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Posted by Amazon13 (Fresno, Ca, Usa) on 10/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using ACV for many, many years and the health benefits of it is endless. Lisa from Dallas, TX on 06/18/2012 reply was right on the money and to that I would like to warn people that too much baking soda can make your blood pressure rise if not careful. I too now have bouts with Gout and am starting a regimen for that with the ACV and Baking Soda, but my plans are to try the Tri-Salts because this is the first of my hearing about this product!

I will be researching this before actually buying it, I'm a firm believer in researching things before I try them but it sounds promising. I was diagnosed with NAFLD last year and my doctor tole me that there was no cure or treatment for it and that many people in the USA have this disease due to eating too much fatty foods. She left it at that and soon after I left her with that prognosis because I believe that natural treatments will prevail if one persist with the treatments and I was right. I have minimum trust in Western Medicines and the doctors who prescribe them.

I'm doing much better since I left that doctor and started my own regimen to treat and maybe even, who knows, cure my NAFLD. All I can say is I started this the beginning in 2012 and now I'm no longer having the devastating pain that I was having, by the way I had gone to the emergency room of a near by hospital back in August of 2011 for this problem, that is when this condition was identified by the emergency room doctor whom instructed me to go to my primary doctor for followup, which I did.

To say the least she was lackadaisical about how to follow up with my diagnosis even though the emergency room doctor had suggested that my emergency room visit be followed up with a CAT Scan to see if there was more damage to my liver than they were able to see on the sonogram that night. My doctors indecisiveness about the CAT Scan because she felt it was too much radiation, I've never had one before in my life! She being a naturopathic doctor who was determined not to allow me to have the procedure although I specifically informed her that I wanted it, she cancelled it without even notifying me of the cancellation!

There were all kinds of signs of my NAFLD on my body, yet after seeing her for more than three years she never spotted any of the signs, considering all of the blood test that I had within the three years, I was livid about this to say the least! Now I'm in the market for a primary doctor again but this time I'm going to have to feel the connection before I decide on a doctor, because many of them no longer have the inner feelings of wanting to help and heal their patients.

Posted by Lisa (Dallas, Tx) on 06/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

There seems to be a lot of posts regarding ACV with Baking Soda.

My concern is worth mentioning that too much of the BS mixture can tend to mess up your electrolyte balance, if not careful. That can be bad.

I find that Tri-Salts is a much better, safer and healthier alternative to baking soda.

I've had great success using the Tri-Salts (No sodium - only Calcium carbonate/450mg, Magnesium carbonate/250mg, & Potassium bicarbonate/99 mg), and works EXTREMELY well before bedtime, especially if you suffer from acid reflux disease. I also use the unfiltered, organic ACV from the health food store. I order Tri-Salts online. My uric acid levels being "smack dab in the middle range" is actually high enough to always cause me grief. This method works well for me to get it back down. I prefer the protocol mentioned, as opposed to possibly overdoing the baking soda solution.