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Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Hannah M (Houston) on 07/23/2021 5 posts

Hi, My girl of 11 has open pyometra. I called the vet and they said to take her to er, I did not have $2000 for the surgery so I did research and stumbled upon this site. I found out that I had everything except for Manuka honey. She was still eating luckily but drinking a lot. Her eyes were rolled back and I panicked. and I started her on the regiment. 4x day on the first. The next day her eyes were normal. I did it 4 times a day for 3 days.

For the first 3 days, she was discharging pus and on the 4th it was just blood. My question is how long does it take for the infection to heal? What are the stages of healing, does it go from pus to just blood and then stop? How long do I do this? any advice would help.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by animallover97 (Wisconsin) on 03/15/2022

Hi guys I need some help,

My 9 year old Great Dane Daisy was diagnosed with Open Pyometra on Thursday and was having discharge a week before that, the vet suggested to put her down because it will probably close and the antibiotics will most likely not work, and she already had surgery to remove a benign breast tumor 7 months ago but was fine until she had been diagnosed with this.

Yesterday morning my dad and I were going to have her put down because she had blood puddle on bed and she wasn't getting up. Until I found this recipe, and I bought all specific ingredients, I gave it to her twice and the first time she was already getting better and in a better mood playing with her toys and getting up to eat food, but she is still drinking was a lot.

She is acting pretty normal but the discharge she is having now, mostly looks bloody, but I'm not sure? it's pretty red but not thick but it comes out kind of steady and then stops. I smelled it and it has no smell and her discharge had a rotten smell two days ago and he gave her a turmeric pill on Sunday and that's when he woke up to the blood on his bed but it was like a mix. She fills up the pads but she's acting pretty normal and starting to be her normal self, I really can't afford the vet, what should I do?

is this part of the process of the treatment working? I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight worried about her.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Leigh (PA) on 01/21/2022

My 12 year old miniature schnauzer was diagnosed with pyometra on Monday. She had been spotting for about a month and suddenly started limping and couldn't walk hardly at all. She also stopped eating. The vet said she would die without surgery which would cost $3600-5500.

After finding a natural remedy of honey, turmeric and vitamin c, we decided that it couldn't hurt to try. I also added a 1/3 capsule of garlic to each dose. We gave her five doses the first day and three the following days so far. I gave her Pedialyte every hour with a dosage syringe to keep her hydrated. The first few days she didn't eat and it seemed as if it was hopeless. I started making plans to put her down but wanted the kids to be able to come home from winter camp and say their goodbyes first.

Thursday morning she peed and pooped and ate something. When the kids got home that day, she was so excited she even walked a little. This morning is Friday. She peed outside, walked all the way into the house, and ate a small breakfast. She has bled ALOT of the infection out over the last few days. I can't believe that she is so much better.

I plan on continuing the treatment three times a day until she stops bleeding then weaning her off it. It's taken A LOT of nursing this week, but I do believe this treatment and God's grace with prayer have healed our little pet.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Wendy (Philippines) on 05/26/2019

Thank God I found this page, I immediately went out to buy Turmeric. Our 10 yo lab was bloated, not eating (and that's a major red flag because she's a big eater), and then it progressed to limping and unable to use her hind legs. She was diagnosed with arthritis but the vet already suspected she also had pyometra (she didn't have discharges when I brought her) because she said our dog exhibited signs. We requested bloodwork and it was found she has an infection. She was put on antibiotics for 10 days. It's our 5th day today, she was just there lying all day and can't get up. Today, she ate a piece of the meat I gave her, but not much. but it was an improvement because she would refuse anything I'd give her until today. Still, I was desperate. I had even thought of having her put down but I just couldn't shake off the feeling that there must be some natural remedies. And I found this page! I don't have Manuka honey, I only have raw honey atm. Will this be okay? Also, since our Chiquita is already on antibiotics, is it okay to supplement it with your 3-ingredient formula?

