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Posted by Bowie (Beaufort, S.C.) on 06/18/2013
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My dog received all shots and dewormer and heart worm test and heart worm and flea preventitive medicines yesterday and I found him panting heavily and eyes dilated ? What should I do? can I wait till morning to contact his vet?

Posted by Cheryl (Vancouver, Wa) on 12/27/2012
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My 11 yr old shih tzu received the following vaccines on a tuesday - rabies, dhpp, and bordatella, along with a dex/depo shot for his itchiness due to allergies. this same vet diagnosed my baby with a heart murmur, and had him on lasix and elanapril, and was giving my dog a dex/depo shot app every 6 weeks.

2 days after getting all those shots at the same visit, my beloved dog died of congestive heart failure. since then, i have learned that the dex/depo shots were steroids, and that steroids should not be given to a dog with heart problems. i would like to know if the dex/depo shots caused him to die so suddenly or from receiving too many combo vaccines at the same visit. (i got my baby when he was 8 yrs old; the previous owner could not find his vaccination records, thats why my vet kept after me to get these shots. and also because i was planning on boarding him at this vets office over xmas, thats the reason the vet gave for giving him the bordatella along with the others. )

i am almost ready to get another dog; i have never been so heartbroken or so sad as i have been since losing my baby. we were inseperable, and i need another companion soon. i need to know if holistic practice is what i should seek for my new pup and if things would of turned out differently if i'd of done this with my pet that died. thank you for reading this; any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Betterinthesouth (Longs, Sc) on 11/16/2012
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19 month old mini Schnauzer almost died from 3 yr rabies and 3 yr distemper/hep/parvo vaccines approx. 36 hrs after administered. Airway was being restricted, constant vomiting and diarreha. Dog had to be rushed to an ER clinic and then again 6 days later is still barely eating.

Posted by Linda (Kerhonkson, Ny) on 08/09/2012
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My 8 year old golden retriever went from a seemingly vibrant & healthy to gravely ill in the 2 weeks following an annual visit to the vet where she was administered a lyme booster and a distemper booster. The day before the appointment she seemed under the weather, not wanting to eat or go for a walk, which was very unusual & out of character. But that evening & on the morning of her vet appt. she seemed fine and back to normal. I reported these symptoms to the vet, who could find nothing wrong with her and said she seemed perfectly healthy and that, "everyone is entitled to an off day". With that, I agreed to let them go ahead with her booster shots.

The day after the shots she was very lethargic and when things hadn't improved by the day after, we were back at the vet, who said her leg was swollen at the injection site and was probably having a reaction to the vaccine. I was told to bring her back in a few days if she didn't improve. During the days that followed we had some signs of improvement followed by signs that the condition was persisting. I made another appointment to bring her back to the vet and the morning of the appointment (6 days after her initial visit) she was unable to get up, experiencing partial paralyzation of her hind legs. She was admitted and put through a battery of tests and treatments. Following an MRI and spinal tap, 13 days after her initial vet visit, she was diagnoses with an abnormality in her lower spinal column with the presence of cancerous cells. Her rear legs remain partially paralyzed and she has lost control of her bodily functions.

The vet does not want to acknowledge any possibility of a correlation between the illness and the vaccines, and I am not convinced. Ironically, I had a friend who told me of someone he knew who had a similar experience with his dog following a lyme booster. Just wondering how many more cases may be out there, and wondering if this & other cases are being swept under the rug by vets and pharmasutical companies. What do you think?

Replied by Daveyo
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

The Vets diagnosis is all wrong. Your dog has Distemper now in the CNS. It is called vaccine induced distemper.

You need to have the dog taken to Dr. Mueller in Atlanta Georgia (Briarcliff Clinic) to have the NDV-CSF tap done ASAP. If you don't the dog will DIE!!! This cures the disease in 24 hours in the CNS and your dog will recover from the paralysis. The cost for this is just 500 dollars. It covers one overnight stay plus the CSF tap and followup treatments of which you can take home if your dog has pneumonia which always accompanies Distemper.

I am an expert on this disease and have 3 dogs as proof of the cure. One was completely paralyzed and today is jumping and running around etc. The other had seizures and today none.

There is also a book out pertaining to this disease of which me and Dr. Sears made to inform people that this disease is treatable and fully cures in 24 hours.

As of that VET who gave the shot and did a horrible misdiagnosis, give him your bill from Atlanta and make him/her pay for it, and after that find another VET.

