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Benzoyl Peroxide, Omega 3, New Food
Posted by Gagirl (Blairsville, Georgia) on 08/20/2009
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Demodectic Mange Treatment

My pug had demodectic mange. It was just hair loss, but in several spots and his chin and neck were almost bare. I took him to the vet and he recommended promaris flea/tick medicine. I used this product three months(three applications). I also bought benzoyl peroxide (acne cream) and rubbed on the spots once a day for about 3 weeks. I started giving him omega 3 gel caps once per day and I started him on ___Natural Choice chicken, oatmeal and rice puppy food. He's completely cured. I don't know which part contributed the most, I just know his hair has completly grown back and he is so healthy and active. I hope this helps someone, cause it took hours of searching for me to decide what to do with my little pug!