Turmeric for Dogs and Cats

| Modified on Dec 14, 2021
Posted by Lisa T (Fl) on 09/02/2015

I am 53 y/o and tried Turmeric to loose weight and found it has many AMAZING side effects. I have had horrible irritable bowl since I was 7 y/o. I mean horrible. It will bring me to my knees and make me throw up forcing me to choose which end should be aimed at toilet. The Turmeric not only assisted in loosing weight but stopped my irritable bowel/spastic colitis DEAD IN IT'S TRACKS - NONE. I had never experienced a day without pain in my colon. OMG it was amazing.

Anyway, I have a 18y/o Border Collie that has a fatty tumor on his side that is so bad it is making him fall from the extra weight on that side and of course the pain from arthritis/old age. I have checked with 3 vets with no good solutions because of his age, no one wants to perform surgery.

Well, I thought, if Turmeric breaks down fat why not try it on Murphy. So, I looked up on the web if Turmeric was ok for dogs. It was ok but recommended a certain type of Turmeric. I compared the recommended Turmeric online to the type I had purchased. It was the same kind of Turmeric. Great! I researched online for the best Turmeric and I came up with, Curcumin C3 (Turmeric) w/ Bioperine - 2,000 % More Bioavailable 500mg, as the best on the market for Bioavailable for best utilization in body.

My point is maybe the Turmeric would help your doggie with his tummy issues?

Turmeric helped also my arthritis pain, my irritable bowl, brain function, mood and over all pain. It has been identified to be an Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Antioxidant, reduce risk for heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndromes, Alzheimer's and various degenerative conditions as well as improved Brain Function and a Lower Risk of Brain Diseases and a Benefit Against Depression.

I am sold. It has made me feels so much better and Murphy seems to move better and happier. The cheapest place I have found the Turmeric was Amazon. The brand I listed above was what I thought was best after my days of researching it.

Good Luck and I hope it makes Doggie better!


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Cat Sarcoma
Posted by MokiMom (San Francisco, CA) on 09/24/2021

Update: A paste of turmeric, manjistha powder (Rubia cordifolia root) and moong dal is working to break down the tumor. I am seeing gradual progress over repeated treatments and my cat is acting like she feels much better. I found this remedy at https://www.ayurvedacollege.com/blog/managing-cancer-3/. I have posted details on how I am using it under the pet cancer topic. The post will appear pending approval.

Cat Sarcoma
Posted by MokiMom (San Francisco, CA) on 09/13/2021

My 12-year-old cat has inoperable sarcomas on her back. This is the best everyday care routine I've discovered so far:

I wash the area using a spray bottle containing sterile saline (1/2 tsp salt boiled in 1 cup of water) and blot with kleenex, gently probing into the cracks where the foul leakage comes out. When the area is clean I spray with strong turmeric tea (boil water, turn off heat, add turmeric and a little black pepper, steep half an hour or so, filter out solids). I keep the spray bottles in the refrigerator. The tumors are hot so I think the cold spray is good. She is more energetic immediately after the treatment and the tumors are leaking less. To keep her from licking the part she can reach I loop an elastic bandage behind her front legs and tuck paper towels under it to cover her back. I tried castor oil poultices but her energy was down after the treatment and it gummed up her fur. The gummy texture made it hard to keep the area clean. What goes on the skin gets into the bloodstream and I'm not sure castor oil is mild enough. I don't worry about the turmeric. This routine is working well enough for maintenance. I am still trying to find the best way to actually shrink the tumors.

Eosinophilic Granuloma
Posted by Sheri S. (Mississippi) on 07/06/2021

I have a 50lb cocker spaniel. I adopted after heartworm treatments. He is on bp meds and a diuretic. He still has a cough. I'm sure his lungs need help. Plus he has horrible skin problems. Bathing him drying him. Brushing him nothing helps! He has these little patches of sores that keep popping up no matter what! I've tried acv..antibiotic creams, anti fungal creams.. I'm at my wits end...help!

Posted by Sheri S. (Mississippi) on 07/06/2021

I don't really know what dose is a tiny bit. I have a 50 lb. Cocker spaniel . What dose of turmeric is tiny bit

Yeast Issues
Posted by Joanne (Palm Coast, Florida) on 12/14/2020

Our Bernese rescue has had skin issues all her life and finally at 12 years old I found a supplement with turmeric and other ingredients that stopped the greasy skin and odor of yeast! It's sold on Amazon and at pet stores as a soft treat for allergies.

She is a different dog and can run around like a young dog again. It comes in a green container.

Posted by Carol (Sherwood, Arkansas ) on 07/07/2020

My dog has a lump not sure lipoma or tumor. I am going to vet Thursday for a fine needle aspiration. I did the castor oil hot cotton ball treatment for one month 2-3x a day but nothing other than getting bigger.

Pulled Ligaments
Posted by Marta (Portugal) on 06/22/2020

The mother of my dog was a Llasa.....she started limping and an ex-ray showed she had pulled the ligaments and moved the 'knee'.........so I gave her turmeric and diotomaceous earth...it took time, but she doesn't limp and seems fine.

Anal Gland Issues
Posted by Jes (Kansas) on 06/15/2018

Kitten formula is the same as what baby formula is, but for cats and not people. It's a white powder you buy at the store. I do not recommend it as cats are lactose intolerant and it has milk in it. It also has a lot of other ingredients that aren't necessary. Canned cat food would be better for a kitten, just mix in some water so it's not as thick.

Arthritis, Tumors
Posted by Katydid (Houston, Tx) on 05/31/2018

My dogs both have conditions that I felt would be helped by the addition of tumeric. After much research, this is what I settled on. One dog is 85 pounds, the other is 45. I'll include dosages so you can convert to your pet's weight. My larger dog (10 years old) has benign tumors, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. My younger one (8 years) has the beginnings of a fatty lump, and what is probably a sebaceous adenoma. Treatment began two days ago and I feel both dogs are beginning to improve. I will update as time goes by, and if I remember to I'll take photos.

Recipe: Tumeric "Golden Paste" (there are other recipes if you want to research.)

1 cup water, plus 1/2 cup organic tumeric, mix both together in saucepan on LOW heat, minimum 7 minutes. Do NOT boil or burn, so stir.

