Borax for Mange - Ted's Remedy for Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange

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Posted by Zdog (Santa Cruz, California) on 12/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have to add to the list of relieved dogs after using Ted's formula. 5 year old APBT, She has always had big allergic flare ups with the Wandering Jew in the yard.. looked like a bad case of poison oak. After the flareup it would usually go away but this one was really bad and I think the Demodex snowballed and I have tried so many things that did not work. She was losing hair in a lot of little spots here and there, chewing at her tail and feet, itching. All along I thought it was here allergies to the plant... to food... I changed here from TOTW food to Acana hoping that would help but there was no difference.

Finally I knew there was another factor and tried Ted's remedies. INSTANT RELIEF!!!! This being a mix of allergies in the onset before the mange had stumped a couple of vets and I am so glad I finally got it figured out. Now if I could only keep the Wandering Jew from growing back!

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Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/12/2015

Hello Jessbcause!

If this were my dog I would take him to the vet and run a thyroid panel. It could be your boy has a low functioning thyroid which would cause all the problems you describe. I think the coconut oil on the skin is a good idea and you might consider adding calendula or lavender to the oil as well. But please consider seeing your vet for a thyroid check.

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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 11/12/2015

Jessbcause (Seattle, Washington) ---

My big lovable rescue came to me with these complaints. I found out he had to suffer these conditions for four years before he found me.

Because he suffered this for so long, it will probably take a year or more to heal. There is also staph infection and mites. Fleas are not seen because of the treatments I give. To stop his pain and itching (he was actually screaming) I doused his bloody back with turmeric powder, lots of it. In about three minutes he was quiet and rested in a corner.

Then I treated him with Ted's mite bath but after a month of this his skin started to break, bleed and what coat he had quite rough. So we knew -no borax for dry bleeding skin. I now started to warm Neem Seed Oil and rubbed his entire body being careful of his face as the eyes might tear.

We have this done now for over several months. His coat is beautiful, his skin well lubricated and healthy. He has had two baths with Dr. Bronner's kastile liquid soap with lavender. The mites fall dead and because neem oil stops them from reproducing, the situation has much improved except the coat over his lower back is not as dense. I am treating his head with colloidal silver in a washcloth to get the mites. He had a little, fast growing tumour in his inner ear flap. I applied turpentine from Georgia, US and the thing disappeared within days and that is almost a year now with no recurrence.

Because his coat and skin are so wonderful, we enjoy our session every few days or even once a week. He knows how to turn and roll over by now. The mites seem less but because of their cycle, we have to persevere and be patient. No fleas.

Now I use neem seed oil on my head, too for its benefits.

For any itchy warts, apply iodine with a qu- tip several times. We are starting with this now.

For diet I give coconut oil and/or hemp seed oil. Because the mites seem to go after oil in the skin. I have also used coconut oil but neem oil is good enough. He also gets home made kefir. BTW do treat the tail and end especially with vigilance as mites always start from there.

Good luck with your doggy I am sure you will see light at the end of the tunnel.

Namaste, Om

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Posted by Lloyd (Nh) on 11/04/2015

Yes first bathe the dog! Preferably with a gentle shampoo so as to keep the skin hydrated.

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Posted by Lynn (San Diego, Ca) on 09/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I found Mange cure two weeks ago.

Within a week my bulldog puppy's itching stopped 85%!! It was a miracle! Thank you so much Ted and everyone!!! We have been through a hellish time for 6 months!!

My puppy had a adverse reaction to her last puppy shot. She became worn out and not her self for 3 days. We gave her some homeopathic Sulfur which got her back to her puppy self and energy but she started the itching then.

She had ear issues when I got her and so she was having some issues maybe from vaccines or DNA or something before.

I had her on raw dog food and probiotics.

What ever happened her immune system could not keep the balance and about 2 months after the last vaccine she started not only itching but now breaking the skin and getting sores. A down hill slide started to happen to her skin. The regular vet said she had awful allergies.

(I wish I had know about the possiblity of mange I could have help her before as in her immune couldn't keep the mites, fugus, and yeast away till she got stronger)

I started two weeks ago using the mange cure exactly as prescribed. I do it every other day as my little bulldog had it so bad. Around her eye and whole side of face, under the chin looked like red elephant trunk skin! Her neck down over her shoulders she would scratch bloody all the area's and was lossing hair. She was living in a turtleneck Tee shirt and a soft cone. This was going on for about 5 months!! She looked like the kind of dogs they put down.

