Cure for Warts! The Banana Peel Home Remedy

Banana Peel Feedback

Posted by Peter (Antwerp, Belgium) on 07/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After reading all the posts in this forum, I decided to give it a try and walk around with this magic bananapeel under the soles of my foot. I have been suffering from warts for over 10 years now and despite the fact that the original one's aren't there anymore, in general - they are highly persistant & replaced by new ones all the time.

My method: Cut small parts from the peel and rub this firmly over/into the wart. After this I cut small 1cm x 1cm parts, put them on it and stuck it to my foot with some bandaids or tape. I would do this every night before going to bed and keep them on afterwards. I also wanted to let them ventilate a bit, so after showering i.e. I let them breathe for an hour orso, after which they were again annoyed by my new fruity invention. So: I wore them as much as possible, e.g. shopping, running, training, movies etc.

My result: After doing this for one week straight, the result was that the warts seemed to react in some way. It was not very clear, partially because there was lots of hard skin and the banana peel left some black color here and there... but despite this is noticed that they were annoyed and some of them started to shrink a little.

After this week, I went on vacation to the seaside for a week - where I didnt use any banana for any other purpose than my milkshakes. Upon return I did it for 2 more days, after which I had an appointment with a wart-expert in the dermatology department in the hospital. She took her scalpel and gently scratched the excess skin off (no pain, don't worry) and she started laughing! "I think this approach of yours is doing the trick; they are disappearing!" As indicator she pointed at the lines on your skin (like a finger print) that were now no longer going around the wart, but followed a normal path over it - indicating that the normal skin structure came back.

Not all of them are completely gone, but from the five I had on my 2 feet, at least 3 have virtually disappeared and two are 'on the way' as she said.

Like many, I was quite sceptic at first, but after reading the overwhelming amount of positive feedback I thought: What the heck!


Maybe the Potassium did the trick, I don't care... but after years of literally walking around with this nuisance, and going to the doctor for the cryo therapy (freezing them) I believe for the first time this will be the cure for it!

Thanks a lot for all the feedback - and sorry for my extensive report, but I just wanted to be as precise as possible as it might help somebody in the same position as me. As soon as everything is gone, I will make another post to let y'all know.


Replied by Cindy
Wichita, Kansas

I had some serious health problems cleared up by the watercure but it had no effect on the plantars wart on my foot. Hydrogen Peroxide aggravated it a bit, but that's about it. I'm going to try the banana peel. I've had the darn thing for about 30 years and it has affected my ankle because I walk as if there is a rock in my shoe. Can't wait to see what happens! I'm going to try green organic bananas. Will report back.

Posted by Allison (Salem, Indiana) on 07/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Banana Peel most definetly works. I put the peel on my six year old son's foot that had warts on them every night with a bandade over top to keep in place. Seven days it was gone. Turned black and fell off. Hasn't returned. Put the remedy in my recipe box and share it with anyone that has warts to be rid of. Thanks for the site I refer to it often. Allison

Posted by Sharon (Williamsburg, VA) on 05/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: Banana Peel for plantar wart. For those having suffering with plantar warts: After five years of suffering through laser surgery, Cantharadin, salycidic acid, etc., none of which helped, I was cured within a month using banana peel every other night with Aldara on the alternate nights.

Posted by Cathy (San Antonio, TX) on 05/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Wanted to let you know that about 2 months ago, a painful wart showed up on my right thumb. Of course I picked at it which made it worse. Okay--it doesn't take me too long to learn so.....I peeled a banana, placed the peel on the wart and secured it there the first night. Within an hour I had extremely uncomfortable shooting pains going up my arm and into my neck. It was close to being unbearable and I was unable to go to sleep most of the night. Around 4am it began to subside and from that time on, all pain vanished and the wart disappeared within 10 days. For me, painful but effective.

Replied by Lynne
Manalapan, NJ

I have been battling warts on my fingers for what has to be at least 5-6 years now. Like everyone else I have spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter "cures". Finally caved in a year ago and went to the dermatologist (who wasn't in my plan) and spent hundreds on the freezing method. He warned me that it would get ugly, but I had no clue just HOW ugly. How embarrassing to have to go to work every day covered in band-aids so that no one could see what was going on under them on both my hands. He shouldn't have done it that way. So when I went back for my second treatment, I had him only do one finger since band-aids on one finger aren't as noticeable. BTW, was asked by so many people what happened to my hand and I lied and said I had burned myself cooking. Well, after the second treatment, there was improvement, but not completely gone, and not being covered by insurance, it was costing a fortune. Found out that there is a much higher % of salycic acid in corn removers and have been using those now. STILL, no noticeable improvement. Tonight, I begin the banana method and I'm praying that it works. You all know how embarrassing warts are. Wish me luck! Hopefully the next time I write I will be one of the YEAS. :-)

Posted by Royce Hamer (Edmonton, Canada) on 04/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Banana Skins worked for me.I had many stubborn Plantar warts on my feet including a cluster the size of a table spoon.Medical Acid and nitrogen freezing did nothing as well as two other internet cures however the essential oil did agrivate the warts. I tried the banana and they are dissappearing fast(3 weeks) They may be dead now but I am not taking any chances so keeping up the bannana peels at night. I tape them on with duct tape and cover with socks to hold in place. No Pain lots of gain. It worked for me.

