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Posted by Dog Lover (Cleburne, Tx) on 09/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

NU- Stock is a wonderful product . I had six dogs with mange, I had tried EVERYTHING one DOG GOT SO WEEK AND SKINNY WE HAD TO HAVE HER PUT DOWN. Then i found this page on nu stock My 13 yr old Aussie was almost bald. After only two treatments, they all started growing new hair. They are all playing and eating again. If i had found this earlier i feel my 10 yr old malamute would still be alive

Posted by Julia (Butler, AL) on 02/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Mange/Hair Loss/Cuts: I have tried Teds method, but I have found something that is wonderful - it's not organic, but it sure does work. Jack loves to wonder off and play w/other dogs, he kept getting the mange. My sister had tried this on her dog and no more's not expensive and your dogs skin will get color within days and hair within a's called nu-stock. Just get some gloves and smear it on. You can order this off the internet or your local co-op. Jack has no complaints and is itch free these days!!!

Posted by Jean (Franklin, WI) on 07/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A number of years ago, we acquired a German Shepherd with a severe case of mange, covering about 1/3 of his body. The vet's expensive prescription products hardly touched it. After a lot of study, I found a product generally used for horses to heal wounds and rashes. It's called Nu-Stock. It cleared the mange up after only 2 applications and it has never returned. His hair grew back very quickly, and although he wasn't too thrilled with the first application, he WANTED the second one very much. The itching stopped immediately.

A couple years later, my daughter had a rash that no doctor seemed able to get rid of. We tried the Nu-Stock and it cleared right up and hasn't returned.

I've had a problem with athlete's foot for years. I tried all the other remedies and it got rid of "most" of it, but there was a spot on the ball of one foot, including two toes where it just wouldn't go away. One day it occurred to me to try Nu-Stock. After just a couple of applications, the skin was back to normal, all itching gone, and it appears to be healing permanently. I think this is going to finally kill it!!!

Doing a little studying, I've found that Nu-Stock is 73% sulphur, 25% mineral oil, and 2% pine oil.

I've also discovered that there are other health products made for pets that aren't available for people. For instance, in the local Farm & Fleet, you can buy a cheap package of electrolytes for your pet's water. 16 oz. of DMSO was only $5. And there were other things as well, most of them in the section for horses! Isn't it amazing that you can buy products for your pets, cheaply, and you can't get prescription products that work for yourself???

EC: Yes, agreed! Years ago we bought a 5 lb container of glucosamine at a tack shop in Burbank, CA for about $45 to give to our dog for his arthritis. The tack shop also sold chondroitin in large containers too.