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Posted by Jeanne (Florida) on 07/08/2020
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I saw a post from 2010 on earth clinic about ginger capsules. Both dogs of mine get itchy at night. I gave them both a capsule each and they slept all night long. I love earth clinic!!!

Posted by Mamaknocks (Downers Grove, Il, Usa) on 01/07/2010
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A GINGER, 550mg capsule cured my dog's inflamed, itchy skin in 5 minutes. A MIRACLE MINUTES, thank GOD! After a long, miserable, sleepless night...peace and quiet.

Replied by Rina
(Seattle, Wa)

did you mean a ginger supplement or just raw ginger? Could you please be more specific? Thank you.

Replied by Mamaknocks
(Downers Grove, Il)

Just a regular ginger capsule. I put it in a "Pill Pocket" that are sold by the bag at pet stores. My dog will take anything that I put in those little things! He thinks it's a treat. Ginger is wonderful. If he has an upset tummy, it cures that just as fast as it does itchy skin!

Grass Allergy Remedies

Posted by Brooklyn (Brooklyn Ny ) on 09/23/2014

My pet yorkie went with us to Pennsylvania and was running all around the grass and squirming all around the grass now we got back and she's been itching all over. Please help me help her stop itching.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Brooklyn!

Please give your dog a bath and follow up with a vinegar rinse. I am OK with using white vinegar for a rinse [some only swear by ACV] - I would mix 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water after the bath, making sure your dog gets saturated down to the skin with the rinse.

I would also consider dosing benadryl if your dog is really uncomfortable. I also find it helpful to alkalize your dog's drinking water by adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 liter of water and have this be the only drinking water for the next 7 days.

Replied by Lesley

Agree with Theresa on vinegar, but baking soda has really good anti itch properties so you could wash your dog with a mild solution of bakingsoda, rinse very thoroughly with plain water, followed by a final rinse of 50/50 vinegar and water.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Lesley!

Thanks for the baking soda rinse tip!!

Replied by Paula

This has been the best information I have received for HOME REMEDIES.... Thank you very much....

Homemade Dog Food

Posted by Leslie (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 02/09/2013

I have only now found this website and think it's wonderful. Many posts are years old however the problems seem to be the same year after year - so I thought I would give this information for those who are interested.

Dogs that itch terribly, pull their fur out, scratch their ears till they are inflamed, lick and pull at their paws, and more, may have a yeast infection. This is for males too.

A website that addresses this is: http// I have found it to be perfect for my Chihuahua and all his problems including this one.

Homeopathic Remedy Psorinum

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Posted by Om (Hope Bc, Canada, Bc) on 07/02/2013
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My thirty pound Tibetan spaniel kept itching so badly for at least two months. He gets defleaed daily just by combing and ACV spray. It became so bad I put on my thinking cap.

Years ago I contracted scabies on my arms due to animal rescue matters. I used homeopathic PSORINUM 30C. I less than half an hour all was gone, not to return, several years later.

I had planned to use Ted's remedy for mites after doggie had his grooming and trimming for the summer. I could, however, not wait and look at it any longer.

So I gave about four little globules of PSORINUM 30C which is a scabies remedy even though I thought he might have other mites as well which are transmitted by fleas.

I had to observe him and as he resumed scratching after several hours' interval, I had to give the remedy up to five times more. But now, two weeks later, he only scratches when I find a flea upon investigation. I am also using DE in the house which has apparently made a difference.

So, PSORINUM, could be tried for mites or simply bad scratching episodes. It certainly is worth trying, especially the cost is about ten bucks.

I would never consider cortisone shots which damage health or flea treatment that poison the blood. Does anyone realize how many dogs have died in the drug trials before that drug was let loose on the maket? Dogs that receive regular blood poisoning flea treatments, do not live out their normal life span. This was confirmed by a dog breeder who mentioned his German Shepherds live only eight years while reguarly given this drug.

Also, I must make mention of Ted's remedy BORAX. I tried as a shampoo on my fine hair and was amazed how soft, bouncy and shiny was the outcome. Now I will use it regularly on myself and doggie as well. I leave the borax paste on for several minutes, then rinse. Voila. It does away with itch, too. Treats for mites, too.

An altenative is soap nuts. Info online. Best wishes to EC posters. Om

Itchy Skin Medications

Posted by Ed (Okemos, Michigan) on 12/28/2014

I have been reading with interest the benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar and am starting the regimen today. My dog has been on .25 mg of Medrol every other day for several years and the vet wants her off that and has prescribed Cyclosporin. When we picked up the compounded script the pharmacist indicated we should use a latex glove when we give it to the dog as it is quite "toxic." And the label on the bottle says "wear gloves when dispensing this medication." My god if it is harmful to human skin, what does it do internally to a dog?

Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

If people are hiding from conventional meds. then you might think about it also. I spent $130.00 for my cat and she was worse, so I started her on home cooked chicken because she has always been a dumpster diver and she is twelve years old, so as it now stands my cat is doing great. I can afford going with-out a meal in order to feed and save my pet/s life. Something more natural is better then these hard core meds. we know nothing about. Your message is a great help, I needed that to help me out a lot more. Thank you.

Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Arpad Schummer (Oh) on 12/15/2018
5 out of 5 stars

In response to this post:

Posted by Heather (Georgetown, Ontario Canada) on 04/13/2015

Hi There,

I have an 18 yr old Tabby. He isn't eating much and has arthritis in his back legs. We just had him to the Vet and his blood tests were largely inconclusive. The Vet advised that he was slightly anemic which according to the Vet is not uncommon in senior cats. I am a big fan of DMSO. Is it possible to give DMSO to cats? And if the answer is "yes" could you recommend a dosage.

Many Thank, Heather

This isn't exactly in regards to cancer, but! A few years ago my feline "Baby", started losing her fur and was itching terribly. The vet ran tests and had us try various diets using very expensive foods etc., then he tried drugs like prednisone, ointments applied topically etc.. All to no avail. The poor girl never slept and cried all the time. I had recently discovered, iodine I filled a one ounce spray bottle halfway with Betadine iodine and the rest of the way with distilled water, and sprayed her all over. I didn't rub it in because her skin was raw and the poor thing cried because I'm sure it burned.

After a few minutes she calmed down and went to sleep. I got scared & thought she'd died but she was sound asleep. The next day her skin was drying up & covered with scabs. I was afraid she'd start licking herself as the Betadine contains caustic soda. so I dumped it out and made a new batch using "Lugol's" 2%" Iodine/potassium iodide in the same ratio and sprayed her lightly all over again. After a few days her fur began growing back and her problems disappeared.

I've read that when cells replicate they can become cancerous cells if there isn't any iodine within the cell. I've read that we're likely all deficient in iodine due to the toxic halogens like chlorine, bromine and fluoride which is referred to by scientists as "The Most Violent Protoplasmic poison Known To Science"! Iodine is also a halogen. The only good halogen. It's stored in the thyroid and hypothalamus glands. In the absence of dietary iodine they'll fill up with the toxic ones.

Many books on the subject are available at low cost from Amazon. Just download the free Kindle app and you can purchase & download books at low cost, many books are free. I've used a product in the past called "Soothanol" which is DMSO and it worked very well on my torn rotator cuff and my worn out knees.

I wish you luck in your quest.

Medication Link

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Posted by Michelle (Normal, Il) on 08/25/2010
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itching dog: I have tried everything to cure my dog of his itching and I think it is the flea and heart worm medicine called Revolution that is causing it. I just now found a list of side effects and "pruritus (itching), urticaria (welts, hives), and erythema (skin redness)" was listed. I am going to get him some old fashioned heart worm pills and find an alternative flea preventer.

Replied by Ziggy
(Denmark, West Australia)

I have a poodle who is 6 years old. He has developed itchy skin. I cannot see any signs of fleas and am always up to date with flea treatment. I did treat him with a new back of the neck treatment about a week before the itching started and wondering if this is the cause. As I used a different treatment this time. He also has apple cider in his drinking water.

Replied by Mollie

Sounds like it was the new back of the neck med.

Maybe try some activated charcoal to detox? 1 tablet daily?

Also, a bath to which you add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar may help itching.

Replied by Ziggy
(Denmark, West Australia)

Thanks, will try the charcoal. The bath has only just helped a little. He isn't any worse but my neighbours dog is scratching too so I think it maybe a catchy thing now though the cats aren't??

Medications, Dietary Changes

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Posted by Diane (Chardon, Ohio) on 01/22/2011

For the dogs ears an all natural product that really works is vets best ear relief wash and dry. Keep the ears dry. My groomer recommended enyzme pro to add to food and I am trying that. (botanical dog) Also, if your dog has really bad sore skin try looking at dermagic-wonderful products to put on skin.

Try to avoid any steroids or cordisones because they only will help short term and will rebound with worse skin worse than when started.

Medications, Dietary Changes
Posted by Kathryn (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 01/21/2010
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Itchy Old Dog

The old dog is so tired of scratching and I've tried everything else. I've changed her dog food 3 times. She had a raw scaly bottom and tail about 6 months ago and the vet cost $300.00 for shampoo, cephalosporin and prednisone. Her fur grew back but now she's itching non-stop and starting to get really stinky even after I use the $85.00 shampoo. Don't know if it's mange but am going to see if the cure works!

Wish me luck!

Replied by Adrian
(Los Angeles, Ca)

When doing food, make sure it is grain free, especially CORN! This will help you a million times over. Also, many dogs that have food allergies are allergic to chicken, so it may help to go with Buffalo or some different protein source.

But if the issue is just itching... it could be an environmental allergy, which is a whole new bag of worries.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Rob (Saint Louis, Missouri) on 05/22/2023
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Itchy Cat With Mange, Tried Everything!!! Works For Dogs Too. What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me...