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Bordbldrs (Aynor, South Carolina) on 06/26/2020

I tried the Manuka honey and tumeric and vitamin C mix for my dogs Pyometra and followed the correct dosing per my dog's weight and it did not work at all. Some of the infection discharged but her abdomen kept getting bigger and bigger and she finally lost the battle. All happened in a matter of couple weeks. From time I took her to the vet and got antibiotics for her but could not afford the $2000 surgery so I found this site with the natural remedy and I am saddened to say it did not work at all for my dog. She just kept progressively got worse with her condition. I would think before I trusted this remedy with my pets life with this concoction. If it worked for you then hallelujah but it did not for me and I lost my pet.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Krystal (Alvin, Tx) on 04/05/2017

My dog was diagnosed with pyometra Saturday. She is a 13 year old 20lb Chihuahua/ Wiener dog mix. I had noticed she had a lack of appetite and seemed very fatigued for a few days. I also noticed her excessively licking her vaginal area. Saturday she seemed very very sick. She wouldn't respond to my voice at all/ eat/ drink/ use the bathroom/ move/ her breathing was shallow and erratic/ abdomen seemed extended. I picked her up to have my sister look at her and saw there was what looked like blood coming out of her. Allot of blood. It was all over me. I rushed her to an emergency vet who told me it was Pyometra and without a very expensive surgery she had very little hope and she was so sick she probably wouldn't survive the surgery. I love my dog very much but I simply do not have any way of obtaining that kind of money. Period. But I couldn't give up on her that easy. So, the vet gave her fluids and a shot of antibiotics and sent us home with antibiotics and pain meds and instructions to bring her back to be euthanized if she didn't get better. I brought her home.

Saturday night, as she lay beside me, with no light left in her eyes, struggling to breath, I came across these miracle stories and first thing Sunday I went to find Manuka Honey, Turmeric, and vitamin c powder. I could not find Manuka honey anywhere close to me so I got raw honey and went online and had the Manuka honey overnighted to me. I started giving her 1 tbsp of honey, 2,000 mg of vitamin C powder and 1/2 tsp of Turmeric powder every eight hours. I almost immediately noticed a difference. She was responding to my voice, I boiled some chicken breast and she ate.

She progressively has done better every day. I finally got the Manuka honey Tuesday And since then almost seems back to her normal self. Today is Wednesday and she is still having a discharge but it's not bloody anymore. The swelling in her abdomen has gone way down, the light in her eyes is back. I am so thankful to have found this site, I'm sure my baby would be dead right now had I not come across this. I hope this helps someone in the future.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Tania (London) on 10/17/2016

Thank you so much for your posts...I read them literally a few hours before I was due to have my dog put to sleep due to pyometra. As soon as I saw this I ran to the health shop to buy vitamin C powder, turmeric and Manuka Honey. I have been giving them to her 3x per day since saturday afternoon and am very pleased to say that she is getting better by the hour. She is steadily putting weight back on and returning to her usual self. If it wasn't for seeing this I would not have my dog with me now so I am eternally grateful.

Just to share my pooch's story in case it helps another.... She stopped eating properly on Tues but did't think much of it because she has done this many times in the past when she wants a change of food. She didn't eat at all on Wednesday but was drinking water excessively, she looked as though she had lost a bit of weight. By Thursday evening she looked emaciated, had vomited and was looking very unwell, she also had blood on her bottom and tail. Took her straight to the vet who diagnosed pyometra, he said antibiotics alone would not work and surgery would not guarantee full recovery. She was getting sicker so the advice was to put her down. Friday morning, woke up and there was smelly liquid on the floor and her bottom. Booked the appointment for Saturday afternoon but cancelled it after reading these posts.

