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Posted by Debbie (East Lansing, Mi, United States) on 04/28/2013

I have a 5 1/2 year old black lab that has a tumor on his front paw, we have had him on antibiotics for 2 weeks and a anti inflammatory pill, we are seeing no improvement, vet is recommending amputation of the toe, of course at a steep cost, in the meantime I have been hearing about tumeric was wondering if anyone could give advice if it is okay to give him tumeric, how much?? we are trying to buy some time until we get the funds for his surgery, as a side note his is a diabetic dog.

Replied by Tanya G.

Turmeric dosage for turmeric: quarter of tsp, per day, for ever y10 pounds, give in ensure, or oatmeal, should see shrinkage, need more help, contact me,

Posted by Kate (Portland, Oregon) on 03/23/2013

I had a question about a recipie for using tumeric to heal a mass on my dog.. I've read a lot of great things about tumeric healing even malignant tumors on animals, and just wanted to see if anyone ran across a recipe (eg, with honey? tea tree? add to just water?). Thanks!

Replied by Om
(Hope B.c., Canada)

Re: mass on dog. Turmeric is a very good remedy combined with Essiac tea twice a day. I am treating my dog this way. It can take months. Good luck. Om

Posted by Pj Masterherbalist (Louisville, Ky) on 01/12/2013

Tumors if not malignant can be dealt with using red root capsules and turmeric and cayene. Red root dissolves non-malignant cysts and tumors.

Replied by Katylucyb
(Wichita, Ks)

How is the tumeric concoction combined? And in what? How much of each ingredient? Did you mix with water or oil or????? And how is it administered???? Please specific on your remedy/treatment otherwise it is of no use to us. Thank you.

Replied by Angela
(Cary, North Carolina)

Make a paste with turmeric and water and paint it on with a q tip or paint brush. It will stain things so maybe place them in a bed you can wash or crate. I would also try to use vitamin c in this paste. Have you ever used powdered vit c? If you don't have any you can crush a chewable one. I have used it on warts and such on humans and nothing can live in its environment. I would also do a dilution of ACV and water 50/50 in a bottle and coat their skin anywhere you can where the body can drink it in. Dilute it as it will burn their mouths if they lick and it is too strong. Start out with turmeric and water paste and reapply every few hours if you can. Good luck...

Replied by Vinceann
(Rochester Hills, Mi)

Thanks, Cary of north Carolina for being so specific, I will try on my 9 year old, black labs paw tumor //

Replied by Petra
(Cape Town, South Africa)

If tumor is malignant, can I still use turmeric for my cat with lymph cancer?

Replied by Kcinar
(Arkansas, United States)

Petra, there is a mushroom called the "Turkey Tail" mushroom that is said to remove the cloak cancer cells use to hide from the immune system. I heard a mycologist (one who studies fungi and fungus such as mushrooms) speaking about the Turkey Tail mushroom on the radio, he said researchers are studying it. He said that once the cloak is removed from a cancer cell, the immune system is able to recognize it as an invader and kills it. I have seen Turkey Tail mushroom powder and capsules sold online. I saw the powdered Turkey Tail mushrooms being sold on Amazon, it was a brand that is grown in the state of Oregon if I recall. I know they are also grown in Japan and other countries .

Replied by Hayley
(North Carolina)

Hi there. My dog has a tumor behind her left eye and on her left lymph node. Both are cancerous. Is it possible to put a turmeric and coconut oil paste near her eye on the tumor? Will it hurt her eye? Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks!

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney Australia)

Why don't you try essiac tea?

Replied by Yvette
(Cr, LA)

What dosage and how much did you use of the red root capsules? Is it a powder or a liquid? The capsules where is a good place to go to search for the red root and castor oil? Thank you, YHines

Posted by Nancy Weaver (Dayspring, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 01/25/2010

My 11 year old collie developed a tumor on his lower jaw, two years ago. It is benign but after being removed twice , has grown back again. I have started to dose him with tumeric, 1/2 tsp 2xday. I am anxious to see if this will work because most times testamonials like those here on this site are sometimes bogus and I pray that this time they are not. I will update after two weeks. Nancy and Thunder.

Replied by Suz
(Boston, Ma)

I don't know whether turmeric can help at this stage, although I've heard positive things about it as a supplement. I've been treating my 16 1/2 year old Cairn terrier with a medicinal mushroom supplement, omega 3 caps and a change to a low carb diet. Two years ago I was told she'd be dead within 3 months due to tumors on all her major organs. There's an incredibly helpful website called dogcancer.net that has great info, links and support groups for anyone going through this. The company that makes the supplement donated them to the search and rescue dogs from the World Trade Center who all got cancer from the toxic waste. Diet change is major. I hope this helps.

