Turmeric for Dogs and Cats


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Posted by Diane (Jacksonville, FL) on 11/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Feeling it was worth a try... i gave 1 capsule every other day with one tablespoon of peanut butter to my Lhasa Apso. She had a lump that the vet wanted $200. to biopsy. Within one week, the lump came to the surface and drained. It was sooo gross and smelly. But it is gone! I will continue to watch her and report any post symptoms. This is pretty incredible!

Replied by Suzanne
(Alpena, Mi)
1 out of 5 stars

My Lhasa Apso (23 lbs.) has a ping pong sized fatty tumor under his tail which looks like a misplaced testicle! The vet says it would be better not to remove it because he's about 12 years old and it does not interfer with his elimination. For two weeks I have been giving him 1 teaspoon of tumeric mixed with canned dog food, which he likes very much. Unfortunately, his tumor has not shrunk and HE SMELLS LIKE CAT URINE! Am I giving him too much? Shall I keep trying and wait longer?

Replied by Ruby
(Birdsboro, Pa Usa)

Get rid of the dog food first n feed him real food. When you cook make an extra serving or two if you don't cook everyday. Dog food is so full of toxins it will continue to feed rumors or cysts... Dogs don't get fat from real food - they get fat from eating too much like we do.


Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 11/18/2012 403 posts

I wonder about using such high doses of turmeric for pets. "Amount" is a profoundly critical element of herbs. The amount of herbal elements introduced can dictate to which part of the body its elements are sent AND what action is taken when it gets there. Just like the form in which an herb is administered. A single herb can be used in various combinations of dosages and forms to treat hundreds of different ailments but HIGH dosages can ONLY be treated, by the body, as "toxin". The body doesn't care if it is turmeric or simple oxygen - if there's too much of it, it is simply "toxin" and the body has no choice but to go into "emergency mode". High dosage = chemotherapy. Some "bad" stuff may be eliminated along with the "toxin", but the fight, itself, will further weaken a system that is already weak from trying to remedy the situation. If the body gets to it before it gets to the area you are treating, you could create more and worse problems - often invisible, initially - without the "medicine" ever reaching the intended area. There are too many unknown variables to even guess, let alone calculate, what might happen. Kidney and liver failure are common as these are the primary organs used to eliminate toxins and what could have assisted or even cured a kidney or liver disorder - in the right dosage which would have elicited the right response from the body - could end up "silently" damaging the organs beyond repair. Always start "tiny", once a day. If the body responds, STAY tiny and once a day, before sleeptime. Don't rush it. Let it do what it has to do. If it stops responding, add a "tiny" bit more but don't increase the number of times per day. Let the body use what you're giving it at the time of day when it makes repairs without interference from you - during sleep. Medicine is just a part of life, it's not "magic". The body has a repair cycle. Seek remedy, apply (whether by eating, drinking, breathing or rolling in it) and then have a little snooze. Wake, take stock and either go about your business or take a bit more remedy and go back to sleep or, often, simply roll over and go back to sleep.

Replied by Beth
(Boulder, Co)

Thank for this wise and wonderful take on dosage!

Replied by Belil
(California, US)

Thank You Cindy for your wonderful, full of wisdom, most important advice. I couldn't agree with you more.

In fact, i'd like to suggest everyone copy paste your advice to different pages on this site. Cuz it's so important!!

Anytime, I give ppl advice about using natural (or any) remedies for their pets or children, this is the most important part of the instructions, that I emphasize to them.

The best things can harm you if you don't start slow, with TINY amounts, taking your time? Never rush, never without first making sure you've 1st learned all that you can about the correct info./directions/dosage for the specific type of pet & ailment.


NEVER start with FULL dosage!
NEVER rush!
NEVER put an animal on their back (ESPECIALLY CATS) to feed liquids into them!
NEVER force feed especially liquids as it could go in the wrong way into their lungs & cause serious issues!
ALWAYS keep an eye on them, to notice even the tiniest (possibly) negative responses!

& ALWAYS LEARN as much as possible, BEFORE starting anything!

& even after you start, KEEP CHECKING, RESEARCHING ONLINE & ASKING questions from ppl who've tried the remedies!!

Sheri S.

