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Clavamox and Doxycycline
Posted by Sandyb (Shamrock, Tx) on 04/08/2012

My 7 yr old Pembroke Corgi has a history of allergies, bladder stones, and recently, contracted a Staph infection. Culture taken from inside the nose as she was having stuffed nose, crusty skin on outside of nose. Found one sore, very small on right flank. She was not herself, took her to vet, she put her on Clavamox for seven days. She appeared to worsen, took her back, changed her to Baytril and added Doxycycline. Got culture back on nose swab and put her back on Clavamox and to continue with bacterial Doxycycline. She continued to worsen, no appetite, vomiting, fever, white count had not changed, losing weight. Took her back 3/23 and she was given Covenia injection to treat the Staph and was given another round of Doxycycline to take with Covenia. She has continued to decline, no appetite, did not have fever this past Friday when took her back as she suggested she get a B-12 shot to give her some energy. On exam her left eye was completely dialated and did not grow smaller when flashlight instrument went over eye. Also the vomiting still happening about every other day to two days. She said to use Famotidine acid reducer with food to keep acidity down. I had noticed late Friday night her problem with swallowing and she would try to eat some cooked chicken but would quit after a few bites. It was apparent her throat hurt and she would cough and spit up clear slime. After a thorough reading about Doxycycline side effects I believe she now has a possible throat lesion from this med. Also, on the Covenia site it states that Doxycycline: "CONVENIA has been shown in an experimental in vitro system to result in an increase in free concentrations of carprofen, furosemide, doxycycline, and ketoconazole. Concurrent use of these or other drugs that have a high degree of protein-binding (e.g. NSAIDs, propofol, cardiac, anticonvulsant, and behavioral medications) may compete with cefovecin-binding and cause adverse reactions."

I stopped the Doxycycline Friday after she had her am pill. I am waiting to see tomorrow if she is improved at all. This morning she coughed up blood streaked slime.

Please respond to my inquiry as soon as possible. She now only takes chicken broth in a baby med dropper, no solid food at all because of apparent throat pain.