Replied by Suz
(Boston, Ma)

After reading the posts on how effective turmeric has been on tumors and cysts, I'm going to start adding it to Casey's diet. I did a search and found info suggesting a dosage of approximately 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per 10 lbs. of body weight. I'd be thrilled if it would shrink her sebaceous cysts and I'll be back with an update. I love hearing these success stories and I love this site!

Replied by Jen
(Little Silver, Nj)

AHCC and ESSIAC!!!!!!!!! AMAZING, and now I will also try Turmeric, but my cats tumor is not on a recent chest xray. So since aug she has been on it since they found a mass in a chest xray before surgery which they didn;t do because it showed up.

I recently took her to the vet for constipation and they did an xray (digital) which I asked them to please scan her chest area, and no mass!

The cancer doctor wanted to take her lung lobe out in Aug plus human chemo, I DON"T THINK SO.

So after a cry in the waiting room another patient told me she tried Essiac for her dog and tumors went away. I went right away and bought it as well as did as much cancer research as I could in cats and dogs. Good luck!

Replied by Elizabeth
(Las Vegas, NV)

Did it work?

Replied by Karen

Yes, also you want to get rid of those toxins inside, this is what causes tumors and such on outside. I have been adding unrefined sea salt 1part, 2 parts Kelp and 2 parts Wheatgrass. Mix, give 1/8 th tsp per 5 lbs body weight. Algae good also. High protein diet, low carbs.

Replied by Tey

What happen to your dog now...does it help?

Posted by Dianna (Austin, TX) on 01/05/2009

recently my pet rat sookie started getting what looks to be a mammary tumor growing on her lower abdomen. i have had rats (females) get this before and they are fast growing and sometimes cancerous - and it cost a lot of money to have them removed (if they can) and then they usually grow back.

well, i immediately started giving her high doses of tumeric in ensure or oatmeal. the lump has not gotten any bigger and it has been several weeks. it actually appears to be getting smaller. this is a godsend. she is an older rat (1 1/2 years) and has always been frail and i don't think she would be a good candidate for surgery. i would suggest that anyone with pet rats that get lumps give them tumeric. actually, i plan to give all my rats tumeric from now on because it also helps with abcesses, and it said to keep lumps from forming. i have told all my rat friends about your site!

YAY! thanks for this site!

Replied by Erica
(Williamsport, PA)

I have a female rat (Lily) with the cyst problem. I was wondering what you do with the turmeric. Do I just add it to the water? ...If so, how much and how often? I have another rat in the cage with her. Is it ok for the other rat to take the turmeric as well?"

02/04/2009: Chloe from Seattle, WA, USA replies: "Response to Erica's Question regarding Turmeric for rats. You need to put it in their food, not the water. It won't hurt the other rat to have it. I'm taking it myself!! I'd put a pinch on their food every day and see what happens. Chloe xoxo

Replied by Shamana
(Anycity, State, Usa)

I have researched turmeric. The info I have found it that is it utilized better with a carrier of fat/oil. Like a little (full flavor not fat free) yogurt or olive oil on the food or side? Maybe a good quality dog kibble mixed in their feed? Any other ideas?

Also, please, for you? If you add it to food? Add it at the end to simmer and let a little oil stay on the soup/stew. This brings out the full benefit. According to my research. I am also reading about the benefit of whey for tumors. EFA's also.

Replied by James
(Olkusz, Poland)

Just found this site... reading about tumors... two days ago our english mastiff had scan revealing cancer.. he is too old,,ten ... to be operated on and they are not sure of the success.. he feels okay... all functions are working..but his tummy is large on one side... we are trying to arrest the cancer... read about turmeric and omega 3... and special diet... Question, our mastiff is over 200 pounds.. trying to decide how much turmeric to give him each day... i read one place that dogs with cancer should have tablespoon.... any thoughts would be helpful... any idea... tell me please...thanks james p.s. i will visit dogcancer website too..

Replied by Kittyf
(Somerset, Pa)

I, personally, take 8 capsules of Turmeric a day. this comes out to 2 tsps. I use it for arthritis though so maybe you'd want a bit more, maybe a Tablespoonful, spread out over the day? For what it's worth, Kitty

Replied by Tanya G.