(Does anyone know how long before the elepant skin will become normal? It is better and the swelling is down)

I had her scraped by a regular not natural vet. when someone finally suggested it and they found no mange. But finally I realized if it looks like mange and smells like mange it is mange! Not sure what everyone was thinking that I had consulted with natural people in the pet industry at natural pet stores etc. They didn't recognize mange either. But just the hint from the vet made me go look for a natural cure on mange and found you TED!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

She also was so yeasty. Smelling like cornchips. Feet biting, ear red and blotchy. A mess. I did natural cure with raw food diet and a raw goat milk fermented with buttermilk culture for 6 months. But only got worse on the skin but though other things inside her got better, occasional wetting, rusty stuff around her vulva and mucus in throat. All that is gone now.

I didn't realize that mange, yeast and staph and other opportunistic things where adding to the problems of her immune system being off. I thought the nutritional and homeopathic meds were enough and didn't know I had to do out side things. Like a woman's yeast infection needs on going washes. Till the body can catch up.

My puppy lost her energy. This went on from age 6 months to now a year!

I found Mange cure two weeks ago.

Within a week her itching stopped 85%!! It was a miracle!

In these last 3 weeks I have added all kinds of food base nutritional things to her diet, new homepathics and used Dr. Becker's vet on Dr. Marcolas web.. "Yeast infection in dogs" site.

I made up a solution to spray 1-2 times aday.

1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 gallon distilled water, 1/4 cup colloidal silver and optional lavender or peppermint 10 drops or less. Also I added a little borax for the mange.

I spray her down with this morning and night when I haven't done the Mange Cure that day.

I also dip her feet morning and night in the water, vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide mentioned by Dr. Becker. Sometime more if she is biting them! I also powder her with organic cornstarch to dry her webs in feet and underarms out.

We are finally finding Peace. What a wonderful thing!!!

I also have been going to a homeopathic friend who is a expert. She guided me along and we have been treating her for 6 months. We finally broke through to deeper levels. It is like peeling off layers of an onion. Some of the major helps in remedies were homeopathic, Psorium, Phosphoricum, Tuberculium, And the best ones where...Mercury Corrosivus 30 c up to 10 M. but because she was right sided and had throat issues major was Mercurius Iodatus Flavus for her. Again we had to keep uping the does over a months time from 30 c to 10 M. Mercury has a strong smell sometimes metallic and are very sensitive! My friend noticed the smell and when we looked up the symptoms for skin it matched perfectly. We were on are way. My puppy also wanted to be warm all the time. Even though her body was so hot. (I thought she needed Sulfur because of that they are hot)

The best remedy for most dogs' skin is Sulfur but she was too sick and it took more layers and remedies to help her. Finally she started manifesting the full on symptoms of Sulfur. She was now avoiding hot and wanted to be cool! And of course the skin issues. And worse baths or water. And very lazy sleeping all the time but wakes up with other dogs or people. Sulphur are very social. I give her the Sulphur 30 once or so a day as needed you can tell by symptoms..itching attacks for us. And once a week we added Psorium which helps get the deeper issue that Miasim..(google homeopathy and Miasims)

So having given that about 3 weeks ago and now 2 weeks ago the mange and yeast cure we are on our way to health!! Finally!!!!

I know this is lots of info but it if helps you great. Get a good natural vet who does homeopathy if you can find one. I couldn't in my town and had to do what I could. They are out there though and now I do know of a few nearby. Just don't need them now. Learned the hard

I am so thankful for Ted and all the others on Earth Clinic!!!!!! Blessings,


PS this was the first dog I had had in 25 years. Dogs didn't used to have so many issues. But now you need a degree in Dog medicine to know how to handle all the eeidemic of issues. Thank God for the new interest, with raw food and people like you on Earth Clicnic to help us.

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Posted by Lynn (San Diego Ca) on 10/24/2015

Just wanted to say we had more than Mange! The Teds Mange cure has really helped the neck and the problems of hair loss their and itching.

But her eye and chin and parts of neck where not cured. So she also has Systemic yeast. The low immue system mess up by who knows breeding, Vet drugs, vaccines and so forth caused all kinds of problems.

So now we are onto using Homepathic Candida, Homeopathic Sulf. Great help. Thankful I have that in my plan.

Just started an Nzymes program. A woman told me how her dog was cured..she cried. I am amazed. They Misdiagnosed as say it is dog allergies...and then comes the fun and expense and heartache. That was my case.

