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Posted by Mimi (Columbus, Ohio) on 02/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Years ago, I had a kenneled Dachshund become mangy. I used Herbettes For Pets - had to order it from California. Tucked it into gooseliver and fed it daily to all my Doxies, and it cleared right up and haired over. The Herbettes also got rid of worms. Good stuff. Kind of expensive, but worth it.

I forget which type of mange it was, but the vet said it was sometimes incurable and gave me something like wallpaper cleaner to plaster on it after a DAILY bath ! I skipped the bath,and the medicine which I tho't was hopeless, and the Herbettes cleared it up. It also cleared up the eyes on a Toy Poodle. The vet had tho't an operation would be necessary, but it wasn't and the eye returned from foggy to normal looking.