Make paste with coconut oil, if licking use bag balm. Where is the area, if feet, I'd let the pet lick, it's more meds from the licking, put on twice per day, Use until you see the scab fall off and until pink skin, . By than should be gone,

Turmeric Sources

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Posted by Petprescriber (Roseburg, Or, USA) on 12/27/2009

What Are the Best Sources for Turmeric?

What are the best sources for tumeric, you may already know you can find it in the spice aisle of your local grocery store. But if you are using it for healing properties I would using your local grocery store, due to the quality of their herbs and spices. Even though there may be some good spices available at your local market, it's really difficult to verify their purity and potency. Also, the turmeric powder you buy at the grocery store is a spice. It doesn't necessarily come from high-quality organic herbs -- and is not produced using certified organic processes, causing you or your pet to risk missing its healthful benefits.

Here's a better option.. Do a Google search for organic turmeric in powder or supplement form. Here are some things you should watch for when choosing a product.

Avoid Unnecessary Fillers, Additives

When I went to the healthfood store, I found a big array of choices. Besides, curcumin and curcuminoid ingredients, I found products with questionable ingredients like fillers, additives, and excipients. An excipient is a substance added to the supplement as a processing, binding or stability aid. One ingredient, magnesium stearate (also know as stearic acid), is a potentially toxic metal additive from pill production. Another ingredient I found in many turmeric supplements, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate (DCP), may even inhibit the absorption of essential minerals within the system. There are others as well, but the crux is... you don't want or need these ingredients in your pets turmeric supplement. Some pose potential health risks -- and all are unnecessary. Plus a higher quality product may very well speed up the cure.

I calculate all of my animal dosages for herbs and homeopathy with a Pet Remedy Charts. They make it brain dead simple. I got mine from a holistic vet, but you can google them on the web and find them too.

Replied by Katie
(Northport, New York)

A good source for organic turmeric is a company called Organic India. I buy the turmeric in 1 lb. bags.

Replied by Augustine Approved
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

We produce a variety of 100% organic products for humans and dogs. Our official launch is only around the corner.

Our flagship product, Augustine's Super Food contains certified organic turmeric, among many other organic super food powders. Our belief is that prevention is better than cure.

You can read our story at: www.facebook.com/augustineapproved

If you would like to purchase certified organic turmeric you are more than welcome to contact us.

[email protected]

Replied by Kb
(Schertz, Tx)

Turmeric WORKS! I have a Boston Terrier who will be 11 in Aug. He began having cysts at age 8, one in particular that was pink and coming up through his paw, and the Vet went as far to schedule surgery. I panicked and looked on the web for alternatives and found a site that talked about different herbs as medicines in human trials. I began mixing a paste of pure tumeric and applying it to the cyst. For two days it cracked and bleed, my dog licked and licked, licking all of the turmeric off of course. Four days later it was shrinking, and I brought him to the Vet. The Man was puzzled and said, "lets put off surgery a few days. " Mind you, this surgery might have caused him to lose part of his paw. I was vigilent with the paste and "Baxter" was vigilent with the licking. It completely disappeared within a week, no kidding. I took him back to his Vet who said if he hadn't of seen it with his own eyes he would not of believed it. Turmeric WORKS. I am not paid, I am not totally holistic either, I just know what I have seen. He had large tumors under his arm pits the size of a 50 cent piece. Same thing, I made a paste and one has dissapeared and the other has shrunk to a nickle. He is going to be 11. He eats organic dog food, organic treats, and lots of water, love and play. He is truly blessed, and so am I. Thanks for letting me share! KB

Replied by Yobry1
(Jc, Tn)

No one has mention if it's ok to give dogs turmeric when pregnant. Is it ok? Also, have read ppl making a paste with turmeric to put on lumps but no one says how to make the paste nor how often to apply it. Do you put a bandage on over the paste because if they lick it off, that would just defeat the purpose. Someone throw me a bone here (pun intended) lol. :)

Replied by Lauren
(Cape May, Nj)

I would apply it every day... Make a paste with either a bit of oil (virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil) or honey.
You could probably even break open a gel Vitamin E capsule and make a paste with the turmeric with that, too (Vitamin E capsules are gooey inside).

Just sprinkle turmeric onto a plate, pour a little of the stuff mentioned above onto it, and mix it around with your finger. Apply it on the dog's cyst/tumor/lipoma...I would do it once a day. You can probably cover it with a bandage if you think your pet will lick it off or rub it onto furniture.

It might stain the dog's coat orange, but over time it will wash off or fade.

