Pet Medication Side Effects & Drug Detox

Posted by K (Pa) on 06/23/2015

Our dog also was having problems when walking. Vet prescribed rimadyl...worst thing ever! He had diarrhea for the next few days. It was uncontrollable. Felt so bad for the dog. We stopped it because he was suffering too much. He was back to normal after stopping it.

Posted by Niena (Traverse City, Michigan) on 02/10/2009

My dog got injured and Rimadyl was prescribed. But by day three of Rimadyl, I was mortified and stopped giving it to him. By day two he had the worst case of the runs so malodorous, so black & sickly smelling - unlike anything I've smelled as a parent, as a hospice worker and after 5 years working in waste treatment plants. He was weak, despondent, confused, constantly thirsty and unwilling to eat anything. By day three I was convinced.

Two days of no Rimadyl and his stool is firming up a bit. He's still thirsty but alert and hobbling around, shaking his tail - and happily eating again.

For inflammation he's munching on fish oil capsules and loving yogurt w/spirulina & ACV. We're recovering. No pet-loving Vet should prescribe Rimadyl - not Ever!

Posted by Joe (Mentor, Ohio) on 12/30/2008

I strongly suggest to anyone with a senior pooch to refrain from the use of this drug in any dose, for any arthritis. I gave it to a senior female cocker spaniel and she developed severe heart trouble which led to her demise.

Also, I agree on the rabies yearly vaccinations being unneccessary. I have never had a problem knock on wood, however, I am in doubt as to the need yearly.

Posted by Jean (Johns Island, SC) on 11/16/2008

My chocolate lab, George - a rescue - was prescribed Rimadyl for early signs of arthritis. No information was given me about adverse side effects, and this was in 1997, several years before the "Client Information Sheet" became available by Pfizer, was given to the vets, who in turn are supposed to give the CIS to their clients. Since this is not mandatory, most vets don't take the time to distribute the CIS.

My George's story may be seen at:

To read about the Class Action Lawsuit against Pfizer - see: