Health Benefits of Honey

Posted by Rose (PA) on 11/25/2006

I burned my hand by taking a pan out of the oven and I had a keloid by the same area. Well, I apply it directly to both areas and cover with a bandage before bedtime every night and within a week or 2 I saw it disappear. I also applied it to my keloid scar after surgery. It does wonders. I thank God. God is good.

Acid Reflux
Posted by David (Europe) on 07/30/2006

just having a spoon or 2 of raw honey every time the burning starts and just before you go bed seems to work for me but eating everything slowly and not drinking coffee alchahol (dunno spelling) or soda and always follow a meal with a glass of water and if it goes away which it did for me u can resume your normal diet and if the reflux comes back just go back to doing all of these and you should be fine.

Posted by Jan (Northern VA) on 02/22/2006

2 TBSPS/day of Manuka honey for 3 weeks on toast, in green tea, etc, cured a Community-associated MRSA-- (started as an infected spider bite) A friend's teen had CA-MRSA for 3.5 months and was on several serious antibiotics, which caused organ damage and still she tested positive for MRSA. After taking 2 TBSPs/day of Manuka honey for 3 weeks, she tested negative! Her life is no longer in danger!

Posted by Gail (Powell, Wyoming) on 11/15/2005

I struggled with severe constipation for years, and it was getting worse. I tried many natural products and had always tried to stay away from harsh laxitives. I had a colonoscopy several months ago just to see if there was anything wrong. I did have 2 pre-cancerous polyps but no blockage. I had resorted to taking Golytely twice a day per my physician's recommendations, with poor results. (Golytely is used as a bowel prep!) My chiropractor said I should try honey, 2 teaspoons, three times a day. I thought, yeah, right! It works! (Do not give honey to babies, it can cause botulism in infants).

Posted by Stacie (Galena, KS)

Honey has been a miracle cure for allergies in our family

Raw Honey Sources
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 06/24/2018

I just tried this and the paper burned but the honey did not. It did blacken at the edges before I put the fire out. Thanks for the tip!

Manuka Honey
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 08/20/2016

Further to my previous posting on the potential pitfalls of purchasing Manuka honey of dubious authenticity and pedigree, it would NOW appear that at least some of the scoundrels may be lurking closer to home!! I would not like to think that Earth Clinic members are being ripped off whilst laboring under the misapprehension that what they have purchased, at considerable cost, is some sort of "wonder food" inherently superior to regular honey, when all along it is indeed regular honey, that in any event can also be quite healthy for you. Sorry about the long sentence there but I am a bit worked up about the injustice of it all.


Honey's Health Benefits
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 08/12/2015

Honey pure and unheated, will never spoil and has been found in the pyramids of Egypt after thousands of years - intact.

Be weary of statements like "do not feed honey to newborns as there may be contamination of botulism, etc". That very source injects metallic poisons and unspeakable things into babies even before birth! Fact is, all bees would be dead as well as their queen, if they carried botulism, etc dirt with them. How ignorant! Spiritual scriptures record how thousands of years ago, babies were fed wild honey upon birth, and you know what? it is being done to this day in India. They are so informed with inherited wisdom so they know there are different honey bees with honey for specific needs and illnesses.

Honey in Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine is being used as a means to transport medicine deep into the body where it is needed. No, not for flavour but as a means to make herbs more effective. Furthermore honey , unheated, cures diabetes. The Samhitas which are collections of old medicals texts, say diabetics can have honey.

I set myself on research about this online a few years ago. What I found was hidden and only on a page two, about an engineer in the US, I believe, who upon retirement was rejected by the docs who diagnosed a very serious case of diabetes and proclaimed no hope. This engineer set himself to heal himself for an entire year, keeping a diary about his diet and food intake. Vegs were always followed by honey. After a year he was free of sugar imbalance and well. I would do the same regimen, and it is online, but as I am taking auto urine myself, which cures diabetes, have honey and cinnamon daily and no synthetic drugs, needles, etc. I am well. I hope this will clear doubts and disinformation that all of us have to encounter all the time these days.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Michelle R. (Seattle, Wa) on 05/11/2014

Has anyone tried using honey for pet allergies? I have a westie puppy that is on anti-histamines and anti-biotics for an extreme allergy reaction. I read up on using apple cider vinegar for allergies, I'm going to try that. Just wondering if anyone had success with it?

Posted by Sandy (sandhya) (Bangalore, Karnataka) on 08/17/2009

I took a couple of teaspoons of raw honey in my mouth and kept swishing it around for 20 minutes (procedure same as oil pulling), and the spat it out and rinsed my mouth. Voila! Toothache gone immediately!!

