Cat Mange Natural Treatment


Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Ma.usa) on 04/04/2011

I can tell you this kitten has a lot of fight in her.

I have been treating my kitten for the past few weeks, with very little results only because she dosen't let me finish the process so then I have to wait until she calms down some, then when she comes to me when I call her then I'm ready as well as she is. I have started by putting neem oil & vitamin oil on these mites just to start any process I could until I found this site. Even though I wasn't about to wash off the oil's and put her through too many ordeals at one time, I had to cut corners as best as I could and try being consistant, my kitten is a fighter in many ways, one she fights to live and two fights me because she thinks I am trying to do her harm/and the water bit? I'm trying to drown her(NOT)lol This is what I did, it had to be a one time deal until a few more weeks when she re-builds her confidence in me again. So I put a shower chair in my bath tub, I set up all the things I needed to give her a bath, I had already put the borax & peroxide on the night before, so the items in my bath tub;I put ACV, dawn dish liquid a very large bowl filled with ACV and warm water, I wore thin pants and a shirt in the shower, I sat in the shower chair with a heavy bath mat on my lap for claw protection then I had the kitten passed into me;as I applied the water an ACV I also applied the dish liquid and washed her good all over then rinsed her with fresh ACV and warm water and now she appears to be a nice fresh clean kitty;I hope :o) I'm quite sure there will be more treatments along the way as she was covered from head to toe. They were some huge dudes and dudettes chuckles. Right now she is cleaning herself with the most of her worries taken care of. She thinks she is hiding on me because she can't see me, but I can see her. And to think this kitten wouldn't have had a chance other wise. IT's us; you, me and thee that make a huge difference in these little babies lives. I hope this site goes on for many, many years on. good luck & god bless.

Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Ma.usa) on 04/01/2011

As I had written in previous messages, I have a stray kitten here she is the sweetest kitty ever, I'm willing to try most any thing to help her get better and I might say she has improved a wee bit from the time I found her from five to ten weeks later, at first she could not hold any food down at all, she was biting & itching constantly, I gave her Apple Cider Vinegar everyday & now she eats everything constantly and still wants more, because of these mites they suck the nutrients from the animals bodies. I have actually seen two of these mites flying around the house after one of my kitties treatments of borax and peroxide then I put vit. E all over her as these mites couldn't get back on board or whatever. These mites have an all black body except on top of the back has an oval shape blood red on it's back and they are some big; so they must burrow real deep. I have been giving my kitten a probiotic 500mg which seems to some what help. I'm very nervous as it's so much harder to do a cat/kitten because they fear water. I still see red dots on her back? she won't sit still so I can examine her and I don't really have anyone to help me with her. I was wondering if it be acceptable to use a dropper and put mineral oil in her ears? they are dirty and infested. Every time I call my vet his wife's calculator starts kicking in.

I had some what expected and/or hoped for a quick remedy never knowing what these mites are or how they were eliminated. I read where it's worse for the animal if they get too stressed out so I try to let her rest a few days but by then she runs from me. I really hate putting her through this again. How can I tell if she has anymore? And does these red dots mean they are still there? Thanks every one.

Respiratory Infection, Mange

Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Usa) on 08/29/2011

I'm really feeling so bad about my beautiful little kitty, she has both returning mange and an upper resp. Infection. I did good for the remainder of the summer and allowed her to play even though she tired easily. But it seems that the mange comes in or out for the winter and now she is loaded. I used the usual dosing of borax and peroxide, it got rid of only a few and there was another huge amount left, so I found a great nit comb, I put a natural oil on her fur and just comb them out, they totally grossed me out they are so big and black, also looked like white ones where they may have been eggs. Her body always feels cold to me. I'm hoping to try and do some less evasive remedies and only pray they continue to work. I can say this; she is some strong trooper. I hope she continues to hang on in the battle to combat these two diseases

Thank you so much for this site and letting me share as well as you sharing with me. God bless

Replied by Judyds
Oconomowoc, Wi

Look into a product called Nu-Stock. There are very many testimonials for it getting rid of mange. It is a sulphur based salve.

Replied by Natalie

That sounds like fleas, as u cannot see mites!