Add 1/3 cup organic coconut oil. Can substitute almost any healthy fatty oil available.

Add 2-3 tsp ground black pepper. I cook an additional everything together one minute, then let it cool. Keeps 2 weeks in fridge, few months in freezer.

Now, dosages. 40lb dog= 1/8 tsp, gradually increase to 1/4 tsp. 80lb dog=1/4 tsp increasing to 1/2 tsp. This is PER DOSE, not per day. I give twice daily. You can start your dog more gradually then this if you think there'll be issues. I feed with meals so it's easier on their stomachs.

FEEDING...depends on your dog. I've one that'll take a frozen 1/4 tsp 'blob' of paste and just eat it out of my hand. ;) My other one needs his mixed into something. Generally I grab some cottage cheese, or broth and mix it with his paste into his food to kinda hide the taste a bit. Use whatever your dog likes.

I've seen a definite improvement in arthritis, and am expecting it to also help the tumors. I'm debating adding blue kote and castor oil to the tumors, but I'm holding off on those for now. I'll update when I think of it. Good luck to all and blessings to your beloved pets. :)

Posted by Cindy (Sparta, Tenn) on 01/29/2018

How much tumeric do you give your cat? Sprinkle on the food?

Large Growths
Posted by Sabrina (Weatherford, Oklahoma ) on 01/16/2018

I'm currently dealing with my 11 yr old corgie that had a large golf ball size growth in his ear the vets r just wanting to remove it and will cost about 5000.00. This hm remedy seems as if would help him. I'm gonna give it a go for sure and check in with results. With yalls comments I'm definitely feeling more confident in using a painless solution. Thank u soo much for the info.

Anal Gland Issues
Posted by Alexander Kerr (Dunedin, New Zealand) on 12/23/2017

Hi can you tell me whats kitten formula?

Posted by Anon (US) on 11/10/2017

I put 1/8 tsp. Turmeric in the ragdoll's food because he has a cyst in his ear. He refused to eat it all day and in the evening he threw up a very small amount of the food. Will have to try putting it in his poor ear. He now eats a raw diet, also. He is 15 years old and been on dry food most of his life, and grain free and wet food the past few years.

Large Growths
Posted by Mary (Nj) on 09/28/2017

How much Tumeric would you give to a 95 pound German Shepherd?

Large Growths
Posted by Ann (Virginia) on 07/23/2017

Hi, I am of Indian origin. I use turmeric everyday both for cooking as well as my dog.

For any kind of tumors, trying adding a drop of neem oil to castor oil, external application... just a teeny tiny drop. Neem is a strong anti carcinogen.

I also feed my dog neem tree bark powder. Helps with coat, teeth and immune system.

Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 06/09/2017

Research here on EC for the recommended dosage of turmeric for dogs. You may also want to add organic UNrefined virgin coconut oil to their food along with the turmeric since this combo boosts the effectiveness. I had great success adding this combo to my Golden Retriever's food at each feeding time (2x/day). She had a quarter-sized cyst on her hip that was weepy and gross. After @2 weeks of adding the turmeric/coconut oil to her food, the cyst was completely gone!

Posted by Paula (Michigan (mi)) on 06/08/2017

Thanks for all the natural remedies. My little dogs have tiny little growths starting to pop out. They are 13 yrs old and starting to get them all over their body. I will try the tumeric. Any suggestions please let me know....thanks,,,,,, paula

Posted by Tey (Philippines) on 05/26/2017

What happen to your dog now...does it help?

Posted by Yvette (Cr, LA) on 03/01/2017

What dosage and how much did you use of the red root capsules? Is it a powder or a liquid? The capsules where is a good place to go to search for the red root and castor oil? Thank you, YHines

Yeast Issues
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/21/2017

Also about raw bones, the weight bearing bones will splinter - so no marrow bones. Feed only neck bones or rib bones or similar non-weight bearing bones to avoid bone splinters.

Yeast Issues
Posted by Debbie (East Sussex, Uk) on 02/18/2017

Any RAW bone is ok. NEVER cooked. They splinter.

Posted by Susie (Galesburg, Illinois) on 12/23/2016

How I get my dog to eat turmeric, for whatever reason. My older dog stopped going up or down steps for a month, so I started putting turmeric in her food to see if that helped. She eats dry dog food. I put her usual amount in her bowl and add hot water to soften it, adding 1/4 tsp of turmeric, 3 shakes black pepper, 1 tsp coconut oil, a couple shakes pink Himalayan salt, a heaping teaspoon of diatomaceous earth, and sometimes a miniscule amount of borax. She looks forward to eating this every day, and goes up and down the basement steps all the time now. Not sure how much it matters, but she weighs 50 pounds.

Large Growths
Posted by Idot 13 (Ireland) on 11/04/2016

The best cure is pure honey mix with breadsoda and it will fall off after a few weeks to months

Skin Issues
Posted by Pam (Africa) on 09/29/2016

Hi. we have been giving our two sausage dogs turmeric for a while now. We simply rub it into the meaty part of their early morning bone. They love it. The 15 year old had developed little weepy like warts which she used to scratch. After a few weeks we noticed the warts had completely dried. No more weeping or scratching. Both dogs dance for their bone in the morning. It brings us great joy.

Posted by Chris (Alabama) on 09/17/2016

Be careful with coconut oil and cats. It can harm their liver if used too long or in a large amount.

Posted by Pamela (New York, Ny) on 09/16/2016

My 8 year old neutered cat Alex, cough badly especially after eating. He had UTI. I thought that was the cause. He sounded like he had the croup. He brought up his meal or any hair with bile. He lost weight, fluids. But still wanted to play and have his belly rubbed. I took him to the vet many times. The glands on his neck was swollen on his right side. When the doctor touched it, he went into a violent coughing fit. Bile and all. They gave him steroids, shots for the coughing, medications for the UTI, etc.. The UTI was gone, but Alex still coughed up bile. One day, he coughed and would pee on himself. I always preferred natural/organic healing with my animals and myself.

The vets bills were killing me and no results, I stopped the steroids and did with turmeric. Instantly he stopped coughing and kept his food down. I had him in a huge cage with a little box so I could watch him. When he did cough he stayed in the little box instead of the floor. He started to gain weight and now is on his way of making a full recovery.