It has been once week and we have started to heal. Warning it gets worse first!! Because the body is detoxing and sends it out onto the skin!!!! I was told by my Homeopathic Dr. to add Milk Thistel drops to her food to help the liver with the detoxing stress. But so worth it to get it gone. It can take 2 months to see results and then must keep it up for 1 year to get the yeast out of the body for ever!!!

Systemic yeast is hard to cure. Look at the video's and google video's on enzymes to learn even more. So wonderful.

I did want to also say that the Mange cure really really helped the itching! So thankful. Then when the eye and neck didn't heal I started the Nzyem protocal. The itch got awful..and her eye swelled with the skin around it and neck. But in a few days with a does of Sulf 200 and the detoxing starting to slow down the itch is almost gone in a week. The skin is slow. But we are on away. Think about it like me it make take several methods to build the dogs body up so all these things don't muliply. Sorry.. the vet stuff is not not not a cure! Though may look good for a while but ususally comes back. Or something worse comes as it is suppressing the immune not curing it. We heal from the head down and reverse order. Herring Law of cure. But in the end you want to cure your animal and I believe it is worth it to stay on it with diet and natural curative approachs. There is not easy fix for yourself or you dog. Cure is cure.

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Posted by Lizzy (Asheville, Nc) on 06/29/2015

Hi Philippa,

I have a dog who had a very serious issue with staph infections down his spine the past year. Please be careful those scabs don't turn into a worse infection. You'll be able to tell by the smell. My dog ended up with MRSA, which was a real nightmare to treat. If the staph formula does not improve your dog, I suggest you find a topical spray to help heal some of the scabs. I have two sprays that I use when my dog has scabs, one is called Vetericyn Wound Spray and the other is Vet's Best Hot Spot spray. The Vet's Best has been great along his spine, but under his armpits, I use the Vetericyn. I also use an anti-staph and MRSA shampoo I found on Amazon called DermabenSs that has done wonders at keeping my dog's skin from being too itchy and inflamed. I must shampoo him at least once or twice a week (depending on how hot it is outside) to keep his skin calm. You also might want to consider his diet to boost him immune system. I have been experimenting with different holistic brands the past 2 years and my dog seems to do best on a grain-free fish formula.

Hope your doggie improves very soon!

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Posted by Ernie (Naples, Fla) on 06/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My Corgi Jack is 12 years old and he had mange so bad we thought he was dying. After months and months and hundreds of Vet dollars I stumbled upon Ted's cure. It's been a couple months and Jack who used to be one solid patch of scabs is like 90% cleared up. He's perky again and I am so thankful for coming upon this cure. I plan on using it a couple more weeks and going to the Vet so they can look at him. He is so much better, this treatment works PERIOD!!!!!

Thank you for all the info.

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Posted by Lacat (Malaysia) on 05/14/2015

Dear All,

I am at my wit's end! Our 2.5 year old (street) dog has been chronically itchy for 5 months now. I put her on a raw, high protein diet about 4 months ago to try and cure it and she seem's quite healthy other than this incessant self-mutilation. Having been put on antibiotics for most of her young life by our original vet I decided to take her to a holistic vet who has put her on a TCM medicine (she didn't do any skin scrapings and didn't suggest it was mites)

She has now been taking the TCM (cooling medicine) for about a month with no real improvement. I then found Ted's cure and as her symptoms seem to be the same I decided to give it a go. I did the peroxide borax solution first and then as there was little improvement after a few days I used the vinegar borax solution and then again, a few days later, have just done a second peroxide/borax solution - all exactly as directed. Although the worst of it was on her hindquarters which at this stage seem a bit better although she is still chewing them a little when her cone is off, she is now attacking her neck viciously with her back paws (even when she is wearing a cone collar) and now has some awful infected lesions on her neck. IS THIS NORMAL???

I am really despairing and am under severe pressure to take her to a "normal" vet but am worried they will want to give her more antibiotics or even worse the awful chemical dips. Please, can those of you who have done the Ted's cure tell me if this reaction is normal ? thanks you in advance for any input you can give!

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Posted by Doodles (Georgia) on 06/22/2015

Your dog is scratching from pain in my opinion. I would encourage you to stop everything for a while - all the treatments, the strange food things, all of it. Go simply to meat, raw bones, cooked rice, and water (boil the water first, scald all bowls). Feed your dog a tablespoon of yogurt 2 times a day. Give your dog benadryl to ease anxiety/scratching and a baby aspirin. (Here is the dosage information. ) Additionally, I washed my dog with this highly recommended shampoo and it really works for all mites, etc. SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs. It is GREAT. I did this with my dog and the change was amazing. The medicine treated the symptoms and allowed her to relax until her skin healed. The shampoo treated the skin, and the change in diet really calmed all the other issues we were having. I hope this helps you.