I don't really know what dose is a tiny bit. I have a 50 lb. Cocker spaniel . What dose of turmeric is tiny bit

Eosinophilic Granuloma

Posted by Marcia (Rockwell City, Iowa) on 12/12/2009

Question:turmeric for my cat

Turmeric interests me greatly...would it help my old kitty boy (16) who has lived all his life with eosiphillic granuloma (sp) and in the last year has recieved 5mg daily of prednisone. (Don't like drugs) It was discovered when he couldn't breathe last year that he also has asthma. The life giver for him was discovering 7 years ago a feline colostrum powder...but even that wasn't keeping his tongue and throat from tumoring, hence the nasty drug.

Anyone with experiences like this? He is now throwing up nearly every time he eats...and it doesn't matter wet or dry food...so I am suspicious of throat or stomach problems again. He has very bad breath too. Thanks to all for any suggestions!! XXXX's M

Replied by Suze
(Tweed, Australia)

You could try a few (3-5) drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide (just the one you get from the store) mixed with water and give it to him in a dosing syringe, morning and night. It is a bit of a cure all, see the posts on the human section of earth clinic. I give this to my cats and dogs and I have got positive results for many conditions, from viruses, to skin problems, the list is endless.

Sheri S.

I have a 50lb cocker spaniel. I adopted after heartworm treatments. He is on bp meds and a diuretic. He still has a cough. I'm sure his lungs need help. Plus he has horrible skin problems. Bathing him drying him. Brushing him nothing helps! He has these little patches of sores that keep popping up no matter what! I've tried acv..antibiotic creams, anti fungal creams.. I'm at my wits end...help!

Replied by Gail
(Wellington, New Zealand)

I was just reading of your kittys problem and was going to suggest the hydrogen peroxide therapy, where I see someone else has suggested this. HOWEVER, DO NOT USE THE 3% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FROM THE DRUG STORE, it contains poisons and should not be ingested. ONLY FOOD GRADE 35% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE should be used, but this cannot be used 'neat" it has to be diluted. I have done the hydrogen peroxide cure myself and Iam totally convinced it is the way to go to kill cancers etc( cancer cannot live in an oxgenated environment)

(be careful handling the 35%, use vinyl gloves, it burns if you get it on your skin) Keep the litre bottle in the freezer and dispense some out to fill a brown glass bottle with a dropper)

My dear cat was severely jaundiced and the vet diagnosed either a pancreatic tumour or lymphonas. I searched the internet for how to administer the hydrogen peroxide , without much luck, putting in the drinking water is an option( it has to be distilled water, not chlorinated tap water) but how much ? and given cats dont drink all that much, how could the cat drink enough water to be effective? I then decided to put 1 drop of 35% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE in a small bowl of PET MILK X 3 TIMES A DAY. ( which she happily lapped up)

THIS HAS TO BE GIVEN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH, THEN WAIT ONE HOUR BEFORE GIVING ANY FOOD) I also made up an 8 oz bottle of distilled water and put 3 drops 35% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE in the water, I used this to fill up the cats water bowl ( but I have not seen her drink the water) I also added a little of this water to the PET MILK to dilute it a bit.

This is what I noted the next day after only 2 bowls of the pet milk & H202. Her eyes were clearer, she seemed more alive and was interested in eating a whole bowl of food and I noticed her urine was becoming clearer. ( previoiusly it was a dark brownish mustard colour)

After 5 days of this therapy, I can see alot of difference in the cat, the urine is becoming clearer every day and she is eating regularly again. She was just skin and bone and though still very, very thin she seems ever so slightly better covered over the ribs. Her eyes are no longer sunk in her head and the insides of her ears are not so yellow looking.

I will continue on with this therapy as it seems to be working, I think I will use it for 60 days.

(In my research I found mention of an experiment with rats, where they were injected the rats with cancerous cells and then HYDROGEN PEROXIDE was put in their drinking water, the resulting tumors all resolved within 15- 60 days)

I hope this helps those seeking a cure for their beloved pets.

sincerely Gail.

Eye Infection

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 02/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hello! One of our goats had an eye infection last week. The eye was swollen, glassy looking, and had a discharge. We have no idea how he got this. Perhaps an injury that got infected?

Anyway, he is a young buck and not very tame. Usually, I would treat an eye infection topically, with chamomile, charcoal, colloidal silver or coconut oil. That didn't seem feasible with this guy.

When in doubt, turmeric is my go-to. Blood purifier, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory....it has always come through for me.

