Cure for Warts! The Banana Peel Home Remedy

Banana Peel Feedback

Posted by Paul (Sydney, NSW) on 03/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Banana Peel for Plantar Warts Worked! After two attempts with more persistence the second time - after being inspired by the testimonials here the Banana peel cure has worked a treat for me.

Initially, I was very excited to discover the Banana peel cure for Plantar warts that has seemed to have worked for so many. I'd had my first and only Plantar for about three months on the middle of the sole of my left foot. Previously I'd tried acid prescribed from my GP which hardened the skin - which i scraped with a scalpel but to no avail.

When i tried the Banana peel first - changing daily - i was on holidays and in the surf daily, and it didn't seem to work well.

On the second attempt, I was more persevering and instead of daily changed weekly using a combo of the duct tape. Also I ate more Bananas (about one a day) which I don't do previously as i wonder whether this may be part of the cure.

This is about my third week now and i must say no more pain. My food still looks a bit shabby with peeling skin etc but no pain or stony lump that characterized the wart. I'm confident its 98% cured. Will post again once its 100%.

Here's the method i followed:
1) Cut a small piece of fresh banana peel about 2cm square
2) Put it with the inside bit, the bit where the banana is, against my foot where the wart is/was
3) Rub it around a bit
4) Seal it to the sole of my foot with medical fabric tape (bandage-like duct tape)
(note i covered it with two pieces of tape broader than the peel so as to seal it - which was pretty much watertight)
5) Wait one week, remove clean, dry and repeat from 1)

Replied by Paul
Sydney, NSW

I can now report this worked 100%. All i can say is wow! And thank you!

Posted by Jen (Breinigsville, PA) on 02/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My 4 year old son had huge compound warts on his hands and face for about two years. We were seeing a dermatologist for a year and a half. We tried freezing the warts three times, beetle juice three times, and beetle juice with acid one time. We also had an appointment to get lazer surgery on him. Everything the doctor did seemed to make them even worse. We found this website and decided to try the banana peel treatment. After about 2 months, ALL of his warts are gone. His thumb looks normal again (something I thought would never happen). It was painless and easy to do. Even his face warts are gone. They took a little longer though since we could not cover them with a peel and bandaid. We were only able to rub the peel on top of them. This has been a miracle!!! Please tell everyone you know to give it a try.

Posted by Jason (Pasadena, California, USA) on 02/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Banana Peel for Wart Treatment: Using a cut portion of banana peel and applying on top of the existing wart with a piece of duct tape. Would apply it for a few hours and then remove. It's been slightly over two weeks now and the wart is continually getting smaller. I had tried previous laser treatment for it only to see it grow back. Anyone with a wart should definitely consider this.

Posted by D (Los Angeles, CA) on 02/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Had plantar warts for 5 years I know how you guys feel. I first had them burned off with electricity. Came back burn it off again. Got bigger. Then went to another Dr and frozen it off turned all my skin black! After 3 weeks thought it was gone skin look all pink and smooth then 2 weeks later came back. Went to another Dr and froze it and used 80% acid then went back and froze it again then used acid. One day at work I google around to see other kinds of treatment and then found this site. I was sceptical but after all the reviews I decided to give it a tried. First night I taped a (ripe) yellow banana skin with duct tape and slept and kept it on all day and went to work. At night took it off my skin was black. I thought it was from the banana because it had turned black too. Did the same thing for 2 more nights. I decided to let it rest for 2 days. After the second day of resting the dead black skin started to fall off and I could see red pink skin underneath. After one more day I put another banana skin and taped it. At night the banana turned black but not my skin after the dead skin fell off. Right then I knew it wasn't the banana skin that made my skin turned black. It was the wart dying. Boy was I happy. I wish I knew about this treatment earlier and not spending all the time and money on the Dr not to mention the pain, time off from work, stress, and scared of going anywhere bare foot like swimming with friends. I want to thank God for letting me find this site.

Posted by Katrina (Washington, DC/USA) on 02/11/2009
1 out of 5 stars

I have some flat warts on the back of my hand. I tried taping banana peel on it and sleeping with it for 7 days straight. The results are that the warts are still there. There are now more of them. On top of that, the area where the banana peel was now has some horrible eczema. I'm now treating the eczema, which I didn't have before, with aloe vera.

Posted by Susan (Birmingham, Mi. USA) on 02/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Years ago, I had a very large wart on my thumb, by the nail. I actually thought it was a nasty cuticle, very rough and cabbage like. It was painful too. One day, I examined it under a magnifier and noticed black dots and realized it was a wart. I had read in a Dear Abby column that a good wart cure was to rub the inside of a banana peel on it. I bought a bunch of them and always had an empty peel on the kitchen counter. I rubbed the wet, inside part on the wart every time I passed the kitchen. I did that for a few days. Really very interesting that it wasn't a gradual thing, more like I looked at it one day and it was gone. It probably took 3 or 4 days. It really works.