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Posted by Lacat (Malaysia) on 01/24/2017

Dear Theresa,

Just thought I should check in again as it has been a long time since I posted as tbh I haven't had any good news re Fizzy and her skin since my last posting. It has continued in a sort of flare up and die down cycle all this time. Unfortunately as we were moving countries, I had to resort to medication to try and suppress the symptoms as I was told she might not be accepted into USA if she was looking unhealthy. Thankfully she made it here but as soon as she came off the medication her symptoms flared up again as bad as ever despite the ongoing raw diet, supplements etc.

However there is now light at the end of this 2+ year dark tunnel..... I have put her on a Yeast Starvation Diet that consists of just raw beef, boiled eggs and a good "greens" supplement. I also did the Baking Soda in her water, a pre+probiotic and Vit E/omega supplement and have been washing her in Malaseb shampoo. Within a couple of weeks she has stopped scratching completely and now after about 5 weeks, just about all her rough, thickened, dry, grey skin areas have hair growing over them - including those little patches on her elbows!! Her ears are no longer swollen and black and she is full of energy. Yoohooo I am so happy and so is she!!

I think the point worth making is that it was perhaps the fruit/vegetables in her raw food diet that were aggravating her yeast? Or maybe it is the wonderful "greens" product that has helped her (Spark). Who knows??? As I slowly start re-introducing some veggies into her diet maybe I will find out the answer.

Wishing all of you who are going through this nightmare with your dog to persevere - hopefully the solution is just around the corner!

Thank you all for your input and ideas :)

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Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 05/14/2015

Hey Penelope!

Did you brush your dog on a daily basis prior to treatment? I ask because I have experienced the cartoon like dandruff on a dog that had not had a bath in a very long time nor had he been brushed in ages; the skin flaked off and reminded me of oatmeal, and I brushed and brushed for days to get all the sloughed skin out of his coat. It could just be that the dip loosened the old skin and your dog is sloughing all his dead skin and will need a good daily brushing for the next week or so.

The thickened patches of skin sound like abraded skin that has been scratched for some time. You can apply a calendula cream or coconut oil twice daily or so to these areas to help soften the skin and promote healing.

One thing that I find helpful in keeping the itches away from my pack is alkalizing their drinking water with baking soda; I rotate this with Ted's Borax Protocol, so when we are not doing an alkalizing regime we are doing a Borax regime. Keeping the PH in balance and using the Borax to combat yeast is simple to do and cheap, and can provide great results.

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Posted by Dru (Merced, Ca) on 08/09/2015

Missy my Shar Pei has had puppy mange since she was 8 weeks old. She is now 2 yrs old. She has been on all types of antibiotics & shampoos etc. Something called SMZ/TMP. He has even given her the new Bravecto which is $46 for just one dose. She has been scraped numerous times. I called her vet again yesterday & this next round of meds is going to be $247. I call her "my money pit". I just love her to death. Wouldn't know what to do without her. She is so sweet & funny, makes me laugh. Even with all she has gone thru. I'm on Soc Sec & have a limited amount of money. She is always scratching & chewing on herself. Her hair is all over the house. You can just pet her & the hair just falls out. So is anyone has any suggestions I would really love to hear them.

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Posted by Nugent99 (Australia) on 03/02/2015

Hi Ted, my dog has been diagnosed with the nasty mange mite and through your remedy is starting to feel much better. My indoor cat has also started to show symptoms of hair loss and weight loss. Please tell me how to dip wash her without a trip to emergency for me. I have been rubbing a cloth over her with the solution and wondering if this is enough.

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Posted by Roze (Tulsa, Ok) on 02/11/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have been using Ted's Mange Treatment and I have seen great improvement on several occasions. I have even thought I have had a cure. My poor fur baby is an older dog and it seems to always come back. She does not seem to be in any discomfort, no Pain or Itching. Just bumps and spots of hair loss.

This last time when the bumps returned she had been in fabulous shape for about a month. I was so happy.

I got up one morning and all was fine and that night I could see bumps and lots of them. I thought about all the natural treatments out there and came up with a plan.