Now my beautiful pooch is on the mend, she is still bleeding (only at night) but I have been told that this is a good sign as the pus is exiting her body. I will continue to give her these meds and hopefully she will continue to improve. I will be taking her back to the vet for another scan/bloods next week and to discuss spaying her as I do not want this to happen again. Never underestimate the power of non-pharmaceutical meds 😃

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Ana (Stoney Creek, Ontario ) on 01/07/2023

Manuka Honey, Turmeric and Vitamin C for Pyometra

My dog is around 7 to 8 yrs of age, has never been bred nor is she spayed. She had a heat in the middle of October of 2022 looked everything was normal. Then comes mid November I saw some white discharge and didn't think anything at first - ignored it completely cause she is a healthy dog.

Comes December 14th, she became less active but still did her daily business. Comes December 23 she doesn't want to go out, doesn't wanna eat, doesn't wanna drink nothing she lays and sleeps. By December 26th, she started to have severe diarrhea and extreme yellow bile vomiting. By the end of the day of December 26 the she started to pant like crazy non stop for 4 hrs I gave her cold clothe on the forehead and tried to keep her hydrated. Went online to contact the vet and explained the situation and they told me to give her Pepcid pills. Ran to the store and bought the Pepcid, gave it to her but nothing is helping nothing.

Next day I saw a greyish reddish discharge from her. Start Googling and praying that I will find some explanation, some solution. And there was MANUKA HONEY, TURMERIC AND VIT C!!!! . I started to give her this right away she was very excited she liked the taste of it.

Gave her 1st day 3 times. By the next morning, she started to look alive and eat and a bit attended. Right now we are almost a week in, on two days she is pooping solid, running, playing and demanding belly rubs, and she is eating! The discharge is still there but less heavy than it was originally! We are almost on the second bottle of honey and turmeric.

Hopefully after this recovery, we will have funds to spay her. Thank you for this magic potion! Forever grateful!!!!

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Rene (California ) on 08/29/2022

This formula honey, vitamin c, and turmeric works. It cleared our female pit bull after about 2 weeks of treatment. Thank you 😊

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Terrye (Little Suamico, WI) on 07/27/2022

I found this site after being told my 14yr. Pup had open uterine infection. Like most people commenting, I can't afford 3-5000 for a surgery..I tried the honey, turmeric and vitamin c mixture. It's been 2 months as of today. I am very happy to say she is doing very well. I am going to continue with the once a day dose due to slight continuous discharge. It's slightly milky, and small amounts. However, this is 99% BETTER than when we started. She is gaining weight and her thirst is back to normal. I mix it with some braunschweiger and she waits by the counter waiting each morning. She thinks it's her treat. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE HELP!!! 🥰

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Brebigmomma (Indiana) on 09/10/2021

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey for Pyometra -This really works its amazing

On March 21 my dog pretty much stopped eating she lost a lot of weight and I share a dog w my sister and my sister took her 2 the vet & they told her she had a false pregnancy and sent her home w meds and a month later my sister took her back cuz she still wasn't better. The vet sent her home w antibiotics and inflammation Meds. Our dog is 10yrs old & again our dog was not getting better. Her vet should have caught this. The last time she went, she had a lot of the symptoms of pyometra. 3 weeks ago, she started leaking the infection out and I looked up what was going on. Well, our dog's been on the remedy protocol for about a week, maybe a Lil less, and the infection is almost gone.

I read a review on here about adding cinnamon and antibiotics w the remedy so that's what I've done. As of right now, her infection is almost clear and not as much is leaking out of our dog. This remedy is the best... her vet couldn't even catch this.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Nicole (California ) on 05/19/2021

How long do your dogs have the pus/blood discharge from when you start this remedy?

So my dog has been sick for about 5 days. Her stomach has been bloated and hard the past two days. She drinks water but doesn't really want any food. Yesterday I stumbled on this page when I was looking up reddish discharge. I gave her the first does last night and in the morning her butt was in a puddle of pus/blood and her stomach was no longer swollen. She seems more energetic and has a higher spirit and has started to eat and play. Her discharge now is just blood. Is this normal? If so about how long does the blood continue to discharge?

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Kellb1008 (Coventry) on 02/09/2018

Your posts have given me hope.