Take care Daveyo

Posted by Tanya (Adelaide, South Australia) on 05/19/2012
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I have a 3yo Mini Schnauzer x Lhasa Apso who had here annual c4 vaccination today. After 1.5 hours she started to have a severe allergic reaction including:

- swelling of the face

- swelling under the neck

- lumps all over her body

- increased temperature.

She has been given some anti-inflamatories which have helped out a bit but she is still swollen.

The vaccine was Protech c4 by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Posted by Sharon (Prosperity, Pa) on 04/30/2012
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I got my kitten vaccinated yesterday for rabies, leukemia, & feline distemper. She is just laying around today & cries when I touch her. She is 6 months & about 4 pounds. What can I do for her?

Posted by Alene (Douglasville, Ga) on 04/16/2012
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We have an 80 lb doberman who threw up and was very lethargic after vaccination. She had occasional shivers. I will update if it lessens or worsens.

Posted by Connie (Tucson, Arizona) on 03/30/2012
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My 10 year old cockapoo received his parvo/distemper vaccine yesterday. This morning he did not want his breakfast, then started eating grass, then threw up, is running about 1 degree fever and very tired. I told my vet that 3 years ago with this vaccine he felt bad afterwards, but he had to go through this again. This is his last vaccine.

Posted by Debbie (Tonganoxie, Ks) on 03/06/2012

My healthy 11 year old Yorkie who I have had since he was three months old had his shots on Sep 14, 2011. He had a five-way Distemper, Kennel Cough and a Rabies shot. Heaven knows I wish I had read the new protocols before I allowed that all in one day. Three weeks later he was rolling on the floor, would not stay in one place for more than 5 seconds, seemed to be itching everywhere and was crying he has never cried. It made me cry.

I took him to vet and he asked what "I" had changed. Nothing. He gave him antihisimine and later that day another shot. He also was getting hard crustiness in his ears. And was having some eye troubles and he kept giving him drops which never helped. Two weeks later he gave him Prednisone because itching was still present. We went to vet 5 times in three months and I felt were just treating symptoms that kept coming back so I decided to take him to the Specialty and Emergency Vet. Dog also had a bad cough, like gagging. They found some fluid between his trachea and his lungs which should not be there. It ended up being lympacytes but not cancer. Along with having the crustiness around his eyes and in his ears, I discovered it also on the front and back hocks and between the pads of his feet. They did lung aspirations and found he had lung inflammation and they took samples from his hocks and pads while he was under anesthesia. They said he had immunosuppression and vasculitis.

Now I have read this is consistent with vaccine reactions but can I get a yes from anyone on this NO. Can I get some type of reason why a normal, happy, fun dog who is an indoor dog, has never been in a kennel or around other dogs and has a groomed fenced area to go to the bathroom, would or could get what he as NO. He has had numerous blood tests, ultra sounds, x rays, echocardigram you name it we are up to $3,500 now and there way we will give up on him unless he is in pain. He was on a high dose of Pred and now a lower dose, also on Pepcid (stomach), Tums (low calcium), Pentoxifylline and Doxcycline Hyclate and now has a Holistic vet and using some herbs.

A non medical person has only their common sense to use and ask yourself what is different than when he was well and the only thing we can come up with is vaccinations. Why would anyone give a dog all those shots in one day especially one that weighed 8.5 lbs. (who by the way went down to 6.5 during this).

My dog is my life and now I'm not sure if he will make it I even asked that question directly to the vet and got no response. Why am I and all the other people here and those who don't even know where to go for help have to put up with this. I thought they took an oath- FIRST DO NO HARM. My dog has lethargy, an eye infection, vasculitis on ears, all four pads, all four hocks, does not play, does not look happy, sits and stares, sleeps 23 hours out of 24, doesn't walk much, waits to be picked up sits in my lap a lot. I wonder am I tortuing him? Will he get well, I do not know, will he have lifelong lasting effects if he does live? You do not have to ask me if I will vaccinate any other dog without titer tests and certainly none in the same month as the other ones!!! What happened to being responsible? Are a good percentage of the vets related to the lady who spilled her McDonald's coffee on herself??? I am beside myself and am more frustrated than I have been in my whole life- it seems everyone is against you when you want to find answers and help your dog and others from this horrible situation. Everyone is afraid to say yes it is this and yes it was caused by this. Gee are they the experts- after all the tests and money, no one can really tell me anything helpful. But they will say he is never to have any more vaccinations, including rabies. I just don't wany any other dogs or their families to go through this.

Posted by Sherry (Calhoun, Ga) on 02/26/2012
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My dog got her vaccines and in just a few hours she was lethargic, not eating or drinking, breathing rapid and labored, the next day she is moving some eating very little, I have to bring it to her, will not drink, walking some but is still laying around just about all the time. Looks like she feels bad.

