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Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, Neem
Posted by Atts (Brooksville, Fl) on 05/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I found an easy solution for mange. A small matted pekingese ran in front of my daughters car. Well thank god she didnt hit it. She brought her home and she was badly matted with black mange from mid torso to back legs. She was so stinky I could smell her from across the room. I work with a local rescue so she knew I wouldnt turn her away. I shaved the matts. She is a small dog so it was easier to do this. I put olive oil on her for two days and covered it with a small very stretchy sock cutting holes in it like underpants. Of course I removed it to take her outside.

After two days of that I soaked her for 15-20 minutes in Dr Scholls foot soak (CVS has a brand of there own foot soak almost same ingredients) which contains borax, iodine and some other very good ingredients. I did not dry her I let her just blot dry and air dry. I saw immediate improvement in her. I have used the olive oil on many mites and lices before and the foot soak on my own kids that had itchies! So I tried in on this small beautiful girl. What a success! The black skin flaked off and low and behold she had short hair under that huge patchy place. Her coat was full thick and shiney. She laid down and off to sleep she went. Cheap and easy fix. Now I will take her to the vet to check microchip and get a checkup. Hope everything else goes just as well!