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Oregano Oil
Posted by Bliss (Brooklyn, Ny) on 10/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Cat mange cure:

I rescued a cat with mange and struggled with it all summer. It seemed cured but kept on scratching, then my other cats began to catch it. I tried everything, advantage, hydrogen peroxide, Scratchex, ACV, essential oils.

Then last week I heard a doctor on the radio talking about Oregano oil to cure upper respiratory symptoms. I bought some tiny oil caplets, and in desperation, gave one to my cat with mange. In two days it's totally on the wane, no more scratching.

The vet only med, Revolution, is a heartworm med, Intervectin that acts from within to kill the mites. That's what gave me the idea to give them Oregano Oil, and it's been immediately effective. When they have mites on their face you cannot treat with other things, and bathing is definitely something they hate. This seems to be an immediate cure.

Hope it works for you.