Coconut Oil for Cystitis

| Modified on Dec 14, 2023

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Posted by Anon (USA) on 02/14/2020

Organic virgin coconut oil helps cystitis. My cat loves it. Other brands that don't have the copra smell he can't stand. He also likes the refined unscented coconut oil. A LOT. It is very stimulating to his digestion, however, be warned.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Ren (Sydney) on 04/29/2015

Last weekend I witnessed almost a miracle using Organic Coconut Oil for cats UTI. Being a Sunday only the emergency vets available and I have already paid extremely for his last episode with UTI 2yrs ago. With his pain (& hissing, growling as he tried to urinate) starting in a.m I put a 1/4 teaspn oco in his mouth a little at time so he didn't gag, 2hrs later another 1/4 teaspn, an hr later another 1/4 - just as I was about to give up & take him to the vet he fell asleep. 3hrs later he woke & went to the litter tray and started eating again in no pain.

I've given him approximately 1/4 teaspn every second day since as maintenance. Oco is anti bacterial anti fungal and many other benefits & this is still early days but the result was so startling and he seems cured. I would also never feed cats the cheaper biscuits as they're full of grains which contribute to uti problems, they need mostly wet foods.

No sooner was the boy cured than our female started rushing too often to her tray with little result, I gave her a little oil & it worked within a few hours, she actually loves the taste& eats it without me having to administer it - so I now give it regularly to both cats. It also must be very soothing to the whole urethral, bladder lining and theirfur looks wonderful. Wish I'd discovered this yrs ago for their health

Replied by Julia
(St Pete Beach, Florida)

Is it safe to mix a little bit of coconut oil with my cat's food, was diagnosed with uti, , he doesn't like the very expensive wet food from vet, switching him to plain white rice w/plain white chicken, , would that be ok, , want him to enjoy his food, , can no longer have his favorite treats either or it will kill him, feel bad, , could you kindly recommend something else, , he's very special & also my "Certified Emotional Service Cat" I suffer from PTSD & other things, , Thank you for your help, , Truly at a loss***

Replied by Naomi
(Cameron Nc)

Thank you so much for this! I'm trying this immediately, I have a female that's been acting like that for about two hours now and no vet will see her until Monday (it's currently Wednesday). Fingers crossed that it helps her out!