My dog has suspected open pyo she is 12 years old and told surgery plus cosr £2000 which my insurance will not authorise. Surgery would possibly kill her. She had a week of antibiotics which appear to have worked I have now started this treatment she is 22kg so 48lbs is this dose right?

She loves it licks of off the spoon

  • 1 tsp Manuka Honey UNF 10+
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric 100%
  • 2000mg of Vitamin C (ACID ASCORBANATE)100%

She is getting better pus went clear and now stopped, she is barking coming upstairs to bed at night and even jumping up on my legs (not done for years) we too have nothing to loose she is eating well heR gums are pink and even excited for walks again.

I wanted to know how long to carry on for and what would be a maintenance dose and frequency to make sure I keep this at bay as she is too old to be spayed.

Thank you so much for this post to help me help her.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Cheryl (Princeton, Mn) on 01/05/2017

Our sweet girl Pepper is a 10-11 year old Australian Shepherd (age is approximate since she was a rescue) who was diagnosed with Closed Pyometra on a Tuesday and I'm writing this on a Thursday. After hearing that surgery could run anywhere between 3-5K, I made an appointment for the next day to have her euthanized. This was a very sad day and I was desperate to see if there were other options; what else did I have to lose, right? I went searching, found your website and thought I would give a remedy I had read about on the site a go. Prior to giving Pepper the concoction, she had not been eating very much at all for about a week. She is 66lbs. I started out with 4500 mg of vitamin C, 90-120 mg of Curcumin and a large teaspoon of Maruka Honey every 8 hours.

To our delight, she seemed much happier after the first two times we fed this to her. She has had two bowl movements and I've never been so happy to see that in my yard! This morning is day 3 and we are cautiously optimistic. Her temp is back in the normal range, her ears are perky and she's moving a lot more and with more energy. I take this as a good sign that she is feeling much better.

More time is needed to tell if this method is successful for Pepper. I will give and update in a couple days.

I do have a question about Closed vs Open Pyometra. Since Pepper was diagnosed with the closed type, I was under the impression there would not be any drainage, but there definitely is, so I'm wondering if this could be a misdiagnosis or if there is usually a little drainage with the closed type?

Thanks for reading and any advice would be welcomed:-)

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Txlettyinaz (Arizona) on 09/19/2018

My 10lb, 13 y/o bichipoo suddenly developed signs of closed pyometra. She did not get up out of bed to watch me get ready for work and declined her daily walk and food. Her nose was very warm and dry, she was vomiting and her tummy was beginning to extend. I went to Sprouts and bought Manuka Doctor 24+ Bioactive Manuka Honey, Mega Food Daily Turmeric Nutrient Booster Powder (with Tart cherry and Black pepper), Signature Care (Safeway Brand) Chewable Vitamin C tablets 500 mg, Boiron Arsenicum Album pellets, and concentrate Trace Minerals Drops and one bottle of plain Pedialyte.

I ground up two vitamin c tabs in my mortar and pestle, added two 1/8 teaspoons of turmeric powder, the 3/4 teaspoon of Manuka honey and added 1 tablespoon of pedialyte and mixed in a condiment glass bowl until smooth. The trace mineral drops were to recharge the pedialyte after opening as Pedialyte loses it potency after two days of opening and not used.

I administered the full amount via oral syringe. I gave her one pellet of arsenicum 1 hour after the oral solution. I administered oral solution and single pellet 2x a day. We are on day 2- her nose is wet again, her tummy back down and she is eating and running around playing with her sister. We are going to continue the treatment for at least another 3 days. I am going to pay to have her fixed soon as I can before her next heat cycle. This was the first time in her 13 years that this has happened even though she has never been bred. I wouldn't be able to see her go through this again as I know next time we might not be so lucky. But thank you to Earth Clinic and all the contributors here who share their knowledge and experience. You saved Twinkie!

