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Posted by Bmartino (Canton, Ohio) on 03/24/2011
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My dog received his vaccinations last Thursday. Within 2 days, he became listless and disinterested in any activity. However, he seems to be fine now. Interesting to me was the greatly reduced heart rate (around 40 bpm for a couple days). It is now back to normal and he has his same high level of energy. I hesitated to get vaccines for a 10 year old dog, but I did wait three years. I see no reason why dogs should get them every 3 years and the research I have read in journals of veterinary medicine indicate that most dogs are over vaccinated. Now that he is a senior, I probably will forego them in the future. According to the literature, he should have lifetime immunity at this point. We don't vaccinate humans until the day they day, so why should we do this with our animals? My dog also has many food allergies and is on a limited ingredient diet.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Ma.usa)

I was reading on line about all animal's shots etc.

I think after a certain age they do not need as many shots any more just the basic's. Again there are places that sell needles and the serums for dogs where you can lean how to give your pets subcutaneous and that's just lifting up a thin layer of skin to give your pet the shot. It's only cost is about $40.00 I get mine at agway supplies.

Here is a web site for you to read up on. it's very interesting to know, good luck.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Jendark (Lincoln, United Kingdom) on 03/23/2011
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I recently had 9 puppies vaccinated at 9 weeks old and within 2 weeks they all had severe bloody diarrhea. While in the vets a gentleman over heard my conversation and said he had his dogs booster done a couple of weeks previous and that she also had the same problem, then a friend had had her dogs booster done and again the same thing... Now one of the pups was diagnosed with giardia as was my friends dog, its seems too much of a coincidence that they all had vaccinations 2 weeks prior to all having severe diarrhea ( they were all fit and well before receiving the vacs) now I have been told that it is not possible to get giardia through the vaccine and it has to be ingested. Just all seems too coincidental to me... pups were labs, the guy in the vets was a lab cross and my friends dog is a parsons russell...

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Curvee (Port Saint Lucie, Florida) on 03/22/2011
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My dog is a Chihuahua mix with Pomeranian. He had some lethargy and fever the next day after recieving his shots. However, he has had diarrhea for the past six days. It is very hard watching him feel like this.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Ma.usa)

Curvee; Your dog may get dehydrated if he/she has diarrhea much longer, try giving your dog rice, chicken, cooked veggie, I make my food for my pets fresh especially when they are sick, the rice will absorb any impurities in the tummy and other ingredients is the nutrition your dog needs because the loss of it. Good luck.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by 5 Pooches Home (Houston, Tx) on 03/10/2011
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My chi died of vaccination side effects. It was obvious since the day she got vaccinated that something was wrong. She was vaccinated near her heart and NOT amazingly after that moment everytime I touched or picked her up she would cry or yell. I couldn't understand at first. I thought it wud go away. But nope it stayed like a dadly parasite lurking on my baby's body and waiting to finish her off. Finally 5 months later she had respiratory problem one night and then I got her X-Rayed and her heart was enlarged! I cried at the vet office. Then we did EKG and nothing (According to the other vet) was wrong but slightly abnormal. 1.5 months later her health deteriorated and she started losing weight despite good diet and she passed away after a slight stroke.

Plz. note that she had NO health problems until this vaccination. I shouldn't have got her vaccinated coz I know she would be alive today otherwise. She was my heart and soul and I clearly let her down and contributed to her death - killing her. So PLEASE other dog owners, once ur dog is vaccinated 1st year, NO NEED to revaccinate them.

I had adopted her from a shelter and she was with me for almost 5 yrs. In these 5 yrs, I gave her complete holistic care with 100% vegetarian homemade food and she thrived on it. Before when I adopted her her hair wud fall but not anymore. She ate lots of fruits and fresh veggies each day but its sad to say that of all things my stupidity and me going against my instinct and vaccinating her killed her. So plz. everyone as dog owners and dog lovers, say NO TO VACCINATIONS.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Maggie (Staten Island, New York) on 02/28/2011

I have a female maltese DOB 10/04/10. She was quite ill with bronchial pneumonia when I got her on January 9th 2011 so her vaccines were delayed a bit... On Jan 30th she was given rabies vacine... No reaction... On feb 8th she received her first injection of CDV-CPV A2 ped vaccine.. With no reaction ...

