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Posted by Cahira (Mason City, Iowa) on 12/13/2011

I would like to forward some of my education to you about yearly shots for pets. A dog or cat does not even need any shots after a year old. It is all part of the big pharma money game. It is something to think about, that if a pet needs these booster shots every 1 or 3 years either a) the shots are poor quality and aren't up to standards or b) it is for the money they bring every day of the year. Until the rest of the nation gets this education about their pets there are other options for the shots. Isn't it nice to know that big pharma has even pulled our pets into their game. I have been researching this for years. If anyone would like to contact me about what I know please feel free.



Replied by Gladys
Titusville Fl

I have a yorkie/daschund age 1 year 4 mo..i got her her 3 year rabies distemper shot. She had a rabies distemper in 10/2015...they said she was due again. I'm worried if something is gonna happen to her. I knew I shouldn't get her those shots but they told me its the law I had to. Now what. Today she keeps trying to hide. Day after shots...

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Gladys,

You might try the homeopathic remedies Thuja and also Silicea to see if they help negate the bad effects of the vaccine. If this were my dog I would not be back for vaccinations - you might google "Dr. Jean Dodd's Pet Health Resource Blog" and read up on her vaccination articles.

Posted by Ddbmom (Des Moines, Iowa ) on 12/12/2011
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My bordeaux received Rabies vaccine along with the 3 in one vaccine in Feb. of 2011. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in Sept. of 2011 and passed away in Dec. of 2011. I believe that she should not have received these vaccines especially after a surgery that she had the same day as the vaccines were given. She was on a grain free dog food along with fresh meat and veggies and not subjected to any pesticides. I think that her immune system was not able to handle all of the toxins that was given to her that day. She was 4 1/2 years old.

Posted by Peter (Gympie, Australia) on 12/05/2011

Dear people,

I understand and share your sadness and grief. I have a lifetime of experience with animals, and in that time I have seen the 'all creatures great and small' mentality generally turn to today's 'greed is good'.

There are good vets , but even they are mainly taught and trained by OLD professors, and OLD textbooks. Current up to date information comes mainly from pharmacuetical/products/feed reps.

And it is all about money these days I'm afraid.

I am not anti-vaccination, but one should be aware of the dangers and facts. They are mainly 2:

1.Transportation and storage. Vaccines should be kept at 2-8 degrees. Are they?Of course not with the human elements involved in transport and inferior storage and emergency capability(power outages-alarms etc. ). BUT no one knows, unless vaccines have a VVM (vaccine vial monitor)which costs a couple of cents. But if these were used, who would then pay for the spoiled vaccines?Vaccines which cost a few dollars?

2.Vaccines contain an adjuvant (preservative). This contains heavy metals-mainly mercury or aluminium. Small wonder then that one of the side effects is epilepsy-amongst other things,

Study this up-don't take my word for it, but why anyone takes their vet's word as gospel, and vaccinates when not necessary as research facts presented by Dr Ronald Schultz many years ago is beyond me.


Posted by Kay (Dudley, West Midlands, Uk) on 12/01/2011
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Please help I feel like crying, my puppy west highland terrier had her first vaccination 2-3 weeks ago. She has been well since my husband took her back to our vets. He gave her a injection and some antibiotics. She seemed to pick up for a few days but went downhill again so my husband took her back to the vets. Again the vet gave her 2 more injections and some more antibots. She's still weak, off her food and water, not moving about much and sleeping a lot. She also keeps getting a temp, I keep giving her water into her mouth and she keeps turning her head away. I'm so worried she is going to die, we are taking her back to vets today. I'm sure it's down to this vaccination. She was fine untill she had it, Can you help please? thank you, Kay

Posted by Oespo (West Hartford, Ct) on 11/19/2011
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I recently purchased a new purebred standard poodle, at about 4 weeks I reluctantly took him to the vet for his shots, they gave him over a period of 4 weeks 3 different vacinations. My dog soon after experienced a severe rash under his armpits and groin area. I called the vets office and they would not take blame for this being the vacinations they gave him. I will no longer have my dogs vaccinated (only required shots) ever again. My dog is on the BARF diet and will continue on this for the rest of his now healthy life. He is now 6 months old.

Posted by Babs1444 (Spring Hill, Fl, United States) on 11/19/2011
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All 3 of my puppies threw up 5 hours after getting their first shots today. I don't know if it was the shot or the 1 hour car ride each way but it was 5 hours later so I think it was the shot. Is it normal for this to happen? thanks

Posted by Gail (Lehighton, Pa/usa) on 11/05/2011
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Once my CHI received a 3 year vaccine he is now not eating or drinking and can hardly walk and seems to be in great pain. His legs are wobbly and starting to give out. I need help. The vet took xrays and blood work and said nothing came out negative.

