Pet Medication Side Effects & Drug Detox

Bentonite Clay to Counteract
Posted by Fiona (London, England) on 06/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My cat was in a bad way from being overdosed at the vets with drugs. He developed diahrroea with blood in it and after the vets medicine for the diahrroea failed it occured to me to try some Bentonite drink. He took this without resisitance (unlike the vets medicine which we struggled to get into him) and after eating about a teaspoon worth of thick Bentonite mixture (hydrated of course... DO NOT GIVE DRY BENTONITE)he was back to normal the next day thank God

Research the healing effects of edible clay.... It's marvellous stuff. I always have some ready to go (as you must have allowed the Bentonite clay to absorb the water for a minimum of 20 minutes)

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