Almost two years ago one of my cats named River started itching and licking his fur off. River itched most the fur off his back, sides and tail area leaving a bunch of pimple, rashy looking bumps. I tried a number of home remedies like Apple Cider Vinegar, Epsom Salt Soaks, Ted's Borax & Peroxide Mange Treatment, Rubbing Him Down With DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide. After months of these with no relief, Finally out of desperation, against my better judgement I took him to the vet and got steroids, topical mite medicine, a mild tranquilizer to check for a nervous problem and antibiotics for a bacterial infection which all did no good. They wanted me to buy a $180.00 small sack of idk protine extracted cat food because he may food allergies. By this time I realized I was on a thousands of dollars roller coaster on an endless path to no where with these people..... Where they go home with the money and I go home with the pain.

So, I came home and tried even more home remedies like Kitty Vitamins, Magnesium, Digestive Enzimes, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Iodine, Stinging Nettle, High Dose Vitamin C, L-Histidine and changed food brands three times.

I believe I tried enough to say I tried EVERYTHING!!

Around this time I was learning about JADAM Organic Pesticides. YT DIY Ultra-Powerful Natural Germicide JADAM Sulfur(JS) 10L for Gardeners. Homemade pesticide. I gave him a warm soak on diluted Jadam Sulfur, about 3/4 cup per gallon. This helped but didn't solve the problem.

You can buy Lime Sulfur Dip in the market.

Next I washed River down several times with Chlorine Dioxide. You can find out more about Chlorine Dioxide at

More internet research led me to Happy Horse Medicated 2% Chlorhexidine Horse Shampoo which is safe for cats. This also helped but several applications did not solve the problem.

Next I found, Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo. Again several applications of this helped but did not solve the problem.

Since they both helped a little, I thought to apply the 2% Chlorhexidine Horse Shampoo one day and the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo the next day and finally found relief. Today is the first day I haven't heard the dreaded hind leg itch in several years.

I've known for years that my cats had ear problems because of the black goo and one cat kinda clear discharge from his ear and eyes. I thought they had ear mites and treated them with Olive Oil, 50% DMSO, and Chlorine Dioxide with some sucess but it never resolved the problem. I watched a video called Dog Yeast Ear Infections: Great OTC Home Remedy on the YT channel Veterinary Secrets and learned most ear infections in dogs and cats are actually not mites but yeast. I treated all the cats with Clotrimazole, once a day, which is safe cats and they all feel better.

So, I believe River may have had multiple fungal infections, including a yeast infection on his skin and ears which took several medications to resolve.

I found this helpful article in the Merck Veterinary Manual, called Dermatophytosis in Dogs and Cats (Ringworm). I originally ignored information about ringworm because he didn't have large open sores, just pimple like small sores.

I hope this can save many who read it a lot of time and money.

Thanks for reading. Happy health to you and all our furry friends.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Frances (Sa) on 12/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hello all, like most of you I have been frantically seeking a cure for my dogs itching. I have a 10k dog who has been driving herself and me crazy itching to the point of losing her hair and breaking her skin. This is what worked for her and me.

INTERNALLY once a day:

5mg Zertec (antihistamene - every 12 hours), 1000mg flaxseed oil, 500mg vitamin E oil.

EXTERNAL baths daily:

half cup epsom salts

4 drops essential oregano oil (anti fungal)

5 cammomile tea bags, steeped in boiling water

5 mls flaxseed oil

just pour over dog and massage in finishing off with extra flaxseed to soften the skin.

After about 3 days my pup is sleeping soundly (snoring) the itching has reduced significantly, the anger has gone out of her skin, her hair is starting to grow back and the broken skin has healed.

It worked for us, hope it works for you and you four legged friends.

Neem Cream

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Posted by Linda (Dublin, Ireland) on 02/12/2010
5 out of 5 stars

cat eczema

my cat had a burn like streak down his back. i thought it looked odd but he didnt seem to mind it. when i took him to the vet he said it was eczema and the dry patch was from over licking caused by the itch. after my initial shame of not noticing i decided to take charge of his skin asap. i work in a health store and bought neem indian cream as i had used it myself on dry skin. the results were amazing. the cat hated it but a couple of times a day i attacked him and within a week or so no more dry skin. it did reapear on his face and again a couple of times a day cleared it up.

Raw Honey

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Posted by Fan B (San Francisco) on 06/13/2017
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I finally stopped my dog from constant itching by giving him raw honey. He is a picky eater so I have to hide it in something like cooked chicken or cheese, but it totally stopped his inflamed constantly itchy hot spots. No vet could provide me with a diagnosis or cure. Hope this helps someone!


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Posted by Keith (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) on 02/08/2013
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I have a 4 year old Yorkie that was scratching all the time. I was advised by the lady who cuts her that she suffers from dry skin and would benefit from oilie fish.

Started her on approx. 1 tablespoon of wild tinned salmon each day and she stopped scratching within two days.

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