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Melissa (Chicago) on 05/15/2018

About 1 1/2 weeks ago, I noticed a purulent discharge coming from my dogs lady part. Her name is Dazzle and she is a 12 yr old Boxer. At first I thought she was starting her season because I noticed a few drops of blood. Then within a few days she just seemed off. Not eating much but still eating, super clingy, really tired, frequent urination and heavy panting. Then all of a sudden we noticed a thick yellow/white discharge. I scoured the Internet in search of what this may be. (As it was a Sunday and local vets are closed, and ER vets here cost an arm & a leg) Long story short, after a vet visit and an estimated cost of 3k we knew it was Pyrometra. So after many hours last Monday again scouting the Internet, I found this page. Thank god! I decided to use the following method,

Dazzle is about 40lb's so this is the dosage I used,

  • 1/8 tspn of Sodium Ascorbate
  • 1/4 tspn Turmeric
  • 1 1/2 tspn of 16+ Manuka Honey

The 1st day of treatment I was aggressive giving Dazzle this 5x's a day, the next day I went down to 4x's a day and then finally 3x's a day. It's now 1 week later and my girl is just about back to herself. She is again eating, barking, and again playing with her brother and sister. She is still leaking a bit but it has majorally diminished. And the color of the discharge has lightened up. And the texture is now more watery vs thick/stringy.

I want to give a big heart felt thank you from my fur baby and myself to all of of you who have posted your reviews and treatment options. I was feeling so desperate. No one should ever have to choose between paying their bills and caring for their pet.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Lana (Tucson, AZ) on 02/12/2023

My baby girl has Pyrometra…. I was dreading taking her to the vet because I didn't know what they were going to do. So in the middle of the night, I woke up and came across this website. It suggested using the Manuka honey, the turmeric, and the vitamin C. She was discharging heavily, and I was scared. I started her on the mixture Friday, today is Sunday and her discharge is almost gone. She's eating now and is up and playing. I can't thank this website enough! We are going to clear up this infection and then go have her fixed so she doesn't have to go through this again. Thank you again!

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Reni (Oceanside, Ca) on 04/24/2017

My 8 year old 45lb. mutt dog was on prednisone for an auto immune emergency situation...which led to many secondary infections. One of which I THINK was pyometra. Although my dog was spayed when we adopted her...they may have been a portion of her uterus left in tact.

She has had many of the symptoms of an OPEN PYOMETRA case:
- mucus (yellowish/green) discharge from the vulva
- majorly lethargic
- drinking tons of water
- not eating (lost 11 pounds)
- pale pink gums
- weakening of the back legs
- laying flat (stretched out, belly on floor) on cool surfaces
- constantly licking her vulva

Long story short...I hated the fact that my dog was on the chemical drug prednisone, and I wasn't about to put her through more vet visits, tests and drugs. So I found many posts about the positive effects of manuka honey, tumeric and vitamin c. I figured...I had nothing to loose, my dog was already skin and bones, and I was feeding her bone broth by a syringe. She was so sick that she didn't wag her tail or lift her head from her doggy bed. So I headed right out to my local organic store and gave her the first tincture/mixture the moment I got home. Since she wasn't eating I just had to take the mixture on my finger and smear it on her tongue so she would swallow it. She had it twice before we went to bed...and in the morning she was wagging her tail and lifting her head. By the next evening She allowed me to help her get up....and she wanted to go outside. Slowly after about a week of this treatment she gained her appetite back ( a little) and started eating more regularly, started being more active, and her energy level increased day by day.

Let me also tell you that during the 2 weeks on this treatment the mucus/discharge got a lot heavier, thicker and greener (gross right?). I just kept wiping her vulva and cleaning it up with a warm rag...and then immediately tossing the rags into a bin to be washed in hot water and bleach. But about half way through the treatment the mucus started to thin out, turn back to yellow-white in color and became less frequent.