He is one of four goats and they eat together...turmeric is great for all of them, so we just gave 2 Tablespoons mixed into their feed each day. So this 40 pound buck was getting 1.5 teaspoons of turmeric in a day. Two days later his eye was 90% better. This is amazing to me! My son said his eye had looked like they eye of a dead animal! Now, five days after beginning treatment, the eye looks completely normal!

Yay for turmeric!! ~Mama to Many~

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Thanks, MTM for this awesome report!! I am sure this approach will be helpful to many!

Heart Murmur

Posted by Laurie Mcg (San Diego) on 01/20/2015

Turmeric for blood thinning: I'm considering giving my cat turmeric because of his heart murmur. I know aspirin can be toxic to their liver as they cannot process it properly. I cannot afford a heart specialist and heart medicine. What do you think? I had a cat several years ago with a murmur and she died too young - I assume hyoertrophic cardiomyopathy. I want to do all I can for this kitty!

Replied by Myway

Do some research on flaxseed oil for kitty. Flaxseed oil thins my blood after having consumed the budwig protocol (to control skin problems). Use a dropper but, I personally would just add a couple drops a day on her paw and let her lick it to see if she can consume it. Cats and dogs can be given flaxseed oil daily with no problems. Just research the amount based on your cats weight. This should help tremendously.



Hip Arthritis

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Posted by Senora Huesitas (Cozumel Island, Mexico) on 02/12/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I've been giving my dog tumeric for his hip arthritus for 9 months now. It is wonderful to have him off the vet prescribed medications and have him pain free and moving again. My vet is impressed! But, what we've noticed is a chocolate lab turn red!! No, it's not from the color of the tumeric it is because the tumeric has an interaction with the melanin that produces hair/skin color. So I have a redhead lab. The vet said my dog was lacking the amino acid tyrosine. So I've got him on tyrosine to put some melanin back in his coat. It's working, starting at his head now at his shoulders he's turning chocolate. I need an alternative to such long term use of tumeric tho. Perhaps one month on tumeric, one on some other natural anti-inflamatory remedy. Any suggestions?

Replied by Katushka
(Vancouver, Bc, Canada)

I have three mixed breed dogs with Hip Dysplasia, and a few years back I started them on 'pet naturals of vermont' extra strength hip and joint tablets. They have worked miracles for my three big guys, and I have even been able to avoid surgery on two of them with the addition of this tablet. I would whole hearted recommend it to anyone wanting to ease pain in their dogs joints. You can find it for sale on the internet (i order mine from amazon) and also in quite a few health food stores. Good luck!

Replied by Fern
(Mexico, Mexico City)

About your dog and the tyrosine thing, I remember doing a little reading and research on curcumin (major component of turmeric) specifically about it's anti-cancer properties, and I remembered something about being a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, so I did a little google search to refresh my memory and I found scholar articles about it (just google "curcumin inhibits tyrosoine kinase activity of epidermal growth factor receptor") you will also find articles specifically adressing it's therapeutic potential to treat prostate cancer.

Anyway... I would think that being a tyrosine inhibitor, it would do exactly what it did to your dog, but the curious thing is that a medicine called Gleevec (anti-leukimia and other types of cancer treatment) did the opposite to the patients being treated, it darkened their gray hair---this drug is precisely a tyrosine kinase inhibitor---

Sorry if I got too technical!!! LOL but I just thought it was pretty interesting... And I don't now if supplementing with tyrosine would render the turmeric mute :S

Redhead lab sounds pretty cool anyway :) good luck!

Replied by Lori
(Tucson, Az)

Try organic extra virgin coconut oil. My dogs love it and its good for arthritis also. I use it for cooking and on foods. Just research it, its good for a lot of things.

Large Growths

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Posted by Wendy (Ontario, Canada) on 09/05/2013

I have a 12 yr old femal Rottweiler with a large 2 piece growth( tumor) on her front left elbow. I have been giving her tumeric every day in her food, as well as Reishi mushroom and Green tea tablets. I wrap the tumor in cotton covered in Castor oil every day as well. It has been about 3 weeks now she has been taking the tumeric and that I have been applying the castor oil. A big outside piece of the tumor has fall en off, and it is light pink, and bleeds a little. Is this normal for it to do before it shrinks and falls off? Also has anyone else had sucess with large growths using tumeric and castor oil?

Replied by Dharmony
(Ny, Usa)

Reply to Wendy from Ontario, Canada. I have not had personal experience with this but I found a good video about using turmeric, lecithin powder and coconut oil. See video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7aTYDwLBuw

If the link doesn't work, search: Dog vs Lump (how to destroy cysts & tumours)

1 part certified organic turmeric, 1 part certified organic lecithin, and then start adding certified organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil in until it gets a good thick consistency.