Large Growths
Posted by Lyss (New York, New York) on 09/11/2016


I just found this thread. My cat has a tumor between his toes and a sore on the paw pad, and think this treatment may help. What form of tumeric did you use on your dog? Did you buy the spice kind at the grocery store or another supplement. I've been reading mixed things on both kinds. Thanks!

Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 08/25/2016

Juliette, yes you can add to food. Start with half teaspoon per day then eventually give 1 teaspoon per day.

Posted by Juliette (Folsom) on 08/25/2016

My cat has heartworms and want to start him on the turmeric...can I add coconut oil to his food too and if so how much..

Large Growths
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 07/28/2016

Kailyn, I have heard many success stories with this and I always say it is better to do something then nothing. I don't have any personal experience with this but please consider where the tumor is and give a raw and best diet you can with no processed food what so ever and good luck.

Large Growths
Posted by Kailyn (Laurel, Montana) on 07/27/2016

Does it really work? I know a cat that has a tumor and I don't want him to die. Does it work on cats too?

Posted by Karen (Georgia) on 07/14/2016

Yes, also you want to get rid of those toxins inside, this is what causes tumors and such on outside. I have been adding unrefined sea salt 1part, 2 parts Kelp and 2 parts Wheatgrass. Mix, give 1/8 th tsp per 5 lbs body weight. Algae good also. High protein diet, low carbs.

Posted by Suseeq (Sydney Australia) on 06/21/2016

Why don't you try essiac tea?

Posted by Hayley (North Carolina) on 06/20/2016

Hi there. My dog has a tumor behind her left eye and on her left lymph node. Both are cancerous. Is it possible to put a turmeric and coconut oil paste near her eye on the tumor? Will it hurt her eye? Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks!

Large Growths
Posted by Kay (Mobile) on 05/14/2016

I have a small 6 lb, 12 year old york/chi mixed with a large mammary tumor. How much castor oil and turmeric would I give her? Her tumor is open.

Posted by Kcinar (Arkansas, United States) on 04/24/2016

Petra, there is a mushroom called the "Turkey Tail" mushroom that is said to remove the cloak cancer cells use to hide from the immune system. I heard a mycologist (one who studies fungi and fungus such as mushrooms) speaking about the Turkey Tail mushroom on the radio, he said researchers are studying it. He said that once the cloak is removed from a cancer cell, the immune system is able to recognize it as an invader and kills it. I have seen Turkey Tail mushroom powder and capsules sold online. I saw the powdered Turkey Tail mushrooms being sold on Amazon, it was a brand that is grown in the state of Oregon if I recall. I know they are also grown in Japan and other countries .

Posted by Petra (Cape Town, South Africa ) on 04/24/2016

If tumor is malignant, can I still use turmeric for my cat with lymph cancer?

Posted by Rush (Argentina) on 12/05/2015

Ellie...about your kidney stones... Pumpkin seeds dissolve them ... Also, zarzaparilla with arnica and some cranberry...it is high dilution for sediment and stones...do it!

Posted by Sue (Uk) on 11/21/2015

I have read turmeric in capsule form is no good or worse still dangerous to dogs as the curcumin is too high, so best to use the powder and mix a little 1/4 tsp to start with olive oil and a little pepper corn from the grinder!

Posted by Laura (Los Angeles) on 10/02/2015

Just wanted to chime in so that maybe my regimen with my dog could help others.. My 45 lb. pit mix had a large cyst on her head that got infected and she then developed cellulitis and moderate swelling. I started her on a regimen of standardized turmeric (from a powdered supplement in gelatin capsule) mixed with her food (1 capsule 3x/day). Along with this, I put about 1.5 tsp/a capful of purified silver (I used Designs for Health's liquid Silvercillin- can find on Amazon) in her food 4x/day.

There is a veterinary version of silver that you can find on Amazon as well, but it seems to be more or less the same stuff, and I had this one in my cupboard anyway.

These two together have been a miracle for her. I was so afraid I would have to take her to the vet and $600 later she would have a cone around her neck and many stitches on her head.

It has been about 2 weeks since I started doing this and the cellulitis and swelling is completely gone, the cyst has closed up and is no longer weeping, and it is about half the size it was. It is scabbed over and healing nicely. I now have her on 1/4 tsp of turmeric 2x/day and 1.5 tsp/a capful of silver 2x/day, and will most likely continue this until the cyst is completely gone. I have also been putting Vetericyn gel (also find on Amazon) on her cyst a few times a day, but that's just to keep it clean. When I tried doing JUST that before, it didn't seem to stop it from growing.

Careful as turmeric stains everything, so there are spots on my rug and some clothes that are just never going to be what they were... but it was all worth it!

I hope this can help someone else whose dog is in need =D

Posted by Dawn (Florida) on 07/30/2015

Bio available refers to the fact the coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, that means it does not go through the whole digestive system, it immediately crosses the blood barrier and goes directly to the liver them systemically through the body, that is why coconut oil is important also for helping absorb nutrients as well as the tumeric. It is essential for any boy to have fats, I take 5 shot of coconout oil a day and my cats get 1 tsp twice a day, you may also want to check out food grade diatomaceous earth, it does a LOT removes parasites (YES WORMS even heart worms with no ill effect, it also absorbs toxins and like coconut oil crossed the blood barrier, it can be found and where but I use natureswisdom.net they have free info videos and a 99 page pdf on it, I also used it when I got food poisoning, it worked in 8 min.

Yeast Issues
Posted by Sharon (Lodi, Ca) on 07/28/2015

How did you treat your dog? Did you apply it to its skin or did you give it to it orally and how much?

Posted by Ellie (Florida) on 07/22/2015

Thanks all for the information. I just wanted to mention something after reading all these comments..just be careful about how much Turmeric you give to your pets. I use this spice on myself because it helps with depression. I've read in many articles that Turmeric is a spice/supplements you can take every single day of your life. HOWEVER, if you're prone to developing kidney stones, like I am, you'll want to be very cautious. Unfortunately for me..I have to take lower doses and take some "days off" in order to keep my kidney stones at bay. I wanted to mention this in case your pets suffer from stones and too much of this spice might contribute to the issue. Otherwise, it's an amazing anti inflammatory and mood stabilizer.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kim (Fort Worth, Tx) on 07/12/2015

How much turmeric should I feed my 35 lb mini schnauzer daily to treat/shrink benign lipomas? What ratio tumeric to coconut milk or olive oil or castor oil to make paste to apply to tumor daily?

