finally acute pain in my stomach. I didn't go to a doctor but did a "symptom search" and it pointed towards a stomach ulcer, I also asked two of my cousins who had had gastritis and one of them a diagnosed ulcer and their symptoms seemed to be the same as mine. Many years earlier I'd heard from my mother that honey had cured my godfather's ulcer so I did a search online and read about Manuka honey curing ulcers. Since I'd just brought some raw Dominican honey I figured it would be just as good and started eating about 1 oz. before each mail. The minute it started to go down I could feel my stomach relax and the pain begin to subside. At first I still had some pain after eating but much less than before; the next day I was even better and very soon (can't remember exactly how many days) I had NO more pain anymore.

When my son was born over 26 years ago there was no warning about honey so I gave it to him and, thankfully, he had no problems. I also dabbed it on his lip and later on my daughter's when they started walking (by then they were about 1 y.o.) but fell on a tiled floor and split their lip, it stopped the bleeding instantly and apparently the pain too because they stopped crying right away, the sweet taste was a bonus too! I myself, because of problems with blood clotting (before I started taking Vit. K) would bleed a lot from a tiny finger cut but honey would usually stop the bleeding fast.

One teaspoon diluted in a cup of warm water makes an excellent final hair rinse to give the hair a lot of shine; it can also be added to conditioners for extra moisture too.

General Feedback
Posted by Raquel (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 07/19/2009

I'm sorry but I don't agree that the reason why Indians (or people from other ethnicities) may get allergies here in the U.S. is the one given, it may be the opposite. I believe there are many (and probably different...) types of environmental molds/fungi here in the U.S. and those are the real reasons for most allergies. A lot of fungi produce mycotoxins that have immuno-suppresive properties, that goes also for anti-biotics which ARE mycotoxins and they are prescribed much too liberally.

I am originally from the Dominican Republic and have had more problems in FL due to fungi, especially in recent years because of 3 hurricanes we had in this area, than I actually did where I grew up. My best friend, a Dominican also who moved to Delaware in 1991, recently told me that she began suffering from allergies, sinus (and other fungi-related) problems AFTER she moved there.

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Posted by Geren (Portland, Oregon) on 06/14/2009

Re: the lady who "thanked the bees" etc for the honey that helped her. I think that a true inner feeling and exercise is appreciation and thanks completes a circuit to wellness also. Often as I drink a simple glass of water, I think of the mountain and snow run-off it comes from; even one of the rivers it travels which I have visited many times. It really does make a difference to be cognitive of the cycle that things that bring healing go through on their way to us. Just as the healing is itself a cycle we desire. Even when I have to throw something away that is worn out (shoes or?) I take a moment and am thankful that these things came to me to help me in my life. Every bit of life is a process and I believe that if you cannot look at the beginnings of things than you will never be able to appreciate the becomings of things. As they are really the same thing.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kim (SD, CA) on 03/12/2009

i love that you thanked the bees! a heart full of gratitude and faith will go a long way towards keeping you healthy and happy:)

Honey Side Effects
Posted by Nathan (St. George, UT) on 02/20/2009

During the course of a persons life, allergies may come and go. I work in a hospital and saw a 50 year old doctor come in to the ER because he became allergic to shell fish that day. It was odd because he had eaten shell fish his entire life but that day was the day a new allergy manifested its self. Your symptoms don't sound like a typical allergic reaction. If your heart is misbehaving, I would look at eliminating caffeine before honey. Caffeine is a stimulant and has effects on the heart in lots of people.

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 02/18/2009 509 posts

Hello to AC from West Midlands,

I can't comment on Manuka honey because I have never used it, but I see lots of good comments on it on EC and elsewhere.

I will comment on local honey however, because I have used it a lot and still do. Our regular honey also has antihistaminic and antibiotic properties. To get the best results of the antihistamine effect, be sure to purchase honey produced within a 50 mile radius of where you live. The reason for this being, local honey will contain minute amounts of pollen from every plant growing in your locality.

By making sure that it is within a 50 mile radius, the honey is doing the same thing the specialists injections for allergy do: exposing you to minute amounts of the offending pollens to help your system build up a tolerance to them.

Our local honey mixed 50/50 with ACV is one of the best cough syrups I have found. The ACV is known to kill streptococcus and psuedomonas, and probably very effective against others that I don't know about.

I have never used honey in a bedsore or other lesion, but have read of others using it locally with good results. I think that local plants will also contain those healing properties because there are usually healing plants in all countries.

I have also been told by individuals that a teaspoon of honey at bedtime will cure a child's bedwetting, but my kids had already outgrown it by the time I heard this so did not have an occasion to check it out.

My suggestion would be to try your local honey for wound healing first and then try the Manuka honey on the next one and see if you think one works better than the other, stick with the one that works best or heals the fastest.

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Posted by AC (West Midlands, England) on 02/18/2009

Dear EC, will you consider doing a manuka honey page? There are several mentions of this helping ulcers and fungus problems. I'd also like to know what your other contributors (Joyce and Ted) think of it.

