Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry for Cystitis

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Posted by Mia (St. Louis) on 03/10/2018

God Bless You People

This information saved my cat. I was skeptical. After two emergency visits $1,000 vet bill my sweet guy came home and wasn't urinating. I became desperate and started searching for information online. I got cranberry and Apple Cider Vinegar in him twice. I dozed off holding him (we were going on our fifth sleepless night) and praying. I woke up and he was gone. My heart sank. I was sure I'd find the worse. I peered into the litter box and there he was using it! Amazing!!! Thank you all so much for sharing:) My guy is older and on a prescription diet already. We've been through this problem before but he was so much younger last time. I feared at his age this would be it. Thanks to all of you we are curled up together ready for bed. Can't tell you enough how grateful I truly am. We will continue with this treatment. Today he is drinking a lot and eating. Even went outside to play in the bird bath. Drastic and quick change. Amazed!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Deborah (Alberta) on 11/29/2016

My tabby started to vomit then laid around on the heated mat all day/night, wasn't eating or peeing at all. Took him to ER where his bladder was drained, there was blood present. I didn't know what to do, so that morning I mixed 1/8 capsule Cranberry Concentrate in a tiny amount of canned food when he could eat. Later that day he seemed to feel abit better. That night added 3 drops apple cider vinegar (don't use white vinegar!!! ) to it. He peed next day and proceeded to get better each day. These two natural remedies saved my kitty😊

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Liz (Kamloops, Bc) on 10/30/2014

This site is a life saver! Three weeks ago I took my boy Gandalf (5yrs old) into the vet as he was having trouble urinating. They cathed him, gave him IV fluids and kept him for three days. They sent him home with special food and gave him a week's worth of antibiotics. Yesterday he began having the same symptoms as before and I knew he was blocked up again. Poor guy was in so much pain again and I didn't know what to do as I'm newly unemployed, a university student, and could not afford a second visit to the vet. I am so happy to have come across this site and ran to the store for apple cider vinegar and cranberry capsules. I mixed one part vinegar to two parts water and emptied one cranberry capsule into the mix. I started giving Gandalf 1ml of the mix with an eyedropper approx every 45 minute. I wound up giving him approximately 6 doses over the evening and prayed every time he attempted to pee that something would come out. Finally, he was able to relieve himself after a few hours passed. I am so thankful this worked! As per another post on this site I will give him some ACV once or twice a week to try and keep his pH levels in check.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Deanna (New Zealand) on 08/14/2014

I have a beautiful boy cat who I adore, he has been suffering from crystals in his urine for the last 4 weeks. I am at my wits end. I've spent $1500 at the vets to no end of pain for my boy and stress for me, which I can handle if it means Ivan will get better. It's now that horrible decision of having Ivan put down. I really don't want to but he's in so much pain. I went and bought Apple Cider Vinegar this morning and cranberry capsules. I've got until Monday to get Ivan better. Even if I see a little improvement it will be called off. But after reading all these stories it's giving me a ray of hope for my much loved boy. So thank you so much!

Replied by Chrissyp
(Auckland, NZ)

Hello there, sorry to hear about your cat's troubles. I have had success with a product called Tinkle Tonic for a chronic cystitis cat, I bought it off amazon and it was so great I had a local herbalist make it up here when it ran out as it was cheaper than shipping it to New Zealand. Also I added tomato sauce to my cat's food which helped acidify him and he didn't mind the taste. Best of luck and hope your cat makes a speedy recovery.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Thank you ChrissyP, for sharing your tips!

The Tinkle Tonic sounds like it is very helpful! The active ingredients are:

Couchgrass, Echinacea (purpurea), Marshmallow, Dandelion, and Horsetail.

How awesome you found an herbalist to brew this up for you and that your cat found relief!

Replied by Chrissyp
(Auckland, NZ)

Hi, yes the Tinkle Tonic worked wonders for my cat Thomas, I can highly recommend it! It seemed very soothing for the inflammation, plus we gave him a cranberry extract powder - and as our vet is a conventional and homeopathic vet we gave him homeopathic Thlaspsi Bursa - "Urinary.--Frequent desire; urine heavy, phosphatic. Chronic cystitis. Dysuria and spasmodic retention. H?maturia. Accumulation of gravel. Renal colic. Brick-dust sediment. Urethritis; urine runs away in little jets. Often replaces the use of the catheter. "

One thing I did too was offer 2 bowls of drinking water - one had ACV in it and the other just plain filtered water so he could choose :)

Replied by Amber

I know this is years later...just wondering what happened to Ivan?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Gina (Great Neck, Ny) on 12/06/2013

