Cranberry and Tomato Juice for Cystitis

| Modified on Dec 14, 2023

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Posted by Janet (Orlando, FL) on 08/22/2006

My cat suffered from this ailment on and off for years until I tried a few tablespoons of Tomato Juice in her food. Also had the same result with cranberry but since it's so bitter, it's hard to get it down her. Also I stayed away from the dried cat food which seemed to make it worse.

Replied by Marian
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

My cat was diagnosed with FUS, and searching the internet, I found this wonderful site, probe first apple vinegar, but bladder had completely clogged so I had to take him to Emergency, where he uncovered, but after bringing it home, just to rust with blood, so use cranberry juice that I recommended this product and it worked yeah!

My kitten is completely clean, with cranberry juice, diluted with tap water. It was interesting to see, as when he drank the juice immediately cleaned and urine to blood. Thanks to all! I recommend this remedy always! Fus vet syndrome, NEVER AGAIN!