In the video, it explains he applied it to the tumor for 7 days covered with a gauze wrap, then aired it out for 24 hours and reapplied for 2 days covered.

I have heard about caster oil also, but have not actually had the need to try either remedy. Good luck to you and your pet.

Replied by Rottiemom65
(Ontario, Canada)
5 out of 5 stars

GOOD NEWS!!! We have been giving her the tumeric and coconut oil in her food for 6 weeks now and applying the tumeric/castor oil poutices and the tumor that was the size of a baseball is now only the size of a nickel and is still shrinking, the core that the tumor was attached her elbow by, is now coming away from her elbow as well.

Replied by Dharmony
(New York)

WOW! So happy for you and your Rottie! So to clarify, you put coconut oil and turmeric in food and caster oil and turmeric on cyst? Glad it worked!!!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

This is awesome news! Kudos!

Replied by Rottiemom65
(Ontario, Canada)

Yes we put the tumeric and coconut oil in her food twice a day, and castor oil and tumeric mixed together to make a paste and applied to the tumor. It has been a struggle since every dressing we put on she likes to remove, but we have been vigelant. I can't count how many socks we have gone through lol. I bought a 20 pack of ladies tube socks and would cut the toe out then put it over her leg and the flannel wrapped tumor then use a self adhesive dressing to keep the sock on. I just applied some tumeric/castor oil with a few drops of oil of oregano as a antibiotic.

Replied by Glenda
(Moody, AL)

I hope you have great luck with your dogs. Our 6 months old was diagnosed yesterday wit hip dysplasia. and it breaks my heart I don't know whether to let them do surgery nor notl

Replied by Louise
(South Carolina)

Glenda, I also have a beagle/springer spaniel that was diagnosed 2 yrs. ago with hip dysplazia, he is 8 now. Vet said surgery would be about 2000.00, and not guaranteed. I ran across a homeopathic vet named Dr. Jeff Feinman, while searching about h.d. He has a facebook page. A lady posted about the same problem with her dog. He recommended diet, if the pet was overweight, and supplements, so, I posted a question about my dog. He suggested diet, of course, and a joint supplement. Found a good joint supplement at Puritans Pride.com. I have had him on it now for over 2 months. He has shown remarkable improvement. Before he could not put enough weight on one leg to hike it, but now, he can hike that leg with no problem. I am grateful to Dr. Feinman for his suggestions. He also said that surgery should only be used as a last resort. The joint supplement is called Glucosamine Plus for Pets. Good for cats also.

Replied by Gbear
(Martinez, Ca)

You may also want to check the dog's diet to avoid all grains in most kibble. Good food is good insurance against vet bills. Too bad it doesn't work for humans who have a plastic 'insurance' card which buys them drugs & surgery, but I digress. Blue Buffalo is a good non-grain brand & there are others. There are others who claim to be non-grain but hide grains/fillers in terms like "chicken meal", etc. Also both human & animals share the same environmental probs, such as GMO, etc. Weston A. Price is a good site for both humans & animals on diet.

Replied by Divya
(Orlando, Florida)

Use of turmeric in dogs please help.

EC: Hi, you can check this section:  https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/turmeric.html

Replied by Linda
(Island Lake, Il, Usa)
5 out of 5 stars

Wendy, I am so happy for you. Maybe you can give me some insight. Our Jr. has a baseball size lipoma that was benign on his right front leg. It is now cancerous. Due to his age of 11 years, we have decided not to do chemo/radiation. Operating on it will not get clear margins and will grow back again, so that is not an option. I have been giving him Golden Paste for about 6 weeks. It appears to be getting softer, still feels very hot. But reading you also applied as a poultice, what was the progression of treatment? Did it open, and bleed? If it did how did you treat it? What can one expect by making poultices in terms of how it diminishes, scabs, open sores, leaking.. How long did you leave the poultice on and how many times perday? Thank you for all your help.



Replied by Kay

I have a small 6 lb, 12 year old york/chi mixed with a large mammary tumor. How much castor oil and turmeric would I give her? Her tumor is open.

Replied by Kailyn
(Laurel, Montana)

Does it really work? I know a cat that has a tumor and I don't want him to die. Does it work on cats too?

