Natural Cystitis Remedies for Cats

Cranberry Juice
Posted by Patricia (Downsville) on 07/12/2016
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Non urinating cat and cranberry Tj's juice

Last night I gave my little one cranberry juice again at 2:30 am ( two eye droppers full ) and this morning at 7:30 three to 4 eye droppers full. Since starting the juice yesterday evening, she has had almost two teaspoons full of cranberry juice (I had to administer it through the side of her mouth- Hold her head still with one hand - hold eye dropper with the other).

Secondly, I had been rubbing her inside ear with mag oil also (I had stopped while she wasn't urinating because I thought it could be the problem and also stopped the borax solution - three 1/4 tsp 3 xs per day) on the inside of the ears. (I administered it there because she can't lick it off and get it through the mouth- transdermal magnesium avoids diarea sp?) So I administered the mag oil (magnesium chloride) also at 2:30 on her ears. When there still was no urination at 7:30 (last night at 8:45 was the last) I began to research dandelion tea and had just about ruled it out because it says not to use it if there is no urination.

Good News: An hour after the 7:30 cranberry dose (which was almost double the 2:30 dose) I got up to check her box and saw a dark coin sized dark spot and so I checked and it was a significant amount under the surface (I use silicon crystal as litter which absorbs the urine).

She was hungry and gave her some canned sardines with only one quarter tsp of borax solution because she was refusing to eat it with 3 1/4 tsp of the solution. I added a drop of cranberry juice for good measure. She wouldn't eat it. Could the borax be the culprit? Anyway she refused to eat the

So now since she urinated, dandelion is back on the table. Will research dandelion tea some more. I have plenty of free dandelion leaves outside with no threat of chemicals on them).

It is now 9:22 am that I have finished writing this. Will update later