I got up the next morning and began the routine that I have been following now for a week and a half.

I bath her with Benzoyl Peroxide on Saturday and after lathering her up I leave it sit on her for 5 minutes. It is pretty strong and drying so, then the next day is an off day. Monday I give her ACV rinse and thoroughly soak her and not use a towel to dry her. Tuesday is the Peroxide/Borax day. Wednesday is an off day. Thursday and Friday she gets ACV soak down.

I have seen this most recent round on her break down and such a vast improvement over prior episodes and this time there is speed to visible improvement. I will continue with this schedule until all is cleared up and then for 30-45 days after I see complete healing.

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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 02/11/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Hello Keith

If me, and I have used it with success is

1 Ted's Mange Treatment

2 Ted's anti staph solution for spraying

3 ACV on wash cloth improving the ph

4 The best : UT = your own best body blue print medicine.

5 Last NOT least, Turmeric. Dry powder

Turmeric is a natural anti biotic, excellent for skin and new blood which has largely healed my big dog's entire back which was bloody and infected. My belief is that allopathic antibiotics become precurser for candida and then cancer

My big dog had red mange and I used an essential orange oil household cleaner, spraying. It worked super well. Also, it kills fleas and keeps the skin soft.

ACV as a spray kills fleas well and you can soon see them dead all over which I did not suspect at first. But one needs to spray this at least twice a day, not so with TIKO orange spray which I think is the best but I like to use a multi pronged approach. And ACV is important as it changes the skin ph. You dilute ACV as the dog can handle.

The very best is which people shun but believe me, it is a divine remedy which is God's gift, used all over the world. On him I have used mine and he liked that. But I want to find a long handled 2nd hand pot to take his which is best. But both work. Fresh urine is sterile and does not have an odour. It heals every thing and you can research that.

I still have mites. The last lot from a garment at a big store in Canada. I have soaked a soft terry cloth and used fresh "Manava Mutra" for a month and keep at it as there is far less problem. Also :Shivambhu" as it is called in India, is the answer to all human and animal troubles, cleaning the aura which holds the roots of diseases physically and mentally. Moreover the skin will glow and be beautiful.

Anyway, this is my way and I wish you both all the best success. Namaste Om

Treating the Environment
Posted by Mary (Nc) on 03/06/2016

My poor 8 week old lab puppy is bombarded with what I believe is some type of mange. Itchy ALL over. Scabs and sores on elbows, head and belly as well as being very red. Hair loss as well. Her itching is driving us both crazy. Literally.

I got online to do some research and found Ted's cure. I have used it as well as Selsun Blue to wash her prior to treatment.

I do have to say this. I am on the fence as to whether the cure is going to work yet but the Selsun Blue is amazing. It took all the crusty crap and stuff off with first use. But when I applied the borax solution I could tell it must have stung because she was whimpering a lot. so I guess we will see if it works or not.

I did forget to add that Nyla has been to the vet and the vet it unsure of what it is. Skin scrapings didn't reveal the issue. I refused the harsh meds.

Treating the Environment
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 06/05/2018

Hey Susan,

I think the best deterrent to fleas and ticks in the yard is a short cut lawn. Ticks stay to grassy areas, so a three foot border of sand or gravel between pet areas and woods is also a deterrent. The cedar granules product name can vary - research and see what ingredients agree with you. I honestly think the three foot gravel barrier combined with a citrus vinegar spray is the most effective. Make the citrus spray by putting all your citrus rinds in a gallon jug and fill with white vinegar and let steep for a few weeks/month, and then strain into a Hudson type sprayer and spray the gravel area. I don't use any 'products' on my fur kids, but I do bathe them and check them often for parasites. If you find fleas, give them a bath; if you find ticks dab with tea tree oil on a q-tip swab and wait no more than 10 minutes; then use a human comb to gently comb out the dead tick.

General Feedback
Posted by Linda (Alabama) on 04/24/2021 9 posts

Yes, I think this is my problem. The vet just said to give the puppy Benedryl twice a day. I'm fed up with vets and doctors!

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Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 10/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Add another YEA! For Ted's Mange Cure!

I found this site searching for an alternative solution to Amitraz/Mitaban and Ivermectin for Demodetic mange/ canine demodicosis.

