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Posted by Margaret (Beavercreek, Ohio) on 11/15/2010

Yearly vaccinations of pekingese resulted in back legs becoming paralyzed. She received DHLP/Parvo, Corona, Bordetella, and 2 year Rabies vaccinations. The vet gave them in the rear legs and now those legs are paralyzed. Some mobility coming back after one week, but still unable to move for more than a few feet and her movements are all over the place. She cannot control her back legs and becomes very frustrated and tired when trying. I only let her try when she is carried out to the grass to relieve herself. This is a dog that used to walk everyday with her big dog friends. It is very sad. Her vet is claiming that he did nothing wrong.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Ted (Hampstead, Md) on 10/21/2010
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About 7 hours ago both our Lhasa Apso's received the second shot of Lyme's vaccine. About 4 hours later the smaller of the two (he weighs 10 lbs.) began acting like he didn't want to move, he was shaking, no appetite, and was acting very scared. We contacted an emergency vet and they said they could not determine if there was something else going on with the dog without examining him. Prior to the vaccine the dog was fine. In researching the vaccine we found the dogs could suffer all the symptoms of Lyme. Our other Lasa who weighs 20 lbs. is showing signs of being tired and no appetite. We are concerned that they will be suffering with these symptoms for a long time had we know this we would not have gotten the vaccine. Our vet did not tell us what to expect, he told us he felt the vaccine was perfectly safe.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Rebecca (Rockford, Illinois) on 10/18/2010

Two years ago in November, I took my cat in to get her boosters and rabies shot. I had almost lost her in May due to a vet giving her two shots of Metacam. She was hospitalized for two weeks and barely made it. My vet insisted she needed the shots because she goes outside for about an hour or two a day. Three to four hours after vaccinations, she started getting cranky with me and other cat. I had to hand feed her water and food for a day and a half. She came round, but I will never vaccinate her again for anything. My vet says I am risking her life, but with her history of kidney failure, I just can't chance her refusing to eat and drink.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Husky338 (Methuen, Ma) on 09/22/2010
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My siberian husky received her Lyme Disease and Rabies shots as scheduled (she was a few months old). Four days later she slowly started becoming paralyzed. She was diagnosed with Coonhound Paralysis. At one point she couldn't move anything, and could barely lift her head. She did eventually walk again, but her legs are crooked in the front, and weak in the back. The two companies involved settled with us, which covered the cost of most of the vet's bills, and Physical Therapy, but Luna will never be normal. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Brett (Fresno, Ca) on 09/19/2010
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I have a Doberman who is 6 weeks old I gave him his first shot myself. It seemed like 24 hours after the shot his poo got runny but was still eating and drinking water. But a couple hours after that he started puking just his food. Then he didn't want any water or food-was weak. He slept through the night had a couple runny poos. This morning he started drinking again and even took a couple of bites of food at 3:00 today it will have been 48 hrs since his shot. He stopped puking but still seems under the weather. Should I take him to the vet?

Replied by Bb
(Atlanta, Ga Usa)

NO. Take your dog to a homeopatheic vet to have him/her clear of the toxins. Then report the side effects to the FDA & anywhere else you can.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Janet (Littleton, Co) on 08/21/2010
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My 10 yr old cat went into renal failure within 2 days from receiving the FVRCP booster. The vet has been giving this booster on a yearly basis. She is currently undergoing IV treatment at the vet's office. Prognosis not good.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Fredah (Ham Lake, Mn) on 08/21/2010
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I had a 8 year old sheltie. She had continuous ear infections that were treated with steroids and antibiotics which made her comfortable for a week or two but the swelling, redness and pus from her ears never went away. The vet finally talked us into her having a ear canal ablation (removal of the ear drum) on her right ear. She was doing better and on her two week post surgery check up the vet gave the yearly shots to her. Two days later she was admitted to the University of MN hospital, placed in an oxygen kennel, IV's, and died 4 days later. She should never have received shots when her immune system was healing... The shots killed her. I currently have two shelties, they eat a raw diet, and only received their first baby shots. They will not get shots unless a titer test is done and the results are that it is necessary. I have read a comparison that by giving animals their yearly shots it is like giving humans their shots that are given their first year of life every year. It's sad to think that by trying to provide the best care for our fur babies we are slowly killing.

