Olive Leaf Extract for Cystitis

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Posted by Hazel (Texas) on 12/12/2015

Hello everone, just had to share my experience with Olive Leaf extract.

I have a male cat that is 5 yrs old, he started getting constant bladder infections called feline idiopathic cystitis. Two trips to vet (expensive) did not help. He was miserable, constant squatting, blood drops. He would strain to go anywhere in the house. I started adding a few drops of olive leaf extract to his food every morning & the infection cleared up. I wasn't sure it was the OLE so I stopped it to see, well the infection came back. I tried this twice to make sure but every time it would come back. I was absolutely amazed. Such a simple thing to clear it up. Many cat owners have this problem with male cats. I even went to a cat forum to shout it from the rooftops but got shut down over giving out that kind of medical help. I had read many owners pleading & asking what to do! OLE is great for pets by the way!

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi Hazel, good on you, don't worry about the disbelievers you know it works, it also works for the skin. I have learned to only help the positive people that ask for it, otherwise people will only knock you. Well done

Replied by Traci

Thank you so much!! This is very encouraging. My boy is critical right now so I can't tell you whole story. He had stones. I dissolved them within week (higher dose what others saying - tea better) with other herbs. It was a race against time as he was blocked and risks bladder rupture and kidney faiilure. I didn't have $2000 for vet. Emergency. Showed no stones and powder the whole lenght of his uretha. Vet operated twice with sedative -- incision stomach so both ends of penis. She couldn't get it out first or with special tool. She did needle to bladder to drain (critical). So he was safe to come home. Hoping it was loosened to pass. I prayed all night to go back to vet. 10 minutes there he passed it. Miracle and herbs. I think it was mostly prayer.

Males are very narrrow. I didn't know powder could get stuck. I think I disolved too many stones too fast. I was treating for infection two weeks before the block and realizing it was stones. then stones week. All that urine not draining caused infection.

So second visit he passed stone. She flushed him for sediment and said there may still be sand. She hydrated him. Hours after I got home he tried litter box - SCREAMING. That was 5 days ago. He's been blocked the whole time. Had no more money back to vet. A dear friend loaned me th money. It isn't enough for all tests. They are guessing IC (Cystitis). My research shows it could be stricture (scarring to urethat so can't pass). I could have caused damage by not knowing to treat for stones soon enough.

Listen all: I don't have time to prove now. All pet owners should have activated charcoal on hand. Powerful for so much. I research scientific studies. Activated Charcoal treats the major pathways of sepsis. It also is comparable to dialysis. One of the risks of stones and bladder infection is kidney failure. Many of us are caught not having $1200 -$4000 for operation. Chinca Piedra is the herb breaking stones. It varries how long it takes. We all should have this especially if male cat. If they are peeing outside litter or straining. Start right away. Buy loose bulk - not pills. more for money. Tea is more effective. Happy to help anyone if this happens.

So now. I'll find out tomorrow. Must use funds wisely as no more coming for a while from work. His bladder is likely very inflamed. He probably did get an infection from standing urine too long. He went three weeks mostly blocked and almost a week blocked. They say 24-28 hours. It is a miracle he is still alive. Don't think just because I did you can take the chance. I didn't know till too late and didn't have the choice. I knew the tests required an chose herbs instead.. There wasn't enough money for tests. There wasn't enough for operation. I did spare operation inton his bladder. small incision belly to access uretha. That saved at least $1200. That is not even the tests.

If you see these symptoms start on Chanca Piedra. Use Activated Charcoal. Read up on it. Tasteless.

I may still loose my boy. The olive leaf is life saver and have it here. Thanks for your testimony. It will help me make decisions with money I have to spend - which tests etc and depending on herbs to fix. The tests to diagnose. Antibiotic (usually don't) necessary. Myboy is inflamed. This must be addressed. Can't take chances now as won't be able to go back to drain bladder. I must find out if uretha stricture (damage) for which I have him on heavy dose 120000 one or two times per day to take aways scarring if this is there (guessing wihtout tests) the serrepeptase also is anti--pain and potently anti-inflamatory. It compares with steroids with no side effects. Another to have in your medicine cabinet for emergency. I implore you all to get those items and olive leaf extract too - which I have.

It comforts me to read of the olive leaf. I know it is powerful. But there is nothig like hearing the results. Now I'll be able to relax knowing what I will use to keep infection away as these can be recurrent.

I'll have researched all of this in weeks and put together full treatment plan. If anyone needs help just write me. go traci at gmail take out the spaces. Free. Just want to help. If I save him I'll have a regimin to cover the dif possibilities. I hope this helps someone. pardon the grammar. I've been up all night. I know how it is to be so worried and helpless.

All cat owners should have activated charcoal for too many reasons to go into. It filters kidneys. My cat would have been poisoned to death without it. Vet says he "couldn't have been blocked that long". Yes he was. Impossible? no. Herbs. Serrepeptase. I never could have imagined the powder would clog. She had never seen anything like it. She doesn't no what to think about no stones and struvite powder. Yes. Chanca Piedra works. There are others. I'll be putting together all my research to give to people. Please get the herbs I've mentioned to have on hand. You wont be sorry. Add olive leaf to that list. Hindsight has me wishing I had started with olive leaf and the Chanca. No harm and good even if there aren't stones and infection. Don't take a chance. Have these available.

I've worked with herbs thirty years. I never dealt with urinary stones in my cat. Cranberry for acidity for struvite. You have to guess without tests. Struvite most common.

I also read in Vet Med book that Tribulus is anti-spasmodic and actually ejects stones! Unfortunately I didn't have it on hand. Another top to have. Yes. It is safe for cats.

Anyone can write anytime if they have question need help with herbs for cats. Dogs are easier as cat's have more that are not safe. I dont have much experience with dogs but the science is transferable.