I am no stranger to demodex but it had been awhile since I had had to deal with it; while the thinking has changed about it - now its not considered an inherited condition so much but rather mainly a nutritional and stress related condition - the 'cures' remained the same: highly toxic. My puppy had the deep, dark angry red patches on her skin [hence 'red' mange], and the hair in those areas was thinning out and the areas started to look scabby. In a litter of 8, all had been seen by various veterinarians and skin scraped to confirm demodex; my puppy was not scraped but I have seen it before and with 7 pups confirmed I did not feel like I needed my puppy scraped [creating open sores] to confirm what I already knew. When I compared my puppy to the vet scraped puppies who were all being treated with Ivermectin mine was the worst of the lot.

I tried Ted from Bangkok's Mange cure and can't say recommend it enough!

Faithful dipping - once per week for 8-10 weeks - has resulted in a complete resolution of my puppy's demodex.

I first read through all the pages for mange and mange cures and feedback and jotted down the formula and then translated from liters to ounces to arrive at this formula:

1 brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the grocery store [its a 16 oz bottle of a 3% solution]

1 box Borax from the laundry aisle [unscented]

I dumped the hydrogen peroxide in a big jug and added 32 ounces [or two of the brown bottle filled up twice] of filtered tap water. This gives you 48 ounces of a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution that is needed for the next step.

Next add 1 cup of borax crystals to the jug and shake. There should be undisolved grains of borax in the mix - this is what you want to see. Now you have a jug of cold solution -I filled my tub with hot water and rested the jug in the tub; when the solution inside the jug was nice and warm, the tub was cool enough to bathe my dog, so I bathed her in doggy shampoo and then rinsed well, and pulled the plug on the tub. When the tub was empty I plugged it up again and poured the grainy solution over my dog. I then used a plastic cup to scoop up the solution and kept pouring the solution over her again and again and again. After about 10 minutes I crated her in an empty crate without bedding and let her sit for another half an hour, and then after that I let her out to romp around and work herself dry.

The first dip resulted in a frisky puppy! Where had that energy gone? It gave me a clue that she had not felt very well even though I thought she had normal energy. And her skin; it was a deep pink before the dip and now it was paler and noticeably calmer. And all it took was dipping her in what basically amounted to skinny dipping in the salty ocean!

I continued treatments on a weekly basis. I understood that a massive mite die-off might result in the condition to temporarily worsen, and so one area did seem to appear a bit angry the next day. But other than that initial die off all I saw was improvment week by week as the dark angry patches turned to pale pink and then faded away to normal skin. In contrast the puppies being treated with Ivermectin got worse before they got better - again, likely as a result of the mites dying off - but it seemed like it took longer for those pups to bounce back; and no wonder, as the Ivermectin supresses the immune system needed to combat the mites.

I treated once per week for 10 weeks - this past the time that I saw what appeared to be a complete resolution to her condition. I did the extra treatments only because the standard veterinary protocol suggested continued treatment after the condition appeared to resolve using Ivermectin and Amitraz.

I have never seen such an effective home remedy. Two thumbs UP to Ted from Bangkok!

NOTE: I understood from the notes that its best to make the 1% solution first rather than dumping the borax and 3% hydrogen peroxide in together and then adding 32 ounces of water to make the needed dilution as this approach will somehow result in a weaker solution. Its in the feedback, but I can't tell you *where*!

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Posted by Stefani (Madison Ms United States) on 08/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I never post anything on the Internet. I mostly just read. BUT. I rescued an 8 week old Pit/Mastiff from an abandoned home. When I first got him I noticed some red bumps and hair loss on his head. He was extremely malnourished and covered in fleas. I thought it was from the fleas and such a poor immune system. I took him to my vet of 22 years. She did a skin scraping and diagnosed him with demodex mange. Not knowing any better , I followed her advice and let her dip him in Mitiban. She also vaccinated him on the same day. I took him home and at 10:00 that night he was burning up with fever and lethargic. I called her and met her at the clinic where I was told his temp was 105 and he needed BENADRYL and antibiotics. She took him to the back and an hour later we were on our way home. The next morning his mange was now generalized, covering his entire body!! I noticed on the receipt she had given him a steroid shot the night before!!! Really ??!!! That shot literally FED the mites!! I called and was told to continue the antibiotics and come back in a week, and that the mange had spread because of his poor immune system. I went back the following and they repeated the dip (weakening) it this time. 12:00 that night same thing happened. We went back and were given a different type of antibiotics. I was hesitant to continue them because his immune system was already shot and the antibiotics were only weakening it. I started researching and found out that Mitaban should only be given to puppy's 4 months and older. Next trip to the vet I had already changed his diet to Wellness Core, a powdered multi vitamin, B-12, Omega3 , echinacea, cold pressed coconut oil and AC vinegar!!! Very costly and very time consuming to mix. He was feeling better but still covered in mange. She then suggested and sent me home with Ivermectin to be given daily AND more antibiotics. I have the ivermec and did not give antibiotics. Still NO results. I then tried coconut oil mixed with Neem oil that I applied after daily bathes. This seemed to make redness calm down and hair grow but he was still covered in red bumps and obviously still had mange. My vet at this point suggested putting him to sleep!!!!! What?!!!! Seriously??!!! She had been treating him for 11 weeks already and that was her advice!!!