Posted by Annabelle (Christchurch, New Zealand) on 02/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Banana Skin Peel to cure Warts.

WOW, this worked for us and we proved the sceptics wrong (there were quite a few!) My son had two large painful warts on the bottom of his foot. I rubbed some banana skin on them most nights and often taped small squares of banana on them over night. The first time we did it he said that it was stinging and they started to turn black. After about 3 months they are completely gone with no scarring and other smaller ones that appeared have gone to. We often missed days and the taped on pieces frequently fell off in bed, I assume that this is why it took 3 months. If I have the need to use this remedy again I would tape them on all of the time and replace the banana skin every couple of days for quicker results.

Posted by Cy (Montreal, QC) on 02/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

For six months I had a wart or gangleon on my arthritic finger just above the nail. I read about the banana treatment here and tried it. After four days the wart/gangleon has almost disappeared completely.

Posted by Erin (GF, North Dakota) on 01/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I just returned from the dermatologist who confirmed that my plantars warts are in fact healed. Every night after a shower I scrubbed my two toes with an emory board, rubbed banana peel into the warts, then applied the peel with athletic tape. Occasionally I would give my toes a break and would just apply tea tree oil to them after scrubbing. It worked and the warts healed from the inside. This was the only cure that worked for me even after I tried freezing them, duct tape, and apple cider vinegar. One thing to note, dispose of the used peels in a trash can with a lid. I ended up with a fruit fly infestation that took a few weeks to get rid of.

Posted by Chase (Oklahoma City, Oklahom) on 01/21/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I had almost given up on my warts. I got them about 5 years ago, on my right hand, about 4 of them. The only one that really bothered me was this one on my first knuckle. It started out really small but grew and grew to about the size of a large pea. So after about 4 years I finally tried getting it frozen, which worked out HORRIBLY. The pain of it wasn't bad, it was just a really annoying, bothersome, pain. After getting it frozen 3 times, it would turn brown and fall off, only to come back bigger than before, and after my last treatment the wart recruited some back up, and now there are a few odd-shaped warts around the first one. So I really just gave up. I'm very self-concsious of them and it really depresses me. I have really close friends that see it and call it gross and stuff, in a joking manner, but they don't realize how much it really hurts my feelings. Anyway, my aunt who is a nurse, tells me to try this bannana peel thing, and I thought, "I'll try it but i doubt it will work". So first I googled the rememdy and found this site, and I'm very optimistic. I just started it today and its been about 6 hours and the warts are already turning a clear/white color, like their dying. I really hope this works as for me, it will be a HUGE self-esteem booster.

Posted by Becky (Albemarle, NC) on 01/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My teenage son had warts around his nails and one on his wrist. I had read about the banana peel cure - didn't believe it would work, but thought we'd try anyway. We just put a piece of banana peel over the wart on his wrist and put a bandaid over it. He slept with it on for about a week or two. After 2 weeks, it was still there, so he stopped the treatment. Then, several months later, he casually mentioned the wart was gone. I could not believe it! In addition, the warts on his fingers have also disappeared - and we did not even treat them! He had had these warts for years! This is a miracle treatment!

Posted by Sridatta Chegu (Bangalore, India) on 01/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried out the Banana Peel for wart, and it worked like a charm.

I had two warts one on my thumb, near the skin above the nail, another on my foot. Without actually knowing about them, I went to a dermatologist, who confirmed that they are warts. She burnt the wart on my foot, but, removing wart on thumb by burning might harm the nerves on my thumb, and suggested to take the salicylic acid treatment. No betterment for a month. When I searched google for wart cure, I found this remedy on first page. Though, I didnot believe at first, but, after reading so many testimonials, I tried out. 5th day, the wart is gone :)

Posted by Karina (Sydney, Australia) on 01/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I'm from Sydney, Australia. When I was younger my mother used banana peel on my wart that I had on my left hand. She would cut out a small square big enough to cover the entire wart and then placed a bandaid over it to keep it in place. We would change it half way through the day and before I went to bed at night. The results were FANTASTIC. I recommend it to anyone who is has a wart because it is also pain free. No one ever believes me that it works because most people think it's really funny to wear banana peel around-- but what works better than nature itself?

100% effective!

Posted by Sharon (Columbus, Ohio) on 01/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had a wart on my left hand for at least ten years. I tried several over-the-counter remedies, but none worked. I tried the banana peel remedy and in five days the wart was gone! Amazing!

Replied by Blank
Tracy, California

I've had my wart for about 12 years on my finger on my right hand.(got them at 3 years old) I just started this method 3 days ago too. I hope this works as much as it did to you.

BTW, congrats.

Posted by Monica (Langhorne, PA) on 12/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My 9 year old daughter developed two warts: one on her toe and one on her finger, both near the nail. I decided to try the banana peel remedy. The one on her finger came off in three days. The one on her toe, which had been there for several months came off in five days leaving a little sore indent where it had been. She has no pain at all. Amazing!