Large Growths
Posted by Linda (Island Lake, Il, Usa) on 07/07/2015

Wendy, I am so happy for you. Maybe you can give me some insight. Our Jr. has a baseball size lipoma that was benign on his right front leg. It is now cancerous. Due to his age of 11 years, we have decided not to do chemo/radiation. Operating on it will not get clear margins and will grow back again, so that is not an option. I have been giving him Golden Paste for about 6 weeks. It appears to be getting softer, still feels very hot. But reading you also applied as a poultice, what was the progression of treatment? Did it open, and bleed? If it did how did you treat it? What can one expect by making poultices in terms of how it diminishes, scabs, open sores, leaking.. How long did you leave the poultice on and how many times perday? Thank you for all your help.



Large Growths
Posted by Divya (Orlando, Florida) on 04/08/2015

Use of turmeric in dogs please help.

EC: Hi, you can check this section:  https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/turmeric.html

Large Growths
Posted by Gbear (Martinez, Ca) on 03/15/2015

You may also want to check the dog's diet to avoid all grains in most kibble. Good food is good insurance against vet bills. Too bad it doesn't work for humans who have a plastic 'insurance' card which buys them drugs & surgery, but I digress. Blue Buffalo is a good non-grain brand & there are others. There are others who claim to be non-grain but hide grains/fillers in terms like "chicken meal", etc. Also both human & animals share the same environmental probs, such as GMO, etc. Weston A. Price is a good site for both humans & animals on diet.

Large Growths
Posted by Louise (South Carolina) on 03/15/2015

Glenda, I also have a beagle/springer spaniel that was diagnosed 2 yrs. ago with hip dysplazia, he is 8 now. Vet said surgery would be about 2000.00, and not guaranteed. I ran across a homeopathic vet named Dr. Jeff Feinman, while searching about h.d. He has a facebook page. A lady posted about the same problem with her dog. He recommended diet, if the pet was overweight, and supplements, so, I posted a question about my dog. He suggested diet, of course, and a joint supplement. Found a good joint supplement at Puritans Pride.com. I have had him on it now for over 2 months. He has shown remarkable improvement. Before he could not put enough weight on one leg to hike it, but now, he can hike that leg with no problem. I am grateful to Dr. Feinman for his suggestions. He also said that surgery should only be used as a last resort. The joint supplement is called Glucosamine Plus for Pets. Good for cats also.

Large Growths
Posted by Glenda (Moody, AL) on 03/14/2015

I hope you have great luck with your dogs. Our 6 months old was diagnosed yesterday wit hip dysplasia. and it breaks my heart I don't know whether to let them do surgery nor notl

Eye Infection
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/24/2015

Thanks, MTM for this awesome report!! I am sure this approach will be helpful to many!

Eye Infection
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, US) on 02/23/2015

Hello! One of our goats had an eye infection last week. The eye was swollen, glassy looking, and had a discharge. We have no idea how he got this. Perhaps an injury that got infected?

Anyway, he is a young buck and not very tame. Usually, I would treat an eye infection topically, with chamomile, charcoal, colloidal silver or coconut oil. That didn't seem feasible with this guy.

When in doubt, turmeric is my go-to. Blood purifier, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory....it has always come through for me.

He is one of four goats and they eat together...turmeric is great for all of them, so we just gave 2 Tablespoons mixed into their feed each day. So this 40 pound buck was getting 1.5 teaspoons of turmeric in a day. Two days later his eye was 90% better. This is amazing to me! My son said his eye had looked like they eye of a dead animal! Now, five days after beginning treatment, the eye looks completely normal!

Yay for turmeric!! ~Mama to Many~

Posted by Jessie (Muscle Shoals, Al) on 02/21/2015

This sounds very similar to one of our furbabies issues. Your entry was years ago, but if you happen to see this, I am very interested in the results. I have already started her on the turmeric, but it is still early.

Posted by Melinda (Capron, Il.) on 02/18/2015

We are using tumeric now. Our process started with Castor oil hot packs and it came to a head and did open ~ like a boil and yes painful but our dog is doing OK. We are now putting a paste of castor and tumeric as a follow up. The process is working.

Posted by Annika (Orlando, Florida) on 02/13/2015

I made a paste with coconut oil and turmeric applied to a malignant cyst on my 18 yr old cats neck left side top. Results so far after 2 weeks, hard crust with a small hole and bleeds a little bit. Now I feel more throughout his body on the inside. He now has blood in his left eye as I believe turmeric is also a blood thinner. I stopped for 4 days and gave vit k. His eye is a little better. He has stopped eating so I have been syringe feeding him. I fear I have caused him to have pheumonia. He has the mega colon so I have to be very careful with turmeric ingested as it causes constipation. Going to give cipro that I have and continue treatment. ANY experience of time frame and healing would be appreciated. If turmeric heals cysts; I do not want to let go of him. However, it seems I am going to have to. How long does it take to get rid of them, using turmeric?

Heart Murmur
Posted by Myway (Delaware) on 01/21/2015

Do some research on flaxseed oil for kitty. Flaxseed oil thins my blood after having consumed the budwig protocol (to control skin problems). Use a dropper but, I personally would just add a couple drops a day on her paw and let her lick it to see if she can consume it. Cats and dogs can be given flaxseed oil daily with no problems. Just research the amount based on your cats weight. This should help tremendously.



Heart Murmur
Posted by Laurie Mcg (San Diego) on 01/20/2015

Turmeric for blood thinning: I'm considering giving my cat turmeric because of his heart murmur. I know aspirin can be toxic to their liver as they cannot process it properly. I cannot afford a heart specialist and heart medicine. What do you think? I had a cat several years ago with a murmur and she died too young - I assume hyoertrophic cardiomyopathy. I want to do all I can for this kitty!

Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 12/29/2014

I did a complete web search.


This sounds like it might work wonders. I use it also. It's an all around herb.

Good luck.

Posted by Geri (Windsor, Ont ) on 12/28/2014

Hello my 8 year old Kelpie has a fatty tumor on his belly, closer to his side. I have been reading about the success using tumeric. But...Does it shrink it or blow it up. In some posts I read it shrinks it and in another I read it burst leaving a 2 inch hole. I want to shrink it not cause him any pain. So I am confused. Can someone explain it for me? Thank you!