Posted by PlantarBeGone (Suffolk County, NY) on 04/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Had a plantar as a boy (maybe 12) which a doctor scraped once a week for some weeks and applied acid. After many months a blister formed under the wart and it disappeared. Fast forward 20 years....

Had a plantar on my foot for some two years now. My dermatologist scraped it, froze it and had me put salcylic (sp?) acid on it for months. After many months of band-aids and treatments, no joy. Eventually I went to a dermatologist who had me put Lazer Formaldehyde on it for months to "shrink the wart". He felt that it made good progress and eventually used some heat device to burn the wart. He said it wouldn't leave a scar but it left one. That was June 2007 and I was OK until February 2008 when, around the edges of the scar, the wart reappeared.

Prior to the surgery I had tried duct tape, Apple Cider Vinegar, the acid, Epsom salts, hot water, religiously for weeks, one after the other, all to no avail. I wish I had just tried the banana cure!!! I could have saved SO MANY HOURS of driving back and forth, waiting around at the doctor, having the uncomfortable surgery, etc.

Before I continue, I must say that I sympathize with all the people who had no success with the bananas. I have taken some peel off of the same banana for the past four nights (just slicing off a little with a sharp knife from the skin... I may have to freeze it or eat it tomorrow as it's looking pretty ripe) and after showing and cleaning my foot, applying the little slice of banana peel to my foot and leaving it on until the following night with a band-aid on top.

After 24 hours it looked mushy, not sure if there was too much change.

After 48 hours (last night) a big piece of skin came off from on top of the original scar area.

Tonight marked 72 hours. The little black spots (hematosis?) are all gone. There are three little craters to the side of the original surgical scar area that just sort of "opened up" on my foot where I think the little black dots were. It's amazing. The skin looks pink and healthy. I am going to keep putting banana peels on my foot to see if it will fix the scar area somewhat. Want to make sure that everything is dead/gone. Man oh man, this is so easy. I hope it works for good. Good luck to everyone and God Bless those who figured out this cure

Replied by PlantarBeGone
Suffolk County, NY
1 out of 5 stars

The plantars keep coming back and spreading despite the bananas. Too bad. I got my hopes up. :(

Replied by Amy
Dallas, Texas

Warts are caused by a virus. So - unfortunately - the chances of getting new ones is good. But knowing a great cure for when they crop up...

Replied by Howard
Omaha, AR

I have tried everything. planter warts does not spread. if you have seed on your warts that is not planters warts. the planter wart that i have on my right foot has roots that grow to the bone and has to be cut out. when i cut it out it's ok for a week or two and grows back and it is like a little hard rock. Thanks.

Replied by PlantarBeGone
Suffolk County, NY

Finally. I think (I hope) I got rid of that plantar. It really spread to about 7 circles around the scar from the surgical burn from 6-2007.

I had to use a product called Wart Wonder. I can't remember how I came across it.... maybe on a Google Search? I started using it in around 10-2008 and after using most of a bottle of the regular strength I found the Super-Potent on ebay. Maybe it's a common product but I never heard of it before. It took many months, but the hematomas finally stopped appearing and the skin is soft and clear. Hopefully got rid of the cursed thing. I probably spent about $50 or $60 for the combined costs of the two bottles. Not cheap, but certainly worth the expense. One time my son licked the bottle cap (he's a baby) and I was worried so I called the company and spoke with the owner and she said not to worry, just rinse his mouth out with water and that it's all herbal stuff inside.

Probably like the folks that had success with bananas, Wart Wonder seemed to work best when rubbing it in while watching a movie or whatever. The Super-Potent seemed to work the best. If I had to "do it over again" I would only get the strongest potency. I guess my plantar was too stubborn for a banana, I'm just glad I finally found something that worked. Just tonight while looking for this site I also saw an electronic device that supposedly kills warts in three minutes. I'm not sure how, or if it works, but if I had to go through this again I'd probably make the investment in that item. Hopefully for the "Nays" like me who were trying to deal with this for years and felt at the end of their hope this may help.

Posted by Anika (Minnetonka, MN) on 03/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I used a banana peel and my wart turned brown and fell off my finger!!!

Replied by Elijah
Bay Area, California

Im Elijah and I have been dealing with the same wart for some years now. I never really tried to remove it, because I always believe if I did it would pop up somewhere that I really didnt want it. I didnt see doctors because heard its to painful and too expensive and didnt freeze it because who does like the idea of freezing their skin. Anyway I finally got tired of looking at it because it looks gross and decided to use the internet sincation banana peel. I just have one question. Should I scrape all of the black dead skin off of the top when it starts to die? Also should I let the area heal before reaplying banana peel, because to me it sounds a little like putting something on a open wound and I dont want it to get infected. Or should I reaply the banana peel right after I pick all of the black dead skin off?