I came across Teds cure and since I had exhausted all other measures I thought, ok , why not ?!! I bathed him in anti-fungal shampoo , really scrubbing his skin (sounds harsh but he was a trooper) I then poured Hydrogen peroxide over his body and it immediately started foaming. I mixed 3c Hot water 2c peroxide and as much Borax as would dissolve I poured this all over him , then massaged it into his skin and let him air dry The next morning I finally had a new puppy!!!!! He felt great, bumps had gone down 75% , and already had hair growing back!! He was a little dry so I applied the cold pressed coconut oil all over him. Goin to do another treatment tomorrow. I will continue his diet and vitamins to help boost his immune system. He will always get 2 tablespoons of the coconut oil(which he LOVES) I cannot say thank you enough for what you have done for my baby and for me!! This has been such a blessing, I wish I had read it earlier!!! Mitaban Ivermectin antibiotics steroids... They are all poisons that almost killed my puppy. Thank you so much for your help. One more thing, this treatment also works GREAT for fleas!!! Thank you again and God Bless!

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Posted by Pamela (Pensacola, Florida) on 07/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

After countless times to vet and hundreds spent on shampoos, medications, and treatments I was ready to pull my OWN hair out. Ted's cure thus far is doing a fantastic job. Even after first bath all four dogs stopped biting and scratching, never had that result with prior treatments. Finally they have some peace. I have been spritzing them with same cure every other day and also try to massage deep into fur/skin. I have found that running the Borax through an electric mini coffee grinder (exclusively reserved for this purpose) keeps the concoction better dissolved - just shake and spray. Many Thanks to you,Ted.

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Posted by Kcat (Greensboro, Nc) on 07/08/2013
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Per Ted's mange remedy, which is excellent for cat mites by the way, what amount of borax is safe to mix in my cats' food for internal pest control? Ted mentioned giving his dog 1/8 th of a tsp. in?a litre of water. Cats do not drink much water relative to dogs so any suggestions re: adding to food? The baths are working great but we are still not eliminating the black specks--not flea dirt or dirt--entirely. Thank you.

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Posted by Bobbie (Corpus Christi, Texas) on 09/10/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My little dog got demadex mange @ 6mos. I spent $126.00 @ Vet. The dip was so toxic, I looked it up, & antibiotics to boot. After 1st dip my pup felt so bad, just layed around. I new it was to toxic for her, she is very small, so I found Ted's Remedy with Hydro. Peroxide & Borax. SIMPLY AMAZING! Saw results after 1st treatement, treated every other day for 1 wk. Then it was gone. I still put it on her once aweek helps greatly for fleas. All her hair came back rt. away and is beautiful. I would have been dipping her with toxins from Vet until Nov. Thank You so much! I think every kennel. dog lover, etc should know about this!! I wish I would have before I went to Vet.

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Posted by Jan (Austin, Tx) on 03/11/2012

This recipe of mixing the borax saturated water with peroxide worked great on my English bulldog, Dooley. I have three bulldogs and unfortunately am familiar with most canine problems. Decided to try this formula on Dooley before going to the vet. It worked great! I could see results after one application. I bathed Dooley making sure to take the flattened somewhat moist scabs off his back. I have a feeling that Dooley's mange was staph related, from my past experiences... But, regardless of what it was... It is gone now. I have completed three applications now... After the first application, the scabs never came back, and the hair began to grow back. Thanks for the great tip! Hope others also try this and have the success that Dooley had!

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Posted by Doggs (Newport, Ca) on 01/27/2011
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WARNING! PLEASE Do not use Oxi-Clean or other cleaning products that simply contain sodium perborate, the other ingredients could be toxic to your pet, esp. If leaving it on the skin all day. (Remember, the skin is an organ that absorbs toxins into the bloodstream/organs.)