Yeast Issues

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Posted by Nappi (Jacksonville, Florida) on 09/01/2013

Recently started Turmeric treatment for 12 y.o. Shar Pei Sanna. She has had a yeast problem with her skin since we got her at 8 weeks old and started developing lipomas in the past four years. Have always bathed weekly, and tried nearly every remedy we read about including lime sulfur dips, anti-fungal shampoos and vinegar to little or no avail. We read about turmeric for treating dog yeast infections and tried it. We are absolutely floored by the results. Within two days of starting treatment all the odor associated with yeast on her skin disappeared. She completely stopped chewing on her feet. It has been a month now and the smaller lipomas are gone and the larger ones are shrinking. The skin on her underbelly is getting soft and smooth and changing from purple to healthy looking pink. Our vet is amazed. Cannot say enough good things about using turmeric. Anyone thinking about using turmeric for their dog needs to stop thinking and start using. Your dog will appreciate it for sure!

Replied by Debbiefudge
(East Sussex, Uk)

If you find out your dog has yeast issues. It's crucial you look at their diet.

A raw diet is best. Raw meat. Raw bones. You even have to be very careful about vegetables, as they have natural sugars in them. So, best to steer clear of them.

I have 3 Shihtzu's. One of them, a boy, I put him on commercial puppy food, when I got him. He became ill. The vets were pumping him full of steroids and antibiotics. And he was just getting sicker. To the point I thought he was going to die.

So, I said, enough is enough and started doing loads of research. And of course, what the vet was doing was just feeding the yeast. As was, all the crap in his food. So, I changed to raw feeding.

He is now a very healthy 5 year old.

But you do have to keep on top of it. With anti-fungal shampoo. And a final rinse of half water/half white vinegar. (Leave on, to dry). But he has that about every 6 weeks when he has his hair cut. If you do it too often they are losing the natural oils they produce, in their skin. IF they have 'any hot spots', you can also put some in a spray bottle to use, on those areas.

One of his ear canals is very narrow and that does get 'mucky'. So, I clean it out with colloidal silver and then spray some in his ear afterwards. You can also use the half water/half white vinegar mixture in the same way.

Make sure you are not giving tap water to drink. Only, bottled water.

Make sure you don't give any treats or dog biscuits. They don't need them and are also full of crap.

NEVER give any cooked bones, as they can splinter. Any raw bone is ok. They get calcium from them and keep their teeth clean. (Never, leave them unattended with bones).

I've just started giving him turmeric and a little black pepper, and virgin coconut oil. Both, are anti-fungal. They also, get garlic, every day. Then they don't get fleas or worms. Stay away from all chemicals. (Like flea drops, etc.)

I also give them some probiotic yogurt every day.

VERY IMPORTANT. Don't give them booster vaccinations.

Needless to say, I don't trust vets.

I find raw feeding easy and not anymore expensive really. I have 3 dogs and 'proof is in the pudding' as they say.

By the way, to get him to take the turmeric/VCO and garlic. I just use a slice of ham. Put it all in the middle and fold it up into a little parcel. And he gobbles it up, without realising what's in it!!

Hope this helps. Do your own research.

Look at cleaning products you use as well. I use white vinegar for cleaning everything!!

Replied by Susan

What kind of raw bones do you feed your dogs?

Replied by Lori
(California, US)

My boston terrier has allergies and yeast on skin. Everyone is talking about the great healing properties of tumeric for dog skin but I'm unclear if the concoction is dry tumeric (from grocery store) and water or just use tumeric root. What is better dry or fresh?

Replied by Emmy
(GA, US)

Glad to hear it works so well! I was wondering the amount you are using. Thanks

Replied by Sara
(Texas, US)

Do you use dry or turmeric root. Isn't there a tumeric essential oil and would that work?

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Sarah --- the best way would be powdered turmeric dissolved in coconut oil. Just take a ladle and hold it in hot water, then pour over food. T. about one half tsp. Regards, Om

Replied by Sharon
(Lodi, Ca)

How did you treat your dog? Did you apply it to its skin or did you give it to it orally and how much?

Replied by Debbie
(East Sussex, Uk)

Any RAW bone is ok. NEVER cooked. They splinter.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Also about raw bones, the weight bearing bones will splinter - so no marrow bones. Feed only neck bones or rib bones or similar non-weight bearing bones to avoid bone splinters.

Replied by Joanne
(Palm Coast, Florida)

Our Bernese rescue has had skin issues all her life and finally at 12 years old I found a supplement with turmeric and other ingredients that stopped the greasy skin and odor of yeast! It's sold on Amazon and at pet stores as a soft treat for allergies.

She is a different dog and can run around like a young dog again. It comes in a green container.

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