Replied by Steve

I have cured upper respiratory infections in kittens whose eyes were so infected that the eyelids would be glued shut with dried pus when they awakened from a nap, and they could barely breath. I just used regular eyedrops to flush out the eyes so they could see, and gave them the following vitamins for about a week; Vit C, Vit E, Cod Liver Oil. I would add Vit D3 to that list if I had to deal with it again, and maybe some collodial silver, which can also be used in the eyes. (Have used it in my own eyes to make sure it would be OK. Sovereign Silver is the brand I have used).

Try to get the Vit C in gel cap form for better digestion, around 500 mg should be about right, but I have used 1000 mg with no problem. Vit E should be around 400 IU and D3 can be 2-5000 IU. All vits should be Natural, not synthetic, as synthetic Vits can be toxic, and the ones I used were made for humans, not pets. Give them to them however you can get them to swallow them, daily or every other day until they get better, and if the symptoms ever return just do it again. Hope this helps.

Replied by Tammy
Midwest, Wyoming
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Will this recipe also work on adult cats with an upper respiratory infection?

Sea Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, Olive Oil

Posted by Sally (Rochester, Ny) on 07/01/2016
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Sally's Cat Mange Cure:

We had a stray cat that we made friends with, who would just come hang out with us when we'd sit outside. One day his coat started to turn orange (he was black) and the fur started falling out. Under it I could see that he had an itchy painful rash. I was pretty sure it was mange, so I read up on it and invented the following cure.

I mixed together equal parts sea salt (has to be sea salt, not iodized) hydrogen peroxide, and extra virgin olive oil, mixed it up, and, with a plastic glove gooped it on his infected areas. He was a sometimes skittish cat, but he still let me smooth it on these painful areas, which suggested to me that it felt ok on his skin. I kid you not, the very next day, the sores were healing up, and within 2 days, his fur was growing back. I'd say within 2 weeks his fur was pretty much back to normal. It was great to see him comfortable again, as he was a complete cutie.

Not sure if EVO, sea salt or h2o2 are ok for dogs, but it works amazingly for cats. Plus it seems comfortable, rather than painful for them to have it put on them. I'm thinking he licked it a little, and also ingested, the concoction. As a side note, if a cat has worms, if you mix a little loose, raw tobacco in his food, it eliminates the worms quickly, and harmlessly.

Replied by Gail
Amherst, Ohio

Cat mange cure. Wouldn't the sea salt burn?

Replied by Kay

How many times do I need to apply this mix?

Replied by Pam

Hi. What quantities should you use, when you say equal parts as 2 are liquids and the sea salt would dissolve? Thankyou

Replied by Robert

How often do you treat the cats and do you leave it on or bath or rinse it off

Replied by Joy
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Real Sea Salt ( not that cheap useless, table salt) the salt from the sea, that is what you want it is amazing for skin disorder it drys and heal eczema even on people Sea salt mixed in water stops the itching instantly, I would use a tablespoon or two dilute it with water in two cups warm water and pour it on the skin instant relief. Sea salt also has antibiotic qualities

Replied by Bertha
El Monte, Ca

How do you mix it, and place it on cat's skin??

Ted's Borax and Peroxide Remedy for Mange

Posted by Tien (California) on 08/26/2019
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I used Ted's recipe and I used a rag to give my poor stray a sponge bath. I put him in a large kennel and was able to wipe him down pretty well with Ted's recipe. My kitty had the mange on his head and most of his back along the spine area. He had lost quite a bit of hair and his skin was red, inflamed and scabby. After 3 days, there was no more redness and hair was beginning to grow. After 1 week, he is 95 percent healed!! This is miracle stuff! He's a completely different cat in just one week! He's actually soft to touch! Thank you so much! I wish I could post pictures of the results after just one week!

EC: Hi Tien, please email your pics to [email protected] and we will add them to your post. Yay!

Replied by Tien
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, this is Tien from California. I posted about my results on the Natural Treatments for Cat Mange and these are the pictures showing the amazing results in just one week! Thank you so much!! Ted's Borax and Peroxide Treatment for Cat Mange.

Replied by Eva
United States

My cats mange just began! He only has one spot right at the edge of his eye! How do I treat this area since it's right next to the eye?