Pet Medication Side Effects & Drug Detox

Prescription Eye Drops
Posted by Ricky (Hammond, La) on 03/23/2012
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My 5 year old Pekingese developed corneal ulcers on each of his eyes due to early drying of his tear ducts, I brought him in to be seen. He was prescribed an antibiotic eyedrop and a pain relieving eyedrop. I administered his medication as instructed by the veterinarian. He then became lethargic and refused to eat or drink anything, he began vomiting clear liquid which resembles saliva and had diarrhea which looked like brown vomit. Jasper passed away 2 days after beginning the medication he was prescribed, this may be coincidental but I would like to know for certain.

Pain relieving eye drops: Flurbiprofen Sodium Opthalmic Solution USP 0.03%

1 drop in each eye once a day

Antibiotic eyedrops: AK-TOB Tobramycin Opthalmic Solution USP0.3%

1 Drop in each eye 3 times per day