Posted by Laurie (Sudbury, Ontario) on 02/04/2009

hi, how are you, just wondering exactly what one means by 'honeycomb" is it the ceral? Also how much honey and for long does one take for the flu like symptons which I have now and went out to buy some raw honey. Does it work on bad headaches also related to flu. As of now its not working. Thank you


Posted by Kamal (Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India) on 01/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Honey as a burn remedy is simply excellent. You will be astonished honey ameliorates the pain from burns almost instantly. I have tried and recommended honey to dozens of friends for the treatment of burns by local application of honey with excellent results. It not only does away with the burning instantly but also takes care of the treatment. Keep applying for as long as the injury is not healed.

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Posted by Nichole (Stanton, Ca) on 12/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Honey Rocks!!

I came down with the flu one day while eating dinner, it hit me pretty fast. I had just started eating and felt very nauseous, within minutes I was feeling very warm and had a fever and my body began to ache all over. I went upstairs and laid down to try and sleep but I couldn't I just felt so awful... finally I asked my hubby to get me a biscuit and the jar of honey. I dipped the biscuit in the honey trying to get as much down as I could, probably a quarter cup. I laid down again and fell asleep, a few hours later my fever broke and I woke up at that point I felt fine, great even! So I was so excited about how fast the honey worked but of course I began to be doubtful, thinking maybe it was just a quick flu. Well a month and a half later my husband came down with a stomach flu he was nauseous and had the runs for a couple days, he didnt take any honey. Then I came down with it, again I felt horrible really quick so I went downstairs feeling faint and nauseous and grabbed the honey and some soup. I filled my mouth with as much honey as I could and swallowed, then ate my soup and again swallowed a big mouthful of honey. Within a few hours I was feeling great again! My husband was still sick! So now I know for sure it was the honey I took! Just so you know I took Sue Bee's Raw honey, I can get it here for only $5 for 2 pounds... I have become an advocate for all things natural and tell everyone about some remedies I've found on here and others I found at different sources on the net.

A couple other honey stories to share, I use honey on my daughters diaper rash and its gone sometimes by the next diaper change and others the next day! I also used it on myself after I gave birth for the tearing and it not only felt soothing but it did indeed help my tears to heal much faster.

My sisters friend Chante was in a very bad accident 6 months ago and had a severe injury to her foot. The did surgery on it but it wouldnt heal closed, so they did a skin graft and again it wouldnt close, in fact they did 4 skin grafts that wouldnt take. So for 6 months she's been going through this and I told my sister to tell her about Manuka honey, she did but Chante didnt want anything to do with it. Well after this last graft they told her if it didnt heal they would amputate!!!! So she finally conceded to try it. She put it on at 4pm and checked it at 8pm, already the skin was healing! She was so excited she applied a new bandage with more honey and checked it in the morning. Again it was looking even better! I cant tell you how amazing her foot looks now and its only been three days! I have pictures of before and after and after again and again, if anyone is interested email me and I will send you the pictures!

Go HONEY!!!!

Posted by Ani (Ontario, Canada) on 11/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

This remedy is especially good for kids but works for adults as well. It is mainly for coughs due to colds (not pneumonia or bronchitis - those require antibiotics). The honey is to be gently warmed so it's easier to spread on the chest, rub on chest like you would Vicks, and cover with cloth or towel. Best done at bed time so that you are laying down and not moving too much. Remove in morning. The honey causes the cough to ripen much quicker and releases all the mucous built up in the chest so you can expel it. It will not make you cough LESS, it will just allow your body to release the mucous quicker and hence get over the cough much faster. You can repeat the honey procedure every night until cured. My family has used this remedy for many years. Reminder, this is not like a cough syrup which simply suppresses your urge to cough. This is a method that allows enables your body to heal faster by expediting the process.

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Posted by Ruth (Buckeye, Arizona, U.S.A.) on 11/20/2008

For a good price on raw honey, look in your local yellow pages for beekeepers. Our local beekeeper sells a gallon of raw honey for $20.00 (U.S. dollars). If your area has no listings for beekeepers, be sure to also check under "honey" and "pest removal." Its a good idea to confirm the honey you are buying is raw, as it won't necessarily say it is raw on the label.

Posted by Adriana (Eatontown, NJ) on 10/29/2008

How much water do you add to her sippy cup and how much honey also?

General Feedback
Posted by Irin Ramos (South Jordan, Utah, USA) on 10/26/2008

Hi! I am here from Salt Lake city and I would like to buy RAW Honey but doesn't know where to buy it in Salt lake Utah. Please help me!

EC: Try your local health food store or a farmer's market.

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Posted by John W. (Deer Park, NY, USA) on 10/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars



Multiple Cures
Posted by Kim (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) on 10/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I would just like to add that I am overweight by about 20 pounds. I have never been an exercise person, nor a dieting person as I was always very slim and tiny. I was getting married in the middle of July this year, bought my wedding dress the last week of June. I was very busy planning the wedding, so I was eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich twice a day and large suppers with different desserts at night. (sampling alot of different things for our wedding supper). I went to try my dress on three days before my wedding and found that I lost 1.5 - 2 inches....I had a lace up back on the dress and had to pull the laces closed tight, and the dress was still a little loser then it was 2 weeks prior. I joked around and told everyone just to eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches! Of course I went back to eating whatever and whenever I want, and I am now overweight again. I have just started reading these articles due to a chest cold. I put a good tablespoon of honey in my coffee about 20 minutes ago, and I can breathe normal again,....WOW! I will be eating my peanut butter and honey sandwiches today and every other day until Christmas!

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