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Posted by Lee (Singapore) on 03/06/2012
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@David from Dublin & @Toni from Las Vegas: I was at my wit's end in finding a cure for my puppy's demodectic mange when I came across your posts.

My puppy had a traumatic demodectic mange experience which included an overdose of Ivermectin such that she went blind for a couple of days from the side-effects, before the vet flushed the insecticide out from her system. That was three weeks ago.

Since then she was placed on the Amitraz spray. That didn't seem to show much effect, and I noticed my puppy was scratching quite a bit, and there were pimples showing on her head and body, plus some shedding of her coat.

After reading your posts today, I decided to experiment with mixing mustard powder into her shampoo. After her bath, I applied some of the mustard mixture into the Aloveen conditioner and massaged them onto her skin.

It's been 12 hours since my puppy's bath and I noticed she had not scratched herself even once. Shall keep the routine for the next few days and hopefully, the results will be good.

Thank you!