Posted by Toni Ann (Nutley, Nj) on 11/04/2011
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My 4 year old perfectly healthy Shorkie Shi tzu yorkie mix went for her rabies and distemper shot. She is never sick 6 days after her shots I noticed she was walking funny and off to the side. I felt a welt on her back and brought her right to the vet. They said it would go away in 1 month to 2 months that it was swelling that occurs from the shot. The next day she was ok but 1:30 in the morning started throwing up till about 4:30 am.. Sunday all day she was sluggish and shaky and didn't move off the couch. She only vomited once that day. Monday we went right to vet were they said it was not from shots they didn't know what it was but will give her antibiotics and something to settle her stomach. She took the 3 medications Monday and Tuesday to see no improvement. Tuesday morning she vomited again. Went back to vet they gave her some fluids and a shot and told me to keep with the medication. Wednesday still no improvment. Thursday back at vet for ultra sound. Now her blood came back good , her ultra sound came back good but showing imflammation and spasms going on in the belly. They gave me predisone to give her. Still no major improvement. Her bowel came back negative and urine although very concentrated came back with some protein in it. He told me to wait two weeks until she feels better and have it rechecked because of the concentration it might be showing protein.

I am very concerned because years ago I had a maltese which received the same shots and 4 days later was unresponsive and throwing up and had to be put to sleep.

It has already cost me over 1000.00 this week for no diagnosis or improvement of my dog. I will tell you this she will never get another vaccination again. To me she never goes around other dogs and is only 8lbs. she is with me always and I think it is unnecessary to have to vaccinate when they are small house dogs.

Posted by Gayle (Gosford, Nsw Australia) on 11/02/2011
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Yesterday I took my Shiztzu X maltese for her annual injections for C4 and Heartworm etc.

Within 1 hr she became withdrawn and wouldn't come when called for dinner. She slowly walked with her tail between her legs but wouldn't eat( she is usually a very outgoing dog that will wolf down her food, any food ) She then started 'shivering' even though the room temperure was quite warm. I rang the vet, took her back, he said a slight reaction to one of the shots. She then started breathing rapidly, as though panting with her mouth closed. I rang the vet this time getting the after hours vet, was told the same thing. The panting went on for 2 hours. I slept with her right up next to me checking on her consently. Around 5am she wanted to go outside and had Diarrhea. She hasn't hadn't any water for 18 hrs now so I'm spoon feeding it to her, I'm worried about dehydration. She hasn't become any worse but I'll ring the vet again and take her back. Also she screams when I touch the area the C4 was injected. The heartwom injection was given in a different area. I'm from Australia.

Posted by Charley (Peterbough, England) on 10/29/2011
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My cat had his jab on Wednesday and since then he has been sick.

Posted by Lisa (Perkiomenville, Pa) on 10/19/2011
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Significant diarrhea noted @ 18 hours post initial lyme vaccine in 10 week old boxer puppy.

Posted by Pj (Hurdle Mills, Nc) on 10/13/2011
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Bella, 2 yr old German Short hair 12 hour after shot experiencing joint stiffness especially in hind quarter, lethargic and whining.

Posted by Dumplin (Elkhart, In, Usa) on 10/11/2011

When I took my 5 lb female yorkie/chihuahua mix to get her first shots in May or June of last year, she was 9 mos old. I didn't notice anything different with her other than laying around for a few days. I just took her on Oct. 4th to get this years dose, which was a 5-in-1 and a rabies shot. Yesterday I noticed a large lump on her right hip which is the site of 1 of the injections. She was not feeling well and was laying around, not eating. I did notice she was drinking a lot of water. I googled it and that is how I found this site. I do not know what I would do if I lost her. She is the light of my life. She is only 2 years old. What can I do to get rid of this lump? If I mess with it, which is very little, she really doesn't seem to mind. But it scares me. I will worry myself sick over this. Does anyone know what I can do to help her before it turns into something bad? Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa

Dumplin, remove the magnet from your refrigerator door and place that same side that sticks to metal directly on the spot of inflammation and hold it there for up to an hr, several times a day until that swelling goes down.

Posted by Naplesbeach (Naples, Florida) on 10/02/2011
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My female Yorkie has been given DHPP C vaccinations every year for years at the insistence of my vet. (if you don't get the shot, you can't board at that particular vet), -I didn't want her to have the innoculation at her visit 3 months ago-I wanted her to have a titer test, but the vet told me the titer test was very expensive and she would be protected by the innoculation and he talked me into the innoculation.

She has now been diagnosed with Lymphoma (by needle biopsy and I got a second opinion with repeat biopsy). (9 yrs. 9 mo. old and 5 pounds). She has totally healthy heart, lungs, etc. and always acted like a puppy. The vet oncologist I have for her now told me that Lymphoma is rare in Yorkies and she has up to 9-12 months to live. She is now on chemo and prednisone. This is a loving, beautiful, active dog that will be taken from me because the vet assured me the innoculation was safe. The vets do it for the money. That is the bottom line. The vet knows he is responsible-I could tell when I told him she had Lymphoma.

Posted by Tappy 09 (Mt Pleasant, Michigan) on 09/26/2011
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My llasa Apso had the 3 way shot 21/2 years ago and about 6 hours later after going to bed I could feel her twitching and her skin hot to touch. I called the vet and he suggested giving her benadyrl. She seemed to come out of it. I am supposed to give her another shot tomorrow and frankly I don't know if the chance of her getting a worse reaction this time is worth it. I might add she has severe skin reactions to many things including staph bacteria.