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Kailyn, I have heard many success stories with this and I always say it is better to do something then nothing. I don't have any personal experience with this but please consider where the tumor is and give a raw and best diet you can with no processed food what so ever and good luck.

Replied by Lyss
(New York, New York)


I just found this thread. My cat has a tumor between his toes and a sore on the paw pad, and think this treatment may help. What form of tumeric did you use on your dog? Did you buy the spice kind at the grocery store or another supplement. I've been reading mixed things on both kinds. Thanks!

Replied by Idot 13

The best cure is pure honey mix with breadsoda and it will fall off after a few weeks to months

Replied by Ann

Hi, I am of Indian origin. I use turmeric everyday both for cooking as well as my dog.

For any kind of tumors, trying adding a drop of neem oil to castor oil, external application... just a teeny tiny drop. Neem is a strong anti carcinogen.

I also feed my dog neem tree bark powder. Helps with coat, teeth and immune system.

Replied by Mary

How much Tumeric would you give to a 95 pound German Shepherd?

Replied by Sabrina
(Weatherford, Oklahoma)

I'm currently dealing with my 11 yr old corgie that had a large golf ball size growth in his ear the vets r just wanting to remove it and will cost about 5000.00. This hm remedy seems as if would help him. I'm gonna give it a go for sure and check in with results. With yalls comments I'm definitely feeling more confident in using a painless solution. Thank u soo much for the info.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Jane (Cambridge, Uk) on 11/06/2010

Our golden retriever went to the vet recently to have a large hematoma (swelling of blood on ear flap) drained. We were told he might need to have it drained again and then could need surgery. The next morning the ear was beginning to swell again so I mixed roughly half a teaspoon of turmeric in his morning and evening feed. By the next morning the swelling was reduced and within the next couple of days disappeared completely. I'm a great fan of turmeric as I'm convinced it saved my other dog's eye. (See ruptured retina) I still give him a little turmeric every day and people comment on his wonderful glossy coat. He's now 14 and can walk and run with ease and shows no signs of arthritis like many dogs of his age.

Replied by Clare
(London, UK)

I have an 8 yr old border collie Labrador. He has one lump on his chest for about 1yr and now two smaller ones next to it. And have just found one on his side. Will Turmeric work to get rid of them? I have been giving a quarter teaspoon a day and also glucosamine cause he gets aches and pains. I only just started the Turmeric. He had the diahrea today.

Replied by Moyra
(City Of Glasgow)

Plz look at the "Turmeric Users Group" on face book. Its a closed group but easy to join and there is LOADS of fantastic info and help on best way to use turmeric for animals and humans. I give the "Golden Paste", recipe on site, to my 8yr old boxer dog who had lumps like you describe. 3 weeks later no sign. His arthritis greatly improved. Back to being a happy bouncy boy again where as previously he could not walk upstairs. Hope this helps. Novice on computer or I would post links.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jane (Cambridge, UK) on 07/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric (Ruptured retina): I gave my dog turmeric (1 teasp) mixed in with his food and some tasty gravy after the vet said he would have to have his eye removed. There has been a dramatic improvement and the vet is no longer talking about removing the eye. He still has drops from the vet but the turmeric seems to have reduced the inflammation. It also seems to have shrunk a large fatty lump on his chest. This was not a tumour, but unpleasant to touch and you can hardly feel it now.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jane (Cambridge, UK) on 07/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric (Ruptured retina): I gave my dog turmeric (1 teasp) mixed in with his food and some tasty gravy after the vet said he would have to have his eye removed. There has been a dramatic improvement and the vet is no longer talking about removing the eye. He still has drops from the vet but the turmeric seems to have reduced the inflammation. It also seems to have shrunk a large fatty lump on his chest. This was not a tumour, but unpleasant to touch and you can hardly feel it now.

Replied by Jaine
(Ny, Ny)

My little maltese is 16 and also has a large red mass on the side of the eye. The vet will not do anything for it, due to his eye. I have been searching everywhere for help for him. He weighs 8 pounds. I will begin giving him tumeric in his food today. I so hope this will work for him. I have also put some castor oil near the tumor, since I cannot put it on his eye. We are also switching to raw meat today. He naturally loves this.

Replied by Kim
(Fort Worth, Tx)

How much turmeric should I feed my 35 lb mini schnauzer daily to treat/shrink benign lipomas? What ratio tumeric to coconut milk or olive oil or castor oil to make paste to apply to tumor daily?