Posted by Ash (Toronto, Canada) on 03/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For all of you who e-mailed the Nays and Aays using Banana Peel. Banana peel can be used for many skin diseases. The right way is to rub the inside of the banana skin repeat the inside of the banana skin. No need to freeze or hold it with a duct tape. You must continue rubbing (use may have to use many insides of the banana skin)until the itch or lession pains or scratches. Only stop when the pain or scratching stops. The pain or scratching is the bacteria that are fighting the ingredients inside the banana peel.

Posted by Ian de'Ath (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all, We tried the banana peel with no success BUT when we froze the bananas in the freezer and gave it another go IT WORKED a treat. With in 2 days, one of my daughters warts had fallen off completely!!! The other two had reduced in size by almost half in this some time. Simply buy your bananas, chop into chucks, freeze in a plastic freezer bag and use what ever you need at the time! I used the inside of the skin and I put the skin on a piece of guaze and then taped it onto the foot. Next I lightly bandaged it up and then put a ankle stocking over it to hold it through the night. Good luck with trying this method, It worked for us and hopefully for you too. Regards Ian.

Posted by Judy (Cullowhee, NC) on 02/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Great results applying banana peel to a wart. Wart was 3/8" in diameter, pink and mushroom-puffy. Used a waterproof bandaid to secure a piece of banana peel to it nightly. Wore it 24 hrs/day. By day 4, the wart was brown, flat and looked as though it would lift off. When I (very gently) tried that, tiny bits would crumble. On day 6, it was GONE! Seemingly dissolved. My skin is flat and red where the wart was, with a couple of pinhead-sized bumps in the center. Will continue treatment til they disappear.

Posted by Trish (Toronto, Ontario) on 02/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My 7 year old had 4 plantar warts from our local pool where she swims twice a week and always wears deck shoes. I first tried the banana peel cure. She didn't mind it, I would cut small squares of banana peel put over the wart and cover with bandaids. Then I would make her wear socks to bed. I did this for several weeks. It did seem to moisten the warts, but often the peel slipped from the area where it should have been. Next I tried the ACV. I cut a cotton ball into quarters, soaked them in the ACV and then put it over the wart, covered it with bandaids and socks. I did this for about a week. She did not like this remedy as it was messy and smelly (according to her). So finally I tried the clear nail polish trick. I must say that the warts did start to turn brown right away with the banana cure and I used a Pumice stone to wear them down as often as I could, although she complained that it hurt. (I did find that some of the warts were growing bigger after the first 2 cures) I did the clear nail polish every couple of days for 2 weeks. Then I kind of ignored the wart problem as we have been really busy. Well last night, she came home from swimming and had a shower. I took the pumice stone to the warts (one had disappeared on its own) and the other 2 fell right out!! There is still a tiny one on her toe, but I do think it is almost gone. I did notice before her shower the warts were noticably smaller. I am so happy, thanks for the advice. If one thing does not work try another. We noticed the first wart when we were in Florida in November. It is now Feb, so it did take a while and a few different concoctions, but I am thrilled with the results. She is more upset that there are 2 small holes in her feet where the warts used to live then she ever was about having the warts in the first place!! The skin will grow back and we now know how to deal with these warts.

Posted by Josephine (Vancouver, BC) on 01/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I'm glad that I found this site because I had used a wart treatment medicine (acidic gel) prescribed by the doctor for more than a month with no results. I used a small piece of banana peel, put it on the plantar wart for about 8 hours, washed it off, air dry, scraped it, put the wart treatment gel medicine, covered it with gauze. This was done every day. After using the banana peel method, the wart changed from a bump to a broad whitish bump which slowly flattened and the surface turned slightly' brown / black gradually. It also dried up and shrank a little bit. This combined method of using the banana peel and prescribed medicine was done for about 3 weeks. Finally the wart fell off. I was so happy. It took some time but worth it because the wart fell off without any pain.

Posted by Jo (Ross on Wye, England) on 01/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Our 10 year old daughter had several warts around her foot and ankle, one quite large. We had tried loads of things without success. Saw your cure using banana peel and tried it. It took a couple of months (2-3) strapping on bit of banana peel over each wart every night but now all warts have completely disappeared. Thanks very much for tip.

Posted by Romanna (Ottawa, Canada) on 12/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I checked this site for cures for my 5yr old daughter's plantar wart and tried the banana peel remedy.Within 6 weeks, the wart fell off! Thank you!!

Posted by Romanna (Ottawa, Canada) on 12/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I checked this site for cures for my 5yr old daughter's plantar wart and tried the banana peel remedy. Within 6 weeks, the wart fell off! Thank you!