3 weeks later she is pretty much herself again. Still a little weak in the back legs, and still, sometimes, in that flat position on the cool tile floor.BUT her energy level is WAY up, she is eating normal again, gums are back to bubble gum pink, not drinking as much water, etc.....and no more mucus! I'm still giving her the tincture/mixture 3x a day....with just tumeric + vit. c added to the honey in the first treatment of the day. I will probably continue to give her this until the strength is back in her back legs and she stops laying flat on the floor (cause she didn't ever do that before she was sick)

Here's my tincture/mixture - THREE TIMES per day
-1/4 tsp. manuka honey (100% pure MGO 400)
-half of a 1/8 tsp. tumeric (reg. powdered in the spice isle)
-half of a 1/8 tsp. vitamin c (with calcium ascorbate)

- read about the benefits of manuka honey.
- read about tumeric for dogs ( scroll to bottom
- read about vitamin c for dogs ( read toward bottom about dosage

I always tend to be more cautious when starting a new remedy...and if I see that it's fine and working for my dog...than I increase gradually.

I hope you find this much as I found the previous posts about this remedy helpful. I feel so lucky to know about EARTH CLINIC...this site has helped my entire family with treatment (successful treatments) for different ailments.

And let me also say...that if your gut tells you to take your dog to see the vet...PLEASE follow your instincts. I just choose to avoid the stress on my dog...and try a natural approach first. GOOD LUCK!

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Jessica G. (Greenville, OH) on 01/09/2019

Hello! I want to thank you for your post on remedies for pyometra! Our pug/Yorkie mix was diagnosed with pyometra and given only a couple of days to live without emergency surgery. Even then my vet was doubtful she would survive. I scoured the internet and found your website and gave her the exact doses recommended. I also included organic bone broth and cooked chicken with the medicine. She gobbled it right up. The other doses I would give to her I put in a syringe mixed with a little bit of bone broth to help liquefy it a bit. In 3 days she was up on her feet, eating, drinking and being her normal playful self!!! I could not believe it!! I did continue to give her the recommended doses for almost 10 days but reduced them down from 4 times a day to 3 then to once in the morning and once in the evening. Thanks again for this post. I will be sharing about my experience and about your website on my blog for sure!! Sincerely, Jessica G.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Evans (Marseilles, Illinois ) on 08/11/2018

My dog was not able to walk and she had a lump on her neck. I took her to the vet and they said her uterus was infected and that she had lymphoma cancer. Brought her home so everyone could say their goodbyes. I looked up natural cures for the uterus infection (pyometra). This Earth Clinic page showed to give them honey turmeric and vitamin C. I did that for a week and now she is running around like a whole new dog! The knot is even gone on her neck. I am not saying the cancer is gone but the knot could have been from the infection.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Alan (Putnam) on 04/20/2023

Have a 8yr old Silky names Sadie, not spayed or breed who was run over as a puppy. It broke her pelvis, leg and severed the nerves and tendons in the right rear leg. She had major surgery repairing what we could to make everything orthopedicly and anatomically correct. We used comfrey power and colloidal silver to promote the healing. No mico surgery for severed/displaced nerves/tendons of cause and we decided not to spay or breed her.

Sadie made a miraculous recovery controlling her natural right rear leg from the hip kinda like a prosthetic. She lives a normal life, can do most stairs, especially if carpeted and runs like a rabbit with both rear legs in unison. She wears a boot for long walks on pavement or concrete bc we soon realize her nails would wear down past the skin on the affected foot. She has no feeling in the foot so it takes a beating and was constantly becoming infected. When infected we would soak it in a jar of colloidal silver, and it took a while but finally got a boot that worked out and the nails have now grown back.

After her last heat, we noticed heavy pussy discharge and were worried that internal injuries she suffered as a pup were now resurfacing. Since she is used to colloidal silver and will lick it off a spoon so I gave her 1/2 tsp and 1 tsp regular honey which she also likes. I did this just knowing their immune support against infection.

Since starting that, I did some research, found out about Pyometra and found the site. After two days, I have now added the turmeric, C power and Manuka after she licks up the spoon of silver. It's much harder to implement these as they have to be forced down with a syringe but I have long believed in their effectiveness and taken these myself before.