Pulled Ligaments

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Posted by Marta (Portugal) on 06/22/2020
5 out of 5 stars

The mother of my dog was a Llasa.....she started limping and an ex-ray showed she had pulled the ligaments and moved the 'knee'.........so I gave her turmeric and diotomaceous earth...it took time, but she doesn't limp and seems fine.

Skin Cancer

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Posted by Shelagh (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) on 09/14/2008
4 out of 5 stars

My 'peaches & cream' cat, Jasper, has just been diagnosed with skin cancer on one of his eye lids. I've begun painting the area with turmeric & aloe (from my garden) with a make-up brush. I am adding turmeric to his food (1/4 tsp. 2x a day). Will let you know how this goes, but so far, so good!

Replied by Andy
(Uk, Rhondda Cynon Taff)

Hi Shelagh

I hope you receive this message.

My dog has a tumour on his upper eyelid - he has others but the one on his eye is most likely to bother him. I am already following the Dr Budwig protocol but am adding turmeric in his diet as from today. I notice that you painted it onto your cat's eye. I would like to try this but I am nervous in case it damages his eye. How did you know it was OK to put it on your cat's eyelid?

Hope you can help.


Replied by Annie
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Hi Shelagh, I've read a number of things about a combination of baking soda and coconut oil, make a type of paste and rub it on the area. I have a small lump, low grade peripheral nerve sheath tumor, behind my ear, and have been using this for about a month. It's almost gone! The last tumor I had, was about the size of the end of a pinkie finger, I had surgery to remove it. I don't imagine coconut oil or baking soda are harmful to cats. Good Luck!

Skin Issues

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Posted by Pam (Africa) on 09/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. we have been giving our two sausage dogs turmeric for a while now. We simply rub it into the meaty part of their early morning bone. They love it. The 15 year old had developed little weepy like warts which she used to scratch. After a few weeks we noticed the warts had completely dried. No more weeping or scratching. Both dogs dance for their bone in the morning. It brings us great joy.

Snake Bites

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Posted by Steph Williams ( Danville, VA) on 11/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've had great success with turmeric to stop wounds from bleeding. If you catch a slice by the kitchen knife quick enough, the blood will coagulate behind a layer of turmeric. I also add turmeric to a warm water soak with sea salt or epsom salt to draw out infection/inflammation from wounds for my family. I treated our dog's copper head bite with a turmeric poultice. Her leg was swollen and the skin around the 2 puncture wounds was necrotic and oozing and after many soaks and poultices, it healed leaving no scar.


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Posted by Geri (Windsor, Ont ) on 12/28/2014

Hello my 8 year old Kelpie has a fatty tumor on his belly, closer to his side. I have been reading about the success using tumeric. But...Does it shrink it or blow it up. In some posts I read it shrinks it and in another I read it burst leaving a 2 inch hole. I want to shrink it not cause him any pain. So I am confused. Can someone explain it for me? Thank you!


Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

I did a complete web search.


This sounds like it might work wonders. I use it also. It's an all around herb.

Good luck.

Replied by Annika
(Orlando, Florida)

I made a paste with coconut oil and turmeric applied to a malignant cyst on my 18 yr old cats neck left side top. Results so far after 2 weeks, hard crust with a small hole and bleeds a little bit. Now I feel more throughout his body on the inside. He now has blood in his left eye as I believe turmeric is also a blood thinner. I stopped for 4 days and gave vit k. His eye is a little better. He has stopped eating so I have been syringe feeding him. I fear I have caused him to have pheumonia. He has the mega colon so I have to be very careful with turmeric ingested as it causes constipation. Going to give cipro that I have and continue treatment. ANY experience of time frame and healing would be appreciated. If turmeric heals cysts; I do not want to let go of him. However, it seems I am going to have to. How long does it take to get rid of them, using turmeric?

Replied by Melinda
(Capron, Il.)

We are using tumeric now. Our process started with Castor oil hot packs and it came to a head and did open ~ like a boil and yes painful but our dog is doing OK. We are now putting a paste of castor and tumeric as a follow up. The process is working.

(Sherwood, Arkansas)

My dog has a lump not sure lipoma or tumor. I am going to vet Thursday for a fine needle aspiration. I did the castor oil hot cotton ball treatment for one month 2-3x a day but nothing other than getting bigger.

Replied by Chris

Be careful with coconut oil and cats. It can harm their liver if used too long or in a large amount.

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