Replied by Sue
(Hillsboro, Missouri)

Vaccines are bad period, and all these symptoms in animals, from infected ears, to itchy skin, to cancer, whatever, are ALL caused by vaccines. Yes, there are a few genetic type of diseases that can occur, but for the most part, ALL from vaccines. The older the dog gets, if they are lucky enough to NOT get cancer or another ailment that kills them, the worst the chronic vaccinosis issue is. Only a "true" Classical Homeopath can undo this damage.

Last 3 dogs I had, one died from cancer and the other two we put down back to back, 9 hours apart, one from renal failure, the other from bloat. This is just simply crapola that the big Pharma is not only benefiting from killing people, but animals as well. I know someone who was a Vet Tech and in this field for 30 years and she said, it's ALL about the money and 50-70% of a Vets income is vaccines, the rest of course we know, is from treating the chronic disease the animals get. I cringe every time I hear someone say they took their animals to the Vet for their jabs, I cringe when I hear Mothers say they are taking their babies to get all those many jabs they get practically out of the womb.

I have two other dogs now, one Blue Heeler and the other a mix of heeler and possible Blue tick hound. Yes, they had jabs, because they were rescues, but they have not had any jabs, no heart worm pills, no flea or tick treatments in years now. We also feed them the raw diet, yes, raw, which is the species appropriate diet, we all have one, you know. : - ) Do they have vaccinosis symptoms? You bet, because all it takes to start the chronic disease is one jab but I will never give them any more. We don't board them, they are always at home and given the best of care. They don't get ticks or fleas and one is almost 8 and can jump 6 ft in the air to nab a frisbee, the other one, about 6, the heeler, is full of energy too. The female, over the last few years, has suddenly developed a fear of noises and such.

Vaccines damage the myelin(sp)sheath in the brain, which is what has caused this. My hope is that I am able to get them treatment from a Classical Homeopath one day, but if I don't, they are still happy dogs and very well taken care of. I am also one who had inflammatory breast cancer and beat it, without Chemo or drugs of any kind. You gotta look to God, he's the healer, and he healed me, then showed me how to keep the healing. God also gave us an immune system which can't function if we are forever pumping drugs into it, including vaccines. Of course, this is only my opinion and no one has to agree with me. : - )

Replied by Pearl
(Wyobraska, Wyoming, Usa)

Sue, could you please tell us how you beat inflammatory breast cancer?
Thank you.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Kk (Ocean City , Nj) on 08/18/2010
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I have a 5 and a half month old Pit pup. She got spayed, her rabies shot, and her 3rd round of puppy shots all in the same day. When I picked her up they told me I could try and feed her at 7pm, and that she may throw up from the Anastasia. Well she didn't want to eat or drink anything that night and she was throwing up foamy substance. However, the next morning her face was extremely swollen she could barely open her eyes. She still refused to eat or drink anything. And now she was throwing up yellow bile everywhere. She had heavy breathing as well. She had trouble going to the bathroom, she would sit there and squat and nothing would come out. No bowel movements at all. I had to rush her to the hospital and they said it as most likely from the rabies vaccination. I was lucky to get her there so soon because they explained to me that it was a severe, life threatening case.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by James (Greer, South Carolina) on 08/14/2010
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Vaccinations? do I let my cat go without it or with it. If they get rabies or distemper how long do they live. My cat was 1.5 years old and I took her to be vaccinated. My cat, the one good thing in my life I loved, died within 10 minutes from these vaccinations. Then I find out oh this happens sometime, thanks a lot for telling me that after the fact. These past few days have been the hardest of my life. So maybe one day rabies or distemper might have set in. But I know she would be here now if I hadn't have done it. She basically died for nothing and I'm having a really hard time with it. I'll never trust a vet again.