Skin Cancer
Posted by Annie (Edmonton, Alberta) on 12/01/2014

Hi Shelagh, I've read a number of things about a combination of baking soda and coconut oil, make a type of paste and rub it on the area. I have a small lump, low grade peripheral nerve sheath tumor, behind my ear, and have been using this for about a month. It's almost gone! The last tumor I had, was about the size of the end of a pinkie finger, I had surgery to remove it. I don't imagine coconut oil or baking soda are harmful to cats. Good Luck!

Posted by Vinceann (Rochester Hills, Mi) on 11/11/2014

Thanks, Cary of north Carolina for being so specific, I will try on my 9 year old, black labs paw tumor //

Posted by Belil (California, US) on 11/10/2014

Thank You Cindy for your wonderful, full of wisdom, most important advice. I couldn't agree with you more.

In fact, i'd like to suggest everyone copy paste your advice to different pages on this site. Cuz it's so important!!

Anytime, I give ppl advice about using natural (or any) remedies for their pets or children, this is the most important part of the instructions, that I emphasize to them.

The best things can harm you if you don't start slow, with TINY amounts, taking your time? Never rush, never without first making sure you've 1st learned all that you can about the correct info./directions/dosage for the specific type of pet & ailment.


NEVER start with FULL dosage!
NEVER rush!
NEVER put an animal on their back (ESPECIALLY CATS) to feed liquids into them!
NEVER force feed especially liquids as it could go in the wrong way into their lungs & cause serious issues!
ALWAYS keep an eye on them, to notice even the tiniest (possibly) negative responses!

& ALWAYS LEARN as much as possible, BEFORE starting anything!

& even after you start, KEEP CHECKING, RESEARCHING ONLINE & ASKING questions from ppl who've tried the remedies!!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Moyra (City Of Glasgow) on 10/09/2014

Plz look at the "Turmeric Users Group" on face book. Its a closed group but easy to join and there is LOADS of fantastic info and help on best way to use turmeric for animals and humans. I give the "Golden Paste", recipe on site, to my 8yr old boxer dog who had lumps like you describe. 3 weeks later no sign. His arthritis greatly improved. Back to being a happy bouncy boy again where as previously he could not walk upstairs. Hope this helps. Novice on computer or I would post links.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Clare (London, UK) on 10/03/2014

I have an 8 yr old border collie Labrador. He has one lump on his chest for about 1yr and now two smaller ones next to it. And have just found one on his side. Will Turmeric work to get rid of them? I have been giving a quarter teaspoon a day and also glucosamine cause he gets aches and pains. I only just started the Turmeric. He had the diahrea today.

Yeast Issues
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 09/30/2014

Sarah --- the best way would be powdered turmeric dissolved in coconut oil. Just take a ladle and hold it in hot water, then pour over food. T. about one half tsp. Regards, Om

Yeast Issues
Posted by Sara (Texas, US) on 09/28/2014

Do you use dry or turmeric root. Isn't there a tumeric essential oil and would that work?

Posted by Elizabeth (Las Vegas, NV) on 09/06/2014

Did it work?

Yeast Issues
Posted by Emmy (GA, US) on 08/25/2014

Glad to hear it works so well! I was wondering the amount you are using. Thanks

Yeast Issues
Posted by Lori (California, US) on 07/21/2014

My boston terrier has allergies and yeast on skin. Everyone is talking about the great healing properties of tumeric for dog skin but I'm unclear if the concoction is dry tumeric (from grocery store) and water or just use tumeric root. What is better dry or fresh?

Yeast Issues
Posted by Susan (Michigan) on 03/23/2014

What kind of raw bones do you feed your dogs?

Yeast Issues
Posted by Debbiefudge (East Sussex, Uk) on 03/22/2014

If you find out your dog has yeast issues. It's crucial you look at their diet.

A raw diet is best. Raw meat. Raw bones. You even have to be very careful about vegetables, as they have natural sugars in them. So, best to steer clear of them.

I have 3 Shihtzu's. One of them, a boy, I put him on commercial puppy food, when I got him. He became ill. The vets were pumping him full of steroids and antibiotics. And he was just getting sicker. To the point I thought he was going to die.

So, I said, enough is enough and started doing loads of research. And of course, what the vet was doing was just feeding the yeast. As was, all the crap in his food. So, I changed to raw feeding.

He is now a very healthy 5 year old.

But you do have to keep on top of it. With anti-fungal shampoo. And a final rinse of half water/half white vinegar. (Leave on, to dry). But he has that about every 6 weeks when he has his hair cut. If you do it too often they are losing the natural oils they produce, in their skin. IF they have 'any hot spots', you can also put some in a spray bottle to use, on those areas.

One of his ear canals is very narrow and that does get 'mucky'. So, I clean it out with colloidal silver and then spray some in his ear afterwards. You can also use the half water/half white vinegar mixture in the same way.

Make sure you are not giving tap water to drink. Only, bottled water.

Make sure you don't give any treats or dog biscuits. They don't need them and are also full of crap.

NEVER give any cooked bones, as they can splinter. Any raw bone is ok. They get calcium from them and keep their teeth clean. (Never, leave them unattended with bones).

I've just started giving him turmeric and a little black pepper, and virgin coconut oil. Both, are anti-fungal. They also, get garlic, every day. Then they don't get fleas or worms. Stay away from all chemicals. (Like flea drops, etc.)

I also give them some probiotic yogurt every day.

VERY IMPORTANT. Don't give them booster vaccinations.

Needless to say, I don't trust vets.

I find raw feeding easy and not anymore expensive really. I have 3 dogs and 'proof is in the pudding' as they say.

By the way, to get him to take the turmeric/VCO and garlic. I just use a slice of ham. Put it all in the middle and fold it up into a little parcel. And he gobbles it up, without realising what's in it!!

Hope this helps. Do your own research.

Look at cleaning products you use as well. I use white vinegar for cleaning everything!!