It's day 3 and there is no more puss, the discharge is just thin like water.

I want to be clear Sadie was not acting sick or lethargic, we only noticed the discharge so probably was a mild infection or we caught it early. But I can confidently say I believe these treatments to be more effective and less disruptive than the prescriptions by the profiteers.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by AmericanBulldogger (Huntsville, Alabama) on 03/26/2019

Our 11yr. old American Bulldog finished up what was an extra long heat cycle about a month ago. Two weeks after the heat cycle ended, we noticed a clear discharge with a few sparse drops of diluted blood.

At the time, we just thought she might have a slight case of vaginitis or a mild UTI, so we gave her some d- mannose, since it is known for helping to combat UTI's, esp those caused from E-Coli bacteria. I also had some berberine on hand, but it was 1200mgs per capsule and berberine is a very powerful substance derived from the herb, golden seal. I sprinkled half a capsule on a peanut butter sandwich, along with the d - mannose and after a few days treatment, she cleared up and was fine with no further discharge. Fast forward to a few weeks later and a few days ago. My husband and I noticed she seemed mopey, but late Saturday evening, she had an accident in the floor (which she never does).

She's always had good bladder control, but being 11yrs. old, I thought may be just age related or perhaps recurring UTI. Then as I was cleaning up, I noticed it had a very diluted bloody appearance and was looking somewhat like her heat- cycle discharge. As the night and following Sunday wore on, the discharge became thicker & heavier. So much so that I had to put a doggie diaper lined with a couple of paper towels. Sorry for the gross description, but it looked very much like a creamy tomato soup. I knew this was not good!

I took her temperature several times, but it was always perfectly normal. There was no fever, but she seemed lethargic and weak in the rear legs. She was eating and drinking ok. As a matter of fact, she was drinking more and more. I knew that was a pretty sure sign of infection and was frightened at the thoughts that it might possibly be pyo.

I started researching to see if there were any natural or homeopathic treatments. I found the natural manuka honey, tumeric & vitamin c remedy here, so I was hoping it would make her better or at least buy us some time, until the vet re-opened on Monday morning. Since we show our dogs, we normally give them a variety of supplements and I happen to have powdered vitamin c on hand, along with turmeric in the spice cabinet. I remembered seeing Manuka honey at Whole Foods. We drove there and picked up the raw Manuka honey. I also started giving her more d-mannose, as I had read that E Coli bacteria is usually a main culprit with pyo, I mixed and administered the ingredients. I was afraid she was going to protest, but she seemed to be ok with the taste.

This Monday morning we awoke and took her out to potty. She had a nice, normal bowel movement and seemed to be feeling a little better. The discharge had slowed and was lighter. Even though our girl seemed better, we decided to go ahead and take her to the vet. We really didn't have money for the vet visit, as both mine and my husband's vehicles are needing major engine repairs. It's definitely a financial set back, but we scraped together what money we could, even dipping into our grocery funds. We promptly took our girl to the vet as soon as they opened. I told them I thought she might have open pyo and asked before we got started, if they would work something out with us regarding payment arrangements. We have always had a good relationship with our vet and even though their policy is to request full payment when services are rendered, they agreed to let us pay a down payment of what we scraped together and make the rest in payments. I would just like to say to others out there.. don't be afraid to ask your vet about a payment plan if your dog needs surgery. Some may not be accommodating, but some will. It never hurts to ask. I gave our vet a rundown of everything.

I told her about this natural treatment, the supplements and ingredients used and she was ok with it. They did bloodwork, took a couple of x-rays and took a sample of the discharge to view under the microscope. Our girl was dx'd with open pyo. The x-rays clearly showed the engorged uterus. They did the emergency spay surgery this afternoon and our dog came through just fine. She did so well, instead of keeping her overnight as planned, they actually allowed her to come on home. I

am so grateful to have found the info here, as I truly believe the doses of manuka honey, tumeric & vitamin c helped strengthen her for the surgery and I feel it could continue to work in conjunction with her current treatment, to help enhance the healing process. Many thanks to whoever came up with this formula and best of wishes to those going through this with their beloved pets. Pyometra is a nasty and scary thing!