Posted by Kamal (Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India) on 01/21/2009

Honey as a burn remedy is simply excellent. You will be astonished honey ameliorates the pain from burns almost instantly. I have tried and recommended honey to dozens of friends for the treatment of burns by local application of honey with excellent results. It not only does away with the burning instantly but also takes care of the treatment. Keep applying for as long as the injury is not healed.

Posted by Ani (Ontario, Canada) on 11/26/2008

This remedy is especially good for kids but works for adults as well. It is mainly for coughs due to colds (not pneumonia or bronchitis - those require antibiotics). The honey is to be gently warmed so it's easier to spread on the chest, rub on chest like you would Vicks, and cover with cloth or towel. Best done at bed time so that you are laying down and not moving too much. Remove in morning. The honey causes the cough to ripen much quicker and releases all the mucous built up in the chest so you can expel it. It will not make you cough LESS, it will just allow your body to release the mucous quicker and hence get over the cough much faster. You can repeat the honey procedure every night until cured. My family has used this remedy for many years. Reminder, this is not like a cough syrup which simply suppresses your urge to cough. This is a method that allows enables your body to heal faster by expediting the process.

Posted by Hopefully Helpful (Pv, Az) on 09/12/2010

I had much improvement with my allergies with local honey, UNTIL I got to the mesquite one. I was so allergic to the pollens that are out during that season, that I was also very allergic to the honey. It caused my whole family abdominal issues, and miserable low grade fevers. We switched back to the other seasons' honey production, and were fine. After much prayer and consideration, we started doing NAET. This has helped us much more with the allergies - especially ones that the honey couldn't help with, such as dust mites, other foods, etc. Honey is still great though, and I would recommend people do both! Also, cutting out the refined sugar made a huge difference as well. I hope this helps!

Chicken Pox Blisters
Posted by Stephanie (Salt Lake city, Utah) on 05/26/2008

I can't say enough about the benefits of raw honey. My ten and four year olds woke up this morning with chicken pox. I couldn't leave them here alone and run to the store for anything to help the itching, so I mixed raw honey and cinnamon in a little bowl and dabbed it on their blisters. My four year old had been crying because she was so itchy, but after dabbing on the honey-she smiled is now resting comfortably. I have other things I am going to do for them to see if it helps the severity of their symptoms. I'll post results.

Chicken Pox Blisters
Posted by New To All This (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/22/2009

My dermatologist told me the rough, red skin on my hands and tears at the knuckles I get in winter is eczema. Two years ago it was happening as usual, so I put ordinary supermarket honey on the back of my hands for three nights in a row. I didn't see any change, so I stopped using it, but two or three weeks later I noticed that the weather was as cold and dry as it is every winter (although our winters are very mild compared with most of the US), I hadn't been wearing gloves and yet the skin on my hands remained normal. I decided it had to be the honey, so I put on some more. Soon after that, the eczema returned. It didn't make sense to me that the honey would heal my hands the first time I used it and cause the problem to return when I used it again, but that's what seemed to have happened.

Last winter I slept with another ordinary brand of honey on the back of my hands for several nights, starting before signs of eczema appeared. I didn't reapply it and my hands did not not get rough all winter. However, over the winter, I found five or six small tears in the skin. My hands did get a little rough in early spring.

This winter I'm going to try raw honey and see if the effect is any different.

Sinus Congestion
Posted by Merle (Hillsboro, Oregon) on 12/23/2007

I have been struggling with a ongoing sinus congestion causing severe headaches on waking and thick drainage down the back of my throat for almost 3 months. I had been taking over the counter remedies but had resigned myself to a trip to the doctor for something stronger to knock out what I believed to be a low level sinus infection; it wasn't clearing up and today was worse than ever when I woke up. I remembered reading about honey and cinnamon remedy for "something" so thought I would look to see if there were something for sinus problems. On your site I found a remedy - 1/4t cinnamon with 1Tbl honey. Well, I tried it and within 15 minutes I could feel the pressure lightening, the drainage becoming thinner and less - I feel wonderful! I am not often moved to write a comment, but I just can't keep this one to myself - Thank you so much! Merle

Posted by Jaki (Southwest, New Mexico) on 11/12/2007

Nearly a year ago a friend told me she only uses honey to wash her face. I tried it, and it's wonderful. I had been using a very expensive cleanser, but now I pat 1 tablespoon of honey over face, throat, and upper chest, let it sit while I brush my teeth, and rinse it off in the shower. My skin looks years younger, and buying local honey is better in so many ways than commercial, chemical-laden cleansers. It also seems to banish break outs within 24 hours.

