Cat Mange Natural Treatment

Coconut Oil, Holistic Grain-Free Diet
Posted by Kelly (Ca) on 03/30/2018

Just recently, I took in a stray Tuxedo cat, whom I named Max. Max had a nasty case of mange when he first showed up. I wanted to help him get well, and tried a few natural home remedies, none of which he took to. Then I remembered that I had a jar of organic coconut oil in the house. I put on a disposable glove, dipped my fingers into the jar of coconut oil, and rubbed my fingers together to melt the oil. I went outside on the patio where Max was and rubbed the coconut oil onto his mangy spots. I did this twice a day. Within days, the mange began to clear up. I'm telling you, organic coconut oil is a miracle from God!

I also fed Max a diet of holistic, grain-free cat food. He is getting stronger and healthier everyday, and now there is fur where the mange used to be. He is not 100% cured yet, but he is doing so much better than before. I highly recommend this remedy for anybody who has a pet cat with this problem, or anybody who finds and takes in a stray cat with this problem. It's truly a lifesaver.