But today feb 28th upon getting the last of her shots which was CDV- A2 Adult vaccine she had a very bad reaction Within 30 minutes I had to run back to the vet office with her... Her eyes blew up like swollen little golf balls with bright red rings.. It was horrific.... The vet administered benadrly as well as steroids and kept her at the office for observation. I don't know if I will be able to bring her home later today as I was advsied to call back at 5:30 to check her progress. Please advise me on what steps I should take... The vet said the vaccine was from the same lot given earlier in teh month... But I am so hesitant to repeat any vaccines ever again. Who Do I report this reaction to ? I m a nurse and if this was a human reaction I know who to call.. But not fir a canine... So please advise Thanks Maggie

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Citipearl (New York, Ny) on 02/22/2011

I just took my two shih tzus in for shots -- they are 8 1/2 years old and have had these before. However, this time, within an hour of coming home, they were both lethargic. As the day progressed, they had fevers, were sensitive to the touch (even in places away from the site of the shots), had no appetites, and continued to be tired. Two days later, they seemed to perk up a bit. However, I am still concerned that there might longer term problems. The vet said I could bring the dogs back in -- I didn't want to do it in freezing weather if the dogs seemed to be getting better but now I'm concerned. Advice anyone?

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Hershey (Louisburg, N.c.) on 02/10/2011
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We have taken our 12 week old lab puppies to vet for follow up booster shots. We have 3 puppies. One of the puppies after having the vaccine now is not eating, drinking, and has diarreah and dry nose, and lethargic. We are taking Hershey back to vet today to see if this is a complication. Jack & Honey are fine.

Replied by M.c.remya
(Palakkad, India)
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i have a similar querry too, My lab who was 5 years old was prone to vaccination on MAY 2nd 2011, DOC came home vaccinated it , but I don't understand how dump a person can be, as he injected my doggie with 2 vaccination at a time without our knowledge, 1) for rabies, 2) for skin infection, IMMEDIATELY after the vaccination, he left me on the other hand told him, thte dog had fever the previous night, so he even checked and told nathin is wrong now and he vaccinated it :(, after the it couldnt move, I had to carry the 65 kg animal all over even for natures call. Thy it never walked, I took it to vet thy gave us medicine, it lost its appetite, just kept on drinkin water, and finally on MAY 16th morning, it raised its head from the floor, slammed its head on both sides like how whales do in the ocean, we got scared, then ist toungue turned blue /ash and it dies, I really cannot take this out of mind pls anybody tell me what was teh reason for its pityful death , we couldnt save it than watchin it mercifully :(, pls help me , , , am haunted with its thoughts and guilt.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Usa)


Replied by Remya
(Palakkad, Kerala, India)

Thanks for your kind reply , ya lets all make sure next time, dog is not exposed to deadly vaccins, I really don wan vets to break my soul once again... Lets all pray for the sleeping soul to ever rest in peace and be a guardian angel, :(... Miss my RUByyyyyyyyy

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Terri (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 02/06/2011

Thank you so much for this site and for everyone sharing their stories. I wish I had of found you 5 years ago. Maybe my 12 year old dog would not be suffering so much now. I am going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar and yogurt. Just finished to bouts of antibiotics for paws and then for her ears. It is worse than ever before now. Hives are showing up on her snout below her nose and around her eyes. Paws and ears are raw. She had an allergic reaction about 6 years ago after getting her shots. I suspected it was the shots. I have renewed hope. Thank you all so much. I will let you know how it goes for her.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Maple65 (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 01/31/2011

It is with a heavy heart I post the following

We took our 1 year old Persian this morning for castration as we had no history of his as he was left on our door step, we asked the vet to give him the necessary vacinations like rabies, feline Leukemia and others.
The vet was asked by me if it was Ok if he had all these together on one go and she said they do it all the time-They also did his blood test for FL and it was negative Besides the vaccinations and surgery, they also gave him a de-worming tablet, an antibiotic a painkiller- We picked him up later in the evening and he seemed Ok . He ate his food and then after 1/2 hr. He started licking his scrotum, we made him desist and then he suddenly started bleeding heavily, so we thought it was due to the surgery. We called the vet and he said bring him in immediately We rushed him and the vet said he will check him and then after taking him into surgery , they gave him gas as he had eaten food, and that the sutures which were internal were fine, then the doc said it was because his blood had thinned down and he was going to do a blood count-and said that the blood had most probably gone to his lungs.

