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Posted by Monica (Zapallar, Chile) on 04/09/2010
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Chronic Mange

I have been reading Ted's remedy for mange and I would like to contribute with some more information.
I have been treating an abandoned dog for over 6 years now due to demodesic mange. He didn't have a permanent home, so I had trouble in keeping the medical routines. Now I brought it to my house decided to finish with his disease. I've been shooting him with Ivermectin and bathing with Amitraz for long time, though I have stopped in some periods when he got better or when he was too infested to take the baths.
Finally, I decided to try with homeopathy and wrote to some vets and got some directions.
- I started giving him Sulphur & Psorinum everyday (20 little globules of each diluted in milk, yougurt or water) on empty stomach. Can feed him after 20 minutes.
- Daily massages with Almond Oil mixed with drops of Lavender Oil. 5 drops of Pure Lavender Oil in 30 cc of Almond oil. He loves the massages.
- A weekly bath with a shampoo of peroxide that my vet says it can be prepared by the pharmacy, and it's cheaper than buying it ready with a brand name. Basically, the shampoo has to have an ingredient able to get rid of the excess of serum of the hair follicles which is the main food of the demodex mite. (In the dictionary is called follicle mite: any of several minute mites of the genus Demodex that are parasitic in the hair follicles).

- I give him Omega3 in capsules every day or two, I gave him Echinacea (1/2 capsule) for 7 days, to reinforce his inmune system.
- I apply Omega3 Pet oil (two puffs) in his daily food.

He had big and smelly pimples that made awful bleeding after he scratched them. Researching about mange, I discovered that Mange itself it is not smelly. Bad smell is not because of Mange, but definitelly because some oportunistic bacteria has started living in the wounds produced by so much scratching. Those pimples are infections that produce the bad smell and have to be treated with ANTIBIOTICS. I found out this now, and I was so surprised that none of the vets that saw this dog ever told me of this. Finally, one vet mention this important fact so she prescribed an antibiotic that had to be taken for at least 7 days,every 8 hours. CEFADROXILO is the name of this antibiotic in this country. It contains every 5ml, 250 mg of Cefadroxilo Anhidro (as a monohidrate). It comes in powder and has to be mixed with water. One bottle of preparation lasted only 5 days, so I gave him 2 bottles =10 days. The smell dissapeared 99% and also the pimples and now he looks much healthier, doesn't scratch and his hair is growing little by little. He still has some black spots and some red areas but no open wounds, no pimples, no smell, besides the normal dog smell.Finally, researching on the properties of the Aloe Vera plant, I discovered that one of the properties of the aloe gel is that it can help tremendously in the serum control of the hair, so I started to rub the black spot areas of his skin with this, and it seems to be working fine, cause besides hydrating the area, it is a powerful antiseptic.

Now that he doesn't have any wounds, I will start with the Sodium Perborate & Hydrogen Peroxide treatment.
I will also try the tip of putting 1/8 teaspoon of Sodium Perborate/Borax in the drinking water.

With all the years I have been treating dogs with mange, I came to realize that in order to definitely finish with it, you have to give the dog all the time necessary for the cure of this disease, cause the almost full time treatment requires all the patience you can have. It is needed a big amount of love for animals in the main place.

Hope my experience is of some help to any of you. Thanks for the space to share this.

Mange Remedies
Posted by Cara (Syracuse, NY) on 02/07/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Great site!
I did the dip regimen then vet wanted to do Ivermectin, which i thought tooo toxic & only 50% chance cure (plus $500+). Plus hair mostly grown back, but still scrappings showed the little buggers.

I went to Dr. Kerry Brown, homeopathic vet. Lucky closeby. He's trying "Kool Kan", Chinese herb tabs to build immune system, an a high strength flea collar, as the couple bare spots were around neck. Seems to have stabilized and checking monthly.

I will try the ACV or the benzoil peroxide this weekend--as see vet again Monday---and will see if this helps.