The first time my 2yo male cat had cystitis symptoms, I gave him Cranberry standardized vegetarian vcaps which are a powder so I gave him 1/4 of the capsule 3x a day (about 100 mg each feeding by mouth or in food) and that cured him in a few days. Many months later/the next time he had the symptoms, I was worried that the cranberrry wasn't working fast enough so I gave him 1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar in food 2x a day, I brushed him for about ten minutes 2x a day and each time the brushing pressure on his sides and his relaxed state helped release some urine drops and then a spray! And i also gently manipulated/rubbed his tummy and sides, I gave him 250mg vitamin c in a vcap by mouth followed by a couple (large size dropper) of water only once a day for the 2nd and 3rd day. I didn't want to give him too much all at once but the water is very important and if he urinated some its ok to give more water.. I realized that giving him the same canned food just made him get worse so I bought the frozen raw chicken patties in a bag (natures variety) and I added a little distilled water that I heated to it and he was getting much better for the next few days very good and peeing more, and still good now about 5 days. I believe he had a bladder infection/inflammation so the cranberry and acv helped clear it up. I won't feed dry food at all to him. He is happy now. I am happy now. and I will keep feeding him the raw diet and I'm looking to make my own raw diet from scratch.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Gina!

It sounds like your boy had a blockage and that you were able to get it dissolved and outta there: KUDOS!

Thank you for sharing what you did. I am especially appreciative of your after care: getting your cat to relax by grooming him and thus allowing the treatment to have maximum benefit.

Thank you!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Brent (Davidson, North Carolina) on 01/11/2012

I just wanted to say thanks to all those who posted, I JUST SAVE MY CATS LIFE!!! Chakra had a life threatening UTI, had all of the symptoms on people are talking about on here, (staying in the litter box for several minutes with very little urine coming out, trying to pee in strange places, etc.)

I took him to the emergency vet, but what they would have done I could never have afforded. I also want to be a natural doctor and figured what is the point in being into natural medicine if I can't treat myself and family in an emergency.

I took him home and put him a scaled down version of Dr. Richard Schulzes Kidney bladder Detox, scaled down meaning doses suitable for a cat. I used ACV, (1/4 cup ACV to 20oz of water). I gave him 1 or 2 teaspooms of this mixture 4 times a day, and then 15 minutes later, I gave him the Kidney bladder tea with a kidney bladder tincture, and detox tincture mixed in.

I wasn't taking any chances so I also added cranberry juice (the real stuff from the health food store, not ocean spray) 1 part juice to 3 parts water since it was 100% cranberry, not from concentrate, 2 to 3 times a day. And also fresh parsley tea 3 times a day. Parsley is a great diuretic (makes you pee)

The next day he was peeing a bit better, with not quite as many times in the box. The day after that he was peeing much better, with much less time in the box, by day three he was pretty much peeing normally, with no trouble at all.

Now he is totally back to normal, and then some!! He is playing more than he has in years, and seems happier and more content. I attribute this to the detox formula. I changed his diet to all super high quality wet food, with parsley tea added in. I just bought a cat water fountain, and will transition to raw meat diet soon.

I also threw in some colloidal silver and garlic to kill the bacteria.

I am writing this let people know that you can cure your cat, (and yourself) naturally. If anyone would like help with their cat I would be glad to share my story in more detail. I am not selling anything, and not affiliated with the company I mentioned, I just want to help people be self sufficient for their health.

Peace, Brent

Replied by Cynthia
(Union, NJ)

Thank you to all. I am sorry I didn`t find this page 2 weeks ago. I adopted 2 male kittens. They were brothers and I recently lost 1 to Urinary Tract Infection. I am determined to keep the other healthy. I started Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 tsp. but how often and how long? I don`t twit or do Facebook so e-mail is my source of talking. Thank you for all your stories. You are all beautiful people. Cyn

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Cynthia!

There are no hard and fast rules on such individual cases. That said, folks generally adopt dosing the ACV in the drinking water as a maintenance practice for the life of the pet. Consider 1/4 teaspoon into 1 liter of drinking water and have that as the only drinking water at all times.

Replied by Samantha
(Las Vegas)

Hi!! My cat is at the vet for the same issue. He's at the vet now but I want to continue to treat him at home naturally.. Please detailed info on how you recommend this would be great. I'm holistic all natural myself, just don't know how to do it properly for my animals!! Thank you so much for any help!! Samantha

Replied by Nina

I would love to hear more about your treatment for urinary issues. Our cat has been having issues with crystals in her urine and we cannot afford to treat her with veterinary visits and prescription diet. We are a very "natural" household so this seems like something we could manage. Did your cat eat dry food? Did you switch to wet food during treatment? Do you have a food recommendation or could you share what works for you?