He said that it was the medications possibily

After he finished he said well there's 40% chance as he's serious and his breathing is labored as he suspected he may be bleeding elsewhere too, but to keep him at the vets and they would monitor him. The vet said his color and gums are pink and healthy lokiing but he was to be monitored through the night

The vet also told us that if he survives the night, the next day he may have blood in his stools , maybe dark or fresh and he would have bruises over his body.

An hour after he called us and said he was awake and breathing normally

What I want to know is, Can all these vacinations surgery be done all at the same time?maybe he could not take all the different medications like the vaccinations, de-worming when they checked his ears inside there were ear mites and the ears were cleaned out some external drops was applied on his skin between the shoulders

Could not all this be the reason for his blood thinning and not clotting ?

I hope and pray that he comes thru and we get our baby of 10 days back- He has brought so many smiles in our lives. Feed back will be appreciated-thanks

Replied by Maple65
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

To all who read the above post-By the grace of God, Bianco survived the ordeal-and is back home and doing well-It was quite a trauma but are happy that all ended well for our little guy

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Dls (Fairfax, Va) on 01/01/2011

Heartworm medication and vaccination reaction following head injury of Cairn Terrier.

Two and a half years ago our cairn terrier was hit in the head by a closing recliner chair. Since then the left side of his head has paralysis including the inability to move his left ear, difficulty closing his eye ( no vision problem) and unable to close the left side of his mouth completely. Since that injury he has had episodes of neurological symptoms including falling over with his legs flail and cries out lasting approximately 1 minute, occurring 1-3 days following the administration of his monthly dose of interceptor.

On December 1st 2010 I took him to the vet for his rabies vaccination and the vet recommended he also have a Lyme vaccination which I agreed with. Following these vaccinations, his appetite decreased and he has increased thirst and noted weight loss. He is less active with many periods of sleepiness. Approximately 3 weeks following the vaccination and two days after giving him his heart-worm medication interceptor, the neurological episodes started and were much worse than ever before occurring 1-2 times a day and for approximately 5 days. He hasn't had any further episodes over the past 3 days but he is much less active and has had loss of bladder several times.

Our dog continues to play chasing thrown objects but tires much quicker than normal then lies down and sleeps for a couple of hours. I am at the point that I feel our dog is reacting to his heart worm medication and his vaccinations.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Maca (Lj, Slovenia) on 12/24/2010
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My 3 years old Boston terrier got a booster shot of Vanguard 7 yesterday at noon. Within 1 hour he got small and big lumps all over his body and his face started swelling. He was very itchy and restless. Immediately took him back to vet for a antidote shot. His face swellings set back to minimum within 20 mins, back at home he was throwing up (it contained a little of blood)and drinking lot of water, the lumps did not disappear until late at night. He could barely walk, couldn't lye for more than few mins, most of the time he was just standing still and starring. He was still very latergic in the morning, but at least he was now able to have some sleep and rest. In the evening he got some appetite back, still has a swelling under his chin and is still far away from a playful dog he used to be. I'm afraid of possible side affects in the future... I will never ever vaccine my beloved animals again!

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Gill (Southampton, Uk) on 12/17/2010
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Rusty is our 14 year old Labrador/Cross dog who has annually received his booster vaccination. For the past four years we have put his bouts of lassitude down to old age but eventually realized that the weeks of lethargy were a result of the vaccination of Novibac Lepto 2 and Novibac DHPPi. We were devastated to think we'd been making him suffer. Our decision to cease the injections means he will not be accepted in kennels therefore we cannot travel abroad. However Rusty loves the campervan so we enjoy our holidays exploring the UK.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Sheila (Carver, Massachusetts) on 12/15/2010
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My 4 month old female GSD puppy had the rest of her vaccinations last week, started having neurological symptoms yesterday, but all labs are normal. She has not eaten anything unusual, and is having ataxia, not lethargic, eating food, but definately calmer than normal, maybe she is frightened of inability to walk straight?
The vaccinations she received are as follows:11/04/10, Lyme, Lepto, Rabies, Dhhp, no symptoms after those at all. 12/06/10, Lyme, Lepto, DHHP, hasn't had her HW prevention as of yet this month. She was given a total of 3 sets of vaccinations in the last 2 months. I've never had this happen before, maybe a little bit of allergic rxn but with benadryl and prednisone, 1 dose of each, it went away, none with this dog. I'm baffled because nothing else can be found. Please let me know; Rabies vaccine from Fort Dodge.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Marian (Stratford, Nj) on 12/13/2010
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My shih tzu who is 6 years old had his distempter shot on Saturday. I tried to pick him up on Sunday and he yelped in pain and almost bit me which he has never done. He laid in my lap most all day and evening. Today is Monday and he hasn't gotten out of his bed yet. I am concerned about him.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Mitchells' Mummy (Bedford, United Kingdom) on 11/16/2010