Posted by Carol (Mandan North Dakota) on 02/11/2014

Pepper should not be ingested by dogs. It irritates and inflames the digestive system. Best to use just tumeric, with virgin coconut oil for bio-availability, thou I'm not entirely sure what THAT means. LOL. I read blogs at ottawavalleydogwhisper and have found some invaluable info there. My Annie is like a child to me and I started her on low dose (1/2 tsp each) tumeric/coconut oil about 2 weeks ago for cysts on her legs and arthritis, and plan to increase it to recommended dosage for her weight. No changes yet, except that she will now allow me to feel them without trying to get away, and she is more mobile and not limping NEAR as much. I am struggling to keep up with her on our walks. Vet want to remove the lumps and not only can I, as a single mom, not afford it, it would be very tramatic for her to be away from me. She does not eat or play or interact with anyone when I am not home. What I HAVE noticed is that she pants a lot more. She is a mixed breed with layers and layers of black fur so she does get overheated easily, but we are in North Dakota-below zero temps. She is a bit overweight too. I think it may be the coconut oil as it boosts the metabolism. I will probably increase the tumeric to 1 tsp and leave the coconut oil at 1/2 tsp.

This dog is so smart, we can't even SPELL words anymore and she knows what it is. We now say 'walk' backwards (klaw) because if she hears the word, she will bug you until she gets her 'klaw'. Lol. wonder how long before she knows klaw and walk are the same.

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/26/2014

Hey Dee!

What overall shape is Maki in? Is she on the portly side, or is she thin as a rail? She was doing pretty good when you first posted - but now has developed bloody diarrhea - has that resolved? Does she move stiffly with aches and pains, or is she moving easily?

My inclination would be to not force feed in any way a dog that was in good weight or carrying fat that had a normal appetite but now is a picky and fussy eater. I've seen dogs in renal failure "tricked" into eating with anti-nausea drugs only to see the meal fed for breakfast come back up a day or more later; if the food cannot be digested, no amount of drugs to keep the food down will make the food get digested. So, if Maki is in good weight and otherwise feeling OK, I would not push the solid food. If she is getting thin, I would offer her the pumpkin as you are doing - 2 spoons full am and pm, and in addition I would try to get down honey water/electrolyte water with turmeric mixed in. For sure if she still has diarrhea make sure she is getting electrolyte water to keep her hydrated.

And not sure how you are applying the castor oil/turmeric paste on the tumor itself, but consider slathering the paste over the entire "football" and then have Maki wear a customized T-shirt to keep her from licking it off and keeping the paste from getting all over the house.

Posted by Dee (Chicago) on 01/24/2014

Thank you Dana- I stopped for 3 days using castor oil because she had diarrhea and I could only think it was because she would pull out the gauze and start to eat it.

Today I started using castor oil again with Tumeric- I would make a paste out of Tumeric and castor oil and put it on the tumor leaks or on the wounds. The bleeding has stopped- Thank you and again any suggestions will be great-

Posted by Dee (Chicago) on 01/24/2014

Hi Theresa,

I got my beagle to eat 2 spoonfuls of pumpkin (Libby's)- I actually had to spoon feed her. She ate it and liked it and soon after a few moments she felt a bit energized.
Three hours later, I tried giving her the Tuna with baby carrots and she did not like it. She would cover her face with her paws. I thought of giving her 2 more spoonfuls of the Pumpkin Puree but after a few minutes she threw it up-

At the moment, I am puzzled what to feed her- I give her water and she keeps on drinking lots of it-

I bought the Essaic tea by Nurse R. Caisse- I couldn't get what you recommended quickly as possible- I will start this tomorrow with her. Tomorrow, I shall try giving her some cottage cheese or Yogurt with honey and I shall see that that goes- If you have any other recommendations as to what else I could feed her that would be great-

I thought of baby food like the sweet potatoes, the carrots and beans- but I wasn't sure if any would be okay for her stomach. I am open to suggestions- I am not sure if I am feeding her too much too often? Though the first time I gave her the pumpkin puree, that stayed and she didn't throw the up-

I cannot thank you enough for your help and suggestions- I continue to hope for the best for her each day- talk to you soon-

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/23/2014

Hey Dee!

Can you have your dog wear an Elizabethan collar/"lamp shade" so she cannot remove her bandages and lick off the castor oil? IMHO the castor oil is a critical component.

Also consider this contributor's input:

"[YEA] 03/07/2009: Kathie from Mesa, AZ: "Cancer and Essiac Tea and FOCC (Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese):

My boxer pit bull mix was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of his right shoulder last September. This is extremely metastastic and spreads to the lungs quickly, and in 95% of the cases, by the time of diagnosis it is already in the lungs. I initially did not amputate because he was 12-1/2 years and the vet said the prognosis was so poor. I immediately started him on 1 cup total a day of essiac tea (made by Resperin company, as research on internet said you should buy from the original company) and 1 cup total of cottage cheese a day mixed with 4 - 6 tbsp of fresh cold flaxseed oil a day, divided in 2 doses. He was still alive 5 months later which is almost impossible, but the bone tumor did not disappear and was causing him pain. I decided to amputate but docs wanted x-rays first to see if his lungs were full of cancer. There was NONE. He is a 3 legged, cancer free 13 year old happy dog today. The vets can't even explain it, and will not acknowledge it had anything to do with holistic treatments, only to say it is a fluke that it did not spread. They said he will at this point die of some other old age related dog disorder. :)"

Read more experiences on cancer and essiac on EC:



I don't see a need for a separate pet tea - human should work just the same, but others may have a different opinion.

The bloody diarrhea is a new concern - keep your eye on it. Bright red blood means that the bleeding originates from the end of the GI tract - so near the anus; black, tarry looking stools indicate the bleeding is much higher up in the intestinal tract. This time of year - the wet, the snow, the thawing and refreezing - always seems to bring protazoal bugs out, ie any of the myriad strains of giardia that immune compromised seniors and new puppies seem particularly susceptible to. Pumpkin can help firm up stools and has antiparasitic properties, as does tuna. You also might consider Rescue Remedy - to start. If this were my dog I would try tempting her to eat a tablespoon or two of canned tuna and in that tuna have mixed:

2 raw baby carrots [avoid Bunny Luv Brand] grated and shredded

1 table spoon sunflower seeds [raw or cooked]

1 teaspoon C&H Brown sugar

Get the 3 ingredients of a consistency and texture so they integrate well into the tuna. If she takes the tuna, monitor the results. Either you will see her noticably perk up - which for me would indicate giardia is the culprit, or she won't - which means its probably not giardia giving her the tummy upset. If she perks up and the appetite improves, continue with the tuna [can also hide the turmeric in the tuna] - *up to 1 can* 2x day for 2 days. Make up the carrot/sunflower/brown sugar for each meal so its fresh each feeding. If she seems like her old self again after 2 days on loaded tuna, you can then switch back to her old diet and include the carrot/sunflower/brown sugar in the old diet for a total of 8 days. Again, keep an eye on it; if this were my dog and I saw the bloody stools for 3 days and no appearance of stopping or improvement I would see my vet.