Replied by Tommy
(Toronto, Canada)

My vet put my 10 year old black beauty of a cat on prednisone, due to cystitis. All other tests were done. No infections, viruses or other negative factors. Was told inflammation of the bladder.W hat would be the ideal recipe for curing my bestest friend in the world?

Replied by Cymonique
(Bronx Ny)

My cat is having the same problem. I am so worried about him. He is my babe. Please help me. I came across this site so I brought Apple Cider Vinegar and I am giving it to him. I give in 1 teaspoon mix with water and a drop of cranberry juice. Started on 4/19/2016. I notice he stopped making noise. He is not as frequently in his liter box but still licks himself when he pees. Next day I see a little pee when he goes to the litter box. How can I get him to drink his water? Please help me save my babe.

Replied by Myway

Using organic apple cider vinegar (ACV)mix 30 cc of filtered water with 30 cc of ACV.

With an empty dropper, squirt 1 cc of mixture in mouth 3 times a day. Also rub some on scruff. This method works well for UTI infections!

Myway :D

Replied by Wanda
(Modesto. Ca)

Where do you get the capsules and when you say one part - is that a tablespoon or a quarter cup. My cat is blocked up and do not want him to die. Thank you.

Replied by Taylor
(Miami, Fl)

Did this work for you?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Karrie (Universal City, Texas, United States) on 11/21/2011

I am praying that this post will help my boy. He is a 11 year old male Himalayan and is my world.

Last year Mercury got blocked from bad food, namely Purina brand food, the stuff you get at the grocery store. That vet bill was 1,200 US with a 5 day ICU stay with our vet. Mercury did survive but for awhile there it did not seem like it, I was so grateful for his survival. Sadly Purina knows it's the ash content in their food. Comment to me was this is why they have created a brand for urinary issues. They make your cat sick 1st then give you and upgraded food to prevent it.

I swore never again... I have stuck to that no Purina, However recently I bought a brand of dry food and you guessed it- checked the bag, it's Purina... Due to the economic down turn I can not afford a huge vet bill. He has of 2 hours ago started symptoms again after only 3 weeks on this dry food. I noticed yesterday incessant cleaning of his privy parts, and 2 hours ago squatting and unable to urinate save for dribbles, I have given him the cranberry juice, and we have put the ACV on him as the post recommend, I have also put some in wet food for him hoping he will ingest it and that it will help him.

Please pray this helps him, I am sooooo scared right now.... treatment was given 30 mins ago...

If anyone can tell me how often to administer, I would really appreciate it. If this works, all of you will be my heroes. Mercury is family to us, and I feel so responsible. After reading these posts if he pulls thru Never again will he eat dry food!!!!

Praying for the best outcome, as my daughter and I sit by his side...


Replied by Cindy
(North Las Vegas, Nevada)

My eyes are tearing at your story! Mercury is also in most vaccines, but I read that we can request it without the mercury? I have to wonder if we can do the same for children's vaccines? Why would it be in the pet food? Sending prayers your way!

Replied by Me
(Sacto, Ca)

I think Mercury was the animal's name.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Deborah (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 11/10/2011

I have 11 cats. Needless to say I cannot afford my vet all of the time. I have had to find treatments on my own for some of our feline friends. Last month our Mouche had Cystitis. How do I know you say? Well the symptoms are urinating frequently on hard surfaces. Spotting of urine in a concentrated form. Painful sounds during the urination and constant licking of his bottom. If it is bad they can start to leak blood which means to me that their kidneys are affected.

Get some ACV immediately and some Cranberry juice, some plastic syringes from your pharmacy (which are usually free) and a big towel from your bathroom. Hydrating your cat is of most importance but this will get you going. Wrap your child in the towel so that his front paws are controlled. Give him a syringe of cranberry juice. He will start to salivate so be quick. If you can follow it by another syringe of water this will clear his palate and not be so uncomfortable... Then with the other syringe half full of ACV, put this on his hind quarters. This will make your cat lick it off thus ingesting the vinegar and will help in dissapating the crystals causing your cat so much pain. Do NOT give ACV orally all by itself. It can choke your cat. I then give him 3 to 4 syringes of water in the same day at different intervals in addition to the "distilled" water that you should buy also for this illness. The bleeding stopped almost immediately and I kept this treatment up for a month even tho he appeared to be just fine. He is back in the litter box and happy as he can be...

You can do it without going to the vet. I also bought an RX of Amoxil from a British pharmacy. I didn't have to use it. But if you do... Be careful... The pills come for human adults and you should talk to your vet before giving it to your cat.

Replied by Tracee
(Rock Hill, Sc)

Thank you for your post about the Cranberry juice. We are trying it as we speak and I am hoping that it will work. My baby has been to the vet numerous times for the same problem and we can't afford to go everytime. I am hoping that after a couple of doses of cranberry juice he will be back to himself. Thanks for sharing your story.