My 11 week old puppy, Mitchell, had the 2nd dose of his puppy injection last week, the next day he appeared "odd" and over the next couple of days he changed from being our family playful puppy, to a zombie like state, with eyes glazed, head held down and pacing a circuit around the edge of the room - bumping into objects, then standing still with no reactions to anything. It was horrific and extremely distressing, he seemed to perk up and the next morning seemed playful and chasing his toys etc. Then by lunchtime, he went back into this vegetative state, so we took him to the vets, telling them he didnt seem right since his injection. The vets said that they hadnt seen anything like it, by this time he was dribbling, and slumping down. He was admitted immediately and had blood tests, which came back normal - his Nuerological tests showed that he had neck ache and loss of vision in one eye. And a suspected bad headache.

I searched internet, and mentioned to the vet that it has been reported that these can be symptoms of Canine Distemper and considering he had been shot with a dose of the live vaccine, surely this was an extreme adverse reaction to his injection. The Vets agreed and started him on antibiotics and painkillers, after contacting the vacine company - Pfizer, they agreed to cover initial investigations and treatments. Later yesterday evening he was no better and the vets called thinking he may need to be transferred to a specialists vets, who require a £1000 - £2000 fee UPFRONT. And the vaccine company would NOT pay this......... So if he doesnt improve, the decision would be down to us, whether or not we pay the money, for treatment, that may not help him, or have him put to sleep. I am livid and distraught, as at NO time was I informed of the risks to these standard injections (I was told he may seem a little tired and may get a lump at the injection site)

With Kids injections (MMR) you are told of the risks, can make an informed decision and then you are given a leaflet stating side effects of the injections and what to do if you notice this. Surely this is something that vets should be doing, I feel guilty that I didnt get Mitchell to the vets sooner and he had to endure 3 days in and out of pain. I have no idea if he gets better, how it will effect his long term health, does he now have mental issues ? Has anyone else experienced problems like these ? Are vets warning of the possible side effects ????

Replied by Linda
(Queen Creek, Az)
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Michelle, we recently experienced the same thing with our 15 week old pup. When he received his second set of shots he was feeling well and was not eating a lot. Then about 3 weeks later he was better; and had put on 4 pounds. Our vet gave his third set of shots and then took blood and xrays of his hips because he was limping. The blood came back that his rbcs were low and wbcs high; so they put him on an antibotic.

Another week went by and I took him back to the vet to have a recheck on his blood work and he was back to being not perky, just laying around, could barely walk and I was feeding him daily with a spoon; but at least he got food in him. He was drinking and moving his bowels; which were soft. Our vet then put him on predinsone to kick up his rbcs and increase his appetite; but instead had the reverse effect, he didn't want to eat. The Predinsone did help increase his rbcs from the previous blood work and his wbcs went back to normal but then all of sudden his platletts drop; that was why she put him on predinsone.

Another week went by and he was no better, we finally took him into the vet again because on Saturday 12/4/10 I took him out and he did his potty and then fell over. I picked him up and call the vet right away. When we got to the vet she said, OMG he has a fever of 104.6 we need to put him on ice to get his temp down then she said, I am sorry but he will not make it through Sunday, we said what? What is wrong and she said, I have no idea, our little man was in pain when you touched him all of a sudden. We were then told she recommended we put him down to avoid his suffering.

We are still overwhelmed with this whole situation and still no answers. We paid $1200.00 US money to make him better and he died. I believe it was from his last set of vaccines that put his immune system in a spinal downturn. No one wants to be responsible, we CANNOT bring him back; but we did everything that we were told to do by the vet and we need closure as to why. Good luck on your journey of trying to find out, I wrote the manufacturer Merck; but I really am not expecting to hear back. Our little boy should have NOT died! Best of luck

EC: So very sorry to hear of your loss. May you find healing on your journey.