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Posted by Om (Hope Bc, Canada, Bc) on 07/08/2013
4 out of 5 stars

My little dog just came back from a grooming session. He had a terrible itch all over several weeks ago but I thought I had eliminated what I thought might have been mites as for a good two weeks he seemed to be free of itch. The second day after grooming I noticed he had lesions around his neck face and armpits which became worse by the day. Also, I noticed, for the first time, black spots. He also was crying pitiously off and on as if someone was hurting him.

I did research and found out that dog scabies is different from human scabies and also very contageous. Rather than relying on the borax method, I used MMS topically as a spray. Topical treatment with MMS uses stronger dosage. I sprayed him and myself hourly for a day and he slept well and did not cry at all. The lesions seem to clear up but it will take perhaps a few more days.

Second day, I sat at my pc and looked out of the window to notice an unusual clarity of vision and brilliance of colour. I did research and read one comment from one other user of MMS about the same thing - better vision.

I am beginning to trust this remedy and hope to start internal doses soon, starting very low. My cats will start with half a drop for their individual needs. On reading many posts on this, I feel it is vital to follow the protocol and stay low to avoid unpleasant effects as this remedy cleans up and removes lots of pathogens. If MMS can cure malaria in a couple of days, it sounds extremely promising...

Thanks to Jim Humble for his humanitrian service. Om