Replied by Dawn
(Ottawa, Canada)

I have a female cat with urine tract infections too!! She used to get the infections often but now it has been at least 2yrs since the last one... What we did REALLY helped us was buying a small pet water fountain for drinking. Most pet stores and Wal-mart carry these and they are only about $30.00. The water in it is recycled and the cat loves it as it is always flowing water. I find my cat drinks way more water out of this small drinking fountain then before. It has really improved her infections, they aren't gone forever. But big big improvements!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Karenmarie (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) on 06/27/2010

After realizing my 2 year old male neutered cat had developed a UTI I decided to look up vet treatments and home remedies. I had recently dropped an $800.00 vet bill on my late kitty, Tranny, who suffered from a rare blood disease and needed to be euthanized. I do not believe in medical veterinary practices (or doctors for that matter) as the disease is treated as a separate entity from the animal or human. Upon discovering the treatment used by vets is generally anti-biotics mixed with an antidepressant i decided to veto that option as the UTI's are rarley a bacterial infection.

I discovered this amazing website and the use of ACV in cats with UTI's I decided to give it a try. My local health food store carries ACV with the mother aswell as organic cranberry juice. At first I only used the ACV (1/2 tsp in 2 tbs water) and administered three times a day with a syringe. My cat began to use the litter box in stead of the couch and floor for the first time in 3 days. I chose to add 1 tsp of cranberry juice (organic and unrefined) to his treatment adding another 1 tbs of water for extra dillution. His food has been switched to a raw organic canned food mixed with another tsp of ACV and cranberry juice.

Becuase of his lack of fluid consumption I syringe feed him 1/4 cup of regular water before his feeding time to ensure he has enough fluid to urinate any dissolved crystals aswell as keep him hydrated. By lighty pinching the skin on the back of his neck and holding it for a few seconds before letting it go, I found he was mildly dehydrated because his skin did not bounce back quickly.

It is now the third day and although his recovery is not as quick as I have read to be the norm for most cats, he is more playful, able to take naps and his nose (which was white before) has returned to it's normal fleshy pink color, his attitude has improved and us slowley returning to his happy affectionate self.

All in all I do see an improvment in his activity and although he has returned to peeing on the couch (only at night) the amount of urine is nearly a full bladder and their is no more traces of blood. I think his urinating on the couch behaviour is now a product of his connection with the pain of the UTI and his litter box, this should be cured with a few days if positive reinforcment.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Nicole (Toronto, Canada) on 03/25/2010

WOW...I'm just so thankful to have found this website!

I am generally not someone who posts, however in this case I wanted to to say thank you to all who have posted before me and hopefully to be of help to others.

I came upon this website earlier today after trying desperatly to find more information to help my cat Boomer, who is a(much loved) 9 year old male indoor cat. Over the last days I had recognized that he appeared to have cystitus again. It started first with him urinating in the bathtub, then I noticed some blood and over the last few days he has been trying to pee continously, clearly very uncomfortable and only managing a few drops at a time. He's been drinking allot more than usual and thus trying to pee just as much. Because of this he has been very restless and uncomfortable and not even able to take a nap. Last year he had the same issue and I took him into the vet, they tested him for a bacterial infection and did other testing as well. The test came back negative for any bacteria, but they still recomeneded a course of antibiotics to be on the safe side. This really didn't seem to do much. At that time I researched natural remodies and came up with my own concoction of cranberry juice, garlic, vitamin c and some greens mixed with raw food...after some time I was very thankful that his infection cleared up.

So yesterday I went out and picked up a few things like the cranberry juice to try to help him. In looking for more natural remedies for cystitus I came across this website and all of the posts about Apple cider vinegar, I was quite skeptical that it would really be of help to boomer because it just seems that his condition is more serious this time around, but I thought that it couldn't hurt to try before making the decision to take him to an emergency vet. Well that was this afternoon....I went to pickup the apple cider vinegar...although I'm not going to say that boomer is entirely out of the woods...I am amazed!! within a five hour period he is already signifigantly different. I started by giving him 1/2 teaspoon ACV with water in a dropper. It was a bit of a challenge to get him to take it at first this way, but did manage to get him to take about half and then I put the rest into some wet food and fed it to him that way, which he tolerated quite well. A few hours later I did the same thing and added more to his wet food and hand fed him which he seemed to like. I am very happy to say that he is now resting! and over the past few hours has stopped his pacing and peeing in spots outside of the litter box and the last few times he has gone to the washroom, it has been in his litter box. He is clearly calmed right down and much more comfortable.

So I am very hopeful that he is going to be ok. I am going to continue this for several days and most likely continue it in small amounts as a preventative measure Thanks again! and good luck to everyone else.