A picky eater may be picky because its time... or because their tummy hurts [due to parasite bugs or whatever]. At the very least, for a dog who doesn't want to take one bite - you might consider dosing Rescue Remedy and then waiting to allow it to work without conflict, and then brewing the essiac tea and adding some honey [1 teaspoon into a cup of brewed tea] and using a syringe to get the tea down. Tilt her nose to the ceiling, pull the corner of her mouth out to form a pouch, and insert the syringe and slowly depress to let the liquid seep in; you should see her start to swallow. If you depress too fast the liquid will gush out and possibly enter her lungs and cause choking, so easy does it with the syringe.

And as for that 'running out of options' feeling, we've all been there and I feel for you; you are a good dog mom for nursing your girl so carefully. Do consider taking the Rescue Remedy for yourself. And use it on your girl often if you feel she is on a permanent downward spiral.

Please do report back on her progress!

Posted by Dee (Chicago) on 01/22/2014

Thank you for your suggestions- if I started to give my dog Essiac tea, how much should I give her? should the human tea be given or the one for pets?

2 days ago she developed a bloody diarrhea. I think but not positive since she tears off the gauze that has turmeric and castor oil she could have licked the castor oil thus resulting to her bloody diarrhea. - She is still alert and is drinking lots of water but has been very picky with her food.

I feel I am running out of options- I read about the pumpkin puree which I will go and try that for the diarrhea-

I will continue with the turmeric paste but will start using it with distilled water since the castor oil she licks-

I shall get back to give some progress report regarding her-

Thank you again!

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/19/2014

Hey Diane!

I have used Blu-Kote also; turns everything BLUE but its a nifty way to treat a large area with an antifungal.

The tumor on your dog's toe sounds like a histiocytoma - a benign tumor, but scary looking. They can resolve on their own, but some folks also like to remove them surgically as well to be sure.

So glad the Blu-kote helped in your dog's healing process!

Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 01/18/2014

Turmeric has an affinity to oils. In Asia, turmeric or haldi is usually cooked with oil and other spices. Just use a small container. It can be done in a fire proof dish.

I read about castor oil minimizing tumors. See Edgar Cayce. I would mix it with turmeric. I have always had dogs and this is what I do: the chief treatment is to give Essiac tea twice a day for several weeks/months. Before a tumour disappears it would look quite bad but that happens before it dies. It does expel/kill tumours even when advanced. Why not read up on it.

There are several herbs or methods. It needs to be googled. My latest discovery is the turpentine/kerosene healing treatment. A couple of drops internally twice a day and externally. Read Walter Last and "Kerosene experiences. Plus lots of love for your friend. Om

Posted by Diane (Riverside Ca.) on 01/18/2014

You don't mention if your dog has cancer or not but this is my dog's tumor story.

Sandy (A Black mouth Cur) started out with a tiny red pimple on her front left foot and I thought nothing of it because it was so small. But it started to grow and eventually grew to about the size of a large gumball! Her tumor had the prettiest colors, pink, light pink, and white! It actually looked like a large beautiful gumball but it was still unsightly and would move around when she walked.

I began spraying her tumor with Dr. Naylor's Blu-Kote. this is an Antiseptic-protective wound dressing, and Germicaidal-Fungicidal spray. It sprays purple. I bought it at the local feed store.

Anyway I noticed after awhile that the tumor was shrinking. After a week or so it wasn't there anymore. Sandy was back to normal.

Blu-Kote is ok for Horses and Dogs but NOT FOR CATS.

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/18/2014

Hey Dee!

You can try hiding the turmeric in the middle of some soft food - cream cheese, quality brand of canned food come to mind.

Also consider applying the turmeric topically by making a paste out of it by adding a few drops of distilled water - enough to form a spreadable paste and coat the tumor with this paste. You could also use castor oil mixed with turmeric as a topically applied paste as well.

Posted by Dee (Illinois) on 01/18/2014

I have a 14 year old beagel. Maki has a tumor as large as a football it has sprung several leaks and all I do is wash it with water and antibacterial soap and also Betadin which is an atiseptic. The vet has given her some antibiotics too. I cover the leaks with gauze and give her vitamin C and I am on my third bottle of nutravetplus but I have not seen any improvement in the size of the tumor.

When I took her about a week ago to the vet, they want to put her down-

She eats, her vitals are all normal, she pees and poops and walks around the house. The only thing is the huge tumor and the leaks. I have been reading everyones post regarding turmeric- so I told myself to give it a try "why not"-

I gave my dog just this morning a quarter of a teaspoon though she doesn't like it-

What would you suggest how I could give it to her so she will take it together with her food?

Is there anything else I would need to do to help the tumor come down or minimize the leaks.

I told myself, just as long as her spirits are high and she manages to walk to eat and pee, I will help her fight this-

I need your suggestions-

Posted by Tanya (Anderson) on 01/16/2014

Could take 1 or more mos, look for decrease in size, down to a scab, may have many scabs before it's gone, bless,

Turmeric Sources
Posted by Tanya G. (Anderson) on 01/17/2014

Make paste with coconut oil, if licking use bag balm. Where is the area, if feet, I'd let the pet lick, it's more meds from the licking, put on twice per day, Use until you see the scab fall off and until pink skin, . By than should be gone,

Posted by Tanya G. (Anderson) on 01/16/2014

Turmeric dosage for turmeric: quarter of tsp, per day, for ever y10 pounds, give in ensure, or oatmeal, should see shrinkage, need more help, contact me,

Large Growths
Posted by Rottiemom65 (Ontario, Canada) on 09/22/2013

Yes we put the tumeric and coconut oil in her food twice a day, and castor oil and tumeric mixed together to make a paste and applied to the tumor. It has been a struggle since every dressing we put on she likes to remove, but we have been vigelant. I can't count how many socks we have gone through lol. I bought a 20 pack of ladies tube socks and would cut the toe out then put it over her leg and the flannel wrapped tumor then use a self adhesive dressing to keep the sock on. I just applied some tumeric/castor oil with a few drops of oil of oregano as a antibiotic.