EC: So sorry for your loss, James.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Becky (Cordele, Georgia) on 07/22/2010
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My sister sent me this site, as I was telling her about my little Bichon that got his shots in Cordele, Ga from a Vet who gave him the rabies, distemper and parvo shot. We left the Vet's office and silly sam's breathing increased rapidly, then his eyes were dialated and he whined funny like he was really not feeling well. I rushed him back to the vet and he watched him for a short time and he seemed to be okay. I have never seem him react to any shots before this happened. I need to have them given separate or do something different next time.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Virginia E (Circle Pines, Mn) on 06/01/2010
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MY little Sweetie (Shit-zu)received a second shot for Lyme's disease. Her shoulder and right leg became swollen and she had trouble walking and playing. It took a week for her to return to normal. I will not give her the shot next year. I will use natural oils to prevent ticks and fleas on her.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Gardengal (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 05/17/2010
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Pet Vaccinations and MRSP

I am registering to inform you of a dog vaccine reaction. My dog was rescued in 2008 and she had vaccine reactions to her Leptospirosis vaccine and DA2P three year vaccine in June of 2009. My dog had to large lumps at each injection site. The one was the size of a golf ball and the other was the size of a half orange. She apparently had a suppressed immune system following treatment for ear infections with Prednizone and antibiotics. A couple weeks later she contracted MRSP of the bladder. She had been treated with an antibiotic that was not resistant to the infection. She had a second round of MRSP. In Oct. 2009 we worked with a holistic vet in England using homeopathic remedies as well as certain vitamins, minerals and a mushroom derivative to help improve her immune system. She is also getting nosodes to prepare her for the side affects of her 2010 vaccines.

EC: Hi Gardengal,

Do you mean MRSA?

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Dutt (Manchester, Mi) on 05/10/2010
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My parents took their puppy (3.5 months old) in for standard vaccines and the dog became ill within hours. The dog had trouble using its legs, lying down, and breathing. The vet could not find a reason why the dog was slowly losing lung power and within 5 days the dog had to be put down. Several years ago a cat that I own was temporarily paralized as a result of the distemper vaccine. Various sources indicate that the distemper vaccine is not mandatory. I am one that will not give that vaccine in any future animal that I may own.

Replied by Lisa
(Wichita Falls, Texas)

My chihuahua mix who is 11 years old has not had vaccines in years because he would always get sick for like a week. And one of my cats would also. Every year people give their pets so many vaccines and other things. Ever wonder why so many pets have cancer and other things wrong with them? I mean so much crap is put into their little bodies all of the time. Think about it!

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Jrldev (Antioch, California,usa) on 04/29/2010

Deadly result to vaccinations

My 8 yr. old labrdor retriever was a healthy dog unit he received vaccindations for Coronavirus, DHLPP, and Rabies on 10-18-2004. within 14 days of this vaccination "packet" he became listless and very sick. After 8 subsequent visist to the Vet Clinic from 11-01-04 to 02-08-04 he was euthenised on 02-10-04.Further reading and research makes me now believe that his death was suddenly precipitated by the vaccinations given on 10-18-2004.
I hope other animal owners think twice before submitting their pet to the "annual booster shots".

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Linda (Clio, Mi) on 04/27/2010

Last summer my dog had her annual check up with the vet. I can't tell you exactly what boosters she got but she did get some. I don't know if I can attribute my dog's symptoms to the vet visit but the problems did come after the visit. Our Golden retriver who was 8 years old at the time began having acccidents in the house both urine and stool, mainly stool. This was happening even when we were home to let her out and at night. Her stool began to look like a big slimey pile of alien birth. This went on for several months then stopped. The vet looked at her, did a stool sample and said he could see nothing wrong with her. I have always wondered if she had a side effect from the boosters or from the heartworm medicine. I changed her food slightly but I don't know if that made the difference or not. Anybody else have these problems?