Replied by Deborah
Chino Valley, Az

Hi Sherry, So sorry to hear about your pup. Please read this link from the Earthclinic site. You will see you are far from being alone in this.

Thank you Earthclinic for simply gathering this heartbreaking but critical information and feedback, and for helping us see for ourselves the dangers inherent to our beloved pets from vaccines.

May the absolute madness of this 'standard practice' someday be made clear as day and bring it to a providential end. With each heartbreaking story I know we come closer to that day, but always at too high a price.

Prayers to your pup, Sherry ~

Posted by Patricia (Durham, Nc) on 02/22/2012
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I rescue English Pointers and one of my fosters became incontinent immediately (day after) her spay and vaccinations. I've had 2 vets test her for a UTI and she is fine; I tried PROIN (no effect whatsoever) because I had a female English Springer Spaniel who (unfortunately) took PROIN after being spayed for all of her 12 years. Anyway, Eve the Pointer was absolutely fine before the spay and vaccinations, no accidents at all for the several weeks I had her after I pulled her from the shelter.

After the spay and rabies and distemper-parvo vaccinations, she is very incontinent. This will affect her being adopted, I am quite sure, and I already have 6 permanent dogs. She is a lovely Pointer, young, with a great temperament, and I feel terrible that whatever happened to her happened. This is a vet that has spayed countless rescued dogs and my own and I've never had a complication before now.

Replied by Marianne
Berlin, Germany

Dear Patricia, I do not know how often I have answered on this blog to people that had bad experiences with animal vaccinations. Many of them weren't even published so I don't know if the addressees even got it. I never got any answer (except once just recently) so I have no idea if this is all to no avail. Still, I keep hoping that people start waking up and research vaccination critique before they have themselves, their children and their animals vaccinated.

This madness will not be stopped by people who are making their living with vaccinating unsuspecting creatures. It has to be you who has to stop believing in their bullshit - before it is too late.



Posted by Hotbutterflychic (Paw Paw, Mi Usa) on 02/19/2012
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My beloved dog Rocky is a pit bull terrier and just the sweetest most loving guy in the world. I gave him the seven in one shot. Well that night he had effects a fever and some hassled breathing. To a greater extent than I had earlier realized. It's been about three weeks now and he still isn't right. He has his good days and his bad. He gets a fever a couple nights a week, all around the end of his muzzle and around the edge of his mouth gets bright red, and He gets puny doesn't want to eat and sometimews even throws up. He was perfectly healthy and happy before "I" gave hom the shot. I feel terrible and I am now afraid to get the rabies vacine.

Posted by Meagan (Camano Island, Wa) on 02/13/2012
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The day after my 4 month old Pitbull received his shots he has just been out of it. Sleeping all day, not eating and off balance and it's going on the third day now...

Posted by Renee G. (Lafayette, Louisiana) on 01/15/2012
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I have a 2 1/2 year old female Bichon Frise. She had her yearly vaccinations yesterday, About 8 hours after the injections she gets a reaction of severe itching & diarrhea. She can't sit still at all. I have told my vet this before and they did not seem concerned at all. But she woke me at 2:00 am this morning and has not been able to sit still and I do not know how to help her. What can we do to calm her?

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa

Renee, I would give Bentonite clay mixed in water. If she won't drink, give by dropper or syringe to help clear any contaminants from the Vaccine. Sometimes the Vaccine can become outdated and could produce an infection, in which case a few drops H2O2 in her water bowl.

Replied by Marianne
Berlin, Germany

Dear Renee: First of all let me tell you that, of course, it is a reaction to the vaccine. If you know what is in it you would not even be surprised. So, please, read the following website: This should only be a start but do yourself and especially your pet a favour and research the dark side of vaccinations. By the way, that goes also for humans. Orthodox medicine cannot do a damn thing once the damage is done, but then they don't even recognize and admit that it is a vaccine damage. So you cannot expect any help from this side, as a matter of fact, most of the time they make matters worse. Look for a homoeopathic practitioner in your area who are able to help you and you hardly need a vet anymore. By the way, I am just going through the latest postings and this is already my forth letter to people that have a vaccine damaged pet all in the last 2 weeks. About time people start waking up.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Posted by Caryllanne (Oakham, Rutland, England) on 01/14/2012
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My 2 year old dog which is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a daschund, has experienced a number of side effects since his vaccination last Monday.

He is lethargic, weak, shaky, aggressive and appears to struggle to walk. His appetite isn't effected but he doesn't want to stand to eat and I am having to feed him in his basket.