Posted by Beverly (Elkhart, In) on 02/06/2016

Local honey is the very best in vitamins and minerals, I too also healed my sinusitis and breathing freely.

Posted by Heather (Ashville, NC) on 02/22/2007

It was recently suggested to me that I try the "Honey Therapy" for my severe allergies. Honey therapy being- RAW honey that is made locally with local bees. That being bees that take pollen from the same sources that I am apprently allergic too. I started this and two days later noticed a difference. While getting a SEVERE allergy attack, the same person suggested adding ACV apple cider vinegar to the honey. I mixed 3 oz. acv and 3 oz raw honey. Hard to drink, but then realized adding a bit of spring water helped the taste. I instantly got relief from my allergy symptoms, it lasts about 12 hours and then I repeat. Only drinking about 3 oz of the mix at a time. I am going to continue with this therapy and try some of the ACV/Honey/Baking soda mixtures for my acne and see how they work. I will repost to let everybody know how that and the acv/honey taken internally is working. Good luck to everybody. Am now a FIRM believer that God gave us what we need to cure what ails us.

General Feedback
Posted by Mawgee (Shelton, Wa) on 05/30/2012

Darn, you mean I need to stop using honey (I'm 65 going on 70)? I've never heard that being older makes it dangerous to use honey. How long has this info been available? wow, I never realized aging could be so perilous!!!! Lol

Diaper Rash
Posted by Tanya (Bellingham, WA) on 02/18/2007

Raw Honey for diaper rashes: my grandfather used to raise honey bees, and sell the honey.My mother used the raw honey on diaper rashes. It was all that ever touched the bums of my three younger sisters. She had a small container of it in the diaper bag, and some q-tips to apply it. I love telling people about this. they don't believe me, but a few have tried it.

Diaper Rash
Posted by Anne (Browns Mills, Nj, Usa) on 06/10/2011

Whenever my son gets a bad diaper rash (usually because he's been eating some new foods that don't agree with him too well), I bathe him in an oatmeal bath, let his bottom dry out well, and apply a coat of raw honey to the rash. It drastically reduces or eliminates the rash by the next diaper change. Then I'll apply virgin coconut oil at each change until it's gone (it's less sticky). It's never taken more than a few hours or overnight to get rid of any rash, regardless of the severity. The honey as a first step is crucial, so don't skip to the coconut oil.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Redcairo (Miami, Ok, Usa) on 11/20/2011

I used to have acid reflux so bad I thought I'd die of it. I also had severe asthma, severe allergies, lethargy, and sometimes complexion issues. By accident (for a completely different reason) at one point I quit ingesting any gluten grains (this is not so easy as there are a few names for this and it's in tons of packages and processed foods. I happened to shift to a totally whole-foods grain-free diet for other reasons, so I just happened to exclude it). Within 2 weeks my allegedly incurable asthma, allergies, and acid reflux were GONE, my complexion was clear and my energy level was much higher. It wouldn't hurt anybody just to try it for 3 weeks -- you would be amazed how many people I know who had only minor or different issues, let alone powerful issues they were taking drugs for, who found that completely removing gluten from their diet wiped out all symptoms. Just a suggestion. PJ

Acid Reflux
Posted by Earthmember (Owego, Ny) on 01/06/2012

I had acid reflux... Very bad... Worst I ever experienced, for over 24 hours... I do not have chronic acid reflux... But boy... That acid was coming up, burning my throat and making me cough. I was taking Pepto Bismol, and Pepcid... haven't eaten anything because the acid was making me very nauseous...

Went to work... Reluctantly... I also have a major lower lumbar spine issue by the way.. So I really felt like... Well you can imagine... I had to leave work early...

I came home, and sat at the computer, where I'm most comfortable... Not moving at all... My Honey calls on the phone and suggests I take a tablespoon of honey... I took at least 2 tablespoons as I just shot that little bear into my mouth so I'm not sure about the exact amount.

In a short while... 15 minutes maybe... I was feeling better... Not a hundred percent... but definitely better.

I believe taking a couple shots of Honey is probably a good thing to do... I certainly don't think it can hurt... I'm impressed... As I took a lot of over the counter stuff that didn't do jack... Oh... I even had those accupressure wrist bands... no luck...

pop a few pepcids, or prilosecs... Or whatever meds you have... And chase them down with the Honey... I'm thinking that the Honey is a nice soothing remedy until the meds kick in.

I hate getting old...

Good Luck With Your Ailments!

John B.

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