Just buy plain 100% borax (as Ted says if you can't find the sodium perborate)-- you can find it at groceries/Target which usually carries the 20 Mule Team brand.

Don't forget to treat the household/floors/bedding/

socks/feet etc., or the cycle of recontamination will continue.

Virgin coconut oil given to eat by the tsp. And applied on skin is an excellent antiseptic balm. ($6~$12 jar at health food stores, lasts over a year, great value).

Good luck!

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Posted by Peggy (Delbarton, WV/USA) on 03/08/2009

Ruff as a puppyYes, I used Ted's h202 borax and I have been using an equate brand for acne treatment medicine on him whenever I see him scratching. I immediately feel for mange pimples and even if it's a scab, it gets treated. He is on weekly baths and I still rinse him with the h202 borax solution. I also add 1/8 tsp of borax to his and Daisy's drinking water.

The pix of him in his dog house was the way he looked when I first brought him home. He seemed so grateful to have a home of his own. During the winter he has stayed in doors with us. I use ACV to spray the floors and bedding areas as well as his toys on a daily basis. I also wash his toys at least once a week. (The fuzzy ones).

You can see what a shape he was in but he wasn't like this the day I took him to the vet for his neutering. I think the stress of that is what brought this all on. When I took him for his first set of shots. She said he had sarcoptic mange and put him on antibiotics and Revolution. Ruff Mange Photo 1Even though it helped, I think it was all too strong for his little system. The lady that knew of his existence in the back alley said he'd been there maybe 3 wks on his own. He had a really poor start. When I called to him he barked at me but once I kneeled down he came to me, peeing all the way. His fur was so harsh and rough that is was hard to pet him. That is how he got his name Ruff. :D

His little private areas were consumed with mange pimples. Ruff in Healing They are no longer there. (I did forget to mention that I keep a solution mixed up to spray him when needed but I was wondering how long it last once mixed?)

Ruff Healed from Mange

This final pic was just taken the other day. As you can see he is happy and looking healthy. He actually got into the tub by himself, first time with out a fight and him trying to eat me alive. :D


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Posted by Emily (Harrisonburg, VA) on 11/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My lab/chow mix, who is just over a year, has had a horrible skin condition. Every vet has passed it off as allergies and nothing else. Well when the sores started to get worse and he cried constantly, I knew it was something else. I started researching and found the Peroxide/Borax mixture. I just free handed the measurement but within a few hours I noticed he wasn't waking up every few minutes to chew and scratch. I can tell he is happier too, which makes me just as happy. This website is absolutely fantastic and I am so glad I found it. Thanks to everyone who has posted or left feedback, it is amazing how helpful it all is! Thanks again!

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Posted by jene (boise, usa) on 03/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

mange cure worked miarcle on cat. I can't thank everyone enough for this cure, I used the hydrogen perixode and borax for my kitty buzzy and she is hardly licking at all. She is in good humor and rolling on the floor, i first thought it was over grooming and food allergies and on and on. I did'nt want to hear doom from the vet and tried this instead must be those pesky demorex mites. we had a pet rat and it used to be in the room where my computer and cats are only little buzzy was affected. I am going to bath in borax as a precasuion I have heard it can cause bad acne and roscea i have been only a little miserable, buzzy is smiling at me now from on top the computer desk thanks to a man with vision. She is saved,I am wishing all old chickasaw and chocktaw blessings upon you for your miracle.

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Posted by DOMINIQUE (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 09/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My dog Serious had puppies this year in July. During the final weeks of her pregnancy she developed what appeared to be a combination of mange and earmites. Her coat was scaly, she had large and small red bumps all over her skin, she was loosing her hair and her ears were filled with a black oily substance plus she was loosing weight and just looking and smelling aweful. I wrote to Ted who told me to use his mange formula plus to give her magnesium to help her gain her normal PH balance.

Here's what I did. Topically I used Ted's mange formula once every 3 days. I put Serious on a 100% raw diet of raw ground beef mixed with magnesium, 1000 Vitamin C (Ester C), 1000iu of Vitamin E, 2 Burdock Root capsules (to cleanse her blood) and one clove of fresh raw garlic (chopped very fine). Plus, she got at least 2 to 4 hours of bright sunlight a day. She has made a full recovery just 2 weeks on the formula. I saw results immediately. All of her hair has grown back. The bumps have gone away. Her ears are completely clean and she has gained her body weight back. I hope you all find this helpful. Our pets are part of the family. God Bless!

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