Pet Medication Side Effects & Drug Detox

Posted by Chilkat (Uk) on 08/04/2017


It is exceedingly irresponsible to use any allopathic drug found in a drawer on a pet, firstly without seeking vet advice, & even MORE importantly if it is a fluoroquinolone so called antibiotic such as Cipro. PLEASE DO NOT use Cipro or ANY fluoroquinolone on any living creature unless it is dying! These extremely dangerous so called fluoroquinolone 'antibiotics' are actually failed chemo drugs, they are topoisomerase inhibitors masquerading as antibiotics, & they are trashing the lives of countless people & our precious pets through the world, they have been doing so for around 30 years. This includes ALL modes of administration of FQ, INCLUDING the topical versions, the eye & ear drops . I am now permanently disabled because of this drug, & my precious cat was also sent irreversibly blind by the FQ BAYTRIL.

Please note the following : The FDA have again updated the warnings on this class of so called ' antibiotic'. because of our advocacy, this time confirming that are indeed associated with disabling & potentially permanent side effects of the tendons, muscles, joints, nerves, & CNS all which can occur together in the same patient, I know so, I exist in this horrific world every day along with many others. The FQs should only ever be used as a last resort drug, when all other suitable antibiotic options have been tried & all have failed due to the serious risks they pose.

Again, & I cannot stress this strongly enough, Please, do NOT take this so called ' antibiotic' unless you will die without it. Please google fluoroquinolone toxicity / FQAD ( fluoroquinolone associated disability ) for more information on this worldwide atrocity. You can find stories of pets who have suffered injuries from these so called antibiotics here. Http:// Https://

Posted by Budda (Va.) on 10/29/2016

I am very anxious to find a natural remedy for my 1 yr old Sharpei who started suffering allergies at 6 months during the fall time which now he is a year and they are starting again. He is on prednisone and antibiotic because he was scratching and biting himself so bad he had open cuts. We did notice a huge difference the first time he was on the antibiotic stopped the itching and healed all the hot spots. This time around his skin under is foreleg is so dry and cracked and peeling. I am very concerned that it is from the antibiotic. I have been putting coconut oil on it, but need advice for another remedy please or has anyone else experienced this before?

Posted by Liz (Kenmore, New York) on 10/14/2011

My 14 yr old male Norwegian Forest cat was given antibiotics to treat dental problems he was having. I was in bad shape financially, and could not pay the full amount of all the tests and cleaning, (because the vet, like every other vet, refuses to do payment plans) so the vet put him on a 2 dose a day antibiotic. He doesn't weigh too much anymore because of his age, so I was very surprised when they told me the dose was 1mL, which was the entire tube dropper. Just seemed like way to much. Especially when they told me that he developed a heart murmur.

So I gave it to him and within the first 2 days, he started vomiting up this white bubbly phlegm all the time and had diarhrea very bad. I had called the vet, and they said it was "normal" and to not worry about it and it would go away within a few days.

The next few days were spent with him hiding constantly (which he only does when he's hurt or sick - which is very rare) and his appetite went way down and he stopped going to the bathroom all together.

Within the end of that week of him being on it, he had a stroke when I was in the middle of brushing his hair. I immediately stopped giving him the antibiotics and hoped he would recover from having the stroke because by the next day he was walking around and eating again.

But he hasn't. He's gotten worse and he's still vomiting up that white stuff. And now he refuses to eat, drink and still hasn't gone to the bathroom. And to make matters worse, I've called every vet in the city and no one takes payment plans so I can't even treat him. All they keep telling me is that he'll need a whole bunch of tests and that it's going to cost a lot of money which is due at the end of the visit, and they won't even see him unless I can pay the entire bill. Talk about being in it for the animals!

He was fine before he got put on this stuff, and now I have to watch him slowly die because of it. He was the most loveable cat and would cuddle, bring me socks, play and chase our other 2 cats around the house. Now all he does is sit in the tub or hide under the bed and we've been forced to feed him using a syringe. He was the best cat ever with the most unique personality and now I'm forced with the decision to euthenize him or not, which is the hardest decision I've ever had to make. He was my little boy and I love him to death and it's their fault that this is happening to him!