Large Growths
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/21/2013

This is awesome news! Kudos!

Large Growths
Posted by Dharmony (New York) on 09/20/2013

WOW! So happy for you and your Rottie! So to clarify, you put coconut oil and turmeric in food and caster oil and turmeric on cyst? Glad it worked!!!

Large Growths
Posted by Rottiemom65 (Ontario, Canada) on 09/20/2013

GOOD NEWS!!! We have been giving her the tumeric and coconut oil in her food for 6 weeks now and applying the tumeric/castor oil poutices and the tumor that was the size of a baseball is now only the size of a nickel and is still shrinking, the core that the tumor was attached her elbow by, is now coming away from her elbow as well.

Large Growths
Posted by Dharmony (Ny, Usa) on 09/09/2013

Reply to Wendy from Ontario, Canada. I have not had personal experience with this but I found a good video about using turmeric, lecithin powder and coconut oil. See video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7aTYDwLBuw

If the link doesn't work, search: Dog vs Lump (how to destroy cysts & tumours)

1 part certified organic turmeric, 1 part certified organic lecithin, and then start adding certified organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil in until it gets a good thick consistency.

In the video, it explains he applied it to the tumor for 7 days covered with a gauze wrap, then aired it out for 24 hours and reapplied for 2 days covered.

I have heard about caster oil also, but have not actually had the need to try either remedy. Good luck to you and your pet.

Large Growths
Posted by Wendy (Ontario, Canada) on 09/05/2013

I have a 12 yr old femal Rottweiler with a large 2 piece growth( tumor) on her front left elbow. I have been giving her tumeric every day in her food, as well as Reishi mushroom and Green tea tablets. I wrap the tumor in cotton covered in Castor oil every day as well. It has been about 3 weeks now she has been taking the tumeric and that I have been applying the castor oil. A big outside piece of the tumor has fall en off, and it is light pink, and bleeds a little. Is this normal for it to do before it shrinks and falls off? Also has anyone else had sucess with large growths using tumeric and castor oil?

Yeast Issues
Posted by Nappi (Jacksonville, Florida) on 09/01/2013

Recently started Turmeric treatment for 12 y.o. Shar Pei Sanna. She has had a yeast problem with her skin since we got her at 8 weeks old and started developing lipomas in the past four years. Have always bathed weekly, and tried nearly every remedy we read about including lime sulfur dips, anti-fungal shampoos and vinegar to little or no avail. We read about turmeric for treating dog yeast infections and tried it. We are absolutely floored by the results. Within two days of starting treatment all the odor associated with yeast on her skin disappeared. She completely stopped chewing on her feet. It has been a month now and the smaller lipomas are gone and the larger ones are shrinking. The skin on her underbelly is getting soft and smooth and changing from purple to healthy looking pink. Our vet is amazed. Cannot say enough good things about using turmeric. Anyone thinking about using turmeric for their dog needs to stop thinking and start using. Your dog will appreciate it for sure!

Posted by Beth (Boulder, Co) on 06/12/2013

Thank for this wise and wonderful take on dosage!

Posted by Gena (Pasadena, California) on 05/18/2013

Dear Kara, I was feeding my dogs powdered turmeric with a few grinds of black pepper and a splash of olive oil. It sounds like your dog will do fine with the capsule form but you can always buy turmeric powder at any grocery store in the spice section and mix it in with her food, along with black pepper and a little vegetable oil. I would soak it in her food along with plenty of water. One of my dogs only tolerated this for about a week and then started to throw up. I think the turmeric made him too acidic. If that's the case, you can do it a few days on, a few days off. Massage and acupuncture can help dogs tremendously with this issue as well. Good luck and many blessings.

Posted by Kara (Eau Claire) on 05/18/2013

Can you please tell me what tumeric I can give my German shepherd? I have pills but they have a pepper added to them for absorption. Is that ok? My girl is almost 10 and her back legs just started failing her this week. Thanks so much.

Posted by Debbie (East Lansing, Mi, United States) on 04/28/2013

I have a 5 1/2 year old black lab that has a tumor on his front paw, we have had him on antibiotics for 2 weeks and a anti inflammatory pill, we are seeing no improvement, vet is recommending amputation of the toe, of course at a steep cost, in the meantime I have been hearing about tumeric was wondering if anyone could give advice if it is okay to give him tumeric, how much?? we are trying to buy some time until we get the funds for his surgery, as a side note his is a diabetic dog.

Posted by Om (Hope B.c., Canada) on 04/02/2013

Re: mass on dog. Turmeric is a very good remedy combined with Essiac tea twice a day. I am treating my dog this way. It can take months. Good luck. Om

Posted by Kate (Portland, Oregon) on 03/23/2013

I had a question about a recipie for using tumeric to heal a mass on my dog.. I've read a lot of great things about tumeric healing even malignant tumors on animals, and just wanted to see if anyone ran across a recipe (eg, with honey? tea tree? add to just water?). Thanks!

Posted by Angela (Cary, North Carolina) on 02/02/2013

Make a paste with turmeric and water and paint it on with a q tip or paint brush. It will stain things so maybe place them in a bed you can wash or crate. I would also try to use vitamin c in this paste. Have you ever used powdered vit c? If you don't have any you can crush a chewable one. I have used it on warts and such on humans and nothing can live in its environment. I would also do a dilution of ACV and water 50/50 in a bottle and coat their skin anywhere you can where the body can drink it in. Dilute it as it will burn their mouths if they lick and it is too strong. Start out with turmeric and water paste and reapply every few hours if you can. Good luck...

Posted by Katylucyb (Wichita, Ks) on 01/18/2013

How is the tumeric concoction combined? And in what? How much of each ingredient? Did you mix with water or oil or????? And how is it administered???? Please specific on your remedy/treatment otherwise it is of no use to us. Thank you.

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