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Glendy (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/18/2017

My dog (pitbull/lab) 11 years old was diagnosed with pyometra about 3 months ago. We noticed it when she kept bleeding and it kept getting worse. A week before everything she stopped eating and it seemed sick, but we thought it was the food. When the pyometra finally got to her body, we took her to a vet with an emergency visit and the doctor gave us a 50/50 choice. Surgery or antibiotics, of course we couldn't do the surgery and also, being 11 years old we didn't know how her body would react. Luckily by miracle, the antibiotics helped her and within 3 days she was eating. It was a lot of work and cleaning of the yard, but we managed and she got better..

Recently she once again drinking more water and was releasing mucous, but this time it was pink and not as excessive. surprisingly she still ate and had energy. I came on this website and followed the guidelines of Manuka, Turmic and Vit. C 3x a day and it has helped her a lot. She not only had a lot more energy than before, but she had less mucous and it's more clear. She still eats and believes she's getting extra in her food, so it was never a hassle to give it to her.

Luckily we caught it before it got worse, but I will continue to give her the Manuka, but. C and turmic, but 2x a day since it is harder for us to give it to her mid day.

To who ever I owe a thank you to, I am grateful for this website. It had saved us from letting our dog get sick and feeling such pain. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Latifa (Gilbert, Arizona) on 01/31/2023

I noticed slight improvement within 3 days. My senior girl started to get up a walk around a little bit. Fast forward to day 6, she has mad a 75% improvement. She was also prescribed Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium antibiotics from the vet. I am still giving her the mixture, she is 80lbs. 4 1000mg vitamin C, 3 tsp Manuka Honey and 1 tsp. I am not certain how long to continue to give it to her.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by LizLane (Ohio) on 01/14/2022

A bear is a carnivore/omnivore. Jez sayin.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Tab (Va) on 04/18/2021

I have a 4 yr old Shitzu Yorkie and I believe she may have pyometra. She is discharging a mucus like discharge that is yellowish brown. I first noticed it yesterday and called 2 pet hospitals and they all said to bring her in but I am low on funds and we are leaving for harpoon in a few days. I saw the video on YouTube about the Manuka Honey, Turmeric, and vitamin C and went to the store to get the ingredients. I started the remedy last night with one dose because it was pretty late.

Also gave her 1/4 of a Tylenol tablet to make sure she wasn't in pain or had a fever. I will continue using this remedy until our flight and will take her to the vet on base ASAP. Will this remedy keep her in the clear until then?

Also, as a second option, I have 300 mg capsules of Clindamycin from when my pit Bull had a skin infection. Is it ok to open the capsule and give my dog only part of the capsule since she is a smaller dog? Please help.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Lani (Philippines) on 10/06/2018

Hi Shean,

It seems to me that you have to increase the dosage of the three components that you are giving to your dog. Considering that she has also a cold, then there are two health issues that your dog is dealing with: pyometra and colds. It would take a higher dose that what you are giving to help your dog get well. If she has no appetite, you have to give her the components orally with the use of a syringe.

It may help to have your dog spayed after she gets well with this current bout of pyometra. If you do not want to have her spayed, then you have to anticipate that every time she has her heat pyometra will probably follow. You have to give her an increased dose of the mixture as described in this website immediately after heat and probably for a month just to make sure that the pyometra will not recur.

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey
Posted by Lizette (Blackpool) on 06/15/2018

I am so grateful for your web page. Thanks to your posts my 14 year Old Japanese Akita has escaped been put to sleep by two vets and is now fit and healthy again. Thanks to vitamin c, turmeric and manuka honey. Thank you so very much we suffered for 8 weeks with an open pyometra and within a week of taking the above she started to eat, walk and put her weight back on. She is now back on walks with her brother who is also a Japanese Akita aged 12. Thank you again xx

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